Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg on the list of best executive presidents for the seventh consecutive year


Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg are still on the list of top CEOs.

James Martin / CNET

Apple, Facebook, Google and the rest of Silicon Valley may be under pressure from consumers and lawmakers, but their technology employees seem to see a different side of CEOs. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg came to the list of the best CEOs of Glassdoor in the US. They are the only two executives who have entered the list every year since its first edition.

Glassdoor, one of the largest recruiting and employment websites in the world, launched its annual list of awards Employee Choice Awards on Tuesday, June 18 along with their lists of the top 100 CEOs.

In total, 27 executive presidents of the technology industry are part of this year's list. Cook moved higher on the list, going from number 96 to number 69, and Zuckerberg dropped from the 16th position he held in 2018 to 55 this year. Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Google also came to the list, with number 6 and number 46, respectively. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, overthrew Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications, taking first place.

Glassdoor's list pays tribute to 100 executive presidents from the US, Canada, the UK, France and Germany, according to a statement. To be part of the list, current CEOs must receive at least 100 approval ratings and 100 senior management qualifications between May 2, 2018 and May 1, 2019.

Here are the 27 best technology CEOs of the Glassdoor list in 2019:

Pat Gelsinger: Number 1
(99% approval)

Shantanu Narayen: Number 5
(98% approval)

Satya Nadella: Number 6
(98% approval)

Jeff Weiner: Number 8
(97% approval) – maintained

Brian Halligan: Number 16
(96% approval)

Marc Benioff and Keith Block: Number 17
Sales force
(96% approval)

Jen-Hsun Huang: Number 18
(96% approval from the CEO)

Aneel Bhusri: Number 22
Working day
(96% approval)

Daniel Springer: Number 27
(96% approval)

Aron J. Ain: Number 30
Kronos Incorporated
(95% approval)

Bill McDermott: Number 31
(95% approval)

Anant Yardi: Number 33
Yardi Systems
(95% approval)

Dan Schulman: Number 34
(95% approval)

Scott Scherr: Number 38
Latest software
(95% approval)

Chuck Robbins: Number 40
Cisco Systems
(95% approval)

David Wadhwani: Number 41
(95% approval)

Sundar Pichai: Number 46
(94% approval)

Mark Zuckerberg: Number 55
(94% approval)

Sajan Pillai: Number 56
UST Global
(94% approval)

Robert Reffkin: Number 63
(93% approval)

Chad Richison: Number 66
(93% approval)

Tim Cook: Number 69

(92% approval)

Steve Beauchamp: Number 77
(92% approval)

Michael Hansen: Number 84
(91% approval)

Martin Mucci: Number 85
(91% approval)

Jim Kavanaugh: Number 86
Global technology
(91% approval)

Alfred F. Kelly Jr: Number 90
Visa Inc.
(91% approval)

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Nintendo Switch: the two new versions would have gone into production

Nintendo Switch: the two new versions would have gone into production

We've been talking about it for a few months, Nintendo is preparing two new versions of the Switch. According to a Wall Street Journal reporter, the release would be scheduled for this summer. So it is not really surprising to learn that production would have started. Very little information leaked on these two new devices.

The first version would be a little more powerful than the original Switch. It would seek to attract hardcores gamers who are moving to the PS4 or Xbox One – saying that the task will not be easy. The second version should be more affordable with a simplified design for transport – in mind, it could complement or even succeed the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo has sold more than 34 million switches since its launch in 2017. It already exceeds the Wii U or Nintendo 64 and is slowly approaching the Super Nintendo which had sold 49 million copies in the 90s. The record of the Wii with 101 million sales is far from over, but remains achievable. Moreover, the arrival of these new consoles should revive the interest of users and improve sales of the entire range.

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Source: neowin

A lawyer is convicted of extorting people who pirate porn

Photo: Damian Dovarganes (AP Images)

Thus ends one of the strangest piracy cases of recent years. To defend the law to violate it: lawyer Paul Hansmeier has been sentenced to no less than 168 months in prison, for his role in a strange extortion plan aimed at Internet users who download porn.

Article preview thumbnail
This is what porn pages do with your data

In 2018 and from now on, we can assume that more than one company is watching everything …

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Hansmeier and another lawyer, John L. Steele, were charged nearly three years ago with devising a plan to extort their victims with "legal settlement payments." First of all, the lawyers had dedicated themselves to obtaining the rights of pornographic material, and in some cases even producing it, through ghost companies, which they then uploaded to file exchange sites like The Pirate Bay. Once some people illegally downloaded the videos, Steele and Hansmeier would use copyright lawsuits to discover the identities of their victims, through their Internet service providers. Then, acting as a law firm under the name of Prenda Law, they would pressure their defendants to settle disputes outside the courts, otherwise they would risk having their names publicly associated with pornography (and its piracy).

At $ 3,000 per person, the investigators determined that Prenda Law accumulated around $ 6 million in agreements between 2011 and 2014. In the end, the duo admitted to having raised $ 3 million through their lawsuits.

District Judge Joan Ericksen, who sentenced Hansmeier on Friday, told him it was "almost incalculable how much his abuse of confidence has hurt the administration of justice in the country," Star Tribune. The federal agents involved in the case also quickly condemned Hansmeier's actions, in a press release from the Justice Department. In addition to defrauding hundreds of victims, prosecutors said Hansmeier tried to destroy the evidence and repeatedly lied to the judges, reports Star Tribute.

Last year, Hansmeier pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and another charge of electronic fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Now, he has been ordered to pay restitution of approximately $ 1.5 million. The other defendant John Steele, who pleaded guilty to the same charges in 2017, is expected to be sentenced next month.

Uber Eats: your Big Mac delivered by drone by 2023?

Uber Eats: your Big Mac delivered by drone by 2023?

Uber would collaborate with McDonald's to set up meal delivery system by drone. On the occasion of the Uber Elevate Summit which brings together the actors of community of the urban air transport, the American firm has unveiled some interesting information on this new partnership. Let's not start the little disappointment … the delivery will not be made directly to the customer's home. For safety reasons, drones will have to land in predefined areas. From there, Uber Eats deliverers will take over to complete the delivery of the order. In this configuration, Uber estimates that the delivery time will take about 7 minutes (in an area of ​​2.5 kilometers) against more than 20 minutes currently. The price should be the same as for a classic delivery.

San Diego residents in the United States would be the first to take advantage of this service, Uber Eats intends to use it as a pilot city for its meal delivery service by air in three to four years. Remember that Uber is not the only company to study delivery by drone. Amazon, the e-commerce giant has launched its Prime Air program. Google is also studying this business with its subsidiary Wing. Anyway, for now, all these projects are in the testing phase. It will be necessary to wait a few more years before receiving his McDo by the air.

Source: Bloomberg

Huawei Special: Your new operating system and other questions and answers – Video

Hello hello friends of cinema of Spain of Havana that Juan that is burning you have been every time you do not consult us and the certain Juan is that we know more and more information.
And we may not be so clear about the destiny of the Chinese company.
So we have compiled some of the questions that you have asked us through Social network gaza César salsas and I with cats and this special questions and answers about which guy.
So the now that in all this we have been talking a lot about Juan or Juan and not only through Twitter FaceBook Andrés update but also some life that we have made nineteen Spain through going that we have compiled in this.
Harrods in some of the questions that you have asked us some were quite repeated so we have tried not to repeat too much and we will be replenishing in a random order we have one of the phones that are going to be affected.
With all this problem of rennet because it is known that the truth is that the United States has vetoed the company that event ends on August nineteenth which is the birthday day deposited in the unit but do not congratulate me for doing it in the calendar and the truth is that this is why I also do not forget that this day ends this space of the United States league to the company so that it ends its contract with Juan Luis.
What this means basically a lot to the companies with which Juan very hardworking will not be able to continue working with this company although this is not going to apply much better in medieval.
Juan, but what to take into account this does not affect only the United States but worldwide all the businesses that have what in the world not only telephones but all kinds of devices.
But we're going to answer that not only has.
We have good at this time but I do not have time I have among the people not with ETA.
Our responsibility for food but not to be hostages we know well the origin and the truth does not leave me what one already caught today.
Okey the first question to Juanita Chang to lower the price cell phones left Wayne.
An excellent question not in which it turned out good I think that at this moment you can keep a little pressure while you have things I think that many people soon already selling their devices a little cheaper what they usually cost but in terms of Juan I go other companies or do not sell them well I think that they will maintain a standard at least in markets where I walk devices.
In the United States came the thirty and we knew that it is never very attractive but then simply the three continued because the United States really the most affected country but obviously we are not going to continue anyway.
I think that in the move of the trunk at this moment murder some of all as well.
People keep saying that they pump the devices because they are of a quality they want and the bread Juan good.
In a very important square that Juan good is taking into consideration at this time is to cut telephone production so that the phone is not left marked.
Once people start distrusting the company and when this grace period of the company is over, there are many other answers and there are still unanswered questions and some of those that Juan Larsson keep answering later see now the key it is also cheap to expect that new commissioners for the necessary works will pass.
Also about the end of menotti and ascension and because one of the things that can happen during this period is that there is an extension to this at this time that the companies therefore keep working and we also have Juan the trial between Juan ue and the United States that one of the first each face could be made in September.
Because the accident questions worth comparing cells Juan I'm going right now because the recent Juanes to an update is talking about this issue and two hits began with very negative comments and the truth is that it is one thing.
Those of the whole world to think if I go to the store in devastated the thousand dollars or thousand euros in one of thirty tipped the news they say that greeting could not be updated in the future arrives.
Farias those thousand dollars.
I do not have it, I do not believe thousands.
It is true that Juan said that it will continue to update these devices but it is still necessary to see what happens with the situation. It is very uncertain at times. It is better to wait just a few weeks before we are more in Asia, what for so many months.
But we are closer but to know what will happen unless another exception happens that would be a disgrace because I think we will know what can happen.
Even if it is good for an exemption or you could have the opportunity to work on your operating system everything that could happen and we are ready for that when it is already.
Apply that event is in a better situation that directs little but basically surprises I think no one expected it but said the relationship is over.
It is a minor challenge and to validate it with the I think it is increased one would buy if you are thinking about buying a cell phone Juan I would wait until at least nineteen August to have more clarity.
But seven between what works more or less I would expect firm I think to think of another more than honestly shopping a Howard phone which is favorite.
He scored a very good block of thirty favorite pro certainly not what is more advanced what is expensive I do not know of people I like the best phones but also there are cheaper phones offer a lot of things that I want then a.
At the recommendation of an option if the people are ninety-six good if I do not buy Bogota thirty telephone protests to five or similar ones.
And even cheaper I would recommend you to recommend us three so quickie following recommendations I recommend I honestly recommend you will be ten action but.
But I have a good phone does not have everything you have in Bogota thirty for another has three cameras a very nice design is.
Very complete I believe that the other one as Juan Blas seven obviously prolonged that phone cement parts of the world unifies to feel but it is an excellent phone in everything it offers.
Well try some deficiencies not resist the water nor that wireless charge but in the and the cameras are as good as the thirty pro.
But seven hundred dollars much cheaper in what is going to consider the galaxy S ten to any of those that I think that anyone is really good for the better look.
But more expensive not on that day are the performance cameras we also admire that for that reason the press in the proposals depends that those who will not take ten bigger smaller better battery life one thousand dollars six hundred what she goes from the zone take
Trying to hide the issue asks stoppages until I face those who reveal details I have written down.
It was all true.
The reality that I have two phones each pocket that is equal Juan Blas seven pro work and I do not wonder performance but the camera is not so good then I have to be the three of you who is my camera Monday only use as phones but camera.
But those are my favorites.
That already be using in this case the galaxy S days and this round of ideas and desire to study. The technique denied. That you can but squares.
What is Jaume or is it day. Ditch.
Well what the rumors say is the new operating system of the company and although they have the same names would be the first with Men would be to Moscow because it was crowned in the but will connect.
Well, the problem is not many of the compromise but it would be.
At least in based to be used in China or Asia mainly while the other Alarcón is.
It would be being used worldwide obviously the name the first name more complicated then why change the brand a little to make it more attractive.
To the consumer in a certain way and well that is what we know, they have not said exactly when it could arrive, it is rumored.
End of year could reach China next year could reach global level.
But we have not seen the masters as it could be said that it could be based on the in the open source version of Android is linux in Mexico while still need to see what happens with.
They were challenged to a very important point that I had also asked all of you is.
In this case, the application store is very important, but the question is not at stake. The question was fully addressed in the questions that this route was not that was not very specific but it is believed that many of the applications .
In the market that could work but everything depends on the base the operating system is based on the complaint a distribution of sometimes you are the Android or.
Today there are projects like the simple one like Android. Or car defenders.
Six seats in.
Omar and the certain one that could also wait but we already knew from reports that I have played today, the developers would be seeing that please omit their applications inside the gallery that in the store to Juan's apps he looks good with.
Oblivion what of the civic union that is indicated that the offer for if I manage to have fields to a home run and / or record the questions orchestra.
Will receive my current cell phone the new operating system the question after leaving to throw the exit to Juan of not that good.
At the moment it is very uncertain I think that in the beginning it could arrive mainly through new devices in the future and it could arrive as an option to other phones as the thirty provides similar to what we have seen with the third party processes which are personalized rum to open.
Like what you will do full year or San today in a vote as well.
He. Done or is that basically are versions of the open source modified for certain devices under the lava examines magic Josep basically by noted that not a specific case with Juan two did something like that tribute explain it homeowners overflows delayed the failed was the three if it does not fail me in the three games all three were launched with precisely that full year or these Mobutu years in their time based. Checked now in the Cameron you name in a world where a fairly long story that became the line made several hours as it is called.
Juan Blas started working on his operations called oxygen, which is what we currently find.
When they launched that operating system enabled for those interested could download that operating system phone in the Juan Blas Pérez who always for the old.
Obviously the process was not an easy subject, the basic thing for everyone because it is the computer and basically inflation as it was called to be flash.
Of the operating system more.
But they could have to make the users of phones played at this time sinjuá or the next year for example and it was released operating system art or is.
And two have I suppose a score faced in ten then do something followed.
Be able but I think you are able to so go through wirelessly or updated today I think you will touch it to connect to a computer is by I think that until Weapons and new phones is focused is to say that your social block because we do not know in fact, it is not possible to operate them soon, it is necessary to carry out negotiations called for work.
This is that they were in front of Bossi we do not use layers resolutely.
I do not think that Naples with a defined option is not very difficult but it takes more work to install a device and the failure of two stolen men.
This and they have been assaulted by Juan's problems.
Yes titled those that the agents I find curious but I asked the question a surprised friends who do not think they have even said apparently some representatives of seven that we have several are the representatives of honor that are not affected by the young but those who Talk to us about the same company but different brands but they are the same company that is why they have many times the same processor uses a very similar interface even though they change names basically the same to reality.
But it is very.
Basically maybe you do not like what you do a cow but they concentrated on the basically trying to differentiate themselves is a feature some companies and yes other brides trying.
It seems totally separate but it is clear that they are the same thing they offer practically the same the camera they use many things of technology Juan I go.
In those phones to its base in some Japanese and that key is already there and therefore some things must be reduced so that they are of lower price but the concept is practically the same strategic.
Affected from an honor phone.
Having accepted by this blockade and there is plainly do not know if the phones of honor Marie also include art or is or simply the company will do something else Josico wedding prefer to put under Loren pause while recovering.
The vitality of the main brand because we remember that this week I met him at a conference.
Which is basically I played güey.
He estimates that he will have losses up to two thousand and twenty-one and two thousand and ten as the year from which they will rejuvenate. He was going to resurface as well as happy according to what he said his founder said in this comparen.
In itself speaking of it has been mentioned they said that in the next two years I had calculated that they are going to lose about thirty billion annual dollars of exactly this.
Although its trick with the projection. Of sales that they are going to have.
The forty percent reduction of the side because it has not.
Distribute forty percent less positive because not being able to access all the Shi'i microprocessors and all the parts with the home of their phones are going to have to stop producing phones which it goes.
Among the included phones also on the mobile shows to announce the measure because there is a Lazarus and canceled it because precisely in lion to have so many components to produce so many computers.
As wanted and canceled the project does not suddenly reuse them in the future but is that with computers can have tests with windows because they believe that witnessing it with more blow more processors we have guests and Indy are from the United States.
Which are certainly entering more then basic computers there is quite complex to recover the mountain.
That office.
It's good six that's basically it's an operating system in the way city created enemies.
That were the ones who were developing this operating system for Nokia and Intel at the beginning of the year two thousand but not that there is interest decided to get rid of enemy in the creative process developed six six or is presented as some men and did not arrive in two thousand ten to two thousand and twelve.
This morning when I was preparing and although it is not too popular, it turns out that in Russia and in Asia cooperative entities, I like it a lot.
The government like the Russian has already approved it to be the operating system that is in the cell phones that the government can compare because they consider it to be.
Viable the operating system more even though it is not entirely reasonable.
He is able to have applications of hunger until his own store applications because he can read them what could be an interesting option plots left to one means this Juan that dissolves be in all the waves of Guagua around the world.
We believe that it does not achieve the same as I remember once I tried it a few years ago and still with three.
I think van can be well freed I hope.
People but good as I remember the interface will be quite different some more way to use.
Obviously set aside a little more to the current world that we are in the press is very different I think that Juan today can not risk offering this operation worldwide so different what currently offers because it can greatly hurt the experience that has its.
April thirteen dollars the question comes because in a bilateral meeting of China and Russia President Bagwell was there and six according to a report says he had talks with Russia to implement in Guagua's organs and they are told it is not.
And to be able to sell it like this to the government to Russia resumed invited that it makes sense because it only rose to buy phones for its employees.
Whether they have a democratic thesis or any company can adapt democratically, this does not mean that if the PSOE is going to go to the Green Zone, Juan, today in the whole world, we do not believe that this is going to happen.
Although you never know what questions that after I already like in this hey that trades and disorders in the crowd.
What it says there will be less thirty this year. They reach fame.
Sincerely, I think that wanted bait rumor since Juan today has a license for the processors that are given the next generation of the land which is the basis one of the biggest problems he has had or at this time that he made us produce if he is going to be able to produce new devices.
The other dilemma could be the software we do not know if.
I have suddenly reached an agreement to really continue using Android at least in this next version that would be announced in the coming months very close.
From the nineteenth of August, it would be interesting if it happened today that the last phones were good, that he will have it less officially and then look at it under what it will be.
In I think that it is going to exist only I believe that it could be a device.
I can you can mark one.
A new episode in what is the company or could simply be an intermediate device.
That she is going to die quickly to really give way to the next step she can take when I go to excel to keep excelling in the market helps them on a remote path according to the judge Juana has said that this is how there is much asked to that meeting and the last one the last one and you will see it if they download it my cell phone will receive the updates.
It is not a good one.
Currently according to said today is quite complicated.
Jorge said he was going to keep the updates and in fact the updates for the bell phones of the last two years.
In two thousand seventeen and two thousand and eighteen that include from Howard B ten onwards even think sea two thousand nineteen honestly stunned style of the.
In the no no of thirty provides thirty of thirty the fifth more to manila perseveran in twenty filed the complaint online is to move. Well I think in the months.
Easily but childhood imagine if but it may be that this means that they are working on the update but not necessarily that they have the licenses to release them they not only go to them.
In essence in that with his feat would be giving.
To this cell phones but we are not clear if to continue to receive normal updates between the actor and at least two more years, especially beds for the descent is thirty for example could receive updates and is released this year until the year two thousand and twenty but we have no notion of when the veto.
Start new.
Cuba returns can work with Andrés because this license from Google for previous but we do not know of all the secrets of the root cut simply will not work anymore as Google with Android so there is a question that we are going to have a little open until we know plus.
There is no other thing is or it may be that I still offer updates despite the veto but the updates will surely have to come directly favorites Juan today would have to work on all that without the need of any help.
Which requires more work probably updates slower and probably. The least accomplished.
Well, we are going with a war and Juan Polo is able to update applications.
They return after the tenth of August.
Well supposedly. Supposedly it said at least points out who install devices devices today I think that if they can not do the problem will be in future devices that will happen through the props Enrique from the store that apparently will be the main one.
That they could do it but not that that is right, what triggered the applications that you currently have because it is.
Although he used it for years obviously, it lacks a lot more applications than what we are presented with.
Act and there is no action that eliminates the return and avoid putting power down then you will be able to continue updating applications and the problem will be with new cell phones that we still do not know how they are going to score me thirty for example of we are not too clear.
How is it going to get done because in fact I put my twenty pro installed in the sale of Andrés Q but we do not have too clear that the positive will be updated.
Equalized Reyes returned to place slats in certain premiered this question before you say that role is repeated that if it is worth it with Brussels game Leonor with masters of five to the was available in an operating system to Juan.
Well with mentioned there were rumors or have said that pros possibly end of this year would come at least in China next year could reach global level and obviously yes yes if you really launch this operation are forced to do so or not.
Really I would not expect that it will work also like Andrés because they are being forced to have their operatives if they have not released it before Evo at this moment is because the things that they do not have are not complete.
Then there could be many errors, some important shortcomings and suddenly.
It really can not work very well.
Well we know very well in what happens with the operating system we hope that I would hope that this did not happen then in the comments blessing.
Great that coahuila your operating system because that way the market will be different we will have the Chavez we will have Andrei we were going to have.
Not yet or to do crazy things in Barcelona since others said that this is not so easy to film that all developers have applications adapted to the operating system seen windows and not tried and did not work so let's see.
That his.
Contest that good without other doubts questions can be placed directly in the comments of this idea and we will try to answer them as much as we can hunger.
And to reject sauces and me with Garzón to our special said today with that question and that answer some doubt is in bad shape leaving through social networks.

The SNCF application is enriched with the booking of taxis, VTC, integrated purchases and more

The SNCF application is enriched with the booking of taxis, VTC, integrated purchases and more

This is the start of a deep redesign. This Tuesday, June 18, the SNCF by the voice of its chairman of the board Guillaume Pepy and that of Alexandre Viros, general manager of e-travelers SNCF, announced the launch of an important update of its eponymous application, which "becomes the SNCF Assistant" (without actually changing names in reality), and this from Wednesday, June 19.

An open platform

More than just an update, the new version is transformed into a platform grouping different partner services, to offer itineraries including alternative transport in addition to traditional trains, subways or buses, such as VTCs, taxis, bicycles or even the scooters (in a second time), in the manner of what Google Maps already does. At the launch, you'll find the VTC Snapcar, LeCab, Marcel, Félix taxi scooters, Paris Airport direct bus or Alpha taxis, but other companies will join the application by the end of the year, including Uber, BlaBlaLines or OnePark.

In fact, in absolute terms, any transport service (with the exception of air transport) can be integrated into SNCF's new platform. "The Wizard" open to all potential partners, provided that they have "sufficient technical capacity and economically viable"Alexandre Viros told us during the presentation event. Note that the application Yes SNCF, specializing in trips by main lines, will not disappear in favor of the new, primarily intended for "small daily trips". For his part, Guillaume Pepy adds: "the aim is to encourage travelers to use their personal vehicles less often", invoking in particular ecological reasons.

However, the SNCF (which is not a charity) will take a commission on bookings made via its platform, because it also allows you to buy tickets or pay a taxi without having to leave the application, a novelty based on the payment solution of the bank Natixis. Unfortunately, there should be no advantageous fare offerings for several modes of transportation. Guillaume Pepy however indicated that ephemeral promotions "are not excluded". As for the connection to his profile, it will now go through the unique SNCF Connect ID. The company has also committed to comply with the European regulation on the protection of personal data, but on this point, it remains to be seen if all partners, who will logically have access to a certain number of data sets, will also do so.

The whole territory concerned

During the event, the speakers repeated several times that the new platform was intended for the whole territory and not just in Paris. To be more precise, the SNCF declares covering 100% of the cities of more than 100,000 inhabitants, 89% of the cities of more than 50,000 inhabitants and 70% of the French population in total.

In addition, the SNCF has established a specific partnership with the agglomeration of Strasbourg, which will benefit from features exclusive to the launch on Wednesday, features that should be deployed in a second time on the rest of the territory. There is notably the validation of tickets by smartphone, which should arrive more generally by September (under conditions), and a voice assistant for "be accompanied" during his journey.

Finally, the new application will give real information to travelers about traffic and possible problems, which they can also report themselves. The information will be more personalized and alternatives will be proposed according to your position, in case of problem. Favorites management will also be smarter and additional contextual help will be available. The platform will be expanded over time, some experiments are already underway, such as the use of augmented reality to direct travelers in train stations.

Pictures credit: CNET France

Cersei's actress in Game of Thrones would like another ending for her character

Image: HBO

The end of Game of Thrones It was bittersweet for many fans. His last episodes were largely rushed, and many characters had an ending that some believe has not been worthy. Lena Headey, the actress who gave birth to Cersei Lannister, also confessed that she would like Cersei to have had a different death.

Article preview thumbnail
This is what would happen with the end of Game of Thrones if we let an AI write it

We can not assure that those responsible for College Humor have really resorted to an AI to …

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In an interview with The Guardian, the actress mentioned that she was not happy with the death of her character. In fact, she felt disappointed. Cersei died buried by the ruins of the Red Fortress in King's Landing, after the attack of Daenerys and his army, or rather, the massacre that Queen Targaryen and her dragon caused in the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Not only that, Cersei died embracing his brother, Jaime, who after spending several seasons trying to find redemption of so many errors ended up returning to his incestuous love at the last moment.

According to Headey, he always suspected that his character was going to die and imagined what his ending would be like. An epic murder? Any betrayal? No, just rocks fell on his head.

"I would have wanted to have a better death. […] Obviously, one dreams of his death. Because in this series you could die in any imaginable way. So I was disappointed, but I suppose [los guionistas] They could not please everyone. No matter what they did, I think there was always going to be some disappointment. "

In another interview Headey even mentioned having imagined herself being stabbed by Arya's sword, something that Maisie Williams, the actress who played the young Stark, also confessed she would have wanted to have killed Cersei. But all the wishes are the same. The end of Game of Thrones It is what we saw. Cersei died when his castle collapsed on her, and Arya ventured to explore the world on a ship after a futile adventure by King's Landing. [The Guardian vía AV Club]

A tool to detect photos retouched in Photoshop

A tool to detect photos retouched in Photoshop

At a time when there is uncertainty as to the veracity of information on the internet, a team of researchers from the American company Adobe has developed an artificial intelligence capable of detecting images manipulated, especially since the Photoshop home software. To achieve this result, researchers have relied on a network of convolutional neurons, understand that this is a system of machine learning or machine learning. The network quickly demonstrated its efficiency with a modified image detection percentage reaching 99% compared to only 53% for operators. Incidentally, the AI ​​is also able to return the images to their original state.

The goal is of course to share this tool to fight the manipulation of information, including creating fake faces or false speech. As Richard Zhang, a researcher at Adobe, said: "we live in a world where it becomes more and more difficult to trust the digital information we consume"Restoring trust will not be easy, but Adobe, which has long been specialized in this type of software, is certainly one of the best-placed companies." The release of this AI has not been communicated, however Since some of the funding for this research is public, it is hoped that a tool based on this technology will one day be proposed.

Facebook wants to revolutionize finances with its cryptocurrency, Libra

Libra Facebook: Illustration

Facebook announced its cryptocurrency called Libra on Tuesday, June 18.

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Facebook changed the way we communicate. And now, the social media giant also wants to change the way its millions of users know the world of cryptocurrencies.

The social network and its partners unveiled on Tuesday, June 18, its new digital currency called Libra, which confirms the details of a project that had been filtering for months. It is expected that Libra, which will be managed by a governing body and backed by stable financial assets, will debut in the first half of 2020.

Over the years, the world's largest social network has allowed users to send money, buy products from retailers and sell their own used clothing and furniture within their platform. With Libra, Facebook wants to encourage all those activities.

Lisa Ellis, an analyst at MoffettNathanson Research, says Libra has the potential to be "highly" successful. "Payments are fundamental to doing business," he said, "and this would be a significant step to allow that," he added.

The ambitions with its cryptocurrency are the latest example of the efforts of the social network to consolidate itself in the daily life of its users. If Facebook and its partners can persuade people to use Libra, the social network could attract new users, keep them online for longer and generate more revenue outside advertising, which accounted for 99 percent of the US $ 15 billion in sales of the social network in the first three months of 2019.

The measure also occurs just as Facebook plans to make it possible for users to send messages without changing between Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Calibra, the digital wallet Facebook created to store Libra, will be integrated into Messenger and WhatsApp, but not on Instagram at first.

However, Facebook has to overcome its image problems in the midst of a series of privacy scandals. The social network has alarmed lawmakers with the amount of personal data it obtains from users for ad targeting. Facebook says it will keep Calibra's data separate from social data.

The speed with which Facebook can reach Libra users is an open question. The use of existing cryptocurrencies to pay for daily purchases is far from common, despite efforts to make these transactions general. Many cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have enormous value and exist in a confusing regulatory environment. They have been used to speculate or in criminal activities.

Facebook and its partners, who have formed a non-profit organization called Libra Association, they say they are working to address these problems. Libra will be backed by an asset reserve consisting of "bank deposits and government securities in stable and reputable central bank currencies". This implies important global currencies, such as the dollar and the euro, that do not fluctuate wildly day by day.

Libra Association It is also working with regulatory bodies around the world to ensure that the cryptocurrency complies with the anti-money laundering standards. Getting all this will take you to Facebook some time.

Facebook is not the first technological company to get on the bandwagon of the cryptocurrency band. LINE, the Japanese messaging application, launched a digital token called LINK last year. For its part, the Chinese messaging application WeChat, allows users to link credit cards to make payments and money transfers, but prohibited transactions with cryptocurrencies

According to analysts, the size and international reach of Facebook give it an advantage. Approximately 2,700 million people use Facebook or their Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger services. However LINE has less than a quarter of this number of users and WeChat has more than one billion users.

Dave Jevans, the CEO of CipherTrace, a cryptocurrency security company, says Libra could convince other social networking platforms to start offering financial services.

"This starts the conversation around social networking platforms, which have been big political platforms in the last three or four years, and have become financial platforms to allow a global society," said Jevans.

While Libra is more stable than other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it may not be attractive to all Facebook users. "This also means that it will not offer the same level of investment opportunity and currently cryptocurrencies are mainly used as digital investment assets," said Forrester analyst Aurelie L'Hostis.

Creating a digital wallet

calibraapp-earlylook-en2x "height =" 0 "width =" 1092 "data-original =" https://cdn1.cnet.com/img/OZ9Gxx-Nj38V_ulfcXpr0lL8_nc=/1092x0/2019/06/18/9badd07e-f6b3- 4f47-b5a6-7144b35c43df / calibraapp-earlylook-en2x.png "/></span><noscript><span><img src=

Facebook's digital wallet, Calibra, will be launched in 2020.


Facebook is trying to simplify that users acquire the new digital currencies by creating a wallet called Calibra. Users can download the application on their iPhone or Android devices, or add the wallet in Messenger or WhatsApp, by clicking on the Calibra logo.

To avoid fraud, Facebook will also ask users to verify their identity by uploading an identification document such as their driver's license. The company will encrypt this information and may retain it, according to local regulations. Afterwards, users can link their bank accounts to the application to exchange, for example, one US dollar per Pound. The wallet will automatically convert the figure in dollars to the amount in Libra.

Over time, users could use Libra currencies to buy an item in the Marketplace, make a donation or buy a product from retailers, said Kevin Weil, vice president of product blockchain on Facebook. The portfolio, which is still being built, may also be integrated into Instagram direct messages in the future, Weil said.

"There are many similarities between the way a virtual wallet is used and the way it uses a messaging application, which makes it very easy to integrate the two services for us," Weil said.

Facebook plans to offer incentives for consumers and businesses to use Libra. A company could obtain cash in Libra currencies if it processes a transaction using the virtual currency. First users can get some Libra coins when they set up their account and invite friends to use the application.

Sending money across borders could be cheaper using Libra than conventional banks, says Weil, adding that charges for transfers will cost less than a penny. In comparison, the average shipping cost of US $ 200 was 7 percent in 2018, according to the World Bank. It is not clear if there will be a limit on the amount of money that people can send using Calibra.

Calibra's wallet will also work with other wallets that accept Libra, similar to how email can be sent through different services, such as Google and Yahoo.

Facebook will not have direct control over Libra. Instead, the company will be part of a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, called Libra Association that will monitor the cryptocurrency. The association has 28 founding members, including PayPal, Visa, Uber, Coinbase, Andreessen Horowitz and Mercy Corps, but expects to have up to 100 members by 2020.

libra-association-founding-partners "height =" 0 "width =" 644 "data-original =" https://cdn2.cnet.com/img/CY_TxgDJuvRFJ7G2kxkIAxZLJT8=/644x0/2019/06/18/189e4379-27a6- 4cdc-93b3-ee50af076a81 / libra-association-founding-partners.png "/></span><noscript><span><img src=

The founding partners of the Libra Association include MasterCard and Visa.


The companies and venture capital firms that are part of the association will invest at least US $ 10 million, which will be used to finance the group's operations and Libra's incentives.

Each member will maintain a node (the servers that process the transfer and feed the blockchain) of Libra. All members will be represented by a board and will have one vote, which will limit the influence of Facebook on the cryptocurrency.

Facebook and its partners will not gain advantage over the transactions nor will they be able to use the financial data of the users for targeting targeted ads.

But facilitating the expense or sending of money could attract users or increase participation, which would be attractive to advertisers. Companies that use Libra may also have more money to spend on Facebook ads. In the future, Libra Association could offer a whole range of financial services.

David Marcus, who leads the development of cryptocurrency on Facebook, said Libra could be more popular among people who do not have access to financial services at first. According to World Bank data, around 1.7 billion adults worldwide still do not have access to a bank account.

"Having a more competitive financial system with more services and a greater diversity of supply could attract many more people," said Marcus. "But it will take time," he added.


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Huawei computers on Windows 10 back in the Microsoft Store

Huawei computers on Windows 10 back in the Microsoft Store

Still in turmoil because of the US blockade against him Huawei is not worried not only for his phones but also for his computers. Shortly after the announcement of the government Microsoft had removed the Huawei computers on Windows 10 but has just reinstated them.

The removal of the Huawei PC models was done last month without any communication from Microsoft who declined to comment on the situation, including whether it could continue to provide Windows 10 licenses to Huawei. The site TheVerge however could receive explanations from Microsoft following the sale of Chinese brand computers.

The publisher does not talk about Windows licenses but says he continues to follow US Commerce guidelines from a business, technical and regulatory point of view and adds: "As a result, we are resuming the sale of the inventory existing Huawei devices on the Microsoft Store ". This sentence therefore indicates that it is a question of disposing of the existing stocks which were already in possession of Microsoft as the situation allows.

This news is not necessarily a good sign for Huawei who would have other difficulties anyway, especially to obtain Intel components. On the other hand, the sale of these models is rather good news for consumers who come or plan to buy a Huawei computer under Windows 10. If Microsoft can sell these models, it should logically provide Windows 10 software support. during their lifetime.