Professional Christmas wishes come true

As Christmas Eve draws nearer, most employees are not the only ones wusnch after a few days off Christmas ever larger. Although professional Christmas wishes are not directly under the Christmas tree, they take a large share of the imaginary wish list. The wishful thinking can drift off in the most different directions.

Achieve new goals through training

Professional Christmas wishes are justified if they are based on real prerequisites. If you work in an open-plan office as an employee and are no longer satisfied with your own position, you should invest your own efforts to improve personal qualifications. This is the only way to change the job situation and climb the career path. The stagnation can not only lead to stagnation, but to the general lack of work over many years.

One possibility is distance learning and continuing education in addition to everyday professional life. Many Fernunis offer further education and advanced qualifications. In addition, you can sniff the first 4 weeks into such a distance learning course and make a first impression. If you are not up to the expectations, you should react during this period, because otherwise you have entered into a binding contract for training time and must comply with the statutory notice periods.

Prerequisite for a distance learning

The requirements for a distance learning program are based on the desired degree. If you want to catch up with a high school diploma next to your job, you should at least have graduated from secondary school. Training as a state-certified interpreter requires a certain language level in the target language. This is proved by an admission test at one of the bases of the remote universities. If you have passed this test, then you can already start.

Most distance learning courses include a few seminar hours. So you have to register for an appointment at a seminar and ensure the visit. These seminars are a prerequisite for subsequent exams.

Claim the costs incurred in the tax return

The cost of continuing education and distance learning must be borne by the trainee as a first step, as this process is voluntary. However, these costs can be stated in the tax return and so asserted. The same applies to the travel and subsistence costs incurred in connection with attending the seminars.

One should, however, be aware that distance learning, which is part-time, is an immense burden. But it should be worthwhile, after school hours to push the school bench, because in retrospect waving promotions or higher positions, which in turn can be noticeable in the quality of work or salary. Professional Christmas wishes can lead to the fulfillment of other needs. For the most part, this depends on one's own energy and professional motivation.

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Familiarize yourself with France's culture

The French are considered to be a very proud people, as evidenced by the persistence of their mother tongue. If you do not have enough French language skills, you should apologize for that right at the beginning. More tips on the culture of France can be found here.

Never start a conversation in French if you can not do it all the time. It is considered extremely rude to start a conversation in French to then continue in another language. I apologize for missing language skills and avoid this rudeness.

The salutation can be your door opener

It belongs to French etiquette that you When greeting, always address your counterpart with a "Madame", "Monsieur" or "Mademoiselle", in conjunction with the name. In "Mademoiselle", some caution has recently been required. Just as in Germany the Miss is no longer used, there are efforts in France's culture to abolish the "Mademoiselle".

If possible, make sure in advance whether your unmarried partner wants to be addressed with "Madame". If your opponent has a title, you should call it. In the context of emancipation efforts, you should avoid helping a woman in the mantle.

Note the French room behavior

While there is a lot of distance in Germany, France is closer together. Even if you do not consciously focus on touching during a conversation, as in Central American countries for example, touches may be possible because you like to stand or sit closer together. You will learn more about the concept of space in the article on cultural dimensions.

Valuable tips on the culture of France

  • If possible, write your business card in German and French.
  • Loose chats before talking about business content are in good shape. The best way to find out in advance about current cultural topics.
  • Domestic political issues of France you should rather avoid.
  • Allow enough time for business lunches (at least two hours).
  • While punctuality is valued, you should be tolerant of tardiness – and this too is appreciated.

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Everything spaghetti? – Recipe for spaghetti donuts

Do you love donuts and you love spaghetti? Then you should definitely boil this delicacy! The spaghetti donuts are made from savory ingredients such as pasta, eggs and cheese – just as the Italians make their typical pasta omelette. You can, of course, refine your donuts with sauce of your choice.

Recipe for spaghetti donuts

For about 6-8 donuts you need the following ingredients:

  • 250 g (dry weight) spaghetti
  • 100 g of finished or homemade bolognese sauce, carbonara or garlic sauce
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 g of grated Parmesan

How to do it:

The preparation is very simple. First, the spaghetti are cooked. Here are tips on how to properly cook your pasta.

The cooked spaghetti is then either wrapped in sauce Bolognese, carbonara or creamy garlic sauce, mixed with grated Parmesan and whipped eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper and then fried in a greased donut mold for about 20-25 minutes at 200 ° C.

Delicious and unusual is the result!

Article on "Pasta Dishes & Tasty Italian Cuisine":

For questions I am at your disposal as organic chef, experienced nutrition coach and culinary travel expert!

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So you can effectively conduct reviews

The annual closing interview is established in many companies and provides a great way for employees to see where they are in the company. However, it is not just a chance to look back on the year in a self-reflective way, but also the opportunity to have a little bit of criticism. However, the criticism of the leaders within the company is a delicate matter that can be taken wrong. Therefore, you should pay attention to different things, if you want to lead a review.

If you want to attach criticism during the annual financial statements, you should prepare well in advance for this. So it is very important to be able to formulate precisely which things disturb one and also mediate it in such a way that it understands the other person. In addition, you should always stay factual and quiet. Anyone who becomes emotional or loud in order to clarify his point in this way will usually meet with little response.

It is also important to keep in mind that many people are open to criticism and want to improve. Therefore, they are most likely to respond to opinions in a review, if they are presented factually and well-founded.

Furthermore, the positive sides must not be forgotten. When you combine your critical utterances with positive points and praise, you increase the chances of being heard. This shows that you pay attention to many different aspects of the work of the other person and not just to complain about it.

Ultimately, it is still important, if you want to effectively lead a review, that you do not attack the other person. Therefore, a review at the end of the year is such a good option, since both sides are in principle prepared for critical comments. It is also helpful if you give your counterparts enough time to think about the things they are talking about. This allows him to come up with solutions that can then be further developed together.

Hand out but can also plug in

An important part of a successful review is the fact that you yourself must also be able to accept criticism. Whoever only distributes and criticizes others, but rejects any opinion, will not succeed. One's own behavior towards criticism is an important factor. Therefore, it strongly discourages switching to defense mode and justifying itself when criticizing behavior or performance.

Nor is it advisable to take all the blame directly. Smarter it is here, just to stay factual and possibly ask.

A review only works if both sides are open. If you divest yourself, then the chances are considerably reduced that you will be heard. In addition, one should react as well as possible, as one wishes from his counterpart. Ideally, you ask for some time and then offer your own solutions.

Do not wait too long

Although the year-end review is the perfect opportunity to voice your opinion, it's not always helpful to wait until then. Especially if a behavior is very frustrating, it should rather be looked for ways to address the problem. It is important, however, that you remain as objective and polite as possible.

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Shopping in an Italian market

The most quaint and interesting sights in Italy undoubtedly include the markets, signs and examples of the diverse folklore that make up the country. You can spend several hours without noticing that time goes by so fast! Which vocabulary you should know for a market purchase, learn here.

A market in a southern country – like Italy – is a bubbling burst of color and temperament! Did you know that Torino (Turin) the biggest mercato misto (mixed market) i. part coperto (covered) partly scoperto (under the open sky) market of Europe has? He's called Porta Palazzo It is located on the site of one of the old Roman city gates. And that mercato della Vucciria in Palermo derives its name from a Sicilian word: Vuccirìathat in the local dialect means confusion, confusion? This is how most of the markets in Italy look like. And that Ballarò is also a typical Sicilian market?

Every market consists of bancarelle (Stands) and differs, depending on the merci offer (offered goods) between:

  • mercato alimentare (Food market), in turn, a mercato del pesce (Fish market) or a mercato ortofrutticolo (Fruit and vegetable market) or a mercato dei formaggi (Cheese market) or else delle carni (Meat market) can be
  • mercato dell'abbigliamento (Clothing market), in turn, a mercato di biancheria intima (Underwear market) or one mercato dell'abbigliamento esterno (Outerwear market)
  • mercato dei fiori (Flower market)
  • mercato di casalinghi (Domestic appliance market)

In agricultural areas also done mercati del bestiame (Livestock markets) where professionals buy and sell live animals, e.g. buoi, mucche, tori, cavalli, asini, pollame, conigli, pecore, capre (Oxen, cows, bulls, horses, donkeys, poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats …).

Go to an Italian market

Do you want to stroll around an Italian market and buy something? Let us guide you. The first thing that strikes a German – and more generally a Central / Northern European visitor – are the shouts and cries through which the venditori e venditrici (Salespeople and sellers) Try to fetch merchants. The quiet and quiet northern peoples are not used to it! But that also belongs to the folklore of the country. You will be u.a. can hear the following:

  • venite, madamineee! Oggi abbiamo bellissima verduraaaa fruttaaaa a prezzi bassissimiiii! Approfittateneeee !! Come, ladies! Today we have very nice vegetables and fruits at very low prices! Profit from it!
  • il pesce miglioreeee, freschissimooo, appena pescatooo! Coraggiooo, non ve lo perdeteeeee. Solo da meee! = the best fish, very fresh, just fished! Well, he must not miss you. Only with me!
  • forza, venite! I pantaloni più belli, le camicie più eleganti, i prezzi più favorevoli. Avanti, avanti !! = (so, come! The most beautiful pants, the most elegant shirts, the best prices! Come, come!)
  • Le mele della miglior qualitààà! Ciliegie fresche appena raccolte dalle nostre piante! Non perdete l'occasione! = Best quality apples! Fresh cherries just picked from our trees! Do not miss this business!
  • oggi regaliamo la merce (Today we give the goods – but of course NOT to believe!)

Of course, it is best to carefully monitor money, documents, and other valuables (for example, leave nothing in your back pockets): scippatori (Pickpockets), etc. Unfortunately, there has always been everywhere. Also, beware of those who il gioco delle tre carte (the three-card game): You could literally be spotted!

A visit to the market is certainly not just a shopping opportunity: it is also an opportunity to get to know previously unknown or little-known aspects of a people's culture and way of life!

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Why everyone needs a hobby

When you think back to your childhood, you can think of things that you enjoy working with. Perhaps you have preserved one or the other passion to this day, and you may have lost those jobs over time. What's stopping you from doing your hobby again today?

Would not it be wonderful to deal with something that gives you pleasure? A hobby is more than a simple pastime. Whatever you do, it promotes your health in many ways. The regular activity that you pursue outside your job or retirement age trains certain skills, keeps your brain busy, provides satisfaction and relaxation. Sporting hobbies support the musculoskeletal system, quiet work with the hand are more of a meditative nature.

A hobby keeps you healthy

If you have not found a hobby for yourself yet, it's worthwhile thinking hard about which activities you might enjoy. A hobby means distracting yourself from a hard-working job, making it easier for you to transition from working life to retirement age, boosting your self-esteem, opening your soul and making new contacts when you're interested in like-minded people.

For sports hobbies, additionally looking for an alternative

If you are already indulging in a hobby that requires a lot of physical energy, think about one or two other activities that you can perform when exercise is no longer possible due to old age or a chronic condition. In an emergency, you will have a selection of hobbies that will distract you if health is ever limited.

A hobby for the home

Pick at least one hobby you can do whatever the weather and season, or combine it with a second job that you can use in the house. Are you z. For example, if you're a passionate gardener, you could take pictures of your most beautiful plants and edit pictures on the computer in inclement weather. You can also find exchange forums for rare flower seeds, contact with other home gardeners or photographers who exhibit their paintings in galleries via the internet.

How to find a hobby

No idea for a hobby? Sit down and think about what kind of activity you would enjoy. Do not be put off by the fact that you may not feel physically capable of doing any activity. First, it is important to find basic interests. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Should the hobby be related to physical activity?

Second Are you interested in nature?

Third Are you more likely to have technical fiddles?

4th Do you enjoy working with material to shape it? If yes, which? (Paper, metal, wood, clay, glass, etc.)

5th Do you prefer to relax while working with colors?

6th Do you have a special view of your surroundings? (Photography)

7th Do you want to deal with music? (Singing, playing the instrument, listening)

8th. Do you like to cook special dishes or invent new creations?

9th Do you enjoy playing games like memory, puzzles or computer games?

10th Or are you a handmade fan who likes to knit, crochet, sew, felt, dye, weave or weave?

Use internet and catalogs around hobby ideas

The examples listed are just a few basic directions that can certainly be complemented. If you've found one or more areas of interest, try connecting them to topics that you might enjoy. You can also use the Google search on the Internet and enter z. For example: "Hobby with paper".

As a result, you will receive quite a few suggestions as well as catalogs with products and production ideas. Request a catalog or view it online and get inspired by the types of hobbies you want. Often you can find techniques that you did not know until then.

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Moderate meetings well –

If a moderator is missing, meetings often take place like this: no one concentrates on the topic, participants produce and talk in confusion, and finally everyone dissects without results. If you are to moderate a work session, meeting, or workshop, you are free from content-related tasks.

Moderate meeting in 7 phases

As a moderator, you specify the course of the session. You can follow the guidelines below:

1st opening
2. warm up and get to know each other; Clarify mission, expectations and goals
3. Collect and structure information
4. create plans; Formulate tasks
5. award work assignments
6. Merging the results
7. Create action plan

Lead with questions through the meeting

Targeted questions allow you, as a moderator, to steer the meeting participants to their destination. Ask very specific questions. Ask for the personal opinions of each participant and be guided by questions from the group. use "Open questions" with the question words "who, how, what, what," to open the discussion. use "closed questions"which you answer with "yes" or "no", only if you want to find something or agree.

In the map query all participants receive cards on which they write down their ideas. The moderator collects the cards and sorts them on the pin board – this is how theme groups are created. You should use this method for targeted information gathering.

The advantage here is that all participants are required the same and can respond relatively uninfluenced. The 1-point question is suitable for asking a trend: On a scale, the participants should mark with a glue dot where their consent lies. With the 3-point question, you can determine where the group focuses on tasks. The participants will receive 3 glue dots and set priorities.

Results of the meeting:

At the end of the session, you evaluate the work process with the participants. Compare the goals with the results achieved and the expectations with the content and personal results.

Your role in the meeting:

Compare the course with your planning after the meeting: What went well, what did not? Write down what you could do better next time. Finally, send a log to everyone involved.

Basic rules for the moderator:

  • Always be neutral towards all participants
  • Ask questions instead of say
  • Do not rate, do not comment

Convince with arguments

Whether in a negotiation with customers, in a meeting with the boss or in conversation with your employees: Who wants to convince others of his point of view and strategy, needs good arguments. 5 steps to find the right arguments:

1. Determine your goals before the actual meeting

Only if you know at the beginning of the meeting what you want to achieve in the end, you can consistently strive for these goals. The more accurately you define your goals in advance, the more likely your success will be.

Also, be aware of a ranking of your goals so that you know in advance exactly where you could compromise and where you need to stick to your goal. Define negative goals too: what should not happen?

2. Find arguments for the meeting

First write down all the arguments that come to mind. In specific cases you can also ask other colleagues. Do not evaluate the arguments first.

3. Systemize

The next step is to arrange the arguments. Group similar ones and distinguish between main and secondary arguments.

4. Sort out

Less is more. Disconnect from arguments that are less convincing, easily refuted and a starting point for a counter-argumentation
could be.

5. Weigh

When weighting your arguments, two criteria are at the center:

  • How convincing is the argument on a factual level?
  • Which arguments are in accordance with the interests of the interlocutor?

Remember, you can best persuade someone by highlighting the benefits of the solution to him.

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First steps in a French restaurant

You would like to visit a French restaurant? Then you will find in this article first linguistic foundations to communicate and some hints to avoid typical faux pas.

The right place

Have you previously reserved a table in a name for each restaurant? Then you can tell the waiter at the entrance:

Good day good evening. I reserved a table for two persons in the name of Müller. Bonjour / Bonsoir. J'ai réservé une table pour deux personnes au nom de Müller.

You will be escorted to your table. If you have not reserved a table, then do not look for a place yourself, but wait at the entrance and tell the waiter for how many people you need space

A table for two / four people please. Une table pour deux / quatre personnes s'il vous plaît.

Are you non-smoker?

In France, there is a general ban on smoking in public areas, including restaurants and cafés. If there are separate rooms, you will probably be asked for your preference.

Smoker or non-smoker? Fumeur ou non-fumeur?
I am a smoker / non-smoker. Je suis fumeur / non-fumeur.

The order in French

To make it easier for you to look at the menu order, here are the most important basic terms. Note that in French restaurants, you will get a decanter of tap water if you order a plain water. If you prefer sparkling water, express this expressly.

The menu please. La carte, s'il vous plaît.
Did you choose? Vous avez choisi?
I take / We take … Je prends / Nous prenons …
… a calm water. … de l'eau plat.
… a sparkling water. … de l'eau gazeuse.

For dessert it is customary in France to order different cheeses, from which one then cuts off with a cheese knife attached pieces. As a courtesy, this cheese platter is never completely eaten.

The appetizer L'apéritif
The appetizer L'entrée
The main dish Le plat principal
Dessert Le dessert
The cheese Le fromage
Example sentence:

As an appetizer, I take the soup.

The prends la soupe comme entrée.

Payment and tip in French restaurants

In France, it is unusual to divide the bill at the end of the evening among the individual guests. However, you can politely ask the waiter to roughly calculate the amount (for example, four or two).

The Bill please. L'addition s'il vous plaît.
Could you divide the bill by two? Pourriez-vous diviser l'addition par deux?
Many Thanks. Goodbye. Merci beaucoup. AU Revoir.

Tipping (usually 10%) is not included in the final amount in France. It is not customary to give the operator a rounded sum and tip directly when paying the bill. You just leave it on the table afterwards or throw it in a designated container next to the cash register.

It is also common in smaller cafes to leave the money for a coffee on the billed Tellerchen and leave the café easy.

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So you can make wrapping paper with children yourself

While for us adults, the pre-Christmas season goes by way too fast, it usually takes the children far too long to reach Christmas day. When the weather is bad outside, parents have to come up with something if they do not want the kids to sit in front of the TV all the time. How about the design of wrapping paper? Here are some tips for making your own wrapping paper with your children.

At Christmas time, tons of wrapping paper are needed, which usually land unnoticed in the garbage. Maybe it gets a bit more attention if it was designed by yourself. At the same time, the children are given a nice job that they can spend a lot of time with. All you need is a roll of solid drawing paper and watercolors, pens or other painting utensils.

Of course the children can also use plain wrapping paper. But that should not be waxed, if possible, because it can then paint badly with colors from the ink fountain.

If you make your own wrapping paper, then a large table or the floor is suitable as a work surface. If this is a little more sensitive, then you should protect it with a large foil, if the little ones work with water colors and the like. Of course they will have the most fun with finger paints. However, this also gives the biggest "piggy." Something less inconvenient is painting with water or poster paint.

If you do not like to paint, you can also create and design your wrapping paper yourself with stamps. To do this, an adult cuts a handy potato in half and, at the resulting interface, snaps off the edge so much that a star, moon or just a circle in the middle remains. Done is the stamp.

If you want to avoid the danger that you have to subject the children's workplace afterwards to a large-scale cleaning operation, then you provide them with crayons, crayons or felt-tip pens. They will definitely be busy working for a while.

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How to steer the staff discussion in your sense!

The annual staff discussion is a must. But in the discussion usually all participants have difficulties. With the right tips for conducting a conversation, you can steer the discussion in your favor.

Tip 1 for the personal interview: Ask!

If you want to know more, to go into greater detail, you need to ask. But beware in the staff interview before intrusive queries. Who cornered his counterpart, is vulnerable.

Tip 2 for the personal interview: Let statements repeat!

If your interlocutor makes an important and decisive statement, ask him to repeat it. Then the content comes across clearly again and you gain time for your further argumentation.

Tip 3 for the personal talk: Avoid the entry into the privacy!

Again and again, personal interviews are unattractive, because the privacy of the other is the focus. Stop at this point and point out that the conversation should be objective and come back to the topic.

Tip 4 for the personal interview: contradiction with style!

"You have not the slightest idea! Avoid such killer phrases and contradict them with "Yes, but …"! So you show that you want to take your conversation partner seriously and do not want to hurt personally.

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