Wedding speech: Who talks when?

Even before the starter, the bride's father and – if desired – the pastor.

Between starter and main course speaks the father of the groom.

After the main course, the other guests – such as the witnesses or close friends of the bride or the groom – is the turn, if they want to hold a wedding speech.

Finally, the bride and groom themselves thank the guests. Of course, both can also thank together as a couple. This can happen before, but also after dessert.

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This is how you present yourself as a team player

Companies are looking for team players. But what does that mean for you at the job interview? The following tips show your team qualities.

Teamwork is one of the key points in terms of social skills. But every company defines team players differently. For the one personaler, it is people without their own opinion who only follow the opinion of others. Employees who just do not make trouble. In the other company, you rely on team players because they strengthen a company across the board. In the interview you should focus on both aspects.

Address team strengths in the interview

Emphasize that you are ready to catch up with your colleagues' opinions and critically review them in your professional life. Colleagues with more experience in a specific area can ultimately contribute to decision-making that will be useful to the project. Show that as a team player you can respond to others' opinions and take decisions when you are convinced of their qualities.

Go into the interview on your own strength within the team

Only if you can contribute your own strengths in the team, you are interesting for a company. Followers do not kick, but are not productive. In the job interview, emphasize that as a team player in difficult business situations, you can also initiate unpopular measures and enforce decisions for the benefit of the company.

Tip for the job interview: Teamplayer between the lines

Show the recruit in the interview that you are a true team player. You are a volunteer in a club or are team captain in the football club? Then emphasize that, also in the CV in the written application. Here Personals see that you can deal with people and classify themselves and still have leadership qualities.

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Wedding Speech: Tips against writer's block

Do you know the situation? You are to give a wedding speech, but you can not find a beginning? The writer's block is threatening? With a few tricks you will come up with themes and your wedding speech will be a complete success!

Which theme for the wedding speech? Ask the W questions!

Who, how, when, where, why: These are the famous W-questions that spokespeople, authors, and other copywriters often ask when threatening a writer's block. Make a list and put a few keywords together for each W.

Who marries?

Find an introduction to your wedding speech by describing the idiosyncrasies of the bride and groom.

How do you marry?

On a ship, classically ecclesiastical or just in the registry office? On the Zugspitze or underground in the Ruhr area? Here, too, provide starting points for a good start to your wedding speech!

When? What about the date?

Keep in mind that the date has a special meaning for the wedding couple. Follow this story and you will find another start or component for your wedding speech!

Read the answers to all questions in peace and you will find a reference to the topic that you have not had before.

With the 5 Ws googling themes for your wedding speech!

Thanks to answering the W questions, you have some keywords for the wedding speech, but are still not ahead? Then enter the central words as search words on Google on the Internet. This will give you additional incentives that you can use as topics for your wedding speech.

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Store tomatoes optimally

Sometimes finding good tomatoes in Germany is not that easy. Often the tomatoes we offer only look like tomatoes. At home, they then like to turn out to be watery aroma rivets. Once you have found good and, above all, mature goods, you have to strike and maybe buy a little bit in advance. But how should you best store the tomatoes at home?

Tomatoes are sensitive

Paradise apples or love apples, as tomatoes are also called, are sensitive fruits. With proper treatment, they will last for many days. Tomatoes also ripen and intensify their aroma. However, when treated incorrectly, tomatoes soon say goodbye to an edible state. You can avoid this by observing the following points:

Take tomatoes right out of the box

No matter if your tomatoes are packed in paper or plastic – take them out of the box immediately after shopping at home. Also, from a plastic tray, do not just remove the protective film. Because tomatoes have to "breathe".

Never store tomatoes in the refrigerator

Tomatoes are sensitive to cold. They are therefore not in the fridge. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place. Therefore, do not stack them into huge mountains, but spread them in the surface. Well suited are large bowls or baskets.

Sunlight does not hurt, on the contrary, it still ripens tomatoes. The windowsill is therefore a good place. However, the maturity also accelerates, and even mature tomatoes are shriveled.

Always store tomatoes alone

Have you ever wondered that other fruits and vegetables in the immediate vicinity of tomatoes ripen faster – and more likely to spoil? By this is a natural gas called ethene guilt that radiate tomatoes, especially when they are ripe. It is best to keep tomatoes separate from other fruits and vegetables. More about ethene can be found in the article Ethen provides a ripening effect on fruits and vegetables.

Never remove stems and flower buds from tomatoes

Although it may look "neater" … leave stems and flower buds on the tomatoes, even if the green is already dry. This will keep the tomatoes longer and you will avoid injury to the fruit when removing the stems. Preferably buy vine tomatoes, preferably whole twigs, and never remove the green to save a few cents on weighing.

Only wash tomatoes immediately before preparation

Do not wash tomatoes right after buying them at home if you want to keep the fruits for a few days. Always wash tomatoes immediately before consumption. Not only that, the moisture can lead to mold on injured bowls – very ripe and therefore sweet tomatoes, especially the small cherry tomatoes, can even burst because of their high sugar content.

Also read:

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How to establish and maintain a press contact

Good press contacts are the basis for successful press work. However, it is often difficult to establish the "right" contacts with press representatives and to maintain them regularly. Here are some tips on how and where to find a press contact and how to build a personal relationship with your press contact.

Basically, there are 2 ways to establish press contacts: Either you invite the representatives of the press yourself, or you go to the appropriate events.

If you're invited to press conferences, press conferences, journalist programs, or corporate events, keep in mind that on average, there are only two dates per year that are appropriate. Also, over time, it will always be the same journalists coming to your events.

The other possibility is that you go to events yourself and, on the sidelines of the event or during the official get-together after the program, have a short dialogue with press representatives who are of interest to you. However, this is also a tedious way to maintain your press contacts. For one thing, you do not know in advance who is going to take part in the external event, and on the other hand, it is the good sound that keeps you at other events in the background.

Other ways to make a new press contact

There are special ones Events initiated for journalists, eg. B. the awarding of media prizes. Here you are in the middle of the target group and, with a bit of luck and the following selection criteria for your participation, you will certainly make interesting new press contacts quickly.

Think about which journalists you want to address, such as: As editors of regional or national media, journalists in the field of radio, TV, print or online, or journalists specialized in your company. Try to get in advance the guest list, then you have a quick idea of ​​whether a participation in a media event could be worthwhile for you. This also gives you the opportunity to select potential press contacts in advance and to prepare your talks. It would be best to talk to the journalists after the event as part of the Come-Together.

Tip 1: An overview of the media awards for specialist journalists can be found at and a general overview of the media events at

Tip 2: Media events are regarded as prime examples of effective event planning. Maybe you can look up some ideas for your next PR event.

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No chance for salmonella (part 1)

The kitchen lives … especially in summer. This is where Salmonella and other unfriendly bacteria multiply especially well. But you can counteract with all sorts of measures and significantly reduce the risk of infection with salmonella at home.

Which foods are particularly susceptible to salmonella

As a good breeding ground for salmonella, above all, all foods containing high levels of protein are used. These include eggs and all products made from them, such as cakes, tarts and desserts. Most susceptible are foods that contain rohei, such as tiramisù. Then of course fish, seafood, meat, milk and dairy products. But also antipasti, patés and terrines are quickly unnoticed to bacterial locations.

When salmonella proliferate well

Salmonella already multiply at a temperature of 7º Celsius. This limit is exceeded quickly in the summer, especially in the summer. Therefore: cool and cool again. Stow everything perishable in the fridge immediately after shopping. Never leave Salmonella susceptible foods in the kitchen without refrigeration. This also applies to already prepared food. Once they have cooled, they are invariably in the fridge.

Use your refrigerator properly in the fight against Salmonella

Use a thermometer to check whether your refrigerator is doing its job. When measuring, note that each refrigerator has different temperature zones. In the upper compartment, it is the warmest, here can have a temperature of 8 ° to 10 ° Celsius prevail. In the lower compartments, the temperature is between 5 ° to 2 ° Celsius. The bottom shelf above the vegetable compartments is the coolest. In the vegetable compartments it is warmer on the other hand. This is due to the glass plate above and the insulating plastic drawers. The warmest zone of the refrigerator is the door area.

  • Top tray: smoked food, prepared food, opened canned food, cheese (except cream cheese)
  • Intermediate Subjects: Milk and Dairy Products (Yoghurt, Quark, Cream, Cream Cheese, Mozzarella)
  • Bottom compartment above glass plate: all perishables (fish, seafood, meat, sausages, pies, desserts made with eggs)
  • Vegetable fan: As the name implies, ideal for vegetables and fruits. Please also read: Which fruits and vegetables are in the fridge, which is not.
  • Door area: butter, jam, mustard, eggs, drinks (fresh whole milk rather in the middle compartments)
  • Important: Do not store perishable food next to less perishable food. So no fish in the same compartment as vegetables. Also never fish next to meat.

Which perishable foods are optimally cooled at which temperature, you will find here: At which cooling temperature you store food correctly.

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How to log in professionally on the phone

Anyone who only answers by phone with his surname and the name of the company seems listless and incompetent. Therefore, our tip: Always sign up with a day greeting, the company name and your first and last name, if you answer the phone.

Here are some successful examples:

  • "Hello, Avalon GmbH, Anja Maier."
  • "Hello, Mayor's Office, Sonja Klein."
  • "Good morning, Hauptschule am Park, Silke Weber."

If you call yourself somewhere, sign up similarly: "Hello, my name is Anja Maier from the Avalon GmbH." So give your interlocutor at the other end of the line a chance to understand your name and company name correctly.

A day greeting like "Good day" is friendly and does not cost much time. In addition, the greeting in front of the company name helps the caller, your company name completely mitzubekommen. If you would immediately contact "Avalon GmbH", he might only be aware of the "GmbH" and later be asked to inquire.

The spell seems too long? Are you afraid that the caller gets impatient? Do not worry, if you smile, your saying is very entertaining. It would be overdone if you still have one "What can I do for you?" would attach.

Also, the mention of your first name on the phone makes the greeting longer, but is a must if you want to make a competent impression. For the naming of the first and last name testifies to self-assurance and sovereignty. In addition, the caller understands your surname better, if he had heard as an introduction before your first name and could get used to your voice. After naming the first name, he will also be particularly attentive, because the following information – the last name – is particularly important for him to be able to address you properly in the course of further discussion.

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5 tips for an elegant decision

When you give a speech, the conclusion is especially important. Why? Because the listener will remember your last words. You can influence the behavior of the audience in your favor with your final appeal, but you can also destroy your entire chain of reasoning. Therefore, pay attention to these 5 important points in every speech you make:

  1. The conclusion of your speech and your appeal to the audience must fit in with your other speech.
  2. Bring the final formulation and the appeal into context with the rest of your speech – the central question being: what goal do I want to achieve with my speech?
  3. When giving a speech, think in advance which aspect of your speech the audience should keep. What message should your listeners take home? Which behavior change / impulses do you hope for?
  4. Formulate a decision that not only stays in the mind, but also reaches the hearts!
  5. Memorize your address by heart. It is also important to find an elegant transition.

Example of a decision

For your speech you can draw from the rich fund of anecdotes.

Here is an example: "Ladies and Gentlemen, At this point, let me add a comment by the Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini on a German rival: 'Richard Wagner had wonderful moments – but terrible quarter-hours. To save you such a verdict, I conclude now. But first I want to … "
Now include your appeal to the audience.

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Tips for the proper handling of sparkling wine

Sparkling wine is not the same as sparkling wine – but not only the brand, but also the professional handling of the noble drink is important. This already starts when opening the champagne bottle.

Grab the champagne cork with a napkin and slowly turn it out of the champagne bottle so that the carbon dioxide can slowly escape from the bottle.
Tip: Hold the closure firmly. Although the popping of champagne corks is always a party fun, it has lost nothing in the professional opening of champagne.

Keeping the bottle of champagne open at a 45 degree angle will reduce the pressure on the cork and make it easier to open the bottle.

The optimum drinking temperature for sparkling wine

The correct drinking temperature is depending on the type of champagne for white sparkling wine between 5 and 7 degrees, for rosé sparkling wine between 6 and 8 degrees and red sparkling wine is enjoyed at 9 to 11 degrees.

The right champagne glass

For a perfect enjoyment glass form is of great importance. Common are the champagne flute, the champagne bowl and the champagne tulip.

The pouring of sparkling wine

Know that You certainly, the sparkling wine is poured with too much momentum in the glasses and already half the glass is full of foam. To avoid this, reach into the cavity of the bottom of the bottle with your thumb and pour only a small amount of sparkling wine into the glass.

The storage of sparkling wine

Sparkling wine leaves the cellars at the peak of its maturity and should therefore be drunk as soon as possible. If the sparkling wine is stored for too long, an age sound may occur which may remind of the taste of sherry.

Basically, sparkling wine should be stored cool, quiet and dark. Pay attention to a constant storage temperature.

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Hopping fun for children

With a trampoline in the garden you can not only inspire your child for sporting activities, but also promote the body perception, balance and coordination of your offspring. However, what you should look for when buying a trampoline and what you should know for the safe handling of this device, you can read in the following article.

When buying a trampoline, you should first pay attention to the TÜV or GS mark. In addition, the steel frame should be sturdy and non-rusting, and the jump sheet should have a secure zig-zag seam. The trampoline must be accompanied by an instruction manual with the construction manual and further details.
The springs and the edge linkage should also be covered with padding to avoid injury. Keep in mind that springs are softer when jumping than shorter ones.

If the trampoline is intended for a toddler, it is advisable to build a net for protection.
For a fully equipped garden trampoline including ladder and safety net you have to spend between 300 and 400 €.

Jump with safety

The right location: Only place the device where there are no obstacles such as trees, hedges, fences or garden huts nearby.

Safe anchorage: For a stable stand, the trampoline must be securely anchored in the ground. Regularly check the anchorage, springs and connectors and inspect the trampoline for damage and defects. Cover the trampoline to protect it from the weather.

Not in all weathers: In rain or snow, your child should not jump because of increased risk of slipping and thus injury.

Alone, not lonely: Your child should not be left unattended on the trampoline, so stay within reach and make sure that not several children jump at the same time. Above all, it is not recommended to jump as a teenager or adult with the child together.

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