The perfect wedding speech

Have you ever melted the cake on your plate while trying hard to stay awake in a wedding speech? And now you may face the challenge of having to deliver a speech at a wedding? How can you best entertain instead of being bored? What's the best way to get over? You should pay attention, so that the wedding speech is a success.

The wedding party is gathered, the bridal couple are already sitting at the table, the waiters in a dress coat are about to serve the soup – then it happens: the sometimes dreaded sound when a spoon is hit against a glass, sounds, and the bride's father rises to the wedding speech. The waiters turn on their heels and bring the soup back to the kitchen. Because they know what is coming, takes its time.

Plan the wedding speech

The bride's father would have done well to tell the service staff his desired time for the wedding speech, in this way he would have avoided that dissolves the egg whites in the soup. So it makes sense: If someone organizes the process of the wedding in any way, then you turn to those in order to arrange all the speeches and planned actions within the process.

This person, who kindly took over the organization, then contacted the restaurant's service to complete the planning. If no one has taken over the organization, it speaks itself with the service staff, when you want to give his speech.

The wedding speech – in the short term is the spice

Especially the speeches at the beginning of the event, when all guests are hungry, should not take too long. In general, it can be said that the wort is in the short. 10 minutes is enough and not so little if you have to listen. Any speech that lasts longer than 20 minutes is usually perceived as an imposition.

Actions (games, etc.) may quietly take a longer time frame, but only if they are interactive, so both guests and newlyweds are involved. But then pay attention to a particularly good agreement with the kitchen and do not expect a hungry guest the long wait!

The wedding speech – the content

Embarrassing details from past relationships, bad qualities, even if they are decades ago, in wedding speeches like any faux pas of the past are exploited. But is that really necessary? Who is happy about such details, except the speaker himself?

Spare the other guests the Fremdschämen and the bridal couple the embarrassment. Nobody wants to know that teenage adolescent sins spread out. So think carefully about what you make of the content of the wedding speech.

The wedding speech – dramaturgy

Of course you can start in the past years, in between make a trip to the Pfandfinderlager, let all the common experiences with your children review, but let's face it: If you yourself listen to a wedding speech, when do you find it exciting? Exactly, if she has a dramaturgy.

Here are some tips:

  1. First, think about what exactly you want to say in terms of content. What features of the groom or the bride you want to expose you.
  2. Then look for a story from the youth that could serve as a picture for this property.
  3. Now try to filter out the most exciting elements of the story: what did the person do to solve the problem? Try to build this tension vocally!
  4. Prepare the speech according to a classical pattern, such as: yesterday – today – tomorrow / beginning – middle – conclusion / thesis – antithesis – synthesis.
  5. Build the exciting story in the middle section.
  6. At the end put a conclusion or a reference to the story.
  7. Practice the speech.

If you follow these little tips, nothing can go wrong. And you will remember it years later.

Have fun!

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How to address a doctor correctly!

Contrary to popular belief, the doctor is not part of the name. And how do you correctly address a doctor? Read all about the correct discussion around the "doctor".

The doctor as proof of a self-provided scientific achievement

People receive the "doctor" as proof of their own academic achievement. This expresses the academic degree (similar to the Bachelor or Magister Artium).

The doctor can in the ID card

Unlike other academic degrees (such as the diploma), the doctor can be entered in the card. However, there is no legal claim to addressing this academic degree.

The doctor is not part of the name!

Many still believe that the doctor is part of the name. But that's not true. From a legal point of view, it is just an addition to the name. As early as 1957, the Federal Administrative Court confirmed this (BVerwGE 5,293). The Federal Court has joined in 1962 (BGHZ 38, 380, 382 f.)

Baron and doctor? Use both!

Dr. Max Freiherr von and zu Musterberg: Previously, the nobleman would have waived the nomination of the doctor. The noble title meant more to the civil society. The Freiherr today, who has earned a doctorate with a scientific achievement of his own, is allowed to adorn himself with the doctor in today's rather performance-oriented society. Tell him: Doctor Max Freiherr von and to Musterberg.

Prof. Dr. Doe? The stronger beats the weak!

How do you properly address someone who has earned several academic degrees? The rule is simple: the stronger beats the weak! The gentlemen, who in the program booklet with Prof. Dr. Is announced correctly, either correctly address "Professor Mustermann" or only with "Professor".

Self-presentation: The doctor himself stays with the pure name!

Caution is announced with self-actors! Even if you Dr. Max Musterberg, always introduce yourself with your pure name and refrain from self-presentation to the academic degree. "I am Max Musterberg", testifies to good style.


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Repotting houseplants: step-by-step instructions

You have to repot indoor plants. Whether large or small vessels, cacti or bonsai. How to repot, when to press, what "slushing" means, and why it's important is explained in the step-by-step guide.

Repotting houseplants: That's what you need:

  • Fresh quality potting soil, depending on the plant species.
  • Vessels two to three centimeters larger in diameter than the old ones.
  • A well-cleaned work surface
  • Terrace, balcony or bathtub for "slurrying" the transplanted plants
  • watering Can
  • hand shovel

Repotting houseplants: Step 1

Grasp the plant briefly above the surface of the earth and carefully pull it out of the old container. If necessary, remove roots that grow out of the pot below. Tap the side of the container if the pot does not come loose or tap the container on a work surface.

Repotting houseplants: Step 2:

Hold the plant sideways with the root ball. Tap loose soil and remove brown root parts. Otherwise you do not have to do anything, because the new pot is bigger. He should not be too big, otherwise the roots will not take on the new earth.

Repotting houseplants: Step 3:

Fill the new vessel bottom with soil, push it on the work surface to make the soil settle. Add the plant and fill up with dirt on the side. The plant neck should be about one centimeter below the edge of the vessel. You can roughen the surface of the root ball with the hand rake. Fill up with earth.

Now follows an important operation: Push the vessel several times on the work surface. This closes gaps between the root ball and the new earth. As long as you have not touched, you may also press on. Top up soil.

Repotting houseplants: Step 4:

They are almost done! Place the transplanted houseplant without a planter on a surface that is allowed to get wet – for example in the bathtub. Take the watering can and pour until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. This step is called "sludge" and is important for new and old earth to connect.

Clean pot, place in the planter, bring to its final location – and you're done!

By the way: After slurrying, you must not press any more. The earth would condense and make the plant more susceptible to disease. You do not have to water the newly transplanted houseplant until the surface of the earth has dried.

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Content Marketing – Top 10 Forgotten Content

The biggest challenge in content marketing is the creation of appropriate content. This is where valuable content in the form of forgotten content breaks down in almost every company that can help you improve search results and reach more users. You will be amazed at what awaits you in the top 10 forgotten content of treasures!

It is almost unbelievable: Most companies, especially in the middle class, leave valuable content for the internet unused, it is forgotten content. It can be very easy to network content creation on several levels. Is there something for you in the following examples? Check yourself if your company already presents itself on the Internet and share these tips with the world via Twitter or Facebook!

The connection is explained quickly. Only those who regularly publish relevant content for their target group will be visible on the internet without expensive advertising. The best form of search engine optimization (SEO) is the utilization of existing content on your own website, in the corporate blog or in social media. From my consulting practice, I have cataloged the often overlooked or forgotten content for you. Do you think of more? Then please write us in the expert forum.

10th place: Newsletter

Occasionally, newsletters are sent by post only or by email only. There are often only a few clicks to the parallel publication on the website. Good content management systems even allow the opposite way. New web content can be sent as an email newsletter to subscribers.

9th place: brochures and catalogs

They are complex and expensive and are sometimes used only for trade fairs or in sales. Of course, texts and images from image brochures and product catalogs can also be used online. This is usually obvious. But even 8th place will never make it to the Internet for most companies.

8th place: press releases

Regular public relations work is part of corporate communications. When you publish press releases, they also belong on the internet. Gladly in a section "Press" – but always visible to all!

7th place: company chronicle

Sometimes it lies dusty in the corner and is only dug up again for the next round company anniversary. An old company chronicle, for example, can easily become valuable content on the Internet as part of a project for students or interns. When using photos please pay attention to author and personal rights

6th place: industry news on other websites

Trade associations, journals, universities, even the competition, provide you with valuable content every day that you can report online. As a news feed or as commented links you can use content from other websites for yourself. Do not copy. But tell us what is being discussed in the industry. Why not mention a competitor company? This works confidently on internet users. Stupid often finds this only the own management.

5th place: ads and commercials

Why should your ad only appear in the paid media? Also show on your own website the current advertising campaign in a designated area. Radio or TV spots may be distributed via social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter). Viral advertising can be one way. But why should not it be a "making of" or a video with out-takes from spot production?

4th place: Correspondence

Granted, that's really (still) unusual. The correspondence between project managers as well as the email traffic with customers or suppliers can become a valuable online content. Provided that they have the consent of all concerned and make the effort to collect this content, evaluate and prepare for the website, opens up a veritable treasure of content. More often than in direct correspondence, keywords hardly occur. Why does this content rot on servers and in folders?

3rd place: white paper

Unfortunately, this form is still underestimated in German-speaking countries. Innovative companies that dare to publish results from their own research and development can do a great deal with this. For example, white papers can encourage exchanges with students and academics, and make a company more interesting to professionals. Excerpts from PDF documents

2nd place: case studies and best practice

A little more elaborate are case studies with best practice examples. In collaboration with your customers, you will report on tasks and problem solutions that have been achieved with your help. In addition to publishing on the Internet, case studies can be provided as handouts for trade shows and field staff. Important: It's not about adulation but really exciting case studies that every good company has. Anyone who proactively deals with criticism in this regard will, above all, strengthen the trust of customers.

1st place: operating instructions

They rank # 1 in this list because they often do not (yet) find any use in content marketing: the operating or assembly instructions. Almost every product supplier has them, makes them elaborate and print. Instruction manuals can often be inserted by copy & paste in a designated area of ​​the own internet presence. Even better today are video tutorials, step-by-step instructions that you can publish on YouTube, for example, and include in your own pages. The effort does not have to be big.

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How to get started in the world of casinos

Playing at the machine – knew how!

Many beginners just start playing at the machine at the beginning. The process here is very simple: You press the button of your choice, start the machine and see from the results, if and what amount of money you have won. The exciting thing here: Almost a third of the revenue of casinos are achieved by setting up the machines. This is partly because the fun machines are particularly popular and on the other hand contributes to the so-called house advantage to profit. This is usually around ten percent. This means that on average every tenth game results in a win. Take advantage of this phenomenon by playing long enough but never using too much money. A safe strategy does not exist contrary to all rumors at the machine.

Playing at the table: enjoy tension and fun in moderation

A matching casino near you can be found at the casino comparison. Once you have decided on a location, you can play a round at the tables. The advantage of table games is that it is less about luck than playing at the machine. Instead, there are some solid tricks to avoid losing large sums of money. Set a limit in advance, which you have at most per table available. If the money is gone, change to another table or take a break from play. If you have gambled away all your money after a few changes, you will leave the casino promptly – in this way you avoid high financial risks. In addition, do not let yourself be too much influenced by your teammates at table games. If these challenge each other, do not allow yourself to be infected by a heated atmosphere.

If you keep track of time, you are on the safe side

For a reason, there are no windows and no clocks in a casino. Of course, the operators want to give their guests a nice evening without any time pressure or prying eyes. But this fact has another reason: The guests lose the time out of sight. To counteract the phenomenon, it makes sense that you definitely take a clock for your first visit to the casino. If you are accompanied by someone, this person should wear a wristwatch as well, as this way you can call each other's attention to the time.

Playing Roulette: Tips and Tricks

When roulette you should increasingly put on the outer areas. The columns and dozens in the colors red and black play an important role here. Margins are rather low if you limit yourself to these positions, but help you to win. Especially with roulette, the old rule of thumb applies: several small sums quickly add up to a large sum; a single high profit, on the other hand, disappears very quickly. Also note that the casino itself always has an effective advantage of around five percent. However, compared to other games, this advantage is quite low, so you have a realistic chance of winning more in roulette. If you have a good plus, you should stop anyway.

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Safe for the home – informing well beforehand is important

In recent years, the number of burglaries has increased dramatically. In addition, many people worry about losing their important documents and valuables in the event of a fire. The right solution – a safe for the home.

But before buying a vault, the buyer should find out exactly which safe type and which protection class is the best choice for their individual needs. There are different types of installation and protection classes that must be observed.

Various safe types for every purpose

1. The wall vault

The installation of this safe should always be carried out by a specialist, because with a wall safe special requirements apply for the safe installation with the wall mounting. Thus, with a recommended thickness of 10 cm solid wall all around, the inside depth of the safe with rear wall and door must be considered exactly.

For example: For a wall of 24 cm thickness, the following calculation results:

24 cm wall, minus approx. 6-8 cm door thickness, minus min. 10 cm Concrete for back wall protection results in a remaining inside depth of 7 cm.

With regard to safety, the wall safe only consists of the door, the door frame and a thin-walled metal box. The protection must bring the masonry all around. A fire protection test is not possible with the wall safe,

The walls are almost always too thin, so a wall vault is usually installed under bevels, under stairs or in niches.

2. The furniture safe

Here, the vault is hidden within a piece of furniture attached. The max. Outside depth of the safe is determined by the furniture depth. Therefore, furniture safes are usually built with Verschwind hinges and with no, or hardly protruding fittings. In terms of safety and technical requirements, there are practically no differences to freestanding safes.

3. Freestanding safes

The classic freestanding safe is still high in popularity. Here is the advantage that it can be placed anywhere in the room without assembly, screws and drilling. However, some insurance companies require that they be firmly anchored to the ground.

Which security class for the private household?

With regard to burglary protection, there are different resistance classes, which are also confirmed by means of appropriate test seals. Depending on the insurance value, the insurance companies demand certain resistance classes for burglary protection and also recognize the appropriate seal of approval.

In the private sector, one of the following resistance classes is usually used.

resistance classes statement
S1 EN14450 & S2 En14450 Protect against a quick break-in attempt. (Sufficient for the simple needs of the private user)
Class 0 EN 1143-1 & Class I Professional protection against break-ins that are carried out deliberately and with sufficient time.

In practice, the private person should fall back to the class I EN 1143-1, since he receives a very good protection here and the price difference to class 0 is negligible.

Only in exceptional cases will private individuals be referred to classes II to VI, because insurance companies usually only require these protection classes at values ​​above EUR 65,000.

Buyers can generally orient themselves to these specified and tested protection classes, if they want a realistic assessment of the protective effect, without actually wanting to use insurance in this regard.

Fire protection classes

Many buyers are particularly interested in effective solutions in the field of fire protection. On the one hand, of course, it is about the protection of valuable documents and papers, but also irreplaceable memories, such as photo albums. Recently, even data carriers, such as USB sticks, to be protected from destruction by fire. On the one hand, the direct danger from fire must be taken into account and, on the other, the impairment caused by extinguishing water. But which fire protection safe is the right one or which fire protection class does the private person need?

Here are the fire protection classes LFS 30 and LFS 60 (Ljudges Fyour protection SChrank) for the protection of papers. They provide good protection in light fires. As a rule, the private shopper with LFS 60 should have sufficient fire protection (60 minutes).

The premier class of fire protection testing is EN 1047-1. However, this is used more for commercial needs.

When protecting data carriers, at least the S 60 DIS standard is required.

Important terms:

S = cabinet

P = paper

DIS = floppy disks (data carriers in general)

The number represents the time of the flame.

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Pay attention to these questions during the interview

Behind seemingly innocuous-sounding questions in the job interview often hides more than the candidate first believes. You can read how to react to certain questions correctly in the following article.

In a job interview, the HR manager is concerned with examining your competences, your motivation and your personality. D. H. whether you would fit into the existing team. The questions about your professional competencies are usually of secondary importance during a job interview, as these were generally the prerequisite for inviting you to a conversation based on your application documents. First and foremost, it is therefore about the personnel to check your motivation and your personality in the job interview.

Some apparently innocuous-sounding question is more of a test

In order to check your willingness to perform, stress resistance and your personality, the following questions are particularly gladly chosen by personnel:

  • How do you react to stress?
  • What about your willingness to work overtime?
  • Did you like your last boss?

When answering the first two questions, you should always refrain from general positions, such as: For example, the answer "Stress is not a problem for me." Or "I work the individual tasks according to priority." It is better to give an example of how you have mastered a stress situation in your last or current position.

Whether the answer was satisfactory for your interlocutor, you can easily see whether there are many more questions on the subject or if the HR specialist continues with another question. When using general public, you can assume that the HR specialist is drilling because the answer did not necessarily satisfy him.

Beware of questions that concern your former boss and former colleagues!

At first the question "Did you like your last boss sympathetically?" Seems rather harmless, but you automatically catapult you offside when you start dragging over your former boss ("I do not even know how he got to his post!", "He's an Alki!" Or "He made my life hell!").

Even if you have suffered a great deal from your last boss, this does not concern your potential new employer, because replies such as those mentioned above tend to indicate a lack of loyalty for the HR staff and also a lack of ability to resolve or a tendency to blame others for a circumstance. Any personal information about your former boss – whether it's separation, divorce, love affairs, or any addiction issues – has not lost in a job interview.

This also applies analogously to former colleagues. Even if you have rejected someone from the circle of colleagues for some reason, you should keep quiet about this rather than about possible inadequacies such as external appearance, lack of performance, insecurity, etc. pull. Otherwise, your counterpart quickly asks yourself if you would at some point say "blasphemy" about this employer after you leave the company.

It makes much more sense to answer such questions neutrally, or to use examples from practice to prove that you have worked well with the others.

If you were forced out of the company with unclean methods

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon nowadays, but it's no reason to wash the dirty laundry of the past with a potential new employer. If, of course, untrue statements about you have been made in any way, you have the right at any time to address them as follows: "Before I left the company, some things were said about me that were not true. I wanted to mention this from my own point of view before you hear it from other sources and understandably wonder why I did not mention it to you. "

Hereby you represent the facts reasonably factual, without appearing absurd or blasphemous.

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Plant protection product against aphids: sticks or spray bottle?

Pesticides as a stick: Who has no time and wants to work as clean as possible, chooses chopsticks against aphids and other plant pests. Press out of the pack and put it in the ground and you're done! This just does not sound easy, it's easy and will last for weeks if you follow these tips.

Pesticides that work from the inside

There are different drugs on the market that are so-called systemic agents. Systemically means that the agent is absorbed by the plant and distributed with the plant juice in all shoots and leaves.

Suck an aphid, it absorbs the agent and dies. Thus, the pesticides reach the freshly hatched parasites for days and weeks. Systemic funds may therefore only be applied to indoor plants and potted plants that are not intended for consumption.

(Info on means that Not be taken by the plant, read in aphids fight: soapy water or spray bottle, but please biological!)

Tip: Aphids are extremely adaptable. Change the active ingredient over and over again so that aphids do not become resistant to an agent.

Chopsticks are only fully effective to about 1-1.20 meters plant height

This is especially true for the cold season, when the metabolism of the plant is reduced. Because then it does not transport so much plant juice and thus active substance.

Orchids rarely tolerate chopsticks because they have a different root system. For them, for large plants or outdoor applications, there are the systemic pesticides also for spraying, pouring and as granules.

Sprays for spraying even for sensitive species such as orchids

Gloves on, shake the spray can and go. The spraying AF (ready to use) are also very simple and clean. They reach well the undersides of the leaves, the fine spray film lies completely on the plant and around the animals. It is picked up by the leaf openings and transported further within the plant.

For larger amounts, it pays to purchase pesticides as a concentrate. Plant protection products have no expiration date.

Gießmittel or granules with systemic effect are absorbed through the roots and are therefore like chopsticks only on room and potted plants or in balcony boxes approved. Your advantage: Some pouring or spreading applications are effective against other annoying beetles or the black fly in the pot.

Tip: Ask exactly!

The following applies to all crop protection products: Read the information on the packaging carefully and strictly adhere to the stated dosages and approvals!
"Much helps a lot" does not work with pesticides.

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5 golden rules for your funeral oration

Holding a funeral oration is especially difficult. Because it is presented under extreme mental stress of the audience. Follow the 5 golden rules of a funeral oration and you will be remembered as a high-class speaker.

With your funeral oration you must be able to speak in the most difficult circumstances. As a rule, your listeners are heavily affected by human needs. Therefore, you should follow the formal structure of a good speech and adhere to the 6 golden rules for a funeral oration:

Golden Rule 1: It's about the listener, not the speaker!

Hold back on effects during a funeral oration, even if you're a great speaker and master tricks: The deceased is at the center. Because of him, the audience is present, not because of you.

Golden Rule 2: Be brief!

Hold back with long anecdotes and do not fan out all important life stages of the deceased in your funeral oration. Three anecdotes or events are enough, otherwise you stress the audience with your previous day emotionally too hard.

Golden Rule 3: Choose a sensitive tone!

Speak slowly and very clearly. Especially during a funeral speech many listeners are only partially receptive. Keep a sensitive tone, do not talk too emotionally excited. Avoid excessive joy in looking back and too much mourning when remembering!

Golden Rule 4: Make Comfort!

In your funeral oration, give consolation to all relatives and friends. "Our sadness seems endless at the moment. But our friend would not have wanted that. Life goes on, and whenever we miss him, we will not only think of him in mourning. But rather, all that he gave us in his lifetime. "

Golden Rule 5: Honor the memory of the deceased!

At the end of your eulogy is the promise to keep the memory of the deceased always in honor. For example, as follows: "The strength, courage and unique personality will eternally remind us of a person who has always had the good in mind. Dear mourners, our friend will always be with us! "

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Clothing and shoes in the table tennis

What should I watch out for when playing table tennis? May I play in white? Can I play table tennis with my tennis shoes? Here I give you tips on what you should consider when buying clothing and shoes.

The right clothing in the table tennis

If you play table tennis in your spare time, you can basically play in any clothing. Just make sure the shirt is comfortable and made of a sweat-wicking material. Also pants, shorts or skirts should sit comfortably and have enough freedom of movement.

For participation in competitions, however, clothing is regulated in table tennis. So you have to pay attention to which balls is played. For a white ball, you must not wear white colors, for an orange ball no colors in orange. The reason for this rule is that the contrast to the table tennis ball is missing and the opponent is hampered.

The right table tennis shoes for the recreational player

Basically, as a casual player you can wear all sports shoes, only it should be a light and comfortable shoe. Tennis shoes are not suitable for the sport table tennis at all. The high weight, the stiffness and the thick sole are hindering the fast movements in the table tennis.

My advice: If you buy sports shoes with a black sole, then make sure that the shoe is "non-marking". Non-marking means that the black sole on the sports hall floor leaves no black stripes.

Special shoes for the competition player and club player

Due to the fast long and sideways movements in the table tennis, I advise you to buy table tennis shoes. These shoes have been specially designed for the table tennis sport. They have a non-slip thin sole and have a very good pressure and weight distribution to intercept the movements that are common in table tennis. Priced, these special shoes are between 50 and 110 euros. However, the table tennis shoes are unsuitable for playing in the wild.

My advice: Go to a ping-pong shop. There you will find the appropriate clothing and the special shoe. Try different models and test the shoe in practice. Because in every table tennis shop there is a ping-pong table, where customers are allowed to play as a test. In this way you will quickly find the right clothing and the right shoe.

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