Test HP Specter x2 (2017): our review


Compared to Microsoft Surface Pro, the HP Specter x2 hybrid tablet version 2017 has some strong arguments: a very good keyboard, a powerful pen, a 12.3-inch screen with a higher density of 3.000×2.000 pixels, a more competitive price with equal configurations.

What to lean in his favor, at least for those who do not have big creative needs and are not looking for performance or autonomy. In France, the Specter x2 is available in two configurations: Intel Core i5-7260U, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD for 1,499 euros and Core i7-7560U, 16 GB of memory and 512 GB of SSD for 1,999 euros. This second version is in our opinion the most interesting to obtain better performances.

A superb screen, a professional keyboard

Knowing that most tablet hybrids with detachable keyboard are often very painful to use laid on the legs, we were pleasantly surprised by this model. You can easily tap on this keyboard which remains stable and offers an excellent return. The keys are wisely arranged, which will delight the expert typists. The backlight is convenient for working in the dark and can be turned off.

The touchpad is relatively spacious and never upset us. Congratulations! The screen is also excellent for working. It is not very big, but its density (293 pixels per inch against 267 dpi for the Surface Pro) makes it very comfortable and clean. It is also very bright when plugged into mains (450 nits). You can also turn off the backlight control to increase brightness when working with battery (415 nits).

However, do not wait not too much on the side of the color fidelity and the tonal range. The screen only covers 93% of the RGB range, which is acceptable for everyday use. Moreover, it is quite energy intensive. With 5.8 hours of autonomy, the Specter is far from its rivals and will probably not hold a day.

Optimized for the pen

The ratio of display identical to that of the surface Pro is much more comfortable to work than the 16: 9. On the other hand, this implies that the videos are framed by borders, but the higher resolution compensates and provides a sharp look for HD videos.

The new crutch offers good firmness with a tilt of up to 165 degrees to work with the stylus. About the latter, it offers a slight resistance a little rubber that we personally enjoyed. The Active Pen is comfortable and supports 1,024 pressure levels. Even if you do not draw, it allows for a very natural writing. But despite its qualities, it is not up to the performance of the stylus Microsoft which displays a latency of 21 milliseconds and 4,096 levels of pressure against 35 ms and 1,024.

The audio part is lifted above the batch for a tablet with a pair of speakers optimized by Bang & Olufsen.

For the rest, here are 3 elements to have in mind:

  1. The Specter x2 integrates two USB-C ports for charging and connecting an external device. Note that the transfer rate is limited to 5 Gbit / s.
  2. It is equipped with two fans, like its predecessor but which are rather discreet.
  3. The infrared camera that was located in the back to act as a sensor has been moved to the front to be used with the Windows Hello biometric authentication system


The Specter x2 has the tricks to come up with a featherweight alternative to a laptop to accomplish basic tasks and distract yourself, all for a reasonable price. Provided you do not need a day of autonomy.


Super NES Classic Mini: Inventory update at major merchants



                                                     Super NES Classic Mini: Inventory update at leading merchants


The Super NES Classic is promised a great success. All fans of classic video games seem ready to jump on it, Nintendo knows it and has planned "significantly larger" stocks than those of the NES Classic Mini. Unfortunately, despite this, it seems difficult to get hold of it, at least at the recommended rates of 95 euros. In reality pre-orders are available in waves, and one of them is in progress.

[19459107] We find it listed among the following merchants but the stocks are currently exhausted.

  • No stock available.

At these merchants, the console is unavailable / breaking:

This article will be updated regularly, as the stock evolves.




The new Google Pixel 2 will have a new Pixel Launcher


The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, according to leaks.

                                                    Droid Life

New rumors about the launch of the two Google phones expected for next October 4 come to light. This time, it is said that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL would get some software improvements with which they would look to be more competitive in the Android world.

While in our Android Update podcast we have given you the fact is that 9to5Google cites XDA-Developers and an Android Police publisher for their recent revelations about a handful of new phone news.

On the one hand we would have a new Pixel Launcher that would place the search bar just above the Android navigation buttons, and on the other a completely redesigned Google home page.

While it is bad news that the two phones have a single camera, unlike the Nokia 8, the Galaxy Note 8 or the LG G6 – phones with which it will compete in ti endas – the truth is that Google is holding on to software improvements to bring us the experience of portrait mode. This will allow through the Camera application we have the possibility to separate the protagonist from the image of the rest of the photograph using software, achieving a bokeh computerized effect.



Source reports have also unveiled a new music recognition feature. In this particular case the software would always be listening, and could show you the artist and album title on the locked screen. This would be a function that you can disable if it is to your liking.



A new detail could be the incorporation in the Pixel 2 XL of double stereo speakers in the front of the equipment, something that had already heard would have the Pixel 2.

A team of CNET in Spanish will give coverage to the October 4 event of Google, which in addition to filtrations not only we will have the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but also new Daydream View glasses, a Google Home Mini and even a new Pixelbook