Wedding speech of the bride's father: Use this sample speech

For many fathers it is one of the hardest moments in life: the daughter marries. She leaves and he even has to pay for the party. And then he is also required to give a moving speech. No wonder that often the inspiration is missing! You also have to hold a wedding speech as the bride's father? Then make it easy: be inspired by this sample speech!

Sample speech of a bride's father to the wedding

My dear daughter, my dear wife, dear friends and dear guests!

I'm looking straight into many eyes, which obviously signal me: "What is not he for a happy person in front of the microphone!" Yes, that's how I could feel. My dear daughter entered the marina today. And that changed a lot for me as well. Various waves are smoothed, everything promises to be a little quieter.

We will have to miss a few things now: No more long video evenings of the daughter until early in the morning with lots of giggling girlfriends. The parties in our living room noticeably decrease. An hourly bathroom. Loud curses on bad styling, bad clothes and much more are no longer heard. My car is only dented by myself. No lengthy and often arduous discussions about the injustices of the young life anymore. No more blame if parents react as parents react. Yes, I should be a happy man!

Yes, we are all laughing at it now. But I do not feel like laughing. Because today I have to give you, my dear daughter. We are hanging together. And certainly after 24 years now, which we spent together under one roof.

What can I give you, what can I give you both on the common way for now? Well, I'll take over financially this evening. And a few great tips could possibly be. From one who, after all, has more years of marriage behind you than you are in the world. I'll let that be better. Before I get myself into trouble here …

Well, I have one wish: I wholeheartedly wish you both fulfilling all that you desire for your common future.

Dear Daughter: Your mother and I are firmly convinced that you are on a wonderful path. Give each other support, support yourself, bob down and be honest and open to each other. Always remember that there is the word "relationship work". Be content on simple days, work on your relationship when it's hard. Live happily and let us share your happiness.

Now I could cry, but in the end I'm a happy person. Now let's get together on this couple, this special connection, this wedding, the glass.

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Make braids on the carnival hat

It does not always have to be a complete costume for the carnival party. Not even an elaborate wig. Make it easy: beautify your hat or cap with thick braids. Above all, if no real hair flash out from under the hat, this mini disguise looks funny.

Small disguise, great fun

You are invited to a carnival event and do not want to dress up consuming? Make two thick braids on a hat. With make-up freckles on the nose and colorful clothes you are perfectly equipped for a happy evening.

You need:

  • Hat or cap
  • 1 ball of wool in the desired hair color
  • Gift ribbon for braids
  • Wire and pliers

How to make braids on your hat:

  • Cut the wool threads: per strand 20-30 threads, each thread about 60 cm long.
  • Tweak wire, 2 pieces in length of 65 cm.
  • Lay the braided strands, each braid 3 pieces.
  • Tie the 3 braids together on one side. Make sure that the strands do not get tangled.
  • Braid the braid by placing the outer strand over the middle, alternately from left and right to center.
  • Tie the end of the braid together with a piece of wool.
  • Push a wire through the plaited braid so that the wire is not visible. Wrap the ends of the wire around the tied pigtail waists. Make sure that no wire ends pikt. The stronger the wire, the better you can bend the braids into a desired position.
  • Tie the braids inside the hat. Quite simply, this is also possible with wire. Or you sew the braids in a hat with a tight thread.
  • Tie gift ribbon around the pigtail ends.

More quick cladding tips:

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5 things you should never do in table tennis

Do you wear tennis shoes or do you even play barefoot? Do you cover the ball with the serve or are you backing off on the table tennis table? At the latest, if you join a club and want to play table tennis seriously, there are at least 5 things you should never do in table tennis.

Never play barefoot in the gym

In table tennis it is important to wear the right footwear. Tennis shoes are too stiff and too heavy to move with fast sidesteps and sidejumps. Even playing barefoot is not exactly conducive to table tennis. The risk of bending over and the hard floor of the hall can damage the ankles. Lightweight indoor sports shoes or special table tennis shoes on the feet are a must in such a fast paced sport as table tennis.

Never play outdoor table tennis in sandals

Summer is approaching and so are the many outdoor activities. Even the table tennis player is drawn outside. Whether in your own garden, in the park or in swimming pools, ping pong tables made of stone or other weatherproof material are everywhere, where enthusiastic table tennis players play the ball back and forth. And unfortunately often in sandals. Here, too, lurks the danger of injuring the ankles. Therefore, my advice: Never play outdoor table tennis in sandals. Wear light outdoor sports shoes. This additionally increases the table tennis pleasure outdoors.

Never cover the ball with the serve

The table tennis ball must be visible at the serve for the opponent and the referee. You must not hold the ball in a closed hand nor under the table tennis table. Even the covering of the ball through the upper body is popular with competitive players, but prohibited by the ITTF rules.

Never lean on the table tennis table with your free hand

The ball is difficult to return? Or are you just too slow? So what is easier than to support yourself with your free hand? That works, but is prohibited. Stay in balance during the rallies. Do not lean on, do not move the table and do not touch the net with your free hand.

Do not jump over the borders

Again and again observed and popular is jumping over the borders. This is certainly very athletic, but if you do not jump high enough, you will hang with your foot and fall. In the best case, you get out of this daring action unhurt in the worst case, you have broken a leg, hand or arm.

Another effect when jumping over the borders is the domino effect. The border falls over and tears all other borders. This is on the one hand during a competition or training very disturbing and on the other hand, you could damage the edges permanently. For this reason: Do not jump over the borders.

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Convincingly present with self-made explanatory videos

Providing information to other people is part of the daily business of many employees and self-employed persons in Germany. However, it is not just a question of compiling the contents, but also of designing them in such a way that they are easy to consume. The attention span of the audience is steadily decreasing. Explanatory videos are a sensible solution to make important information compressed and entertaining.

From speech to moving image: attention counts

Those who worked in the workplace about fifty years ago could only use limited resources for better presentation. Most popular was the flipchart invented by John Henry Patterson at the beginning of the 20th century to optimize sales. The flip chart was the first way to make information visible, using drawings and keywords. For then claims that was certainly enough, but the technology industry was not asleep.

In the 1980s, for example, the PowerPoint application came on the market, which offered itself in the coming decades as a modern solution for varied presentations. For the first time it was possible to design a presentation with individual slides, graphics and pictures, where the contents could be transmitted digitally. Even today PowerPoint is still welcome when it comes to good presentations, but should not remain the only tool.

This is because the viewer's attention span has decreased significantly. The fast pace of the World Wide Web, with its endless scrolling features, images and videos, is constantly flooding the brain with new information that is easy to record. Longer than really necessary, an average Internet user does not spend time looking at individual content. reported in this context on a Microsoft study from Canada, in which the attention span with just eight seconds than significantly less than a few years ago. What is needed for successful and effective presentations is a varied design that constantly re-awakens the viewer's attention and maintains his concentration. At this point suggests the hour of – mind you compact – explanatory videos.

What a good explanatory video must be able to do

An explanatory video, provided it is designed with creativity and no frills, summarizes important information in a small space in a user-friendly way. Moving images and graphics allow the viewer to experience a fact from his perspective and to feel well-spoken. For this reason, explanatory videos not only make sense in everyday business life, but also conquer the Internet. The often short retention time, which according to the survey is one of the most important aspects in the evaluation of content marketing campaigns, can be used more effectively.

And yet there are good and bad explanatory videos. Anyone who designs long variants and goes too much into detail loses his audience just as it does with extravagant and uninspiring speeches. Designing an explanatory video is therefore a discipline that requires brevity and conciseness. If you want to make explanatory videos yourself, you should make sure that they do not last longer than three minutes, precisely define your core message in advance and focus on the memorability of images and symbols.

The supreme discipline in creating such videos is storytelling. Presentations of all kinds have to rely on identification if they are to actually reach people. Only those who see their interests in the consideration of the video considered, will watch attentively. And if the most important information is incorporated into a meaningful story, this strengthens the memorability. After all, many people remember very well the best scenes of the last feature film, but forgot the key messages of a long monologue of management at the next coffee break.

The possible uses of explanatory videos

Explaining videos are surprisingly flexible in terms of their usage. A short overview shows the most important fields of application:

Web pages

Implementing explanatory videos on websites awakens the visitor's attention and, in addition to other content such as text, can ensure that even short periods of stay are meaningfully exploited. A potential customer, who has little time left, gets a video with the opportunity to find out briefly and briefly about the key points and then decide whether he wants to know more. If you only offer text on your website, you lose many users who are in a hurry.

Sales presentations

In companies, it is always important to convince customers and business partners on site of a product, service or even a new concept. Of course, personal contact plays an important role in a meeting or a larger gathering, but speeches alone do not reach everyone. Here explanatory videos can facilitate both the entry and the conclusion by either creating an outlook with the most important points, or summarizing the special contents again compactly. As a result, the viewer will feel entertained in a variety of ways and will perceive the presenting company as progressive and committed.

Lectures in the company

Long meetings with the boss, cross-departmental discussions on the current situation and even meetings of the entire workforce are not necessarily among the favorite dates of many workers. The reason is that many of them, in the face of copious monologues and lectures, feel that they have returned to their school days with a frontal lesson and accordingly "switch off" quickly. So why not use explanatory videos to make content more attractive to the workforce? Thus, entrepreneurs ensure that the message arrives at everyone and create a correspondingly optimized starting position for further decisions and projects.

introduction of new employees

There is fluctuation in every business. If new chairs have to be occupied, this usually involves a relatively large amount of resources, because new arrivals must be introduced to the most important work processes and activities. During this time, it is not possible for the person in charge to work on other projects, which can sooner or later cost companies a lot of money. Using explanatory videos when training employees therefore offers many advantages. Employees can look at them independently and even resort to them several times. Tedious explanation of processes and backgrounds by colleagues deleted.

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Wedding Games: I'll stick you one

A wedding game should show how well the bride and groom work together. Guests should have fun and be the best involved. In the wedding game "I stick you one" there is full score for both requirements.

The wedding game: I'm sticking a quiz task for you

"I'm sticking you one" – you are unsure whether on the wedding day powerful arguments should herald the marriage day? Do not worry. Gluing is done in this game. However, with notes. The bridal couple sticks items with adhesive labels on a window pane and lets the guests guess.

You need it for the wedding game

  • 1 table
  • old window pane with frame
  • 2 people holding the window
  • Sticky notes in different colors and shapes
  • Cards with puzzles
  • small prices for guessed terms

Two options

There are two variants of who plays against whom, in this quiz. But only the bride and groom receive prizes:

  1. The bridal couple sticks the items – the guests guess
  2. The bride is sticking – the groom advises or vice versa

This is how the wedding quiz works

  • Set up a table so that as many guests as possible can see what is being played.
  • Two people put the window on the table and hold it during the game.
  • On the table you put a selection of sticky notes, possibly an additional table is necessary for it.
  • Bride, groom or both stand together behind the table. They are shown terms that they are to present with adhesive labels on the window pane.
  • For guessed terms there are prices. If a term is not guessed, the bridal couple has to return a prize.
  • In order for the game not to be lengthy, the game management should help after a while guessing when the puzzle solving stops.

How to find suitable quiz terms

  • Consider which terms can be represented with the sticky note forms.
  • Make a trial run at home to test items.
  • Choose terms related to the newlyweds.

More ideas on how to make a contribution to the wedding party

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So you write recovery wishes to work colleagues properly

When one learns that a work colleague is seriously ill, then many feelings mix with each other. But even if a colleague is not seriously ill and, for example, "only" by a flu is tied to the bed, he is pleased with a few encouraging words from his colleagues. Recovery wishes are not difficult to formulate, given a few points.

Basically, when you send recovery wishes to a coworker, you should consider in which relationship you yourself stand with him. Also, you should think about what you would like to hear in this situation and what not. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate formulations for disease.

So you write recovery wishes

A basic rule is that you always write recovery wishes personally, because only what is personally written, can convey interest and connectedness.

But also here: Caution! Thus, a colleague's wishes for recovery can be formulated warmly, while it sounds exaggerated or even implausible to a supervisor.

Original recovery wishes

Successful recovery wishes strengthen not only the immune system, but also the mutual relationship. For example, one can formulate this form of desire:


"Disease is a luxury that soon only doctors can afford." (Quote by Wolfram Weidner, German journalist)

And this is how it can go on:

Dear Mrs. Schmidt, we do not want to tempt you to renounce luxury and therefore it is important that you get well soon and that you can enjoy the old town on a stroll as a better alternative. The colleagues and I meet the next Friday for dinner in the old town and we would be happy if they accompany us. Get well soon – we look forward to seeing you. Best regards…

Also participate in difficult cases

When one wishes to send a convalescent to a colleague, one signals to him that he is not indifferent to the fact that he / she is ill. Therefore, with a colleague who is close to you, the recovery wishes are self-evident, but what if the colleague is not so close to you? Then this is the opportunity to give the relationship a positive boost.

For example, you can send a colleague or a colleague, with whom you have often quarreled recently, the following lines:

"Dear Mr. Brandl, I have heard of your bad luck on a skiing holiday. I hope that you will not be in too much pain due to the broken leg and being well looked after in the hospital. I wish you not only a good, but also a speedy recovery. "

It is important in such a letter that you never enter into the professional or interpersonal relationship and addresses them offensively. Even a false-looking cordiality seems exaggerated. If you send greetings and wishes, then you create a basis for later eliminating disputes more easily.

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How to Use Garlic in the Garden

Garlic is not only healthy for humans, even in the garden its neighborhood is beneficial for many plants. The onions can be put directly into the bed and as a manure or tea helps the plant and prevents many a hassle.

The garlic is a jack of all trades, even in the garden, and uncomplicated on top of that. Often it is enough to just put your toes in the ground. Where it grows, its heal-making ingredients are spreading.

Antibacterial and fungicidal, garlic helps with vegetables and fruits

Already in former times garlic (Allium sativum) was known as a medicinal plant. At the same time, he was told that he is selling off the evil spirits. Maybe this includes diseases of plants and pests, because in the garden, the onion ensures healthy growth.

As a neighboring plant, garlic promotes health in the vegetable garden and under fruit trees. Especially its antifungal effect is appreciated. Fungal diseases have been shown to occur less frequently in his vicinity. Tucked between cucumbers the onions prevent mildew, under roses and strawberries it prevents gray mold.

Under tomatoes, garlic prevents the brown rot due to its antibacterial effect. Annoying vermin like strawberry calves and mites as well as the carrot fly do not like the strong smell of the plant.

Exceptions confirm the rule and so there are actually plants that do not thrive near garlic. These are all legumes and cabbage, so peas, beans, lupins and the cabbage varieties. There are no garlic or onions in their vicinity.

Strong flowers and fruits by garlic

In the orchard you should put several garlic cloves under the trees on the trees. Peaches are less likely to suffer from peach pear disease, and tree crab and scab disease are less common. Raspberries are backed by garlic, in which it suppresses the raspberry joint disease.

Garlic also deserves a place in the ornamental garden. Just between other bulbous plants, such as tulips and lilies, its antifungal (antifungal) effect is in demand.

If roses are allowed to grow in close association with several garlic plants, they are less likely to suffer from stinging and mildew. The fragrance is avoided by aphids, which also has a positive effect.

Also Phlox is another representative who often suffers from mildew and likes garlic in his area. Spread some onions around the perennial, so that the fungal attack can be prevented.

Now you may not want to spread garlic throughout the garden. As an alternative, chives are also suitable. Grasp your vegetable beds with the popular herb, as this also helps against carrot flies and strawberry mites. Leek has a similar effect and also normal onions. More effective in some places, however, the garlic, which can also be used as manure and tea.

You can read how to make these in the article about garlic and its tea.

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Prepare and lead interviews with applicants –

Maybe you know the following example from your professional practice: A new assistant center is to be filled, but your boss has no time to lead all first conversations themselves. He asks you to do it, but you have never done anything like this before. So how do you proceed?

Prepare candidate interviews

Of course, in the past you have already analyzed applicant documents for your boss, if he wanted to take an interview appointment. So do the same: mark important passages in the cover letter, write down questions that arise when reading the CV, etc.

The focus should be on two points: professional qualification and personality. So think about how best to find out if your qualifications are adequate and if the person fits your personality into your team. You know the tasks of the vacant position as well as your boss and you can judge if this can be suitable.

Possible questions during interviews with candidates

If you are unsure what to ask for, consider the classics first. Remember that you only make a shortlist for your boss. He himself will ask other things, but you will stick to the basics first: personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, description of the work style, idea of ​​the dream job and the boss, etc. Then check that the answers match your job , And rely on your healthy knowledge of human nature.

Representation of the company in interviews with candidates

Always remember to represent your employer when conducting the interview. So be sure to bring, for example, a company brochure for the discussion participants. Also think about your business card for later questions, which only appear after the actual conversation. So every candidate feels well cared for.

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Create a garden in the bottle

Oversized bottles with several liters of content are popular gifts when you go to a party. Most of them have a nice shape and are almost too good to just throw away when empty. How about a garden in the bottle?

Terrarium in bottle form

A bottle garden can be regarded as a noble variant of a terrarium. The nice thing about it is that a small climate forms in the bottle, which remains stable almost without our intervention. So if you have a nice big empty bottle standing around somewhere, you can make it an easy-care eye-catcher. The best are bottles that can hold at least 3 liters of content. They should be made of pure transparent glass. Unfortunately, colored glass is not suitable.


Above all, the bottle should be clean and contain no residues that could mold. So that no crumbs get stuck in the vessel, it must also be really dry. Especially important is the drainage. For this purpose, as the lowest layer about 5 cm coarse pebbles are mixed with sand.

Then there is a maximum of 1 cm thick layer of activated carbon or small shrubby charcoal. This should prevent the formation of algae. If you want to do it perfectly, then put a thin layer of peat on it. It prevents the soil from migrating into the drainage, because it only lets the water through. The conclusion is then 5 to 7 cm of potting soil.

Planting and grooming

For a bottle garden, plants that stay small and tolerate high humidity are suitable. These include various types of ivy, bow hemp, dragon tree and climbing fig. Carefully plant with spoon or fork, which is extended if necessary with appropriate wood. Even a long wire with a halved cork at the end can be very helpful.

If you have soiled the wall when filling or planting, then you can clean it with a homemade oversized cotton swab. Incidentally, casting is only possible if there is no condensation on the glass wall.

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Interviewing: Which type of communication are you?

According to communications psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun, the way we communicate is based on certain psychic axioms. These are basic beliefs that we have internalized and become part of our personality structure. Which communication type are you? Or in other words, which communication style do you use frequently?

Friedemann Schulz von Thun has developed a four-page model (also four-ear model) of news. After that, each statement always has a self-disclosure, relationship and appeal aspect in addition to its subject matter. Based on this, Schulz von Thun has developed eight communication styles. A mentally healthy person uses different communication styles depending on the situation. Only when a style clearly outweighs it can point to a problematic psychic axiom. Take a look for yourself.

1. The needy-dependent style

Typical sentence: "This task is difficult."

Material content: A difficult task.
Self-disclosure: I can not do it alone with my weak powers.
Relationship: You are strong and could help.
Appeal: Please support and protect me.
Psychic Axiom: I am weak and helpless. Alone, I'm no match for life.

2. The helping style

Typical sentence: "It's really not that hard."

Item Content: Not a difficult task.
Self-disclosure: I am strong and resilient and do not need anyone.
Relationship: You poor are really to regret and need help.
Appeal: Tell where the shoe presses.
Psychic axiom: For me it is a disaster to be weak (helpless, sad, desperate) and needy!

3. The selfless style

Typical sentence: "Please let me help you with this difficult task."

Content: I ask you to help you with the task.
Self-disclosure: I am nothing.
Relationship: You are the only one
Appeal: Tell me how you want me.
Psychic axiom: I'm unimportant – I can only be of use to you and others!

4. The aggressive-devaluating style

Typical sentence: "That's very easy. Even idiots can do that. "

Factual content: The task is very easy even for you idiots.
Self-disclosure: I'm on top, no one can tell me what.
Relationship: You are guilty, pathetic, stupid, etc.
Appeal: Give in small. Confess you guilty.
Psychic Axiom: I'm not okay, make everything miserable. Woe, someone notices! Then I will be undermined and despised mercilessly!

5. The proving style

Typical sentence: "I can play this."

Content: The task is very easy for me.
Self-disclosure: I am without fault.
Relationship: You judge me or compete with me.
Appeal: acknowledge me.
Psychic axiom: I am not worthy myself – only to the extent that I am "good" do I deserve love and recognition.

6. The defining-controlling style

Typical sentence: "This task is done as follows:"

Subject matter: The task is done this way and that.
Self-disclosure: I know what's right.
Relationship: You are authoritative. You must become active.
Appeal: You do it this way and that. That does not belong.
Psychic Axiom: I am full of chaotic, sinful, unreasonable impulses – only if I abide by strict rules, I can have myself in the power.

7. The distancing style

Typical sentence: "One can analyze this task as follows:"

Subject matter: The task consists of ….
Self-disclosure: What's going on in me does not matter.
Relationship: You are too emotional or affectionate.
Appeal: Do not come too close.
Psychic Axiom: When I open myself and let someone in touch with me, I am in grave danger: I could become dependent.

8. The communicative-dramatizing style

Typical sentence: "Great God. Yes, I already had such a task. Recently there … "

Factual content: I know such a task.
Self-disclosure: Listen, listen, that's me.
Relationship: You are welcome to me as an (exchangeable) audience.
Appeal: Turn to me and confirm my self-presentation.
Psychic axiom: I am unimportant. How I really feel, nobody cares. Only if I play in the foreground, I will be noticed.

Literature: Friedemann Schulz von Thun: Talking to each other 2. Styles, Values ​​and Personality Development. Differential Psychology of Communication, Reinbek near Hamburg (Rowohlt) 2011, 1st edition 1981.

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