Car Breakdown: What are you doing best?

Car breakdown: What can I do myself?

A few years ago, minor repairs could be done to the vehicle itself, as the technique of a Trabant or VW Beetle was simpler than that of cars today. In a car breakdown, it used to be relatively obvious what you could do yourself. A broken carburetor or V-belt were no big deal and could be repaired with a bit of basic technical understanding on their own.

In the newer vehicles nowadays, the interior of the engine resembles a large, unmanageable puzzle, and if you become autonomous in the event of a breakdown, you can, especially if it is a technical defect in the electronics, destroy more than save it in the engine compartment. Technical failures or breakdowns, the reason of which is not known, are best left to a specialist, because without a diagnostic device the cause of a defect in the electronics is not recognizable.

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Car breakdown: what you can do in advance

However, you can still make a few interventions yourself today. The tire change, for example, is nothing to call the breakdown service. Just remember to secure the location of the event well. Hazard lights, warning triangle and a reflective vest are mandatory features of every car.

The problem with changing tires is the jack. Best to try it out beforehand, as there are many different operating principles. In the course of this "tool kit check" you also look for the wheel nut wrench. If it is not stable enough, you can buy a better one in the accessory trade. A ring-wrench with which you can loosen and tighten nuts, screwdrivers, a combination pliers, wire, a roll of insulating tape, a flashlight, bulbs and a liter of oil are also part of every car.

Car Breakdown: What to do with loose parts?

With wire and insulating tape loose parts can be attached to the next workshop makeshift, as well as the tape smaller leaks can be sealed to the workshop. Emergency door and trunk unlocking should be tried out if the electronic central locking is broken and you do not know what to do after a car breakdown.

The operating instructions of a car should definitely remain in the glove box. There is also explained, for example, which warning lamps in the vehicle what meaning. If the oil lamp lights up, the car lacks oil and the cooling water gets too hot. The engine can already take damage on a few meters drive. When the warning lamp for ABS or ESP lights up, however, a workshop can still be carefully controlled.

In principle, safety-related parts on brakes and steering should never be repaired by laymen. With damage to these car parts, you should always visit a workshop, as well as electronic damage.

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Where to go on the weekend? Tips and ideas

The sun is shining and the wanderlust is packing again. Fortunately, the weekend is approaching. But where are you going on the weekend? Two days, when there is the right kind of recovery for everyone – that's how it works.

Last weekend! Where are you traveling?

Many people use the weekend to escape their own homes for a short time and let fresh wind blow around their noses. But what if you do not have the necessary creativity and you do not know where to go next weekend? Do not panic, designing a perfect weekend is easier than you think.

Family visits on the weekend

The classic weekend getaway is family visits. If you do not know where to go on the weekend, visit your dear relatives. The grandparents always look forward to a visit. With a delicious cake and a colorful bouquet you are guaranteed on the weekend with each a welcome guest.

Weekend: time for joint activities

What often goes into the background during the hectic work week can finally be lived out on the weekend: do something together with your partner or your children. A sporty bike tour followed by a picnic, an entertaining mini-golf competition followed by ice-cream or a tight hike through the green spring forests. There are possibilities like sand by the sea.

The sea is not very far for some. Drive to the Baltic Sea for two days. Here you can experience fantastic beach walks or let yourself be pampered in a spa hotel. A visit to a delicious fish restaurant completes the weekend getaway.

Where to go on the weekend? The most extraordinary ideas

For the next weekend, plan something completely different with your loved ones. Where it goes then of course is up to you. Maybe you are inspired by the following list of special weekend activities:

  • Adventurous Cave Excursion: In the Footsteps of Bats
  • Collect mushrooms with the local hunter: cooking together will make for a happy evening
  • Somewhat new learning: For example, learn about language or computer courses
  • Joint garden action: Make your garden fit for spring
  • Let the balls roll: a bowling alley is good for everyone
  • Spring cleaning: clear out your wardrobe and your basement
  • Only flying is nicer: drive to an airport and dream of the next vacation

The weekend is unfortunately always a bit short. Wherever you go, remember that you will also find time to relax. Because the weekend is always faster than a sweet one is over. You can start the working week with full zeal and look forward to a great new weekend. Where is it going this time?

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Exotic recipes for fasting: tomato soup with cinnamon and shrimp

Fasting means renunciation, but eating during Lent does not have to be barren or boring. Freshness, creativity and variety are on the plate. Get ready for spring with the exotic vegetarian tomato soup with cinnamon. Here is the delicious and easy recipe.

Recipe for exotic tomato soup with cinnamon and shrimp

Ingredients for 4 persons:

  • 3 small onions
  • good olive oil
  • 500 ml of vegetable stock
  • 650 g tomato passata
  • 2 cloves of garlic sliced
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • some basil stalks
  • basil leaves
  • 1 t of cane sugar
  • 1 chili pepper
  • pepper from the grinder
  • 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
  • Juice ½ lemon
  • sea-salt
  • 100 g of whipped cream
  • 8 cocktail tomatoes
  • 8 peeled and de-stewed shrimps
  • 4 long wooden skewers

How to do it

Peel the onions, cut into small cubes, sauté in a saucepan of olive oil in a mild heat, add the broth and leave for 5 minutes just below the boiling point. Add the tomato passata, heat, add the garlic, puree with the hand blender and let some olive oil into it.

Add the cinnamon sticks and basil stems and leave to set for about 15 minutes. Season with cinnamon powder, salt, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and chopped chili, then whip in the whipped cream.

Sauté the shrimp in olive oil and skewer with cocktail tomatoes. Put the soup in warm soup plates, decorate with shrimp and tomato skewer and fresh basil. Good Appetite!

My advice

You can vary this tomato soup with fried monkfish cubes or wild salmon. They are simply distributed in the plates during serving and the soup is placed on top.

Article on "Exotic dishes for Lent":

For further questions about healthy nutrition, I am at your disposal as an experienced nutritionist and culinary travel expert!

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Buon appetito! Important terms around the Italian cuisine

Something why Italy is world famous is the good Italian cuisine. Who does not like to go to an Italian restaurant and enjoy the Italian hospitality? You can score if you have the right vocabulary. So that your next restaurant visit in Italy does not become a spaghetti battle, we have put together the most important terms.

Remember at the beginning: In a good Italian restaurant, you are asked in a specific order:

  • cosa desiderate mangiare? (What would you like to eat?)
  • and then cosa desiderate bere? (What would you like to drink?)

Why are you asked in this order? Because it's the type of wine that has to be adapted to the food and not the other way round.

Order a starter

Based on the menu (il menù) first decide on the starter (l'antipasto), taking between antipasto caldo (hot appetizer) and antipasto freddo (cold appetizer) must be different; then choose the first gear, then the second.

How to order food in Italian

To order, certain phrases are available, e.g.

  • vorrei … (I would like / would like to …)
  • mi porti per cortesia … (could you get me a … Please…)

Which minestra take?

Do you want to eat rice? Then ask for riso, Would you like a soup? Then you ask for it minestra di pomodoro (Tomatosoup), minestra di fagioli (Bean soup), minestra di patate (Potato soup), minestra di cipolle (Onion soup) and – exception! – zuppa di pesceif you want a fish soup.

If you like meat (carne), the waiter will ask you if you can al sangue (half through, bloody) or ben cotta (through) want. You probably like that, too un contorno order (a side dish).

Order drinks

And to drink? If you have chosen meat, you will of course be given a red wine (vino rosso) recommended; with fish you should rather vino bianco (White wine) drink.

When it comes to water, you can either Acqua minerale gasata (Sparkling water) or Acqua minerale non gasata (still water) drink.

At the end of your meal you may order a dessert (dolce, dessert) to take; this can be:

  • gelato (Ice)
  • torta (Tart)
  • budino (Pudding)
  • Panna cotta (Cream custard)

The Bill please!

After the inevitable caffè you have to pay. There are several phrases available, the most common being the following: il conto, by favore (the Bill please); or but mi porta il conto? (bring me the bill, please) or vorrei pagare (I'd like to pay).

Good: Now your food is really over. You will probably be asked to go out: avete mangiato bene? (Did it taste good?). We hope you have been satisfied and can therefore answer: Sì, grazie, tutto bene (yes, thank you, all the best.)!

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Marrying abroad – what matters

Marrying abroad is not as complicated as you might think. Although there are formalities to follow, the effort is not so great that it is not worth celebrating this special day in life in an extraordinary place. If necessary, an agency will help you.

Marrying abroad can be very unusual

You can marry abroad in very special locations: in New York's Central Park, on the Empire State Building or during a helicopter flight over the Big Apple, a wedding ceremony is possible. In Queenstown, New Zealand, you can have your say during a bungee jump, in Las Vegas, Elvis escorts you to the Wedding Chapel, and in Hawaii, you can traditionally get married on the beach with flower wreaths and bast skirt.

What papers do you need to marry abroad?

For weddings abroad, unfortunately, there are no uniform guidelines with regard to the necessary papers and documents.

  • Passport,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Certificate of marriage (in case of a minor wedding before the age of 21),
  • a possible residence permit,
  • if necessary, a visa
  • and any divorce papers from past marriages
  • and a registration certificate of your permanent residence

should be available for marriage abroad. If the wedding is to take place in church, you still need documents about the religious affiliation. These papers should all be translated into the native language of the wedding country in order to be better dealt with. Find out in good time about the legal basis in the country in which you want to marry and allow sufficient time to get all the documents.

Marrying abroad: Too expensive?

In Germany, marriages are recognized as valid if they comply with the applicable regulations of the country in which they are married. So you need a permit from the local authorities. Remember to have your marriage certificate stamped with a certificate of authenticity, the so-called apostille. These are available at the consulate.

Optimally, you have the marriage certificate translated from a notary into English, so that it can also be recognized in Germany. With this marriage certificate can then be created on the German registry office a family book. If the organization and the paperwork are too much for you, contact one of the many existing agencies specializing in marriage abroad.

The planning and organization of formalities, travel, wedding and holiday program is then according to your wishes by experts. The fact is that a wedding abroad is well worth the effort, because the unforgettable experience can take place in an extraordinary place, the moment of the wedding is intensified. This unique experience makes your wedding unforgettable.

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How to find the right wedding location

Whether at a castle, in the open air, in a community hall or in a restaurant: deciding on the right wedding location is not so easy. Different wishes of the bride and groom and a certain number of guests usually have to submit to a limited budget.

Finding the right wedding location is easy

Whether you want to celebrate the best day of your life with just two of you, with your closest friends or with a giant party, decide on the selection of your wedding location.

Even in unusual places, such as in the Cologne Chocolate Museum, on a ship on the Elbe or in the Berlin Zoo you can give the yes-word. An overview of castles, palaces and extraordinary places in Germany can be found here.

Fancy wedding location

If you like it completely, check out the website for special weddings. There you will learn everything about wedding locations in Las Vegas, in a hot air balloon, in space or under water in Bali. You can either marry in a submarine near Mauritius or get married in the former home of Ernest Hemmingway in Key West, Florida.

If you like it more conservative, opt for a wedding on a lighthouse in Rügen or in the Aqua Dome in Berlin. If the independent organization is too stressful for you, you can also hire a wedding agency, they will do everything necessary for you and help you choose the right place.

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Score with your supervisor

Salary negotiations are a high art. If you convince as an employee and want to score points with your supervisor, consider these 3 top tips.

Demand more responsibility in the job in the salary negotiation!

Analyze in which areas of your business you could take more responsibility. Are there any projects that you would like to manage responsibly? In the salary negotiation, talk to your superiors about it. He will ask himself what advantage the company can generate from it. That's what's most important to your boss. These benefits can lead to a salary increase.

Salary Negotiation: Be sure what you are worth!

Research what salary a worker usually earns in your person. Use reference computers on the Internet (such as Use these average salaries as the basis for your claims. This ensures that you are in a stable frame.

Attention: In salary negotiations you usually talk about the future total annual income. This means that benefits such as a 13th salary or holiday pay are also included.

Avoid mentioning a specific amount in the salary negotiation!

In terms of salary increase, supervisors are usually on alert. Strengthen your bargaining position by not talking about a specific amount yourself. Talk about your performance and the benefits it brings to the business. This agrees with the supervisor positively, since an added value can bring also for him successes. Ask your supervisor, "What do you think the added value for the business could do for my earnings?"

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Overweight pets

Even our pets are already overweight. This is not necessarily due to the fact that masters and mistresses overfeed the animal constantly, but because the animal feed is already working with attractants and sugar. What can you do about overweight pets?

Overweight Pets: Comparison of a can of commercial cat food with a quality product

In a commercial can of cat food you will find 4% meat content. The remainder consists of waste, such as chicken legs and beaks as well as so-called fillers. For the pet, that's about as if it only feeds on fast food every day. It is also subject to food cravings and this diet can lead to deficiency symptoms.

In contrast, there are whole foods (for example: from Ryzoom), which has a meat content of about 70% and shows an enemy declaration of the additional raw materials. Whole foods are often offered by veterinarians, but can also be ordered by subscription. Canned drag is a thing of the past.

Obese pets due to too much phosphorus in animal feed

Many commercial foods have a high phosphorus content, which can lead to kidney damage in cats. At the latest then the animal must be switched to special, expensive diet food. This is unnecessary if one feeds the animal from the beginning full food.

Calcification of tartar due to wet food

Animals that eat mainly wet foods are more prone to calculus formation. You do not have to chew less and do not brush your teeth anymore. As a remedy, at least one meal should consist of dry food.

Liquid is important

In animals that eat almost exclusively dry food, care must be taken to ensure adequate fluid intake. Cats refuse drinking bowls in the immediate vicinity of the feeding place or the Kotplatzes. Always place several water bowls as alternatives from which the cat can drink on their raids.

Overweight pets due to animal feed from waste

The unspecified ingredients in commercial pet food often consist of waste, such as animal meal (comes from Tierkadaververwertung – so can be dog or cat), chicken claws and beaks. The whole thing has no nutritional value and only causes the animal to eat all the more, to cover its daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

Overweight Pets: The composition makes it

The ingredients of the food are listed in decreasing order of their weight on the packaging.

What would animals buy?

In fact, attractants are added to commercial pet food, which are similar to our glutamate (flavor enhancer). Therefore, when switching to feed to whole foods or another brand of animal feed in the animal withdrawal symptoms can occur.

feeding recommendation

Some pet owners cook for their pet. There are many dog, cat and co. Recipes ranging from stewed fish to oatmeal dog biscuits. Raw meat is generally discouraged. If it can not be avoided, because the animal is so used to or hunts itself, then regular deworming duty.

Cats like z. B. now and then a raw egg. In the wild, they would also loot nests, so there's nothing wrong with giving them a chicken egg from time to time. Milk is not suitable for cats. If, then only in rare cases and always diluted. The cat may otherwise get diarrhea.

The ideal feeding place

  • Each animal its own food bowls – best of porcelain or stoneware (chin acne in Plastiknäpfen, plastic takes flavor).
  • Clean bowls (wash only with hot water without detergent) and feeding place
  • Fixed feeding times (in the morning and in the evening, possibly at noon)
  • Opened food cans in the fridge, the best content in a food container (metal can oxidize or give off flavor)
  • Not directly from the fridge! (Room warm feeding, possibly about ½ hour o. Longer or in a water bath)
  • Do not leave food residues. (Shorten the next meal to the left)
  • Beware of raw meat! (Pig, herpesvirus, "Aujeszky's disease", "pseudo-rabies")
  • Always have water ready (not just next to the feeding place)
    Milk is part of the diet (lactose)
  • Leave alone after eating.
  • Feeding place in sufficient distance to the toilet

Exercise is also a must for pets

This is not only true for the daily walk with the dog, even cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, parakeets and Co. need exercise. Give your pet so variety, with free enclosures or temporarily expanded spout in the apartment. If you deal with the animal, play with it, then your pet will not turn into an overweight coachpotato.

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Poems as impulses: write yourself

Poetry can not be written only by poets. Since poems are expressions of feelings and have every feeling, every poem can write. You just have to follow the inner impulse and you're ready to go. Here is a little guide.

All you need is a little bit of time, a paper and a pen – of course it works on the computer!

Write poems yourself: Put impulses into words and write so-called word poems

Write a so-called "Elfchen". An "elf" is a short poem consisting of eleven words. These are formulated in five lines. Here's an example:

the surface
infinite and unapproachable
Life-giving and dying

A guide to self-writing

Put in the first line of the "Elf" an adjective, Any descriptive word you can think of: red, blue, lovely, loud, quiet, beautiful, etc.

Below you write in two words a theme or the object with which you associate this first word: the parents, the life, the love, the work.

In the next line you formulate in three wordsWhere or how this topic is for you. Listen to yourself or just follow the thought, the impulse that appears in you.

You write in the fourth line four wordsthat describe your impulse even more closely or that expound your personal feelings about it.

In the fifth and last line appears a word as conclusion. This can be a word as a punchline or a contradictory word. It should suit your feelings. Only that counts!

Put impulses in poetry – try it!

Even if you've never thought of writing a poem, just try it. You will be surprised at what formulations you find. What's astonishing about a poem of its own is not just that feelings are coming out that sometimes you did not know you were slumbering in.

Poems arise from impulses, but they give impulses as finished poems. That is fascinating to experience. In that sense, the writing of poetry can lead to the further development of one's own personality.

Try it yourself!

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Is there the perfect application?

You have received a number of cancellations despite the use of application templates and the creation of individual cover letters? Now you are disappointed and wonder if there is the universally fitting, perfect application at all? Read the answer to your question in the following article.

Of course, there are a few basic requirements that increase the chance of being invited to a job interview, but one guarantor of this success is not getting all the tips for a successful application. The preparation of ordinary documents is one thing – the assessment by the other side another.

Basic requirements in terms of application

Which includes:

  • Individual cover letters tailored to the company and the position, no use of text modules or complete templates – no matter whether from the Internet or application guides in book form.
  • Applications for suitable positions, that is, your own qualification should not only be matched with the job title in the tender, but with the specific requirements. An application is not very promising despite well-prepared documents, for example, if a secretary is to have good knowledge of foreign languages ​​English, French and Spanish, but has only basic knowledge in the English language and no knowledge at all in the other two languages.
    In this case, good knowledge of other commercial fields of work, many years of professional experience and accurate application documents will lead to a cancellation.
  • Ordinary documents without kinks, large linguistic mistakes and mistakes or even stains. Extremely critical is the sending of fake documents to see what happens in practice more often than you might think.
  • Especially for positions for which a lower qualification is required (eg post office employees, courier drivers, etc.), the use of very high-quality application folders has an overdressed effect.

Good documents increase the chances – but are no guarantee for a new job

Even if everything seems to fit in formally and still follows a rejection without an invitation to a job interview, many applicants are very frustrated and start to doubt themselves or the tips given to them. The success of an application depends not only on the o. G. Criteria, but also how the recipient of the application assesses the documents.

Personnel do not always act logically

Personnel are also only human, so that many a decision may not seem logically understandable, but rather personally colored. To give a relatively trivial example: A human resources manager has made several bad experiences with dark-haired secretaries. For this reason, all dark-haired applicants may fall directly through the grid – even if they are technically good, meet all requirements and sympathetic to their documents.

This example can also be applied to other areas: some prefer male employees, others prefer women (often depends on the job description and the industry), some want employees who are 35 years old, others prefer more future colleagues from 35 years One person may not like the one or the other company in which the candidate was previously employed, etc. The reasons for personally staffed personnel decisions are manifold.

Not to be underestimated is also the aspect that many jobs are formally advertised, but these are either fake vacancies or card files that were not removed in the online job boards even after filling the job – by the update of the advertising date acts It is often as if the position were still vacant.

Cancellations on applications: Beware of lump sums

Many applicants are disappointed when they have taken over all possible and impossible application tips from guidebooks and the Internet for their own documents and still receive a large number of cancellations, so they demonize all the tips that they have collected in the area and evaluated.

The problem is that in many cases not the seriousness of the source is checked, or the technical background of the one who gives the application tips.

Some jobseekers rely on dangerous half-knowledge of people who have never worked in HR / Applicant Management, but who like to use pithy proverbs to become expert on such issues – even if they rely on the Job Counselor of 1989 for their knowledge ( although this is not always obvious at first glance) or even half knowledge that they have picked up somewhere.

An application is not a cook or a panacea

Similar to the topics of flirting and dating, which are also given many tips that are supposed to guarantee that the men or women by using these flirting techniques in the arms of a longed-for partner staggering, like moths in the light, there are also in applications and the good implementation of all helpful, current tips no guarantee for a new job for the reasons mentioned above.

Just as little in the vast majority of cases, flat, often hackneyed flirting tips and love charms work. People do not work according to Scheme F – neither the applicant nor the HR manager.

So it is of no use if a jobseeker approaches his application according to the principle "Take 100% freedom from mistakes, three tablespoons of individuality, a pinch of originality, two text modules from job application guide XY …". This principle works at most in cooking recipes, where you can usually prepare a tasty meal considering the ingredients and their dosage. In addition, the worm (the application documents) must taste the fish (ie the personnel) and not the angler (applicants).

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