The homeopathic remedy Chamomilla

Chamomilla (Real Chamomile)

Kingdom: plant

plant family : Compositae (Asteraceae)

miasma: typhus

Keywords for Chamomilla:

Extreme irritability, aversion to touch or being addressed, hypersensitivity to pain, distress through pain, neuralgia, teething problems, gastrointestinal discomfort

Common Indications of Chamomilla:

Discomfort during teething with cramps and diarrhea, shock conditions after an accident, despair, screaming and severe pain, inflamed, very sensitive wounds, stomach pain and vomiting by excitement

Tags to Chamomilla:

Moodiness, out of pain, dissatisfied, refuses things he had previously asked for, impatience, everything goes too slowly, dwells on old annoyances, sudden and violent complaints.


Excessive irritability, hypersensitivity to pain and external influences, tantrums with back stretch, kicking, hitting, kicking, children are only quiet when worn, one cheek red, the other pale, dislike to be addressed or touched. Diarrhea due to anger, numbing pain.

Trigger of complaints at Chamomilla:

Anger, cold, wind, teeth, coffee, cramps in children from breastfeeding after a rage from the mother, shock after an accident,

Modalities of Chamomilla:

Improvement of symptoms by: be worn, sustained movement, head tilting back, fasting, humid weather, cold air.
Worsening of symptoms by: Anger, at night, warm bed, by coldness, wind, movement of the affected part of the body, touch, beginning and during the period, employment, after sleep, smoking;

Food cravings from Chamomilla:

Crave: cold drinks, cold dishes, bread, vegetables, acid coffee, sauerkraut
Antipathy against: Beer, beer smell, coffee, hot and hot drinks, soup, meat
Intolerance: Coffee, beer smell, milk, sweets, hot, rhubarb, raw food.

General symptoms: hot face, inclination to fainting, convulsions strong perspiration, fatigue from the pain, strong thirst.

Mental Picture of Chamomilla:

Annoying, irritable, moody, he throws away the things he had previously demanded, sensitive to external impressions like music, smells. Dissatisfied with what others do and say is wrong. Indifference, indifferent to pleasure. Slightly offended and offended, does not want to be addressed.

Dosage: Chamomilla

Acute complaints:

3-5 globules three times a day in potencies D6 or D12
Once a globules Chamomilla C30
Once a Globuli Chamomilla C200

Annotation: If the mental symptoms are very pronounced, C potencies such as the C30 or the C200 are indicated. If the symptoms are less and only available on the physical level, the D-potencies of Chamomilla are sufficient. Here then 3-5 globules should be administered several times daily.

For one homeopathic constitutional treatment it is necessary to seek treatment from a homoeopathic homeopath.

Other well-known daisy family are: Arnica montana, Calendula, Bellis perennis, Cina, Eupatorium, Taraxacum, Abrotanum, Echinaceae.

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Fluorital genitalis (outflow) with Schüßlersalzen well treatable

In the life of a woman, it often happens that she is suffering from vaginal discharge. There are various causes for this. There is also a good naturopathic treatment method here with the biochemical mineral salts according to Dr. med. med. W. H. Schuessler.

The exact medical definition of vaginal discharge or genitalis shows an increased, often bloodless secretion from the female genitalia, ie from the vagina (vagina). Approximately 30% of women are affected by this symptom of outflow. This can include estrogen deficiency, frequent washing with soaps or lack of intimate hygiene, the use of intimate spray. However, even unprotected intercourse with an infected person as well as recurrent inflammation and unfortunately also carcinomas of the cervix or uterus can be the cause here.

This may be due to ovariectomy (surgical removal of the ovaries), antibiotic therapy that changes the vaginal environment, or immunodeficiency. By changing the vaginal milieu, the acidic pH can not be maintained and for this reason bacteria, viruses and fungi can very easily settle in this environment.

Furthermore, a metabolic disorder such as diabetes mellitus, a tampon not taken from the vagina or stress and mental stress can of course cause an outflow. He may also appear during puberty or pregnancy (pregnancy) or after.

To treat just this symptom, the biochemical mineral salts according to Dr. med. med. W. H. Schüßler are well used.

Treatment with Schüßlersalzen

In the case of leucorrhoea (outflow), the following Schüßler salts can be used in addition to conventional medical treatment:

  • Ferrum phosphoricum No. 3 D12: inhibits inflammation and strengthens the immune system. 2 tablets in the morning, 2 tablets at noon and 2 tablets in the evening.
  • Potassium chlorate No. 4 D6: strengthens the mucous membrane and builds it up again. 2 tablets in the morning, 2 tablets at noon and 2 tablets in the evening.
  • Potassium sulphuricum no. 6 D6: Transmission of oxygen for the mucous membrane, use also in chronic mucosal inflammations, detoxification of the mucosal cells. 3 tablets in the morning, 3 tablets at noon and 3 tablets in the evening.
  • Sodium chloratum No. 8 D6: works against burning and in case of watery discharge, mucous cells can regenerate faster. 2 tablets in the morning, 2 tablets at noon and 2 tablets in the evening.
  • Sodium phosphoricum No. 9 D6: Anti-inflammatory and acid regulation, metabolism-stimulating. 3 tablets in the morning, 3 tablets at noon and 5 tablets in the evening.
  • Sodium sulfuricum No. 10 D 6: Elimination of the toxins via the urinary tract. 2 tablets in the morning, 2 tablets at noon and 2 tablets in the evening.
  • Potassium arsenicosum No. 13 D12: Regenerates the skin and helps with any weaknesses
  • Zincum chloratum # 21 D12: Very helpful in supporting the immune system

The biochemical mineral salts listed above can be prepared in your "Schüßlersalz pharmacy" as a vaginal suppository. However, you can also use the Schüßlersalze listed above with 5 – 7 tablets each containing about 750 ml dissolved in warm water regularly
Perform vaginal irrigation.

In addition, the above should
listed biochemical mineral salts also orally, ie as a tablet
be sucked. Allows you to redo the healing effect

Treatment with the "Hot Seven"

These biochemical mineral salts by Dr. med. med. Schuessler can all be taken together as so-called "hot sieves". For this all o.g. Mineral salts in the respective quantity dissolved in a glass with hot water by means of a wooden or plastic spoon. With slow swallowing this mineral salt drink should be drunk. This drink should be taken for at least 6 to 8 weeks.

If young women or girls get the corresponding discharge at puberty, then the number 11 Silicea with 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening can be added to the Schüßler salts listed above.

Other measures, such as the rehabilitation of the intestine and the vaginal flora, as well as sitz baths and the corresponding diet, I'll tell you in other health tips.

The pharmacies also hold so-called suppositories with lactic acid bacteria, the so-called Döderleinbakterien available. These can be introduced in the mornings and evenings after an outflow has passed.

However, before starting a self-treatment with the biochemical mineral salts, you should have a pelvic gynecological examination performed by your gynecologist. Here, the exact cause can be diagnosed and treated accordingly allopathic (conventional medical). Adjuvant (accompanying) you can at any time with the biochemical mineral salts therapy, the conventional medical treatment (if necessary) to actively support.

Note: Health topics are for informational purposes only. You can not and must not replace professional medical advice in any way. For damages of any kind due to independent self-diagnosis and self-treatment based on the published articles neither nor its author can be made directly or indirectly responsible. All published contributions also contain the opinion of the respective author and do not reflect the opinion of assumes no liability for the corresponding external contributions. For external contributions, only the respective authors are responsible.

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Secret danger Skin cancer – the most common type of cancer often remains undetected for a long time

Skin cancer – not only since the ozone hole, the importance of this form of cancer has increased enormously. In fact, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world today. The trend continues to increase, and often enough, a disease ends fatally because therapy is not initiated fast enough. Major cancer screening is an important component of general health care from the age of 35.

Almost 300,000 people in Germany get new skin cancers every year. This is a very high number, which stirs up concerns and makes corresponding precautionary concepts all the more necessary. Since 2008, legally insured persons are entitled to a skin cancer screening every two years. It is an early detection test that can save lives.

UV radiation is vital and dangerous at the same time

The skin as well as the eye is daily exposed to a certain level of UV radiation. Although only 9 percent of the solar, so the sun's rays, made of UV light, but it is still mainly responsible for the changes in the skin. Basically, UV radiation is even vital for humans, because only with the help of this radiation can the body itself produce vitamin D. He needs this, among other things, for the strength of the bones. The skin also has a natural sunscreen with melanin. This allows the body to handle as much UV radiation on the skin as it needs to produce enough vitamin D without any problems. However, the skin can no longer protect itself against intense sunlight.

Changes to the genetic material lead to skin cancer

UV rays can penetrate amazingly deep into the skin. There they lead to damage to the genetic material (DNA). Heavily damaged cells die. This can be seen for example after a sunburn because the skin peels off, whereby a layer of dead skin cells is removed. The DNA in less damaged or deeper cells is repaired by the body, but not always completely succeed. If something goes wrong during the repair process, "degenerate" cells are created that no longer fulfill their function in the tissue. They are the precursor to the cancer cell that can, but does not have to, develop from a degenerate cell.

Skin cancer is not the same as skin cancer – various types are known

There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. These skin cancer variants differ in their dangerousness as well as in their appearance and in their frequency. Most common in Germany is the basal cell carcinoma. About half of all skin cancer patients develop this type of cancer. Second is squamous cell carcinoma. Both diseases are strongly age-related and occur mainly in patients aged 60 years and upwards. Only about one-tenth of all new cases are attributable to malignant melanoma or black skin cancer. It is also increasingly affecting younger people and is the most malignant form of skin cancer because it often leads to the formation of metastases.

As with all cancers, the same applies to skin cancer: the earlier it is discovered, the better the chance of recovery. For some types of skin cancer, it is worth removing the degenerated cells early to prevent the development of cancer.

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Osteoarthritis – that's the painful joint disease

Are you suffering from osteoarthritis? Would you like to know in which phases the disease progresses? Do you have joint pain and do not know if you have arthritis? Then you should read my article and learn more about the disease process of osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis does not develop overnight

The development of osteoarthritis is a long process that can last for many years. Therefore, it is also possible with rapid action to stop the disease. But for this it is necessary that you know the individual phases and signs of osteoarthritis and can visit a therapist in time.

The pre-stage of osteoarthritis usually proceeds without discomfort

Osteoarthritis often starts with articular cartilage injuries. This causes the articular cartilage to lose more and more of its elasticity. The consequence of this is that the cartilage can no longer adequately cushion the loads, it loses its "shock absorber function". Cartilage tissue becomes thinner and cartilage cells die. The surface of the cartilage tissue changes, it becomes fibrous and rough.

You will hardly feel any of these changes in your cartilage, because your cartilages have no nerve fibers, so no pain is transmitted to your brain.

At stage 1 of osteoarthritis, the first pain occurs

Do your joints hurt when you use them for a long time? Do you have fatigue pain after moving your joints for a long time? Maybe you feel pain when you come back from a rest period in the movement phase?

Stress pain, fatigue pain and tensing pain are the typical signs of stage 1 arthrosis. To prevent the pain, those affected try to protect the joints. They take a wrong attitude and result in painful muscle tension.

If you now act quickly and see a therapist, the progression of osteoarthritis can still be stopped!

In stage 2 of osteoarthritis the pain is stronger

Do you have joint pain as soon as you move? Then your osteoarthritis is already advanced. The pain can come from the musculature, but mainly because the friction-chipped cartilage particles have caused a painful inflammation.

The inflammation releases enzymes that can destroy the articular cartilage. Increased joint fluid is now formed in the joint inner skin. It comes to joint effusion, which is accompanied by severe pain and swelling of the joint. Now you have an activated osteoarthritis formed.

In stage 3 of osteoarthritis the pain can be unbearable

Do your joints hurt, even when you are not moving? Then you are probably in stage 3 of your osteoarthritis, in which it already comes in phases of rest to pain. Do you have strong movement restrictions on the affected joints? The reason for this is the lack of articular cartilage.

Your body now reacts with a countermeasure: In order to be able to withstand the stresses in any way, your body builds new bone mass. However, this produces bulging spurs or spikes and the joint surface no longer has its original shape, but is wider.

Now your joint bones will not fit together properly and your joints will run heavy and become irritated. The result of this is more and more severe pain that you want to prevent by preventing it. This can stunt your muscles and completely stiffen your joints.

Do not let it get that far. Find a therapist in time!

For more help with osteoarthritis, see the article Osteoarthritis – causes and symptoms of joint disease.

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Rhus toxicodendron in diseases of the locomotor system in the dog

This remedy with the hard-to-remember name of poisonous salmon has a particularly favorable effect on the locomotor system and can help the dog with inflammation of the joints, tendons and ligaments, rheumatism, dislocations and strains or hip complaints. Where often only painkillers help, Rhus Toxicodendron may help to reduce them.

Rhus toxicodendron is a homeopathic remedy that has a wide range

The remedy acts specifically on muscles, tissues, mucous membranes, nerves, the skin and also on the central nervous system. It is used especially frequently in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, since it also offers a wide range here.

It heals painful inflammation in the dog, which show up at the joints, tendons or ligaments. Likewise, it helps the dog to walk around with his back arched and strained or strained. The symptoms usually improve after exercise, that is, the dog recovers slowly. However, if the dog is overloaded, the old symptom picture can reappear. It can also be helpful with dachshunds, ie with herniated discs and when the dog gets up stiff in the morning, because he has problems with the hip joints.

In which cases does Rhus Toxicodendron help?

In addition to the symptoms listed above, it can also be used for eczema with blisters, bladder infections, in which the pain in the back, in diarrhea after wetness and cough, which sets in after midnight and continues until the morning.

The most common general symptoms that lead to the selection of Rhus toxicodendron in dogs, in addition to those already described by muscles, tendons and ligaments, and those of the tendon sheaths. Here Rhus Toxicodendron works well because it promotes blood circulation.

Special mention should be made of the effect of spondylosis, in which the remedy can be used to great effect. If the remedy is indicated, it often shows dry mucous membranes and a lot of thirst, as well as restlessness. Aggravation occurs in wet and cold and in the rest at night.

Improvement is seen in movement, which worsens when the movement lasts too long and during heat applications.

Rhus toxicodendron is administered to the dog in the D30, 1 x daily, 5 globulis until symptoms improve.

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Getting to know the periodic table – means of the third stage

The homeopathic remedies of the third stage of the periodic table are boron, aluminum, scandium, yttrium, and lanthanum. They are given when there are problems getting ahead. Read here which characteristic problems point to a homeopathic remedy of the third stage.

The classification of the periodic table and the effect on homeopathic remedies: The periodic table is generally divided into series and stages. While the ranks from a homeopathic point of view provide information about the area in which the problems of a person occur, the individual stages refer to the development step, which brings with it difficulties. In the third stage are the homeopathic remedies boron, aluminum, scandium, yttrium and lanthanum. While boron is in the second row of the periodic table and is given by a related person in issues of separateness, aluminum touches on identity issues.

The third stage in the periodic table and the homeopathic remedies

While boron experiences a great deal of insecurity about being separated, people who need aluminum as a homeopathic remedy are very uncertain about what they want and who they are. Owning one's own identity is fraught with so much uncertainty that under certain circumstances you may not be able to specify exactly what you like and what you do not like. For people who need Scandium, the uncertainty and the search is more related to the professional field. Yttrium is given when a creative person has too many ideas at the same time and can not really do any of them. If there is a great deal of uncertainty about one's own autonomy, and this is characterized by a strong search for a leader, the homeopathic remedy Lanthanum is often indicated.

The search for strength

The common theme of the resources of the third stage of the periodic table is the search. A first try, a check and move on are characteristic of the third stage means. People who need a remedy from this stage are often very fickle. They have many ideas, but they can rarely favor and pursue an idea. Often they depend on the advice of others to decide at all.

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Treating diabetes mellitus homeopathically –

Diabetes mellitus can be treated well with homeopathic remedies if there is still some insulin production. The indicated homeopathic constitutional remedy can relieve concomitant symptoms and stimulate insulin production. Read here which homeopathic remedies are given especially often in diabetes mellitus and when which remedy is indicated.

The homeopathic remedy Lycopodium clavatum is used particularly frequently in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The extraordinary craving for sugar and sweets, combined with aversion to exertion and the general susceptibility of the gastrointestinal tract, are directly linked to the homeopathic remedy Lycopodium clavatum. Typically, heavy flatulence occurs after eating sweets. On the psychic level, we find dictatorial behavior towards family and friends, while the authorities are more likely to take a submissive position.

Treat diabetes mellitus with Sulfur

The homeopathic remedy Sulfur is used when, in addition to the strong craving for sweets, a strong heat of the body is present. Sulfur people are always too warm. They do not want to have their feet covered at night or struggle free in their sleep. Sulfur personalities are also prone to dominant behavior. They love to lead a group and to realize their unusual ideas. They too have a certain hand to note for convenience. Mostly they have a lot more ideas than they can implement. They are born philosophers, like to override rules and go out of their way.

Treat diabetes mellitus with Argentum nitricum

The homeopathic remedy Argentum nitiricum is also commonly indicated in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The strong desire for sweetness also causes discomfort in Argentum nitricum humans. In addition to flatulence, stomach cramps and diarrhea may occur after eating sweets. The psychological situation of an Argentum nitricum man is characterized by the feeling of tightness. They are getting too hot and too tight. So they feel better when they are in the fresh air. In confined spaces and even in narrow streets, they feel strongly constricted. So it may be that they panic there.


Diabetes mellitus can be treated well with the respective homeopathic constitutional remedy. Depending on which other symptoms accompany and how the psychological situation of the person affected, different homeopathic remedies are eligible. The homeopathic remedies Lycopodium clavatum, Sulfur and Argentum nitricum for diabetes mellitus are most frequently used. The indicated constitutional agent can stimulate the insulin product and relieve concomitant symptoms.

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Homeopathy in pregnancy: Nux vomica helps with vomiting

Do you suffer from choking and nausea during your pregnancy and nothing seems to really help? Then it is a good time to start with a homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy brings your system back into balance, giving you and your growing child a big favor. Nux vomica can help you with that.

In which cases does Nux vomica work in case of pregnancy?

Nux vomica are the seeds of a mighty tree. So people are well rooted and strong. The dilemma: they are too much. The everyday stress of modern life weighs heavily on them, they are overwrought. So they react to comparatively small stimuli from the outside overflowing. They do not tolerate anything more, based on the food and otherwise.

Nux vomica symptoms in pregnancy

We can see that Nux vomica patients are frosty. The first infections of winter also respond well to Nux vomica in these patients, especially when triggered by cold. Drafts are poison for them and not infrequently they have a lumbago during pregnancy.

Even a stiff neck and neck are classics, whereby warmth, sleep and rest generally improve. Nux vomica patients should get out of the daytime operation. The remedy helps to normalize the overreaching stimuli. So the food becomes tolerable again.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

Although Nux vomica is one of the most common single-agent prescribed, it should not be taken in pregnancy, especially without prior consultation with a specialist. It's the stressed-out people who are impatient and want to do everything quickly that calls for Nux vomica.

Everything is irritated, the stomach, the intestines, the senses. They love to stimulate themselves with alcohol and tolerate it very badly. The nausea arises from the tension field in which they are located. This is where homeopathy comes in handy.

Read the following articles about homeopathy in pregnancy

For more information about the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica and its uses, visit:

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Common disease Heartburn: help for all those affected

Many people know the unpleasant sour eructation and burning sensation that comes along when they have eaten too fat or too fast. Stress, alcohol or obesity can also cause heartburn. Nowadays, heartburn is one of the most common complaints – every 2nd German from the age of 40 suffers from heartburn now and then. If you belong to this group, you can do a few things to get rid of the annoying burning.

Diet: These foods are taboo in heartburn

  1. If you suffer from heartburn, you should avoid animal fats, acids, wine and sweets – especially at bedtime.
  2. Avoid eating chocolate, sweets, biscuits and biscuits, fresh bread and cakes, coffee, cocoa, black tea
  3. Even very fatty, strong and spicy foods stimulate the production of stomach acid and should be enjoyed only moderately. Enjoy them in moderation.
  4. Even with the beverage selection you can do a lot: Drink only little alcohol, no sweet juices, sodas or drinks with lots of carbon dioxide. Prefer mineral water with less carbon dioxide and stomach-friendly herbal teas.

Heartburn: What else can you do

Especially many overweight suffer from heartburn. Try to reduce obesity if necessary. Always avoid garments that are too tight on the stomach.

If you prefer to eat smaller meals, if your stomach becomes overloaded, heartburn will set in faster.

Also very important for those who suffer from heartburn: Forget about late meals and do not drink anything right before you go to bed, so that your stomach has nothing left to do when you lie down.
Doctors recommend that your heartburn patients sleep with their upper torso so stomach acid does not spill into the esophagus.

Before going to bed, take a short walk in the fresh air or take a bath with a contemplative herbal mixture.

Stress also promotes heartburn. If you are under stress, help yourself with relaxation exercises.

Test if you can help with so-called antacids that are available in the pharmacy. They bind or neutralize the stomach acid. There are different products on the market – for example Gelusilac, Talcid or Maaloxan – which helps you, you have to test, because the effect is individually different.

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Men's health in focus: 5 important points for healthy blood pressure

Healthy and fit into old age – who wants to do that, must pay much attention: healthy diet, no injuries, sports, no smoking or drinking, enough vitamins, nutrients and minerals, health checkups and much, much more. While most women like to deal with such issues, this is annoying for men. With the following five points you can do the most important thing for a long, healthy life.

5 things to consider

It has to be simple – and easy to implement. Health care for men has to be easy. This succeeds with the following measures:

  • Do not smoke: saves money, time and toxins in the body
  • Enough sleep: between 6 and 8 hours of sleep, depending on the age – best with respect to the biorhythm
  • Annual health checkup: Make appointments early, for example, always in the week for the birthday or another fixed date
  • Stay active: best outside, at least twice a week to move extensively
  • Healthy eating: With the motto "5 a day", so five handfuls of fruits and vegetables, the perfect basis is laid

In small steps to a healthier life

More is always possible, but those who do too much are more likely to fail. If one integrates these points as well as possible into the everyday life, one has laid the basis for a healthy, fit body, which remains efficient until old age.

No one is perfect – not even when it comes to health care. Important are the little things in everyday life, which can be implemented easily and without effort. With the five points, much is done for heart health and blood pressure.

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