Cyber ​​Monday: all accessories and PC peripherals at great prices

Cyber ​​Monday: all accessories and PC peripherals at great prices

Lack of storage space, power, an aging printer and loud speakers? If you have purchases to make in the world of PC components and peripherals the day of Cyber ​​Monday is ideal.

Improve and supplement your equipment

Cyber ​​Monday marks the end of a great period of promotions. If this is the right time to prepare the gifts that will take place under the tree it is also the one that can give a little money to his installation at home or optimize his computer. For example, you can find a new multifunction printer or buy an external drive to save your data.

It is also an opportunity for all those who have a desktop or laptop PC to optimize their machine. This year the price of SSDs has dropped dramatically and the performance gain offered by replacing an old drive is appreciated. It is also easy to increase the RAM available on most machines. DIYers and gamers may consider replacing a graphics card at lower cost or why not acquire new components to assemble.

Our top 3 offers for Cyber ​​Monday 26/11

Due to the affluence on the reseller's offer pages do not hesitate to wait while loading or to refresh the page.

1. Razer Lancehead Wireless Gaming Mouse at 69 € instead of 149 €

This mouse was specially designed for players by the well-known Razer brand. It offers a professional-grade wireless link and has mechanical buttons optimized for gaming. It's available for Amazon's Cyber ​​Monday for $ 69.

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2. SAMSUNG Internal SSD 860 EVO 500GB at 72,99 € instead of 89,55 €

Put 500 GB of raw power into your PC with this SSD and impressive throughputs that will speed up the execution of your system. Besides the incomparable speed you also gain in lightness, silence and shock resistance: 72 € on Amazon.

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3. SanDisk Extreme Flash Disk SSD Portable 2 to 399 € instead of 599 €

This external drive is not really one since it is an SSD. It is naturally more resistant to shocks but sandisk has added a protective shell allowing it to be resistant to water and dust. For this Cyber ​​monday it is on sale at 399 € at Amazon in its 2 TB version.

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Other devices and components

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Keyboard and mouse


PC screens


All peripherals and components by shops

And the others :

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Why Hollywood and internet stars sue Fortnite for their dances

A storm is approaching Fortnite. No, I do not mean the storm that forces you to advance in the game, but a legal one. A trio of people have sued the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, for the use of the dance moves that they created, that players can perform (and buy) in the game at the push of a button.

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Epic eliminates the swords of Fortnite because they ruined the game

Epic Games, developers and responsible for Fortnite, have eliminated the swords of the game just …

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Given the success of FortniteAny demand that could disrupt his ability to turn the popularity of the game into cash is a big problem for Epic studios. That said, the demand also has broader implications for other developers who potentially charge for pop culture dances (or "emotes") in their games, as well as for the broader cultural landscape: TV shows, movies, etc. .

Everything is happening fast enough, and there is a lot of legal jargon around these cases, so it can be difficult to understand the whole story. Let's analyze the basics, so that you understand what is happening and you can follow the cases of these artists as they intensify.

Who is suing Epic?

Three artists have filed copyright lawsuits against Epic, claiming that they deserve compensation for the use of the dances that Epic created in Fortnite without your permission (or any type of attribution). This has led many players to associate dances with Fortnite instead of the original creators of the dances, in addition to those responsible for creating those steps have not earned a single dollar of the sales that Epic makes of the dances.

The first demand was presented by rapper 2 Milly for using the dance he created to accompany his song "Milly Rock" without permission or credit. Here is the music video of the song, which presents the dance:

And here is the emote "Swipe it" (known in Spanish as "Cachete") in Fortnite:

The second lawsuit, which seems to have received the most attention so far, is the actor Alfonso Ribeiro de Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (The prince of Bel Air in Spain and The Prince of rap in Latin America) . Everyone knows the "Carlton" dance, also known as "Fresh" in Fortnite:

Finally, Russell Horning, also known as "The Boy with the Backpack," has filed a third lawsuit for the use of his characteristic dance movement, which Fortnite called "Floss" (or "Floss"). Technically, Anita Redd, Horning's mother, has been the one who filed the lawsuit on her behalf, because Russell is a minor.

The three lawsuits request that Epic eliminate the dances of the game, perhaps until they pay for their license and for damages. If you want to read the full claims of the three lawsuits, Variety has published the documents.

It's also worth noting that it's not just about Fortnite. According to TMZ, 2 Milly, Ribeiro and Horning presented a second series of lawsuits against the company behind another game, 2K Sports, for the use of their dances in their series of NBA 2K basketball games.

Why is it happening?

A trio of demands at once may seem sudden, but several artists have publicly criticized Fortnite for using his dances without permission during the last six months.

In July, Chance the Rapper published a series of tweets that suggest that Epic should attribute the emotes of Fortnite to the dances on which they are based and, when appropriate, pay for the related license.

Another artist, BlocBoy JB, tweeted shortly after he would like to receive royalties from games that use the dance he created for his song "Shoot", that fans of Fortnite they can recognize as "Hype" (or "Rush").

In November, the actor Scrubs Donald Faison said that Epic "stole" his dance "Poison" from the program to use it as the dance of victory by default of Fortnite.

All this, as Chance points out in his Twitter thread, is also part of a critique of cultural appropriation, given that four of the five artists we mentioned whose dances have been put on Fortnite without permission they are African-American. Corporations have found ways to reuse and benefit from the creative works of black artists for a long time.

In general, artists have been angry for a long time. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to do something about it and file a lawsuit.

Does your case have any chance?

Epic has told several media that he does not plan to comment publicly on the lawsuits while they are in progress, but they were unlikely to say anything about it.

In contrast, Epic may attempt to claim that the dances are not distinctive enough to be worthy of copyright protection. It is possible to protect the dance choreography with copyright, but the United States copyright office specifically states that "common movement and gestures" can not be copyrighted. That includes specific short dances like "YMCA" because they are just people who make shapes with their arms. According to a legal expert who spoke with Variety, Epic can also claim that dances in Fortnite They are part of a broader procedure that goes beyond "doing the dance".

What does this mean for Fortnite?

Currently, nothing. No court orders have been filed asking Epic to stop selling the dances immediately, so they will probably remain in the game for the foreseeable future. If a court rules in favor of any or all of the creators, Epic can eliminate the dances to avoid paying them in the future. However, even if the dances are maintained, any court decision would change the way Epic, and other game developers, approach the creation of emotes, especially if they sell them as in-game purchases.

To avoid being exposed to the judgments of other artists, companies would, in theory, begin to negotiate and buy permits to represent known dances in games, much like how companies pay licenses to play songs in games, movies and television. This could include paying royalties to artists if the dances appear as a purchase in the game.

A private agreement between Epic and those who sue the company would not create a legal precedent, even if the creators receive a payment, which would maintain the status quo. However, the artists behind the trials have reason to expect an unequivocal victory: the three are currently in the process of formally securing the rights to their dances, and the results of the lawsuit could affect their claim.

Since none of these lawsuits has been scheduled for a trial yet, it will probably take months, even years, before the results develop.

Gift cards, NFL clothing, Anker headphones and more

Discounts on Calvin Klein, Anker and an iTunes gift card, among the highlights of the day.

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Anker continues to promote its SoundCore brand with new audio products and today there are several discounts thanks to Amazon's Gold Box.

The best offer is found in the SoundCore Space headphones with noise cancellation and 'over-ear' for $ 69, a discount of $ 30. They have 20 hours of autonomy in wireless mode and 50 hours if you connect them with the AUX cable. Ideal for anyone who wants to disconnect from office noise.

If you're looking for something more appropriate for sports fans, check out the SoundCore Spirit X for $ 28. They have Bluetooth 5.0 with stable connection, water resistance with IPX7 certificate and 12 hours of battery.

Finally, within the category of audio, we highlight SoundCore Motion B with IP67 water resistance and SoundCore Flare +, with 360 degree sound. If you put two of them together, you'll get stereo sound.

Updated: the campaign ends in a few days, so, this is your last chance to reserve Capsule II for $ 399, $ 200 less than usual.

The Nebula Capsule portable projector has had very good reception among our readers, but if your resolution of 100 lumens does not cover your main needs, check out the new Nebula Mars II at a discount.

one. Resolution: The Mars II offers 720p resolution in a 150 '' projection, is three times brighter than the Capsule (300 lumens) and has great autonomy.

two. Brightness. The first version of the 100 ANSI Lumens Capsule worked well in dark rooms, but the Capsule II is twice as bright, so if there is a little light in the room, the projection will also look good.

3. software. The original Capsule came with an Android version pre-installed, but it was not too good and did not offer access to Google Play. On this occasion, Capsule II comes with Android TV 9.0, with access to apps on Google Play.

We also highlight the inclusion of the USB-C Power Delivery port to charge faster, a loudspeaker with better sound quality and autofocus. It is a little bigger than the original model.

If you book it now, you can take it for $ 399. If you purchased the Capsule I, you can get $ 100 off when ordering the Capsule II.

If you want to give your living room an elegant look, there's nothing better than mounting your TV on the wall. This Perlesmith support has very good reviews and is compatible with TVs up to 55 ''. It costs only $ 28 today with the code EYB52OV7 and includes several accessories and even an HDMI cable.

The standard iPad of 2018 is a very good tablet, as long as you do not need a giant iPad like the Pro model. It is also compatible with the Apple Pencil (which in the previous models did not happen).

In these moments you can take the 32GB model for only $ 229, $ 20 less than what it cost on Black Friday and the best price to date for the latest generation iPad.

When you finally buy a phone with wireless charging, you realize that you do not have enough charging stations around the house. This Aukey charger does not include high voltage, but has an elegant design and costs only $ 7 with code XMASAK06; a more than affordable price.

The USB-C standard is conquering the market with devices such as the Switch, the new MacBook and much more. Anker helps you keep them charged this holiday with these discounted accessories.

For chargers, you need to know that the 30W voltage for the USB-C ports is more than enough for most laptops and the 18W voltage is ideal for iPads, phones and the switch in portable mode.




The favorite cable of our readers, the Anker PowerLine, now has several versions and the truth is that such variety is confusing:

  • PowerLine: it is the original cable, covered in rubber.
  • PowerLine +: The same, but covered with nylon, which adds more resistance and prevents the cables from bunching.
  • PowerLine II: it looks like the original version, but offers greater durability and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Today this mess of names and brands is over, because Anker has combined the best of these three cables in the PowerLine + II and today you can save on the 3 'and 6' versions. It has incredible durability, comes covered in nylon and offers a lifetime guarantee. Surely it is the last Lightning cable that you have to buy. Choose between the red and black models.

$ 13 is what you would pay for a normal charging block with four USB ports, but this Aukey model also includes two AC plugs, so you can connect your lamp and charge your devices at the same time.

Samsung's U3 microSD cards are popular and you can use them to expand storage space on your cameras, drone or Nintendo Switch. Today there are three capacities available for the best prices. They are incredible offers.

Samsung U3 32GB microSD card | $ 6 | Amazon

Surely you've heard about VPN services. If you want to watch videos from around the world (which may be blocked in certain regions), avoid proxies filters or keep prying eyes away from your browsing history, choose Private Internet Access, now downgraded. It is the favorite service of our readers.

Last month, the platform offered our readers $ 10 off in two-year memberships, but now there are more options to choose from:

These offers are exclusive to our readers, but we do not know how long they will last, so we encourage you to subscribe as soon as possible.


Today you can get a Bosch-branded pocket screwdriver with two batteries for only $ 70, $ 30 less than usual.

Unlike other cordless screwdrivers that come with batteries that bulge a lot, the Bosch 12V has a much more manageable ergonomic design.

Our readers have already bought a lot of Ninja blenders and now you can save an advanced model that includes all the accessories you need to create your favorite cocktails.

The BL642 has an Auto-iQ base that combines liquefied in pulse and paused to get the ideal texture. It also comes with a 72-oz. Jar, plus another three of different sizes.

It usually costs between $ 150- $ 200, but today it costs only $ 100, the lowest price to date. Of course, it will only be available until the end of the day.

It seems that we humans have not managed to send someone to Mars, that the subway trains arrive on time or get rid of the 1 cent coins, but at least we have managed to find out how to serve wine without the need to tilt the bottle.

The Waerator is an electric gadget that works like any wine cork. Simply put it in your bottle and press a button to start pouring wine. On its journey to the outside world, this gadget will aerate the wine, which can help improve the taste. Check out all the discounted models in today's Gold Box.

This post scraper for cats is the best selling on Amazon and has 4.6 stars of more than 7,000 customers. It costs only $ 36 today, the best price in the whole year. My boss's wife is a veterinarian and recommends it.

Is there anything better than winning stars with every Starbucks order? Yes, take credit with Amazon at the same time you earn points on your Starbucks card. Use the code SBUX to take a $ 5 credit with Amazon when you buy a Starbucks digital card with $ 25. There are a limited number of uses, so we do not know how long the offer will last.

If you're going to spend $ 25 on Starbucks anyway, why not make money for free with your purchase? You also have the option to give the card to anyone in your life who loves Starbucks coffee.

The Claw | $ 15 | Malboro & Kane | Use the code KINJADEALS
GIF: The Claw

The Claw is the smallest multipurpose tool in the world and we have no reason to doubt it. It is the same size as a penny and this small piece of aluminum can open bottles, cans of paint, unscrew, remove staples and, most importantly, open the boxes that come from your purchases Univision Offers. Get "the claw" for only $ 15 today with our exclusive promotional code KINJADEALS. Its usual price is $ 22.

The Geber Shard key ring (accepted on airlines) incorporates several different tools in a single piece of metal and the size of a key. The best part is that it is accepted by airlines, so you can take it with you on a trip. Today it costs only $ 5, one of the best prices to date.

Firstleaf is an online club for wine lovers that automatically learns your preferences. It has a lot of options and, most importantly: it helps you save money compared to the traditional store purchase. It is a good deal that is now even more attractive to our readers, since we have an exclusive offer here from Cyber ​​Monday.

All new Firstleaf members get the first shipment with three bottles of wine for only $ 15, plus $ 5 shipping, and each order after that with six bottles is only $ 80 with $ 10 shipping. But if you use this link and the promotional code Kinja, you will get FREE shipping throughout the first year. You'll save about $ 100 if you order a new box every month.


You do not need to be a star like Kate Moss or Mark Wahlberg to show off Calvin Klein underwear. In fact, today you can feel like a 'celebrity' thanks to the Amazon Gold Box, where you will find underwear and accessories of the well-known brand for quite affordable prices. No one will look at you weird if you give him some Calvin Klein for Christmas, I assure you.

If you are one of those who leave gifts for the last minute, then take advantage and give one of these accessories to any friend or relative who follows the NFL up close. We are before a sale with sweaters, hats, socks, shirts and more; with prices that will only be available until the end of the day.

Click on any product you want and you will see a menu where you can select your favorite team.

Holidays with family members can be a challenge, so do not forget to stay well hydrated with this Amazon Gold Box with hydration bags from the Camelbak brand. It is an ideal gift for all adventurers who love hiking. There are several models rebate today with different patterns and covers. These prices will only be available until the end of the day.

TENS massagers have a touch of "pseudoscience", but every time we share an offer related to them, our readers do nothing but talk wonders about these products. It will help you relieve pain while you exercise.

It is an electric massager. Let's see how it feels.

If you want to buy shoes that are reliable, you should try the Cole Haan brand. At this time the brand is offering an additional 30% discounts on already discounted models. Use the SAVE code when processing your order to save.

Finally you can get the 2.ZERØGRAND that are waterproof or even the new Stitchlite Wool.

If you have trouble falling asleep, suffer from anxiety or both, the Sunday Scaries with CBD bears are here to help you. Our readers have an exclusive discount of 15% for Black Friday. Get it using the promotional code kinja15.

Use the same code to also buy the vegan version and tinctures. You will save more the more you buy, of course.


Discounts on iTunes gift cards are no longer so frequent, but from time to time we find a discount. Today you can get a $ 50 gift card and pay only $ 40, ideal to pay for your apps, movies, Apple Music or iCloud.

The collection of Harry Potter movies has drunk a potion and as a result its price is magical at the moment. Take the complete set in 4K for $ 101 when using the 5% coupon.

Of course, on Prime Day and Black Friday we get to see the set for about $ 80, but this is a good discount considering that its usual price is between $ 140- $ 155. It is a good Christmas gift.


Today's Gold Box on Amazon is full of toys. I know it's a bit late to receive them before Christmas, but make sure the product you choose comes with Prime. There are a lot of discounts on table games, Marvel products, Disney, Star Wars, NERF, Play-Doh … and everything that you can think of. To finish your Christmas shopping!

If you missed all the offers of the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday, do not worry. Today Amazon gives you a $ 25 card with the purchase of the console. So you'll have a little extra money to buy a copy of Smash, Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart.

Note: if one of the models runs out, try another one.

Did you miss the sales on the Xbox One S on Black Friday? Neglect, Walmart has just launched several offers related to the Microsoft console. All come with a capacity of 1TB and a free game, so take advantage of these discounts to make a good Christmas gift.

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Good deal: Waterproof Bluetooth earphones for € 16.99

Good deal: Waterproof Bluetooth earphones for € 16.99

To listen to music during physical or sports activities, it is necessary to have a space-saving headset, preferably wireless and resistant. This is what we propose here AUKEY brand with a very attractive price.

The headset connects to Bluetooth 4.1 to deliver an adjustable sound with 3 modes that adjust the equalizer. It is certified IPX4 for resistance to water and perspiration during outdoor outings or sports sessions. The manufacturer announces 8 hours of autonomy.

In the packaging you will find the device and its charging cable, a storage pouch but also several tips and accessories to adapt the helmet to all morphologies. It weighs only 13 grams to not interfere with the activity.

Content of the box "width =" 600 "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" 410 "align =" bottom

The manufacturer offers us today the exclusive discount code 294BGVXH to enter when choosing the method of payment to obtain € 8 discount, or € 16.99. To take advantage of this good plan click on the link below, the offer is valid until December 7th included.

Enjoy this good plan

Do not miss any good plan

Choose to receive exclusive Good Deals tailored to your desires!

Our latest tips

Men in Black International: watch the first trailer of the movie

No, they're not Valkyrie and Thor in a deleted scene from Thor: Ragnarok. What happens is that their interpreters, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, return to coincide as protagonists in a new movie, Men in Black International, from which Sony unveiled its first trailer on Thursday.

The film is a reboot of the Men in Black trilogy, introduced in 1997 and starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This new version moves the action to London and from there to different scenarios around the world. The trailer reveals little of the plot, except that the story centers on the new agent M (Tessa Thompson), who must learn the trade of protecting the world from extraterrestrial threats through the experienced agent H (Chris Hemsworth).

The film is directed by F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious) and includes in his cast Liam Neeson, Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani and Rafe Spall, among others.

Men in Black International it will be released in theaters on June 14, 2019.

CNET Pop: Our space dedicated to cinema, series and popular culture.

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Why are some wisdom teeth removed and others not?

Image: MaxPixel

If we stick to the wisdom teeth, also called cordales or third molars, the human being is divided into several groups. There are with one, two, three, four or none of these teeth that can produce an indescribable pain. Why are they extracted sometimes and sometimes not?

This is one of the last pieces of the Science Insider guys, a walk through the past and present of a tremendously important tooth in the life of the human being.

Every year millions of people are extracted from the wisdom tooth, a figure that costs billions in medical costs. But for many it is worth it, since leaving them inside the mouth can cause very serious problems such as infections of the gums, cavities or even tumors.

However, wisdom teeth were not always as "inopportune" as they are today. In fact, they have existed for millennia. Our ancestors in ancient times used them in the same way that today we use our other 8 molars: to grind food, which was especially useful before the arrival of the kitchen about 7,000 years ago, when our diet consisted basically of raw meat and plants that were fibrous and resistant to chewing.

It happens that once we put our hands on the softer cooked foods, those that until then were powerful jaws no longer needed to work so hard. As a result, they began to shrink.

And here is the problem. The genes that determine the size of our jaws are separated from the genes that determine how many teeth grow. So as our jaws shrunk, we still had 32 teeth, and finally we got to the point where there was not enough room for everyone.

Basically, the problem is that wisdom teeth do not usually grow until you're between 16 and 18, and by that time, it's likely that your other 28 teeth have taken up all the available space in the mouth. Thus, instead of growing like a normal tooth, wisdom teeth often get caught or impacted in your jaw, which often makes them grow at odd angles and press against your molars, causing pain and swelling.

Image: The four wisdom teeth (Wikimedia Commons)

Not only that, the second problem arises because a narrow crack forms between the teeth, creating a kind of perfect trap for food. This makes the tooth difficult to clean, which attracts more bacteria and can cause infections and tooth decay, and later lead to more serious gum disease if not treated in time.

Image: The upper left teeth (right in the image) and upper right (left in the image) are offset distoangularly. The lower left is horizontally deviated, while the lower right is vertically (Wikimedia Commons)

And this is not the worst of all. Tooth decay can destroy your wisdom tooth with indescribable pain. Therefore, and to save the teeth of a tremendously painful fate, dentists often remove wisdom teeth before it becomes dangerous and harmful.

Although this seems reasonable, this is not always the case. Actually it is a controversial issue among the dental community. The concern is that we remove the wisdom tooth too often, often when it is not necessary and the teeth do not represent a real threat, for example if your mouth is large enough, or if you are part of the 38% of people who they do not develop the four wisdom teeth.

In that case, the risks of surgery, such as possible infection or damage to the nerves, represent more danger than the teeth themselves. [ScienceInsider]