10 golden rules for more effectiveness in meetings

What do you think about "meetings"? Inefficient? Time? Unproductive? This is the case with many, some now find the term literally a stimulus word. What to do? Call the whole "meeting"? Of course that does not help either. The organization needs to be optimized.

Use our checklist of ten golden rules to dramatically improve the effectiveness of meetings through simple actions. If you are not responsible for organizing or conducting meetings, simply forward the checklist to the responsible persons, or just hang them on the bulletin board!

  • Check: Is the meeting really necessary, or is it possible without it?
  • Invite only those persons whose presence is absolutely necessary. Also check with the invitee if their presence is needed throughout the entire meeting.
  • Send all participants the purpose of the meeting on time – in writing by fax or e-mail.
  • Provide participants with the necessary information and documents in good time so that a uniform level of knowledge is available.
  • Prepare yourself thoroughly.
  • Start on time.
  • Stop on time.
  • Summarize smaller topics thematically and in order of priority so that the topic plan remains clear.
  • Avoid open-end meetings by setting a specific duration based on the scope of the topic.
  • Do not hesitate to cancel a meeting when it is no longer necessary or when new aspects and information have been added that would make a meeting in the planned form ineffective without preparation.

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Gift ideas for Valentine's Day: heart design

Two loving hearts or a single heart are often used as a symbol of Valentine's Day. There are many ways to shape or deliver hearts. Are you also looking for ideas for the love symbol? You will find suggestions and tips, gift ideas and design suggestions in the article. Continue reading.

To make hearts of paper or cardboard for Valentine's Day

The easiest way to make pretty Valentine hearts is to make paper and napkin, cardboard or cardboard shapes.

  • The surprise starts already at the table cover. Heart-folded napkins or motif napkins with hearts are the perfect accompaniment to a festive breakfast, a dinner for two or an invitation to a romantic dinner in your own home.
  • Greeting cards as heart or with heart also offer several ways to bring your attention to Valentine's Day. Cut a folded sheet of paper into a heart and label it with a poem, personal words. Additional instructions for your own greeting cards for Valentine's Day can be found in the article "Valentine's Day: Tips and Ideas".
  • For people with little time: Free samples for downloading and printing Valentine's Day cards with hearts can be found on the website invitationscards-grusskarten.de.
  • As a gift idea is a self-designed cardboard heart box; decorated with napkin technique, decoupage paper, acrylic paints or with a collage. Read about how napkin technology or decoupage technology works. You will also find instructions in the portal ꞌꞌShaping and Decoratingꞌꞌ. Collagen chocolate boxes in heart shape provide an ideal base.

How to shape hearts from Styrofoam, acrylic or sticks for Valentine's Day

For Styrofoam hearts there are design options with sequins, fabric, lace and colors, while you can decorate a heart of sticking mass very well with plant parts and flowers. Acrylic hearts are suitable for filling.

  • As a decoration for Valentine's Day, decorate styrofoam hearts with red sequins from crafting supplies. The sequins are stuck with short pins. Make the hearts hanging or digging. A rectangular glass with colored sand is suitable for this purpose. For a suspension, pin narrow satin ribbon to both hearts at each of the top 2 halves.
  • Another alternative is when you paint the Styrofoam hearts with acrylic paint in red, pink or pink.
    After drying, take red or white ruffled Tip and pin them around the outer edge of the two hearts with pins. For pink and pink are also tips in turquoise.
  • For a gift idea, use a styrofoam heart tin and decorate it with sequins. Read about the sequin technique also ꞌꞌNew Trend: Making and shaping with sequinsꞌꞌ.
  • Acrylic hearts fill with colorful ribbons, pearl necklaces, scattered pieces or sweets. Use acrylic hearts that are divisible in the middle for this purpose.
  • Small hearts or other favorite flowers are suitable for a heart with sticky mass. For live flowers, take flower pops as wet plug foam. For artificial flowers and straw flowers dry Steckmasse is suitable.

You can get even more tips here.

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Personal talk: Beware of feelings!

Some people carry their hearts on the tongue, others turn their feelings outward and burst into tears. In doing so, they deliberately or unconsciously put pressure on a conversation partner.

In such a situation, it is especially important for you as a superior to keep the reins in your hand when conducting a conversation. Your reaction must be professional.

You have a staff discussion in front of you, in which you have to criticize the services of the other party. Keep a clear head in case your employee gets emotionally out of joint.

Personal talk: Tip 1 in emotional chaos

Take the feelings seriously!

Do not be persuaded to say something like "It's not that bad" or "Do not dress like that". With such a statement, you yourself appear cold and ruthless. Grant your interlocutor his right to feelings. Give him time to calm down again. Then continue the discussion with the subject matter.

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Personal talk: Tip 2 in emotional chaos

Do not give a chance to be sentimental!

Of course, you do not need to fall into the role of a comforter when the tears break. It is sufficient if you are sure that you have not touched the person overly hard. Then you can continue the discussion after a reasonable break to calm the situation with objective criticism.

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Garden design: That's how it starts

Garden design for today and tomorrow

Because if you design your garden, it should be tailored to your individual requirements and also have the development of the next few years as far as possible in view and consider.

That's what you should think about

Therefore, be aware of what you definitely need or want to have and what should not appear in any case in the garden. This can z. As: sandpit and other games, location for clothes dryer, herbal bed, seat, storage for garden equipment and / or garden furniture

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Do not forget the front yard

When you think about it, think of the front garden, because it is a distinguishing feature of your home, so to speak, as a business card; according to the saying: "You should rejoice when you come, and regret it when you go again." In doing so, a variety of tasks and functions must be fulfilled on a small area:

  • Access to the house in optimal width
  • Communication area with neighbors
  • Meeting place for children to play
  • Sun-seating area at certain times of the day
  • Parking for bicycles, tricycle, stroller u. a., But also garbage cans
  • Garage entrance and / or a parking space

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Timely appointment confirmations

An appointment confirmation is important in both private and professional life in order to be able to plan properly. Therefore, score points by keeping your appointment confirmations up-to-date.

Choose the right medium

Often a simple appointment on the phone is sufficient. But especially for people who invite you to their premises for the first time, it may be appropriate to confirm the appointment in writing and to send you, for example, a driving directions. So you can be sure that everything works and you do not experience any nasty surprises.

An appointment confirmation by fax is rather uncommon nowadays; It is best to choose an appointment confirmation by e-mail. This is the fastest way and is also timely delivered even on short notice. Make sure, however, to send an appointment confirmation to high-ranking or particularly meticulous people by letter. Even on official occasions, an e-mail may be inappropriate.

This is how you formulate the salutation correctly

Do not write "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen"; You know the person who will be attending the appointment with you or your supervisor, so it is more polite to write "Dear Ms. Mueller" or "Dear Mr. Mueller".

What can not be missing?

Always include the location in your appointment confirmation next to the date and time of the appointment. It is best to name the address again and, if possible, the room so that no misunderstandings can arise. Also the possible duration of a discussion is indispensable for the scheduling of the participants. If you can not see the duration, you should mention it in the appointment confirmation.

Often it is important for the preparation that the participants are informed, which other persons will participate in an appointment. In the appointment confirmation, name the names of the participants and the company they represent. This also prevents people from attending the appointment who were not invited. Anyone who knows how to behave will first ask if this is okay for you.

Especially for participants who do not know the location of the meeting, you should attach a description. If necessary, also point out in the confirmation of the appointment if a construction site complicates access or if your company car park is blocked. This allows participants to find alternatives and plan more time in time to be on time.

If you are planning a meal or preparing a catering during an appointment, you are best advised to inform your guests in advance.

Timely appointment confirmations: an example

Dear Mrs Meier,

I am glad that you take the time for a personal conversation with me. I would like to come to you on Tuesday, 15 November 20XX at 11:00 in the Wagnerstraße 13.

Best regards from Berlin

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So versatile is the queen of the old fruits

Old fruit varieties are experiencing a renaissance. One of the noblest and most valuable is the quince. It has probably been cultivated for 6,000 years and was appreciated by the Greeks and Romans for its beneficial effects and, of course, for its culinary diversity. Although you can rarely eat them raw. In contrast, she is a true all-rounder with whom one can do a lot.

Quince jellied: the jam classic

Thanks to its unique, multi-layered aroma, the quince produces excellent jellies ("quince cheese" in Austria), jams and marmalades. Thanks to the high pectin content (especially in the bowls), it also gels excellent, so boil it with shell and core housing. Incidentally, the word "jam" goes back to the quince, which in Portuguese means "marmelo", which in turn derives from the Greek word "melimelon" (honey apple).

Quince liquid: Aromatic alternative

Quince juice tastes not only excellent, but is also extremely healthy. A splash of quince juice into the champagne results in a refreshingly varied aperitif. And of course, the quince can also be processed well into liqueur or fruit brandy.

Quince inlaid: hearty side dish

Quinces cut into pieces and seasoned with spices and vinegar are a treat, as an appetizer or side dish of meat (game goes well, even lamb). The combination with ginger also opens up interesting aroma worlds.

Quince pureed: the basis of new ideas

As a mus or chutney, the quince can be processed into many desserts or used as an aromatic filling.

Quince from the oven: The better baked apple

Nothing against grandma's baked apple – but a quat cook goes up in the oven to top form. Thanks to its firm pulp, it maintains a good consistency, and as a filling of poultry, the quince gives off plenty of flavor. Well suited are goose and duck.

Quince bread: sweet seduction

The quince bread is a sweet that has nothing to do with real bread. It consists of sugar-quenched quince, which is placed about 1 cm thick on a baking sheet and then dried in the oven. The result is a sweet pancake, which is then cut into 2-3 cm long, diamond-shaped stripes and is often turned into sugar. In Spain, quince bread is very popular as dulce de membrillo and is traditionally baked at Christmas and in winter.

Quince raw: That's how it works

Very ripe quinces can also be enjoyed raw, as an addition to the salad, for example, or dipped in honey or pickled. In the Mediterranean countries there are quince varieties that can be enjoyed better raw than our native quince. You can find them in this country with Turkish or Arabian greengrocers.

Quince as a fragrance dispenser: nature for the nose

In the past, quinces were often put in the closet to give the garments a fine fragrance. But do not forget the fruits. More recommendable is a bowl of quince in the kitchen, the bathroom or the dining room. The fruits quickly provide a pleasant, natural fragrance that is pleasantly different from the aroma of artificial fragrance dispensers.

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The four-ear model: understand messages

The four-ear model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun serves to illustrate the different levels of a communication. Only if you understand them, you also get behind what the speaker really expresses. So listen with all ears!

The four-eared model by von Thun

According to the four-ear model of communications scientist Friedemann Schulz von Thun, every message has several levels. Understanding the entire message means recognizing these levels, because only when a message is understood at the right level, the meaning is properly absorbed. These levels are

  • information
  • invitation
  • relationship
  • Feeling (or revelation)

Four-ear model: an example

The different levels of a message – that sounds complicated, but really easy to understand. An example from everyday life: Your boss asks you when he can expect the project report. You can understand that as

Question about information: Your boss simply wants to know the date.

prompt: Your boss wants to urge you to finish the report quickly.

Relationship level: Your boss expresses his distrust of your ability to meet deadlines, or of your ability and manner of working.

Condition / Revelation: Her boss is pressing because he himself is under pressure.

Which level of the message is always the "right one" depends very much on the situation. But only by understanding all levels of the four-ear model, "to hear with all ears," you can understand the unspoken and avoid misunderstandings.

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Poems for Valentine's Day: sayings, love poems, sms

Poems for Valentine's Day, sayings and sms give the personal congratulations special expression. Whether on greeting cards, as a letter, for recitation or by mobile phone, such congratulations get a touch of romance. Anyone who submits or presents them, presents them with a gift or packs them in a song, brings deep affection to the recipient.

Declaration of love for Valentine's Day

What could be more romantic than to confess his love on Valentine's Day? A declaration of love on Valentine's Day celebrates its anniversary every year on this day. The newly-in love ones will also remember later on regularly, if the love has held. For those who lack the words or who are looking for an effective way to confess their love, a romantic poem comes into question as a declaration of love.

5 sayings for valentines day for sms

SMS sayings are a great way to quickly and easily send valentines. I have the following sms sayings for Valentine's Day lachmeister.de found:

You are closeness without tightness,
Giving without expectation,
Tenderness without intention,
Love without demand,
Magic without end.
Happy Valentines Day!


Poems for Valentine's Day as congratulations

Poets and novelists have relied on poetry for centuries, but romantic poetry is also found in modern times. For congratulations on Valentine's Day they are just as suitable as a declaration of love. Theodor Strom and Friedrich von Schiller, Christian Morgenstern and Novalis, also 2 poems by
I introduce you to Renate Eggert-Schwarten here.

What you are to me

You are the salt in my soup,
the rose in my garden.
are the jewel on my neck,
I would wait for you for years …

You are my head on the Christmas tree,
the cream on my cake,
you're the foam of the cappuccino,
would not you be, I would look for you …

You are my candlelight in the dark,
the highlight of all celebrations,
you are special and very general
the best in my life.

Renate Eggert-Schwarten

This rose of secret
Kiss hard

See, that is our love.
Our hands go back and forth,
our lips cover them more and more
longing for words and kisses,
our souls greet each other back and forth –
how about a sea – how about a sea. This rose heavy with the fragrance of our souls:
look, that is our love.

Christian Morgenstern

Red roses

I give you red roses
not only for Valentine,
because today as on the first day
in you are shot.

The flowers will wither,
that is the course of the world,
but our love always stays young,
and that's what counts.

Renate Eggert-Schwarten


So come what may come!
As long as you live, it is day.

And does it go out into the world,
Where you are to me, I am at home.

I see your dear face,
I do not see the shadows of the future.

Theodor Storm

To the muse

What I would be without you,
I dont know –
but I dread, I see,
what hundreds without you
and thousands are.

Friedrich von Schiller

When all become unfaithful

When all become unfaithful,
so I stay true to you,
that gratitude on earth
not extinct.
For me you are suffering,
passed away in pain for me.
That's why I'm happy to give you that
forever this heart.


How sayings for Valentine's Day transmit thoughts

A few love words, the expressions of feelings, old wisdom and thoughts about love, longing, passion or gentle touch can include such sayings.

For Valentines Day
St. Valentine, it is said
it's been a long time
for all who love each other,
a valued patron saint.
He blesses the plants,
prevents disease in cattle.
Who implores him for help,
St. Valentine never disappoints.
On Valentine's Day should
we like to think about him
and worship him from the heart,
by giving us flowers.
For Valentines Day!

Alfons Schweiggert ——–

To enjoy the full measure of pleasure

To enjoy the full measure of pleasure,
you have to have someone to share it with.

Mark Twain


If love has germinated once

If love has germinated once,
drives them roots,
who do not stop growing

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Where loving …

Where loving yourself
two hearts one,
to be only one in joy and sorrow,
There must be sunshine in the sky
and smile cheerfully every time!

(August Heinrich Hoffmann of Fallersleben)



Joyful and sorrowful, thoughtful,
long and anxious in hovering anguish,
Heavenly exulted to death,
happy alone is the soul that loves.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Are you looking for more sayings about Valentine's Day?

Valentine is the best day
if you like flowers
But because I have no flowers for you,
I only tell you that I like you.


Valentine's Day is the best day to tell a loved one how much you like him. I'll start with you!


You are closeness without tightness, giving without expectation, tenderness without intention, love without demand, magic without end. Happy Valentines Day!


Valentin, Valentin, I love you and Valentin even more!


Love poems for Valentine's Day

Love poems and love songs were written, read, sung or sung centuries ago. They are timeless and reach into our modern times. But there are also new love poems. For Valentine's Day, they are suitable for congratulations and greeting cards or as a declaration of love.


I want a flower,
You would have gone quietly,
Sew me to the property
Caught in your hand.

Also, I would like a red wine
And sweep sweetly through your mouth
And completely into you
And made you and me healthy.

Hermann Hesse

You're …

You are the sun that does not set,
You are the moon that is always in the sky;
You are the star who, when the others darken,
Still outshining the day with its sparkle.

You are the sunless dawn;
A cheerful day that no night threatens;
The joy and hope of reflection on earth –
That's what you are to me, what more can you become!

August Heinrich Hoffmann of Fallersleben

You are my country,
I your flood,
who yearns around you;
You are the beach,
to my blood
without end recurs.
my mirror weighs
the light of a thousand stars;
and quietly rolls
your shell gold
in my Meergrundferne.

Christian Morgenstern

What do I ask for time and hour?

What do I ask for time and hour,
If I'm lying on your chest '-
When I kiss your mouth
Love sweeter victory!
When I kiss the white breasts,
The budding, swelling body –
What do I ask for time and hour,
With such a nice pastime! …

What do I ask for time and hour,
I rest on linen, snow-white,
With you and drink from your mouth
Love sweety price!
I am filled with a great deal of
My wild desire sinks …
What do I ask for time and hour,
If the world seems lost to me! …

Hermann Conradi (1862-1890)

I am my soul
In your only conscious
My heart can never rest,
As only in your breast!
My heart can never beat
As for you alone.
I am so completely your own,
So yours forever.

Theodor Storm

In the morning I will send you the violets …

In the morning I will send you the violets,
Which I found early in the forest,
And in the evening I bring roses,
I broke in twilight hours.

Do you know what the pretty flowers are
Want to tell you blunt?
Thou shalt be faithful to me in the daytime
And love me in the nights.

Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

Also read my post:

"Design greeting cards for Valentine's Day"!

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This increases the chances of success of your application

Being good is not enough to be successful in a job search. It is important to make the application documents in such a way that your talent is also recognized. With these tips you are the decisive step ahead of your competitors.

When looking for a job, it is not just about being the right candidate for the job advertised. You have to be able to convey that with your application. The recipient of your application must be able to recognize your qualities at a glance. This is the only way to distinguish yourself from other candidates with similar qualifications.

Use keywords

Take the time to find the most important keywords for the job to be filled. And try to put these keywords in your documents. The recipient of your application will find it easy to identify you as a suitable candidate. Also, when you upload your documents to a job board, key words are crucial because they make sure your application is seen among the many existing ones.

Adjectives make many things vivid

Describe not only your previous tasks, but provide them with strong adjectives. For example, if you've been working on introducing new software, write "Successful adoption …", you've increased sales, write "Significant increase …", and so on.

Find better words

The language is diverse and yet we only use part of the available vocabulary. Use different words to describe your activities. Think about how you could describe your activities in other meaningful words. Instead of "… done" you may have implemented something "… successfully implemented", "… completed in a short time" or use more specific expressions that fit exactly to the respective, possibly industry-specific activity.

Ensure clarity

Nobody has the desire and time to be confused by a complex, confusing formatting. Avoid exotic fonts, but make it easy for the reader to come across forms of expression that are well known. Divide your text into manageable paragraphs and make sure that the highlights are clearly visible. A keyword listing with the right terms (see above) is often better than running text.


Find a suitable summary for your application and put it in the right place. For example, on the cover page of your application, a succinct sentence could be about you. The contents of this sentence should then be recognizable in the following documents and executed there in more detail.

The list of tips for your application could be continued indefinitely. Essentially, it's all about one thing: put yourself in the shoes of the recipient and try to see your application through his eyes. If you are looking for more job application tips, read more in another post on this portal.

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This is how you master obstacles when hiking

Good planning and meticulous preparation are the conditions to avoid obstacles and dangerous situations when hiking. However, you may experience situations while hiking and encounter obstacles that were unpredictable. How to overcome these obstacles is revealed in this article.

The trail is closed – what to do?

There are hiking trails that mostly lead through secluded landscapes and private grounds, such as the Kerry Way in Ireland. And even if the guide promises that the paths are accessible, it can happen that you are suddenly literally standing in front of locked gates. What can you do now? How do you get on?

  1. See if you see the owner of the property. Wave and call. Please politely ask him to open the way so you can continue your walk.
  2. If no one is visible and the calling is of no use: see if there is an alternative way. For this reason alone, it is advisable to have maps of the route and the surrounding area with you. Even a smartphone with GPS and a map app can be very helpful here.
  3. If there is no alternative way, look around. Is there an opportunity to walk around the private grounds? If so, be careful, as it usually involves trackless paths. The risk of falling and injuring yourself is very great here.
  4. In the worst case, you have to turn around or call your tour operator or local hiking club for advice – provided you have all the phone numbers for this emergency.

Safe hiking in the steep terrain

You know by research in advance that you have to hike a section in the steep terrain. Now notice that you have underestimated yourself and the terrain. How can you be sure about this steep path?

  1. Concentrate and look carefully where your next step is going.
  2. Go slowly and ensure a safe appearance.
  3. Keep yourself upright and try to stand on the rock with one hand.
  4. Helpful tools in the steep terrain are hiking poles. If you do not have one, look around to find a sturdy cane. The stick gives you a good grip, especially on a descent.
  5. When you descend over scree and grass you shift your weight more on your heels.

So you are sure to cross a body of water and boggy terrain

An unexpected obstacle for a hiker can also be a flowing or stagnant water. With moderate flow and a water depth of at most one meter, you can safely cross the water. However, you should change your footwear. Quick-drying and firm shoes like sandals or sneakers are ideal for this. Under no circumstances should you cross a body of water barefoot. The risk of injury is far too high.

  1. To offer a little resistance, go with the narrow body side towards the flow.
  2. Do not take steps or jumps. Sand rather over the ground.
  3. Be careful not to step on sharp stones.
  4. Be focused. Always place your feet in the direction of flow behind an obstacle.
  5. Helpful is also a longer and stable stick. If you use this on your up-stream side, you can support it excellently.

In a moor-eaten terrain, plank roads ensure that you can safely cross this difficult terrain. If these planks are missing, it is advisable to turn around or find another way.

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