Salt is not the same salt: You should know that

Salt is an integral part of everyday life and few people really care about the white matter. The fact that there are quite different varieties whose use can vary is known to very few. The very nature of how the salt is obtained may differ considerably.

Salts can be obtained from different sources. In general, a distinction is made between two basic options. For one, there is rock salt. This is mined from salt mines where, as the name implies, it is present as a stony form. Rock salt is widely used in the world and accounts for around 70 percent of global production.

Most of the remaining amount is extracted from sea salt. For production, seawater is channeled into shallow pools in coastal regions. After it has evaporated there, the sea salt crystallizes out on the ground and can be broken down.

While rock salt and sea salt make up the largest part of global production, cooking salt and evaporated salt are only produced in comparatively small quantities. Common salt is an industrially produced variant which is not suitable for consumption. The recovery of evaporated salt is carried out by Bohrloungeolung.

Salt types and their use

In addition to the different categories by which salt can be divided by its extraction, one differentiates in addition to different varieties. The typical table salt is probably the best known variant. It is used in virtually every household and used for the refinement of the food. The preparation takes place both from stone and from sea salt, where it consists primarily of sodium chloride.

A special form of rock salt is the Himalayasalz, whose mining takes place in the salt mine Khewra about 200 kilometers southwest of the Himalayas. The Himalayasalz attributed to various healing effects, whereby the comparatively high price is justified. It should contain 84 chemical elements and thus supply the body with many required substances.

However, recent research has shown that these statements are not true. In an investigation of the Bavarian State Office only ten elements could be found in salt. This is hardly different from traditional table salts and does not justify the high price.

The most expensive salt in the world

If you are looking for a truly exceptional salt, you should take a look at the Fleur de Sel. Translated, the name Salzblume means, which refers to its origin. The Fleur de Sel occurs only on hot and windless days directly on the sea surface. The gossamer layer appears like the blossoming of a flower and is skimmed off by hand with a shovel.

The elaborate work and the comparatively heavy conditions make the Fleur de Sel the most expensive sea salt in the world. The price, however, results mainly from the type of production. Similar to the Himalaya salt, the Fleur de Sel hardly differs qualitatively from the table salt.

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OP with benign prostate enlargement – the classic "planing"

An operative reduction of the internal prostate gland becomes necessary, if the affected man can not leave water (urine retention or overflow bladder), if high residual urine with the danger of kidney damage exists, if frequent urinary tract infections and bleeding occur or bladder stones exist.

If the drug therapy is no longer sufficient, the urethra constricting prostate tissue can be removed in severe cases by surgery. Find out here the most important information about the classic "prostate planing".

What is a "transurethral resection of the prostate" (TURP)?

The urologist performs anesthesia through a so-called resectoscope through the urethra to the prostate. By means of the instrument, the surgeon can remove layers of tissue from the prostate gland and seal (coagulate) blood vessels under the view of an electrical sling. In order to ensure a good view, a flushing fluid of the operating area is kept continuously clean during the procedure. The removed tissue is finally rinsed out of the bladder and given for examination. After the operation, a urethral catheter is inserted.

It is by far the most established method for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement and is due to the many experiences and good results still as standard therapy for small and medium-sized prostate glands up to a weight of about 80 grams. In larger glands, however, the benign prostate inner tissue is removed via a body cut (open surgery). In recent years, the number of procedures performed has decreased slightly in favor of minimally invasive procedures.

What are the benefits, risks and side effects of a TURP?

The results in terms of improving bladder emptying and symptoms are also very good in the long term, and all other minimally invasive and laser procedures need to be measured against these results. It is an endoscopic operation without a cut. However, anesthesia with the associated risks is necessary. During the operation, there is a risk of bleeding and the ingress of too much flushing fluid into the bloodstream. In recent years, the rate of complications could be reduced by technical advancements in terms of current flow, current frequency and shape of the resection loop. After the operation, a catheter must be left in the urethra for a few days. Most postoperative side effects such as rebleeding and urinary tract infections are temporary. In rare cases there are longer-term urine loss or erectile dysfunction. Higher, however, is the "risk" of retrograde ejaculation, two out of three men report it after surgery. This means that during ejaculation, the fluid does not escape from the front of the urethra, but instead gets back into the bladder through the new anatomical conditions. This is absolutely harmless, at most disturbing. Approximately one in ten patients will have to undergo surgery again during their lifetime for urethral disease, scarring, or prostate growth.

It should be mentioned that the prostate is not completely removed, but the prostate gland (capsule) is left. This residual tissue should continue to be controlled after surgery through regular checkups.

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Heartburn – home remedies help

Heartburn – that's the unpleasant feeling of having something in the throat, a burning in the throat – caused by stomach acid. The acidic gastric juices flow upwards towards the throat. Medically, it is a so-called reflux disease of the esophagus.

Heartburn is usually caused by bad food

The stomach can only cope too hastily or too opulently with meals if it releases large amounts of acid. The heartburn usually just goes by, but it can also become chronic – if the sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus is not working properly. Especially greasy food, sweets, coffee, alcohol or acidic fruit juices can cause acidification of the stomach and thus heartburn.

Heartburn – these home remedies help:

  • Dilute gastric acid:
    Drink warm non-carbonated water in small sips
  • To bind stomach acid:
    Eat a piece of bread (chew well!) Or take a sip of milk. Also rusks, healing earth or oatmeal can help against heartburn.
  • Calm the stomach and throttle acid production:
    Add one teaspoon of gentian to a cup of hot water and let it steep for ten minutes.
  • To eat Ky-La-Lei-Wa soup:
    The Asian folk medicine recommends against heartburn a soup of two to three unpeeled and chopped potatoes, two teaspoons of flaxseed and two teaspoons of cumin fruit to two liters of water. The soup spread over the day in small sips lukewarm drink – the first cup before breakfast.
  • A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar Put in a glass of water and drink slowly.
  • A small glass freshly pressed carrot juice drink, let the sip in the mouth for a long time.
  • celery As a supplement it helps against heartburn by neutralizing the excess acidity in the stomach.
  • Also Camomile tea helps against heartburn: not too hot and drink slowly. Likewise, fennel tea or caraway tea can help.
  • nuts (especially almonds and hazelnuts) can bind excess stomach acid and avoid heartburn. But only if they are chewed well!

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Treat urinary tract infections with acid benzoicum

Many people suffer from recurring urinary tract infections. In addition to known homeopathic remedies such as Staphysagria and Nitricum acidum, the homeopathic remedy Acidum benzoicum may also be indicated. Read here which specific complaints indicate the remedy Acidum benzoicum.

Urinary tract infections can also be treated homeopathically. In the following, read what is specifically recommended.

Treat urinary tract infections with the homeopathic remedy Acidum benzoicum

Slimy urine and the smell of ammonia are the key symptoms that point to the homeopathic remedy Acidum benzoicum. The urine may also be brown or dark red in color. Often it is sharp, corrosive or wounding. Acidum benzoicum is also used in kidney stones and stones in the bladder.

The mental picture of Acidum benzoicum

People who need the homeopathic remedy Acidum benzoicum tend to remain mentally lost in past experiences. Similar to people who need Natrum muriaticum, they always go through situations in which they have been injured. Unlike these, Acidum benzoicum personalities rarely harbor an intense grudge against the people who have hurt them. They rather feel a deep resignation and become sad.

Other complaints that are treated with Acidum benzoicum are:

  • bladder infection
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Enuresis nocturna
  • Involuntary emptying of the bladder
  • painful dysuria


Acidum benzoicum is most commonly used in chronic cystitis, bladder stones and kidney pelvic inflammatory disease. Important guiding symptoms are the severe smell of the urine and the slimy nature of the urine. On the psychic level one finds an anxious, gloomy mood with the tendency to go through old unpleasant experiences again and again.


Health topics are for informational purposes only. You can not and must not replace professional medical advice in any way. For damages of any kind due to independent self-diagnosis and self-treatment based on the published articles neither nor its author can be made directly or indirectly responsible. All published contributions also contain the opinion of the respective author and do not reflect the opinion of assumes no liability for the corresponding external contributions. For external contributions, only the respective authors are responsible.

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Is psychological help useful in multiple sclerosis?

Many readers will be surprised to find multiple sclerosis (MS) in a psychosomatic list. I know from many testimonials that mental support can also be very successful in MS, to help the MS patient over the relapses.

Multiple Sclerosis – Great Aspiration

The typical age of onset for MS is about 30 years – a phase of life in which most are at the career peak. Aspiration, as well as a desire for a job with high social prestige, has promoted her so high on the career ladder.

The diagnosis of MS requires a change in thinking from those affected. Now the career is no longer important. MS is an indication of characteristics that the patient wishes to detect.

My advice: Think about WHAT will be harder and easier for you from now on. Which person in your environment is included and which is not? What do you think about these people? Brainstorm conversations in advance to have options for how you can react.

Letting go of control in MS

Many symptoms are about letting go, for example, the buckling of the legs or incontinence.

My tip, my insight: MS patients learn that they can not control everything. Dealing with the disease pulls her away from this almost superhuman effort.

The subtle and ethereal as a shadow

Most MS sufferers have made a career as rational people. But the MS is still mysterious. She calls on those affected to broaden their view of things.

My advice: Be careful and do much more than you have done with intuition and gut instinct. Then something will reveal itself to you that is beyond the everyday noise, something of simple beauty! Important: This is based on over 2000 years of Buddhist experience.

Undiscovered sensibility

Typical of many MS patients are sensitivity disorders such. B. Antslaufen or feelings of numbness. These disorders are described by experienced psychosomatics as a physical expression of not having perceived or even pushed away one's own feelings.

My advice: Find out if this really applies to you and in what context you have pushed feelings aside.

What is the background? Almost all MS patients are either ghost or fire types who can do little with feelings. That's why looking at what's going on inside is a huge challenge for them. I invite you to face her.

Why do MS patients prefer to move away from feelings?

Are emotions too powerful or even threatening? Do you endanger the self-control, the containance? Yes, it is very common for MS.

My advice: Take a trip to the "land of hard-to-reach inner emotions and emotions". After some practice, you will find that it is liberating to let go and indulge in what is affecting you internally.

Multiple sclerosis – what now?

It was important to me in this article to enable you not to see your MS as a bad blow, but to bring it to you. As something that shows you your shadows. Thus, the MS is similar to many other diseases.

My advice: You will see that a letting go will put a lot of tension and anger on the disease out of your life. I wish you all the best!

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How much does cholesterol increase at Christmas?

Christmas is not only the time of reflection, but also the time of enjoyment. On many tables are banquets, which are not only very calorie, but also very high in cholesterol. Therefore, one can ask the question of how much the cholesterol level suffers from the Christmassy feasting.

Anyone who does not want to look at his diet plan at Christmas can feast with a clear conscience. Because on the cholesterol level, it has little impact, if you eat three days a year to your heart's content, everything you do not necessarily begrudge. Even if the typical dishes such as goose leg or roast duck are very rich in fat and Christmas cookies are not exactly healthy, you do not have to worry about the festive days or even miss a feast.

Body's own cholesterol

Three days feasting has little effect on cholesterol levels. This is also ensured by the body itself, which also produces cholesterol. When you consume more cholesterol with your diet, the body shuts down its own production accordingly. It should not be forgotten that three days do not even make up one percent of all days a year.

Eat healthy all year round

What matters more is how to behave on the remaining 362 days of the year. After all, there is a good reason why so many people have high cholesterol. This is in addition to an unfavorable genetic predisposition among others in a too fatty diet. Above all, we consume too many saturated fatty acids and animal fat.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that four times the daily requirement for animal fats (300 mg) is consumed in industrialized countries. Of this, the cholesterol level is not spared. However, one can only influence the cholesterol level by 10 to 15 percent with the diet. The rest is in the genes.

Food and exercise

In order to lower the cholesterol level, it does not help to give up the holiday goose at Christmas and because of that, because of the bad mood, it also spoils the fellow holidaymakers. Rather, it's important to be well-balanced and not over-greasy throughout the year. Then you can sin on the holidays with a good conscience. And those who have a guilty conscience after the second serving of roast meat can take an hour's walk. Because in addition to the diet also helps exercise against elevated cholesterol.

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Homeopathy for cats – Calcium Carbonicum

Calcium Carbonicum belongs to the so-called Polychresten, these means show in animal homeopathy a large spectrum of activity. Cats that correspond to the drug picture are usually rather the quiet representatives of their kind, of bright coat color with a large head and tend to overweight.

Calcium Carboncium cats tend to be overweight. Even robust cats are very susceptible to infectious diseases. Respiratory tract infections are also in the foreground of the cat. Causes of respiratory diseases are often weather changes. Teeth change is often delayed in kittens.

Behavior of the cats

Cats that fit in this drug picture, a regulated daily routine and rest is very important. They are usually undemanding and friendly, only changes in the daily routine, they can not tolerate at all and respond anxiously to it. Calcium Carbonicum cats are very patient and therefore good partners for children, because they can not be disturbed by anything.

She can sometimes be very suspicious of strangers and usually takes a little time to accept them.

The main symptoms of this remedy are clumsiness, obstinacy and rapid fatigue. The remedy works mostly with cats who have had weight problems in their lives before. They are mostly of light coat color with a big head. Calcium Carbonicum is also a remedy for very young and old cats. Many cats are calcium carbonium types in adolescence and change their constitutional remedy only later after sexual maturity.

Effect of Calcium Carbonicum

The remedy works for colds, constipation without urgency, for breathlessness by exertion, for injuries that do not want to heal. Back weakness and deformed claws that break or peel easily may also be an indication of this remedy. Bloating with a distended abdomen or constant regurgitation, unwell skin that reacts with suppuration even in the smallest injuries or a strong susceptibility to fungal infections may indicate the remedy.

Also fears of thunderstorms, height or darkness, continued exhaustion after physical or mental exertion can occur in cats of this remedy. Calcium Carbonicum cats also have their own, rather quiet pace, which sometimes makes them seem stubborn or listless, but in fact they are among the most sensitive creatures ever!

The remedy may be administered in the D30 1 x daily 3-5 globulis for 1-2 weeks until the symptoms have improved.


Health topics are for informational purposes only. You can not and must not replace professional medical advice in any way. For damages of any kind due to independent self-diagnosis and self-treatment based on the published articles neither nor its author can be made directly or indirectly responsible. All published contributions also contain the opinion of the respective author and do not reflect the opinion of assumes no liability for the corresponding external contributions. For external contributions, only the respective authors are responsible.

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Ferrum metallicum in homeopathic treatment

The homeopathic remedy Ferrum metallicum is often used in migraine, dizziness and anemia. Ferrum metallicum can also strengthen the body's defenses, if increased bleeding and a weak constitution lead to frequent infections. Read here which other complaints Ferrum metallicum is displayed and which mental image it has.

The Ferrum metallicum child – the fight for its own territory

Typically, Ferrum metallicum is used when the psychic level clearly describes a struggle for one's own area of ​​life. This may apply to children whose parents are very dominant and demanding. They make too many rules for their child and want to dictate to the child what to do and when to do it. As a result of too much interference by the parents, the child becomes rebellious and tries by struggle to assert their own area and their own way.

Ferrum metallicum – attack, defense, defense weakness

The constant struggle for their own area leads to a reduced body's defenses even in adults. Frequent violent migraine attacks with dizziness and nausea are found in Ferrum metallicum persons. Menstruation may be interrupted or completely absent. In general, Ferrum metallicum individuals tend to bleed heavily, which can lead to anemic complaints. Iron deficiency anemia is often favorably affected with Ferrum metallicum.

Ferrum metallicum – tendency to bleeding and rush of blood to the head

Nosebleeds often occur in children together with slight shaking. While the facial color is usually pale, Ferrum metallicum types tend to have a red face in pain. Even emotional arousal leads quickly to a violent redness of the face.

The heavy rush of blood to the head can also cause severe headaches to migraine headaches. The headaches are typically throbbing or hammering. They occur periodically and are worst at night or in the morning. The tapping often begins at the back of the head and spreads forward over the temples. The veins are dilated and pulsate. An improvement of the complaints takes place by pressure and by nosebleed.

Ferrum metallicum – overview of the physical complaints

  • Dizziness, with visual field loss
  • anemia
  • Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Pain in the left shoulder joint (when taking back the arm)
  • intermittent menstruation
  • Diarrhea during the meal
  • Vomiting immediately after eating
  • Migraine attacks, periodic
  • Headache, better through nosebleeds

Food request from Ferrum metallicum

There is a special need for bread and butter, for meat, for liquid food, for hot food, for indigestible things like chalk and lime, for sour foods and for raw tomatoes.

Aversion to eggs, fat and heavy foods, hot drinks and hot food. Not tolerated are eggs, vinegar, fat and heavy foods, cold drinks, milk, sweets, tea, wine and hot food.

Basically, strong hunger often changes with loss of appetite. Ferrum metallicum may also be indicated in anorexia nervosa (anorexia of young girls).

Modalities of Ferrum metallicum

An aggravation of the complaints occurs through:

  • Weather change from cold to warm
  • cold
  • violent movement
  • at rest, sitting still, sitting
  • at night and in the early morning
  • in the winter

An improvement of the symptoms occurs with Ferrum metallicum by:

  • fast movement
  • slow walking
  • warmth
  • Nosebleeds (in case of headache)

Basically, the left side of the body is more affected by the complaints. Often there is also a crosswise division of complaints from the top right and bottom left.


Ferrum metallicum is commonly used for migraine, dizziness and anemia. The pyschische fight over their own territory leads to the weakening of the body's defense and as a result to rheumatic complaints and digestive problems. An aggravation of the symptoms often occurs at night or in the morning. Nosebleeds improve the headache.

Further articles on the homeopathic Ferrum remedies:

Further articles about migraine:

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Treat itchy eczema in babies with Schüßler salts

It is a skin disease that is not infectious and is associated with extreme pruritus (itching). This dermatitis causes erythema, vesicles (blistering), oozing of the skin and subsequent formation of dandruff and crusts. With the right Schüßlersalzen this itch can be treated well.

At the beginning of this dermatitis there is a reddening of the skin, the further reaction also includes the aqueous blisters and very large itching. After the complete formation of the bubbles they break up and thereby form crusts and dandruff. It can then come to the complete healing of this dermatitis. In a relapse (recurrent) of the itchy eczema, the skin disease goes into the chronic.

By constantly scratching the skin, bacteria and viruses can easily penetrate the skin and cause superinfection of the skin. In addition, there is the danger that the permanent injury and further inflammation of the skin may cause nodular lichen, the so-called lichen infection. Treatment within allopathy (conventional medicine) uses its cortisone albums against the itchy infectious skin disease. This only helps at very short notice.

Chronic eczema results in dry, flaky skin characterized by increased cornification and itching. The skin is thickened, becomes very rough and cracked very quickly.

You can use the following biochemical mineral salts to treat itchy eczema:

The biochemical mineral salt No. 1 Calcium fluoratum D12 makes the tense and damaged skin elastic and resistant again. Here, in addition to the tablets and the Schüßlersalz-lotion no. 1 should be rubbed constantly with the diseased skin. The best way to work the tablets, when each 2 tablets with 3 to 4 drops of boiled water are mixed into a porridge and lightly applied with the index finger on the mucous membrane of the cheek. Of course it is also about the vial.

Moreover, in the first inflammatory reactions, the biochemical mineral salt no. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum D12, which is both anti-inflammatory and antipruritic. If the itching is unbearable for the little darling, administer one tablet every ½ hour (see above for No. 1)

Any inflammation in and around the body should be considered using appropriate biochemical mineral salts. Here, the liver is stimulated to detoxify. For this purpose, use No. 6 potassium sulfuricum D6 and No. 10 sodium sulfuricum D6. The potassium sulfuricum supports the liver in its detoxification function and the Natrum sulfuricum derives the toxins and metabolic end products dissolved by the liver. For this purpose, the baby should be administered in the evening dissolved 2 tablets in the vial dissolved.

These remedies also help to treat itchy eczema

In general, it also comes when the bursting of the bubbles to a sour smell of the skin. This is an indication that the acid needs to be neutralized. In this case the biochemical mineral salt no. 9 sodium phosphoricum D6 with 2 tablets is added to the abovementioned potassium sulphate and sodium sulphuricum to the evening vial. As a result, the resulting acids are neutralized in the inflammatory process and the vicious cycle of dermatitis is broken.

In support of the sodium phosphoricum, the biochemical mineral salt No. 11 Silicea D12 can be used against acid stagnation of the skin. It has a calming effect on the inflamed skin and is helpful in the healing process. Here Silicea has the best working time in the morning, in the vial 2 tablets are dissolved.

To further improve the skin structure and to stimulate the detoxification process, the biochemical mineral salt no. 12 Calcium sulfuricum D6 with 2 tablets in the vial can also be administered in the morning.

In the case of weeping itching, the shot salt No. 21 Zicum chloratum D6 can activate the immune system and stimulate the metabolic activity in the skin structure. This biochemical mineral salt can accelerate the healing process. Add 1 tablet 3 times daily to the vial.

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So you use the Mullein for your health

Mullein is a medicinal plant that grows between July and October. It is native to Germany and occurs here in fallow land, as well as on stony, sandy and sunny hills. Mostly they are also found on railway embankments and roadsides. This article reveals application possibilities of this native medicinal plant. Use the power of the pharmacy on your doorstep.

The Mullein – an all-rounder for the respiratory tract

The flowers of the candles contain so-called flavonoids and saponins. These active substances are known for their anti-inflammatory effect. In particular, they help with inflammation of the respiratory tract, but also the ears and the gastric mucosa.

In the case of influenza, the active ingredients of the mullein provide sweat promotion or heating of the body, which leads to increased perspiration – this helps to kill viruses and bacteria in the body. It contributes to a faster recovery. By purifying the lymph, it also provides for a strengthening of the immune system.

The mullein was to be prepared as a tea and to be drunk preventively. To do this, pour a teaspoon of dried flowers with 250 ml of cold water and leave to soak for two to three hours. For those in a hurry, a hot infusion (60 degrees) is enough. You can use the tea internally, or use it as gargle in case of hoarseness. Either way, this medicinal plant is effective.

Tip: Even with burns or itching, the Mullein helps outstanding. For this, however, you need an oily extract from the flowers and leaves of the plant.

What else can the Mullein do?

Another benefit is this medicinal plant for cough – effective here are also the saponins. Already the Greek physician Dioscurides called the Mullein "flame against the cough". This plant has since proven very successful, after all, this saying is now more than 2000 years ago. To this point, there are no known side effects.

In addition, the Mullein helps with allergies and allergic asthma. An oily extract of the flowers and leaves also helps against burns and itching, even with scars can show a positive effect. Preparations from the mullein are available in pharmacies or on the Internet. These preparations are standardized, so they are preferable to collecting in the native environment.

You can also try to look for medicinal plants here, but mainly for illustrative purposes only. An intake without the advice of a person who knows, is not readily recommended in wild plants.

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