Treat child anxiety homeopathically: Ambra does not like strangers

Treat child anxiety homeopathically: Ambra does not like strangers1 min read

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Homeopathy helps with fear of strangers

"Ambra" children are remarkably timid in the presence of people they do not know. They refuse to answer, never smile and would rather be alone. They are shy when it comes to public appearances, are difficult to comfort and often behave unruly.

Ambra is lacking in self-confidence

Homeopathy only works if we look at the whole picture. At Ambra, the lack of self-confidence is noticeable. They are curious and very conscientious about little things. Often we notice a certain obstinacy and stubbornness. They do not like when others approach you.

Conclusion on the homeopathic treatment of fears by Ambra

If Ambra is the right homeopathic remedy for your child, you might expect your child to behave openly and facing strangers after taking it. The aversion to answers would settle and one could experience an increase in self-confidence over time. This is created in each person, perhaps temporarily buried, but it can be exposed with the help of homeopathy.

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How to beat off cough and runny nose

Cold: How to beat off cough and runny nose2 min read

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Important: React immediately if the nose tingles, scratching the neck, or you feel chilly and feel chipped off. Have proved successful:

Elderberry or linden flower tea: Cover with 1 teaspoon of flowers in a cup of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes, strain, honey and sip in small sips.

The sweat pack: Caution: It burdens the cardiovascular system considerably and may only be used by otherwise healthy people. In addition, you must not have a fever yet. To do this, first drink 1 cup of flower tea (see above) and then take a full bath whose temperature is carefully raised within 5 to 10 minutes by flowing hot water from 37 to 40 ° C. Here you stay for 5 minutes. Then just strip the skin off of the skin, wrap yourself in a body-sized linen sheet and a blanket, and lie down in the preheated bed.

Cover well! After about 30 minutes, the sweating begins, which should last about 30 minutes. Then remove linen cloth and blanket, dry and rest in bed for at least 2 more hours – preferably overnight. After getting up first warm, then shower briefly lukewarm, to stimulate the circulation again.

Important: If you feel dizzy during a sweat cure, or if you feel unwell, the pack must be removed immediately.

If the cold is no longer preventable, you can at least alleviate the symptoms:

Melissengeist or peppermint oil help against headache: Dab a few drops on the forehead, temples and behind the ears.

Body aches: Rub the affected portion with peppermint oil or rubbing alcohol, and then wrap it warm.

Sniff: Nasal rinses with Emser salt help here. Easy-to-use alternative: salt nasal spray (pharmacy, about 5 euros). Essential oils, eg. Peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor or menthol allow you to breathe easier again. Just sniff it up from the back of your hand. Or let some drops in an aroma lamp (health food store, health food store) evaporate in the water.

To cough: Honey sweetened ribwort juice (health food) dissolves the mucus. Daily 3 cups of thyme tea (1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water for 10 min. Cover and leave to strain) promote coughing.

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Homeopathy for the postnatal phase: bleeding, placental detachment

Homeopathy for the postnatal phase can quickly and gently eliminate a variety of problems that occur right after the baby is born. Means for easier placental detachment are equally common among midwives as homeopathic remedies to stop excessive bleeding. Thus, a hospital admission can often be prevented.

Homeopathy for the postnatal phase: placental ablation

If the placenta does not break loose after a while, an oxytocin syringe is often used in clinics to speed this up. Or it is helped with a firm pressure on the stomach. However, if the woman is not bleeding and has no circulatory problems, this is not really necessary and one can wait until the contractions start and the placenta comes off.

Drinking the baby on the chest naturally stimulates labor. Cantharis is a proven homeopathic remedy that promotes placental ablation, providing a natural afterbirth without side effects.

Homeopathy for the postnatal phase: bleeding

After the placenta is born it comes to the bleeding of the uterine wound – this is quite natural. However, too much bleeding can lead to complications. Therefore, obstetrics use a number of typical homeopathic bleeding agents that can prevent hospital admission if used properly.

These include: Arnica, Belladonna, China, Ferrum, Hamamelis, Ipecacuanha, Millefolium, Phosphorus, Sabina and Secale, The choice of the remedy must be made here by a homeopathically skilled midwife!

Conclusion: birth is not a disease!

The fact that today's medical world sees births as a risk rather than a natural process is proven by the rate of planned cesarean sections. Instead of frightening women, one should try to prepare them well for this natural process that our ancestors have been coping with for thousands of years without medical help. Homeopathy is ideal as a companion, as it gently helps the woman to develop her natural power.

Further information and books:

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Painkillers and their risks

Painkillers are standard in most diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) has created a phial shaman for painkillers. In the first stage of moderate pain you will receive pure painkillers such as acetaminophen. For more severe pain levels two to four are then used, which also contain opioids.

These side effects may have painkillers:

Unlike analgesics, opioids do not have these side effects. However, they often cause nausea, fatigue, constipation and low blood pressure.

Proton pump inhibitors

To increase the tolerability of analgesics, many patients receive so-called proton pump inhibitors to reduce the formation of stomach acid.

But proton pump inhibitors have long-term use significant side effects ranging from indigestion and nausea on inflammation of the oral mucosa and Candida fungal infections to liver inflammation and anemia.

ox-2 inhibitors – A more tolerable alternative

Better tolerated than normal analgesics seem to be the so-called Cox-2 inhibitors. They have an anti-inflammatory effect by blocking the enzyme cyclooxygenase (Cox), which i.a. responsible for the formation of inflammatory messengers.

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Hay fever and homeopathy: potassium iodatum

Potassium iodatum is successful as a homeopathic hay fever if you suffer from involvement of the frontal sinuses or asthmatic complaints in addition to your hay fever symptoms.

Eye complaints of potassium iodatum in hay fever

Potassium iodatum suffers from heavy tears during hay fever. The eyes are burning. The tear fluid is sharp and wounding. The irritation of the eyes can go so far that even blinking is painful. The upper eyelids typically swell strongly.

Nasal discomfort of potassium iodatum in hay fever

Nasal secretion in potassium iodatum is mild and viscous. It can be greenish or yellowish and have a foul smell. The nose is red and swollen. In the area of ​​the nasal root, there is a strong pressure pain. Violent sneezing and the lack of any sense of smell are also part of the homeopathic remedy of potassium iodatum.

General symptoms of potassium iodatum in hay fever

Potassium iodatum is indicated when you feel the sensation of a blocked head and generally feel very hot. The above hay fever symptoms may be accompanied by increased salivation and mild asthmatic symptoms.

Mood of potassium iodatum in hay fever

Potassium iodatum people are very restless and fast irritated. Sometimes you can call them literally belligerent. Even during the hay fever period they are very active and do not avoid conflicts with their fellow human beings. Nevertheless, there are also periods when they are rather whiny and retreat quickly.

Modalities of potassium iodatum in hay fever

Improvement of hay fever symptoms by: Getting up in the morning, cool air, exercise in the fresh air, eating
Aggravation of hay fever symptoms by: Change of weather, humidity (this modality also has Dulcamara), by the sea, at night, at 5 o'clock in the morning and in the heat


Potassium iodatum is especially indicated as a homeopathic hay fever agent, when in addition to the severe eye symptoms (watery, sharp tears, conjunctivitis, swelling of the eyelids) a strong pressure on the root of the nose and mild asthmatic complaints occur. The mood of potassium iodatum can range from aggressive to belligerent to melancholy. Potassium iodatum-human is usually too hot and the symptoms of hayfever are getting worse with heat and getting better when it gets cooler again.

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What to do for head injuries

Head injuries are exaggerated already almost on the agenda. You have probably once bumped your head. However, most head injuries are insignificant and result in only small cuts or bruises that can be treated with simple first aid measures. For some head injuries, however, they should get professional help.

Dangerous head injuries

Head injuries can also be life threatening. This is especially true when it comes to unconsciousness, even if it occurs only for a short time. Another concern for serious head injuries is possible internal bleeding that interferes with brain function. Bleeding on the brain surface or in the brain itself is serious because it can press on the brain and damage it. Skull or cervical vertebra fractures are another concern.

If, after a head injury, you experience any of the following symptoms, you should immediately go to the emergency room:

  • Loss of consciousness (may occur some hours after the injury)
  • Feeling of confusion or dizziness
  • memory loss
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • partial deafness
  • new neck pain
  • unusual or long-lasting headache
  • Bruising or discoloration around the eye or behind the ear
  • Blood or clear lymphatic fluid that spills out of the nose or ear

With head injuries to the hospital: If after head injuries one or more of these symptoms occur, it is absolutely necessary that you visit the emergency department of the nearest hospital. However, you should not drive yourself, because the unconsciousness can occur again at any time.


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Hay fever and homeopathy: potassium phosphoricum

Potassium phosphoricum is considered the mineral pulsatilla in homeopathy. People who need constitutional potassium phosphoricum are also shy and blush easily. During the hay fever period they are particularly quickly detuned. Often accompanying to the severe hay fever symptoms also a depressive mood occurs.

Typical hay fever symptoms of potassium phosphoricum

Potassium phos. helps particularly well when the tear secretion is sharp, the discharge from the nose are yellowish to orange and together with the symptoms of hay fever a strong fatigue and irritability occurs. People who use potassium phosphoricum for their hay fever want to get their peace of mind if the symptoms of hay fever appear. If they still have to get out and go among people, they are usually irritable and short-tempered.

Eye symptoms of hay fever

The main eye symptoms of potassium phosphoricum are burning, stinging and itching of the eyes. Often there is also a foreign body sensation that causes the person concerned to rub constantly in the eyes. In addition, the eyes also tear heavily or are constantly filled with tears. This in turn is burning and sharp, so that the eyes are strongly red after a short time.

Disorders of the nose in hay fever

Nasal secretion in potassium phosphoricum is very tough. Mostly it is golden yellow or orange and has a bad odor. Crusts on the nostrils quickly form, which can also cause burning. The sense of smell in potassium phosphoricum is typically particularly pronounced during hay fever or is completely absent. The middle picture of potassium phosphoricum in hay fever also includes heavy sneezing attacks, which are mainly triggered and aggravated by cold and dry air.

Mood of potassium phos. in hay fever

Potassium phosphoricum people are family people. If they are sick or have complaints themselves, they are increasingly worried about the health of their family members. They cry easily and worry about the future. During the hay fever symptoms they still want to have their peace and are not so much interested in the family processes. Their tendency to retreat and brood over unpleasant thoughts intensifies during the hay fever period. (This also has sodium muriaticum in its middle picture.) They long for rest and need a lot of sleep. Any form of excitement can aggravate their hay fever symptoms.

Modalities of potassium phosphoricum

Improvement of symptoms by: A clear improvement in hay fever symptoms is achieved by slight movement and heat of potassium phosphoricum. Rest and a lot of sleep are also good for them.

Aggravation of symptoms by: The symptoms of hay fever in potassium phosphoricum are aggravated by excitement, cold, dry air, food, and two o'clock in the morning.


Potassium phosphoricum is a popular homeopathic hay fever remedy. It helps people who are very family-oriented and suffer from depressive moods and fears during the hay fever symptoms. The physical complaints primarily affect the eyes and nose (burning, stinging, itching of the eyes, thick golden-yellow nasal secretions with crusting). Cold and dry air aggravate the hay fever complaints. Warmth and light movement improve the symptoms.

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What really helps against neck pain

What to do for neck pain?

Conventional treatments for neck pain include warmth, physiotherapy and chiropractic.

With heat for neck pain

When muscle tension is the cause of your pain, heat is the treatment of choice. Heat relaxes your tension – whether red light, fango or hot water bottle does not matter. Apply heat therapy several times a day. If you do not notice any significant improvement after two days, you should ask your doctor for advice.

Physiotherapy against neck pain

Tension is often triggered by weak muscles. Cause could be a wrong sitting position at the desk. Physiotherapy strengthens neglected muscles and "relaxes" them. However, your own commitment is important: the doctor prescribes the physiotherapy, a physiotherapist shows you the corresponding exercises – but of course you have to do it yourself.


In chiropractic care, trained physicians use special gripping techniques to release tissue tension and "blocked" joints. For many doctors, chiropractic is a proven method for eliminating, for example, harmless back pain.

Neck Pain: Alternative Treatments Acupuncture

If acupuncture is really suitable for your condition, you must discuss it with your doctor. If necessary, ask him if he has a solid acupuncture training; Weekend courses are not enough! If you are worried about needles, acupuncture is definitely not for you.


Acupressure follows the idea of ​​acupuncture. Instead of piercing needles into the skin, pressure is applied to your meridians with the fingertips, thumb and palms. Acupressure is performed by a specialist therapist and, after proper training, can also be applied to yourself – a clear advantage of this method. As a side effect, however, a temporary aggravation of neck pain may occur.

neural therapy

By injecting a local anesthetic under your skin, you should eliminate those "interference fields" that are the source of your discomfort. Neural therapy is now considered the standard repertoire of many orthopedic surgeons. But also for neural therapy: If you are afraid of needles, this method is not for you.
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The homeopathic remedy sulfur in ADHD

When children suffer from attention deficit syndrome, many parents are now looking for an effective alternative to conventional medicine. Homeopathic treatment can help many children suffering from ADHD if it is a constitutional treatment. Here, for each child individually, his remedy is found and then given over a longer period of time. However, sulfur is one of the homeopathic remedies prescribed significantly more often than others. For which type is the homeopathic remedy Sulfur suitable? When is it indicated?

Sulfur, the homeopathic sulfur, is one of the great polychrests, which have a broad spectrum of activity and are prescribed in many people. As a remedy for children suffering from the attention deficit syndrome, it is also prescribed relatively frequently. Sulfur children are usually above average intelligent, have a quick mind, are interested in many different things and do not like to strain.

They are impatient, have little stamina, and have little respect for authorities and their rules. They prefer to set their own rules and want others to follow them. Unlike Lycopodium children, they are not interested in having power. They just think that their view of things is better and are born leaders. If you let them have their will and follow them, they are very dedicated and helpful. Sulfur children like to surround themselves with younger children because they follow them and their ideas more often.

Sulfur and ADHD

If a Sulfur child has ADHD, the attention span is reduced. His many interests lead to increased distractibility and the problem of something to hold up. The actually perfectionist child, who wants to do everything very, very well, can drag everything because of the lack of endurance. The room is like a garbage dump. Clean and dirty things are mixed up. Often you can not step in the room of a sulfuric child at all. The exercise books are frayed.

Often, the child does not even have all the things it needs when it arrives at school. The homework book has lost it, but it is not worried about it. It can remember everything it had. Or it decides to do the homework quickly the next day in front of the school. But at some point, even an above-average intelligent child can no longer compensate for the deficits in the learning organization.

Then a Sulfur child must make an effort to continue to show good school performance and here is often the sticking point at which there is a break in the performance curve and the parents with the child seek homeopathic treatment.

Sulfur – self-centered, impatient and overconfident

Self-centered and self-confident as the Sulfur child is common, it will not let the butter on the bread in the treatment situation. It likes to take center stage and present itself and its heroic deeds in flowery words. It does not hesitate to tell the practitioner his great views and thoughts about the world. However, a Sulfur child can be very skeptical about the physical examination.

It does not like showing others and is rather shy and shy here. If you ask the parents about the child's physical complaints, you will hear that they often have indigestion with bloating. Also skin diseases are very common in Sulfur children. These itches are strong and are made worse by washing. Generally, Sulfur children do not like water. It can be a big fight that they even wash once a day.

Sulfur – the distracted professor or leader

Basically, there are two types of Sulfur. The one constantly tinkers about self-made projects. He is perfectionist and enthusiastic. Contacts with peers are difficult, because they can not follow his lofty ideas and rather play simple games. Often this child is a loner or gathers a crowd of younger children who admire him and unconditionally follow him.

The other type, the leader, is reminiscent of his assertiveness Lycopodium or Nux vomica. He is practically gifted, adheres only to his own rules and is the born leader. He always has great ideas about what to do and above all how to do something. If he succeeds in forming a group that accepts his ideas and joins in, he can come to a stable circle of friends, which is unusual for ADHD children.

The constitutional treatment with Sulfur in ADHD

A Sulfur child must learn to organize, to fit in, and to accept authority. It's not always that easy. If the homeopathic remedy Sulfur is the right kind of constitutional remedy for a child, that child will be able to develop a greater willingness to exert and better control himself as the treatment progresses. It will learn to think before acting and to include the concerns and sensitivities of other people more strongly in his actions.

The motor restlessness will decrease and the attention span will increase. Of course, a Sulfur child will always be a bit more egocentric than others and it will have its own ideas of how to tackle it. But if it is in equilibrium with itself, it can sometimes do what another person demands of it and be more reasonable in the face of prevailing rules.

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How you can help yourself

Everyone has a headache once in a lifetime. However, if the headache happens on a regular basis, it can be a migraine headache. In many cases, however, migraine can not be remedied simply by swallowing the headache pills. Migraine patients have to become active themselves. Read how you can help yourself.

For all migraine patients, a certain rhythm in the daily routine and regular breaks are particularly important. Please note the following tips:

  • Sleep at regular times – and really every day.

  • Eat at fixed times. Those who eat too little and too seldom provoke a migraine attack.

  • Take a break from work, housework or other activities; Take a 5-minute break per hour.

  • Do you do sports regulary. Even a quarter of an hour of brisk walking a day is a good prevention.

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