These six disease pictures can be treated with sepia

Sepia are animals, which are on the one hand in the Mediterranean. But also to be found in the Atlantic and the North Sea. Despite a different skeleton you belong to the world of the ten-armed squid.

In addition to the use as a dyestuff, the use as a means in the homoeopathic range offers itself

. 1 The main effect of Sepia

The mean sepia works mainly with women. Therefore, the main effect is on the pelvis and the abdomen. The remedy is used especially for complaints after a miscarriage or during the climacteric period. Symptoms such as circulatory problems, menstrual problems or severe vaginal discharge can also be treated with the drug.

During the menstrual complaints occurring accompanying symptoms such as sensitivity or sadness are reduced. The homeopathic remedy also exerts a calming influence during the period of menstruation. In connection with the treatment an improvement occurs in employment or movement.

2. Stress

Nowadays the demands on people are getting higher, which makes many people react with the feeling of overburdening and exhaustion. Emotionally, they react distantly, which can be improved with the treatment by this homeopathic remedy. Even in the treatment of depression and indifference, sepia has proven its worth. If women are more masculine, the remedy also proves to be appropriate.

3. Depressive pronounced upsets

The intermittent years, which are partly associated with moods, represent a demanding time for some women. This can be the case already because of the feeling of a standstill. Sometimes, in addition, there may be an equality with the desire to be alone. If, then, consolation comes from the outside, it can lead to a deterioration of the mood and also to irritability.

4. Hair Loss

One of the most unpleasant diseases is the loss of the hair. One of the causes in a hormone change that occurs during the menopause. For a change of the hormones occurs also after a pregnancy, so the appearance of the hair suffers. Inevitably, the soul also suffers, which can be limited by taking sepia.


In this case it can also be eczema with a rather dry appearance. They may have a patch-shaped marking. Treatment with sepia is also possible in the presence of neurodermatitis and pelvic diseases. In addition, the treatment of psoriasis is possible. In this case, the formation of blisters can occur in the elbow as well as in the joint bends.

6. Lippenherpes

A very unpleasant feeling arises when bubbles develop, which burn and ache. After eating fish, the symptoms are more frequent. But women also feel the symptoms that are in the menopause. As a rule there is a connection with the occurrence of heat waves and a certain whiminess. This usually increases in intensity after midnight.

This can be caused by cold effects and efforts. In addition to the treatment by sepia is an improvement by a lot of movement in the open air as well as with heat to reach.

Notes on the intake

Regarding the dosage depends the intake of Sepia in the potencies D6 or D12 of the strength of the complaints. However, the dose should only be continued until the respective symptoms have subsided. For a good healing process, however, it is recommended to seek advice on the professional side.

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Rotbusch tea comes from South Africa and is considered a special drink with an extremely health promoting effect.

It contains many healthy substances and has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation, cramping and detoxifying. It is also known as Roiboos tea (Afrikaans: roi = rot, boos = bush) and originates in pregnancy from South Africa. It is considered a national drink and is already drunk by young children. The red bush is a plant that has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years and already the natural peoples of the African steppe used this plant for diseases.

For the tea, the branches of the red bush are harvested and fermented. It has no caffeine and no tannins and in return for other teas does not provide for dehydration or insomnia. It contains a lot of minerals and nutrients, and thus has a beneficial effect on the body

The following substances contain a cup of red bush tea:

  • 99 different essential oils
  • 7.12 mg Potassium
  • 6.16 mg sodium
  • 1.67 mg magnesium
  • 1.09 mg calcium
  • 0.22 mg fluorine
  • 0.07 mg of iron
  • 0.07 mg of copper
  • 0.04 mg of manganese
  • 0.04 mg of zinc

Thus becomes of the Rotbuschtee prepared and drunk

Due to these numerous good ingredients the Rotbuschtee is a good companion to every meal. To prepare a red-billed tea, a heaped teaspoonful per cup is poured over with boiling water. After 5 minutes, all the active ingredients have passed into the water and the tea can be drunk.

Since the tea contains hardly any tannins, it is not bitter if you let it go longer. It can be drunk both warm and cold and can also be brewed several times.

Rotbuschtee has a very diverse, health-promoting effect and is suitable for everyone, since he does not have any Tanning agents. Pregnant women, toddlers or people with hypertension can also drink the red buses well.

It contains flavonoids, which have a relaxing and cramping effect on the intestinal musculature. Both colic in small children as well as a stomach mood affects the red bosom positive.

In addition, the flavonoids act against the aging process of the skin and the body and also the risk of cancer are supposed to reduce them. For athletes, the tea is well suited because it is isotonic and replenishes the salts and minerals lost in the body during the sport.

Other special features of the Redbuschtees

It also has an antibacterial effect and can be used for gargling in the oral cavity. It helps against gum infections, aphthae and prevents caries due to a high flour content.

It affects the happiness hormone serotonin and is therefore often prescribed as an herbal agent for mood swings, sleep disturbances, headaches and also depressions. Since the tea has such a high iron content, it can be drunk in blood poverty and has a supporting effect.

Rotbuschtee in der Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the tea promotes the formation of mother's milk and supplies the baby the blood during pregnancy with all necessary substances. The vitamin C content of the tea is both positive for the mother as well as for the unborn child

Read more about Rotbuschtee in this article

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How to remove your earwax in your child

To remove earwax in children is not so easy as you have to be careful not to push it deeper into the ear. Ear drops or a soft washcloth can help clean the ear. If it can not be done on your own, a doctor should be consulted.

Earwax is basically nothing bad – on the contrary. It is a useful mechanism of the body to keep dust, dirt and other small particles out of the ear. It acts against bacteria and fungi and protects the eardrum from damage.

However, accumulating too much earwax can clog the ear. This is especially dangerous for babies and toddlers, since they do not yet have the consciousness or the motor ability to clean their own ears

What are the consequences of too much earwax

Too much Earwax can usually be seen simply with a glance in the ear of the baby. Brownish or yellowish deposits can be recognized immediately, especially if it is so much that it is problematic. The consequences of too much earwax are unpleasant for your baby. It hears badly, has an unpleasant feeling in the ear and it can lead to earaches and ear noises.

Since babies and toddlers are not always able to articulate their complaints clearly, they often cry easily and for parents then begins the search for the cause. Also, a fever, inflammation of the ears or problems during sleep can be the result of plugged ears

Cotton swabs are taboo!

A look in the ear gives information and in the determination of too much earwax that should as soon as possible. To remove earwax, parents should take a few tips to heart. For example, it is very important not to remove the earwax itself with your fingers or cotton swabs.

The probability that the deposits are pushed deeper into the ear and trigger infections is great, which is why only certain methods are used should be. For example, worried parents can buy certain ear drops in the pharmacy, which dissolve the earwax from the ear.

Use the ear drops

For this, your baby should be placed on the side and the drops from above into the affected ear. After a few minutes, the drops have penetrated into the ear and begin to dissolve the earwax. Your baby will then be able to pick you up or sit down, and then you should keep a cloth to catch the droplets.

Over time, the earwax is reduced, but the drops should be applied at least three times a day. If there is still no improvement after three days, a visit to the pediatrician is recommended, which may be referred to an ENT physician.

If the ear lard can not be removed:

To accompany the removal of the earwax by drops, the outer auricle can be carefully cleaned with a soft washcloth and warm water. It is very important that a tissue is not inserted deeper into the ear than the baby 's fingertips. You should also consult a physician in case of doubt, since in case of wrong treatment the complaints only become worse ]]

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4 Tips for your child to sleep better

Sleep is important for all people, but especially for children. Can your child sleep badly or wake up at night? Why is healthy sleep necessary for your child? How can you help your child to get better sleep?

Children have, as well as adults, different sleeping needs

Babies sleep daily up to about 18 hours. The older the toddlers become, the less sleep they need. Already kindergarten children need only about 12 to 13 hours sleep and children in the lower school classes come out with 10 to 12 hours sleep. Young people need only a maximum of 9 hours' sleep. However, it depends not only on the length of the sleep, but also on the quality. If a child's sleep is restless, or is interrupted by certain factors, the child can not be interrupted.

Sleep deficit can lead to severe impairment of your child

If your child gets too little sleep , physical and psychological problems can occur. If you notice the following symptoms in your child, you should pay particular attention to whether your child gets enough sleep:

  • Unconcentricity
  • Fatigue in the morning or even in the day
  • [(19459008)

    the child is over-turned

    the child is over-twisted


    sleeping dreams

    Studies have shown that sufficient sleep has a positive effect on our brain. Slept people – whether they are adults or children – have worked the night before.

    Not all children need the same amount of sleep

    Among all the people there are the so-called larches -Types – these are the day-active humans and the owl-types, so one designates the Nachaktaktiven children and adults. Usually, this does not change in the course of a lifetime.

    Therefore it can be that your child can not fall asleep in the evening, because it belongs to the owl types.

    If your child gets up easily in the morning, his or her school performance is right, and if there is no signs of fatigue during the day, you do not need any

    Ensure a balanced sleep and wake rhythm of your child

    Children need fixed rituals and sleeping times. Accustom your child to a regular daily routine. Set up a "sleeping plan" together with your child. Your child should go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time in the morning. Thus, the child's body and mind get used to a regular course and are prepared for it.

    4 Tips for your child to sleep better

    • Children need exercise, so should your child during the day, so that it is tired in the evening.
    • Your child should not be sitting on the computer two hours before sleeping, or long conversations with the mobile phone. Phones should not be switched on in the children's room, the blue display can prevent enough melatonin – that is the sleep hormone – is formed.
    • Provide a pleasant climate in the bedroom of your child. If possible, the children's room should not be heated at night.
    • Let the evenings end with your child in peace, which promotes your sleep and the sleep of your child


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The homeopathic remedy Cantharis –

World famous as a potent remedy is the Spanish fly. In homeopathy, however, Cantharis vesicatoria is used in other areas. These include inflammation of various types, such as the bladder, throat or skin.


The Spanish fly is not really a fly, but it is actually not a fly to a beetle. Its spread extends beyond Spain to southern Europe and many other countries around the Mediterranean. The oil beetle forms a malnourishing secretion, which can cause severe discomfort during ingestion. The Spanish fly has a long tradition as a remedy and poison. Today, it is only used illegally as a potent remedy and as a valuable remedy in homeopathy.

Potencies and dosage forms

Cantharis uses a wide range of potencies. The low and medium potencies of D6 and D12 to C6 and C12 are most frequently used. Rarely, experienced homeopaths also use very low potencies such as D4 or high potencies such as C30 or C200.

Potencies below and up to and including D3 are prescription due to their toxicity prescription

Cantharis is with is a special feature of the cantharide patch: it is used mainly in cases of bladder and fluid, and is supposed to detoxify and relieve pain.

Diseases and influencing factors

The blisters and the kidneys as well as the Skin are typical fields of activity of Cantharis. The following symptoms are therefore treated with the means:

  • inflammation of the mucous membrane
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane
  • The extreme irritation of the urinary system and of the organs of sex is also reflected in the appearance. Thus, many patients suffer from a disturbed urine and sexual function as well as an increased excitability. Watering is often difficult and only possible dropwise.

    Areas of application

    The skin and the mucous membranes in and around the body are the most important fields of application for Cantharis. In most cases, the Spanish fly is used as an anti-infective agent:

    • : Viral infection with severe blistering and extreme itching, felt like burns, cold soothes the skin

      : after scalding or burning with blistering and severe pain

    • Bubble formation after intense sun exposure with burning sensation : Painful, intense pain, swallowing severely restricted : painful, intense pain, swallowing severely restricted : painful pain in the urine,

    The Cantharis patients are often restless and easily excitable. They avoid all forms of contact, because they do not do well. Walking and standing usually worsen the condition of the patient.

    Dosage and use

    Used as an acute agent, cantharis can be administered at a short distance of only about 15 minutes. Five globules are administered per dose. If initial results of the treatment are shown, the dosage can be reduced to a dose every 4 to 6 hours. From the second or third day of treatment is reduced to a three-time dose per day.

    Pregnancy, lactation and baby

    Many pregnant women regularly have problems with bladder infections. The treatment with Cantharis is indicated for the typical symptoms such as severe burning and problems with watering. In a potency of D6 or D12, the agent can be used during the entire pregnancy and lactation.

    Babies and toddlers should be given cantharis in the treatment of chickenpox. The agent is also very suitable for insect bites or other blister-forming skin infections with a strong itching.

    A noticeable first aggravation occurs quite often at Cantharis. It is important that in the self-medication only the potencies D6 and D12 are used and other potencies of the application remain reserved by experienced homoeopaths.

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    5 typical flu symptoms and what can help against it

    The flu is triggered by the influenza virus. The virus spreads via the droplet infection or by a direct contact. In contrast to a flu infection (cold), influenza releases several symptoms at the same time and has a more severe course of disease. Here you can find out what can help you against 5 typical flu symptoms.

    Every year, the flu again and many people consider whether they should be vaccinated. The decision is, of course, left to everyone. However, as the virus is highly adaptive, vaccination against influenza must be repeated year after year.

    Sometimes, however, all the help comes too late and influenza is ill. Read the following article about what you can do about 5 typical flu symptoms.

    1. Fever is often one of the first flu symptoms

    In the beginning stage, the influenza is often confused with a strong cold. This is because the symptoms are very similar at the beginning. In the event of a flu, the body temperature can rise relatively quickly. As a rule, your body temperature rises to at least 39 degrees. If the temperature is particularly high, the temperature can rise to 41 degrees. In order to reduce fever, heat-dissipating measures, such as, for example, wind-winders and sufficient liquid supply help. In addition, you can lower the fever through the drug antipyretics.


    Shivering occurs in combination with the fever. In detail it is a feeling of coldness and this is accompanied by a violent muscle tingling. Your body temperature continues to rise as a result of trembling. Against chills, many home remedies help, such as warming teas, cold calf wraps and hot baths. It is also helpful if you are warm with many blankets and take a sweat. Homoeopathic remedies for the treatment are also suitable for the use of school medicine preparations

    3. Headaches as a Typical Flu Symptom

    A typical flu symptom are headaches. If you have a headache, you should sleep enough and spend a lot of time in the fresh air. If it is already cold outside, pack up very well and protect your head and neck. Good home remedies for example are black coffee with lemon, ginger and peppermint. The latter are applied to your forehead and your temples. Of course acetylsalicylic acid and other medicines also help against the headaches.

    4. Earache

    Earache also frequently occurs as a symptom in a flu. The medicines available for sale, such as, for example, throat pain tablets and lozenge tablets, are helpful. These can be obtained without a prescription in every pharmacy. One of the best home remedies for sore throat is the gurgling with salt water. This is an anesthetic and relieves the pain quite quickly. If the salt water does not tell you, then you can also gargle with salbeitee.


    If you have limbs in your arms and legs, then you can relieve them by cold winds. Drugs such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and acetylsalicylic acid can also be used for particularly severe pain.

    General information about the treatment of the flu

    If you are suffering from a flu, then you should not underestimate this. You have to spare your body and your body. If you do not, then the flu symptoms become even stronger. Therefore, avoid any physical activity such as sports activities and household work.

    The most suitable is a hot tea in the varieties chamomile, lime blossom and peppermint. This will help you relieve several symptoms of the flu. In case of an influenza infection you should refrain from black tea, coffee and of course alcohol ]

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    The homeopathic remedy Aesculus –

    Hardly a tree is so well-known and so popular among young and old as the horse-chestnut – Aesculus hippocastanum. From the peeled seeds, that is, the chestnuts, a homeopathic medicine is made which is used against varicose veins, hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal complaints and back pain ] The horse-chestnut with its rather exceptionally shaped, large leaves, the conspicuous flower-throats in the spring and the prickly fruits with the brown seed probably knows every child. The soap tree is spread throughout Europe and parts of Asia. Up to 30 meters high and over 300 years old can be a horse-chestnut.

    The horse chestnut traditionally used as a medicinal plant for centuries has been used homeopathically in low potencies. For the oral and external application almost everything is used from the mother tincture to D12. D30 is also used in long-term applications.

    Aesculus, the horse chestnut, acts on the movement apparatus, the digestive tract, and above all the veins, in a variety of ways:

    Rheumatic disorders in the back

  • Inflammation in the throat and throat
  • Inflammation in the throat and throat on the throat

    A pronounced inertia is typical for Aesculus patients. They feel heavy and overcrowded. Frequently pain in the lower back and in the hip impair their mobility. Also the digestion is sluggish, so that it frequently comes to blockages. Patients often suffer from dark, painful hemorrhoids.

    Areas of application

    In the horse chestnut the number of fields of application is quite clear. However, the remedy plays an important role as an acute or long-term treatment:

      Venous diseases and weakness : "severe legs", inflammatory, painful veins, varicose veins, high tendency to thrombosis [(19459001):Feelingofdryheatattherectumpain

      : Feeling of dry heat at the rectum, pain and strong pressure, emptying painful and voluminous

    The tired and sluggish-feeling Aesculus patients usually search for themselves by rest. Lying and relaxing do them well, while long standing or movement tend to have a negative impact. Heat can also lead to deterioration. It is better to provide the patient with cooling relief and bring him to the fresh air.

    Dosage and use

    Although Aesculus is not necessarily one of the most important acute drugs, it can be used in an acute case. Five globuli of potency D6 can then be administered up to five times a day. If the symptoms decline, the dose should be reduced to two to three doses per day.

    The higher potency D30 is also a good alternative for long-term therapy or for prophylaxis. It must be taken only once a day.

    Also available in Aesculus and highly recommended are the external applications of the mother tincture, for example in the form of ointments. For example, in the case of varicose veins, they can be applied once or twice daily to the affected areas.

    Pregnancy, lactation and baby

    During pregnancy, many women have to struggle with heavy, swollen legs. Hemorrhoids and varicose veins also occur particularly frequently, because the connective tissue becomes softer at birth. Vein weakness, the formation of varicose veins, or even thromboses, can be prevented by a gift from Aesculus. The horse chestnut can also help with back pain in the lower back in the area of ​​the sacrum or the lumbar spine

    Babies and toddlers are given Aesculus to relieve digestive disorders.

    Side effects and precautions

    Basically, Aesculus is a very well-tolerated homeopathic remedy. It can also be used well during pregnancy.

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    How to treat sleep problems homeopathically

    Many people suffer from sleep problems. Often they are before they go to bed dead tired. But as soon as they lie in the bed and the light is off, they just do not sleep. (19459003)

    The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album is used when those affected are very anxious at night and can not fall asleep. They may be frightened by burglars and search the apartment, if someone does not have a secret.

    They can also suffer from a strong line of thought at the same time. Fears for close relatives, whether they are doing well or whether they may have an undetected dangerous disease, employ people who need the Arsenicum album frequently. At the same time, they can also be very suspicious of their relatives.

    The homeopathic remedy Carcinosin is used when people can not sleep because they are afraid, during the day one To make mistakes. Carcinogenic people are very perfectionist and adapted. They try to make it right for all human beings and to meet the demands placed on them without exception and particularly well.

    The stress they experience in this way is manifested in falling asleep. Often they lie awake for hours and go through the daily events again and again.

    The homoeopathic remedy Bryonia alba is used when those who are affected report that they do not know how to treat sleep problems and are worried about financial matters. Frequently, it is very materialistic people who leave little space for feelings in their lives.

    Their sense of security is based on the accumulation of material goods. If there are uncertainties, this often leads directly to the problems of intercourse and dyspnoea.

    The homoeopathic agent magnesium carbonicum is used when the affected persons have grown up in a deficiency situation and therefore can not sleep. Frequently the childhood situation was burdensome. Due to neglect by the primary reference person, no stable self-esteem could develop.

    There are several homeopathic remedies that can be used in sleep problems. Depending on what prevents them from falling asleep and the affected persons are busy, if they can not sleep, another means will be helpful. The homeopathic remedies Arsenicum album, Carcinosin, Bryonia alba and Magnesium carbonicum are particularly frequently used in cases of falling asleep.

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    How to keep athlete's foot homeopathic

    Athlete's foot is a pilinfection of the skin on the feet. It occurs mostly in the toes of the toes and is usually caused by dermatophytes. People with foot deficiencies, older people and people who show a defensive weakness more frequently at athlete's foot than others.

    Treat the foot fungus with Meddhorinum or Thuja: The two sykotic meds Meddhorinum and Thuja occidentalis are particularly common for the treatment of athlete's foot.

    Sykotic preload dissolving

    They are usually used to dissolve a sykotic pre-load. It is only after cleansing the sykotic miasm that the actual constitutional agent is reused. Frequently there is already evidence of a sykotic burden in the family history.

    A too much energy, diseases with a very violent but benign course and gonorrhea in family history also point to a sykotic miasm.

    Athlete's foot with the homeopathic remedy Sodium sulfuricum

    Sodium sulfuricum is indicated, if in principle no damp damp will bear. Hamsters may alternate with respiratory disease. The discomfort is aggravated by rain and after bathing.

    The homoeopathic remedy Silicea is also used in athlete's foot. The skin between the toes can be very dry and reddened. Affected persons perspire strongly at the feet even if they are otherwise cold in the body. The sweat is cold and sticky. Warmth and enveloping of the head alleviates the discomfort.

    Homeopathy provides some means which can be helpful in athlete's foot. In addition to the commonly-used remedies such as Meddhorinum, Thuja occidentalis, Sodium Sulfuricum, and Silicea, Lycopodium, Natrum muriaticum, Sepia officinialis, Acidum nitricum, and Syphillinum are also used

    StefanieB. / 1945.

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    Foot gymnastics can help with fersensporn

    Painful heel spur? I will introduce you to simple exercises that you can carry out yourself at home. Through the gymnastics the muscles are stretched and the feet relaxed.

    A heel spur usually results from one-sided or incorrect loading of one or both feet. Typically, heel pain occurs.

    These exercises strengthen the muscles and relax the feet

    • Imagine with the front foot on a stair step and then let the heel sink down. Stay so for a few seconds and then raise the heel again. Perform this exercise alternately with both feet several times.
    • Create a so-called hedgehog ball. This is a rubber ball filled with knobs. You can buy it in the pharmacy or in the medical shop. Place the ball on the floor and let the soles roll over the hedgehog. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can. There are also special foot massagers with which you can allow both feet to slide simultaneously over rollers.
    • Try to pick up a pen or towel with your toes from the floor. Repeat the exercise several times.
    • Sit down with flat legs. Fold a towel along the roll. Take the ends of the towel in both hands and place the other end around the foot. Now build a tension by pulling the towel toward the body. Keep the tension as long as it is comfortable. Repeat the exercise a few times. Who is mobile, can do without the towel as an aid. Grasp your toes with your fingers or your whole hand and pull your toes towards the body.
    • Find a free spot on the wall and face your face to the wall. Now support yourself with both hands at the top of the wall. Set the right leg one step backwards. The heel remains on the ground. You will feel a gentle pull in the calf and foot. Hold this position for some breaths, then perform the exercise with your left foot.
    • The exercises should be performed daily over a longer period of time, so that the effect can be clearly felt

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