Avoid lumbago with proper footwork

Lumbago: Back pain is a constant companion for many people. Often it is the little things in everyday life that cause the back problems. These include cleaning, shopping or ironing. So that the spine stays healthy, you should pay attention to a few things, for example the correct footwork when lifting heavy loads.

Lumbago through wrong footwork

A lumbago can occur if you raise heavy loads, such as a move box or a box of water wrong. Usually you do not think about anything, bend over and lift. But this creates a great pressure on the spine. A nerve can be pinched. Due to the pain that results, the spinal muscles cramp and one suffers a lumbago.

A lumbago is usually not dangerous but very painful. In addition, the movement is severely restricted for several days. This can be avoided if you do not simply lift heavy loads, but pay attention to the right lifting technology.

Straight back against lumbago

Instead of leaning forward, you can lift heavy loads better when you go to your knees and lift the box with your back straight. Then the leg muscles take over the lifting work. You should also make sure that the box stays close to the body. If the weight is close to the spine, it can remain upright. That spares the back.

Those who pay attention may not always be able to prevent the lumbago. But at least you can prevent that one harms the back when lifting heavy loads.

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secure diagnosis with the closed biopsy

If the suspicion of breast cancer is confirmed on the basis of the imaging examinations, a closed biopsy is necessary to find out whether it is a benign or malignant tumor. A tissue sample is taken from the breast and examined for cancer cells. There are many biopsy procedures available today that allow accurate diagnosis prior to surgery. One method is closed biopsy and has many advantages.

The methods of closed biopsy in breast cancer

The closed biopsy method is a minimally invasive procedure. This has the advantage that large tumors can often be reduced in size prior to surgery so that the breast can be preserved during surgery, thus avoiding unnecessary surgical intervention.

The closed biopsy also offers the possibility of preparing for surgery and subsequent therapy for women who have actually been diagnosed with cancer.

The three methods of closed biopsy

There are three different biopsy methods: fine needle aspiration, punching and vacuum biopsy. All of the three techniques can be controlled by the imaging techniques.

The fine needle puncture for the diagnosis of breast cancer

Individual cells are removed from a cell assembly using a thin needle about 0.5 millimeter in diameter. To check the punctures, it is looked into the chest for ultrasound, MRI, or mammography.

If it is a cyst, the cyst fluid is drawn into a syringe and then examined. If the keyed node is a solid tumor, the doctor will try to aspirate cells out of it.

Since every carcinoma also contains healthy areas, it can happen during the puncture that exactly these areas are aspirated and thus the diagnosis is not certain. For these reasons, fine needle aspiration is hardly practiced in Germany.

The punch biopsy for the diagnosis of breast cancer

With a slightly thicker hollow needle of about 1.6 millimeters in diameter larger cell aggregates, d. H. small pieces of tissue taken from the tumor. Through a small incision of the skin over the suspected area, the doctor inserts the ultrasound-guided punch. Under local anesthesia, the punch biopsy is painless.

The punch biopsy is suitable for examining palpable nodules and those that are clearly visible on ultrasound. Non-palpable microcalcifications can also be examined by punch biopsy. The punch biopsy is performed by a high-speed punch from the doctor under ultrasound, mammography or MRI control.

If cancer is found in the high-speed punch biopsy, you can be sure of the diagnosis and thus be prepared for the operation. The punch biopsy is reliable even if no cancer is found.

Vacuum biopsy for the diagnosis of breast cancer

If non-palpable large-area microcalcification is detected in mammography, the suspicion of cancer can be clarified by means of a vacuum biopsy. Vacuum biopsy is an invasive biopsy that is performed under ultrasound, X-ray or MTR and usually takes no more than 20 minutes. During a puncture in the chest several coherent tissue pieces are removed.

The microcalcifications can be completely removed under local anesthesia during the investigation. Using a computer and imaging techniques, the accuracy of the location of the conspicuous tissue can be determined. This ensures that the puncture needle tip also reaches the point to be examined. The result of a biopsy is fast and you can rely on the reliability of the diagnosis in the vacuum biopsy.

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Homeopathic medicines for dogs: Sepia

The drug sepia is one of the constitutional remedies among the homeopathic remedies for dogs. These remedies repeatedly appear in animal homeopathy and have a large spectrum of effects.

Important medicines for dogs: Constitution type Sepia

Sepia is extracted from the octopus. In most cases, this type of constitution occurs in older dogs. It is the dogs' dogs that correspond to this type of drug. They compete with strangers and in-house pack members with bitterness and a lot of dominance.

Two types can be found in the sepia dogs. There are very active dogs, who after a lot of exercise can start to smell very severe and the second type, who is depressed, listless and apathetic. After many births, the udders hang down or it forms a hanging belly by a type-related connective tissue weakness. This connective tissue weakness can also cause a vaginal episode to develop.

Dogs of this type like to be off and can be unpredictable because they do not like to be touched. This veterinarian should be handled very carefully with this veterinarian. A harness is suitable for this dog because he can not stand pressure on the neck. Even driving a car is often a problem for sepia dogs, they are restless while driving and bark until the car finally comes to a halt.

Medicinal Sepia: Diseases of the drug picture

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the sex organs and hormone system, as well as the musculoskeletal system are very common in these dogs.

Emerging diseases can also be skin lesions. The pigmentation of the skin on the nose or abdomen changes and dark spots appear. Urine is lost during sleep or the vagina is sore and forms a bad-smelling secretion. Should a bitch of the sepia type become pregnant, she will attack every other bitch.

The connective tissue weakness is in the foreground in this dog and can be responsible for a lowering of the uterus, which could lead to pain during movement. In diseases of the musculoskeletal system, this dog is stiff-legged and shows twitching of the legs lying down. Hair loss can occur before heat and eczema can develop, which is characterized by severe itching. The itching of skin diseases occurs more in society than when alone.

Ear diseases are rarely found in sepia, but frequent head shaking can occur, which suggests problems with the ears, but does not exist. Constipation and lack of bowel movements, which can even drag on for days, is also a model for this constitutional remedy.

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Use the homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus in children

The homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus is especially used in children who are prone to unpredictable behavior. Hyoscyamus may be indicated in children who find it difficult to control their aggression. Read here which physical symptoms and behavioral problems Hyoscyamus is indicated in children.

Use Hyoscyamus in children as a homeopathic constitutional remedy

Parents of Hyoscyamus children are often desperate because they do not know how to restrain their child. Constantly it seems that something is wrong. From simple pranks to really rash and dangerous behavior, the repertoire of the Hyoscyamus child ranges. To understand his behavior, we need to take a closer look at the genesis.

Deep inside, a Hyoscyamus child feels rejected. It has not been able to establish a positive relationship with the primary caregiver. This may be due to a mother's exhaustion problem or because the child cried a lot in the first few weeks and months, for example due to a Kiss syndrome, and was not reassured. Even a birth trauma can restrict the child's ability to bind and thereby lead to a hyoscyamus problem.

The Hyoscyamus child – impulsive, shameless and jealous

Of course, the keywords for the homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus also apply to children. The feeling of not being accepted internally causes a hyoscyamus child to behave extremely conspicuously. It provokes other people by behaving disrespectfully and shamelessly.

Often it additionally suffers from tics. In his furious rage, it can even go so far as to bite or beat other people. The ability to control his aggression is reduced in a Hyoscyamus child. The need to abide by social rules is also reduced. So it may be that it provokes the teacher during the lesson with indecent loud utterances or obscene remarks.

Treating acute complaints in children with the homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus

In addition to the chronic picture of Hyocyamus it also helps with many acute complaints from children such as dry, hard cough, painless diarrhea and complaints of head injuries.

Hyoscyamus is considered a cortisone substitute in severe, spasmodic cough that occurs in long attacks, especially when lying down and at night. Mostly there is an involuntary loss of urine during coughing attacks. Affected children choke during coughing and they get a red face.

Even painless, watery diarrhea, which occurs especially at night, can respond well to Hyoscyamus. Complaints following a head injury, such as recurrent headache attacks, strabismus, or an increased tendency to dizziness can also be treated with the homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus.


Hyoscyamus is a homeopathic nightshade, which is used primarily in children who show violent behavioral abnormalities. In addition to self-injurious behaviors such as banging your head against the wall and biting yourself, Hyoscyamus children also attack other people.

The nervous overload is also noticeable in many tics. The reason for the excessive behavior is the deep feeling of being rejected by the mother or another important caregiver. The lack of attachment in a Hyoscyamus child can lead to shameless and disrespectful behavior towards adults and other children.

Read more about the homeopathic nightshade plants in children in the following articles:

More information about other homeopathic children's remedies can be found at:

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Differential diagnosis between Belladonna and Aconite

Belladonna and Aconite are both homeopathic remedies. If a flu-like infection occurs suddenly and the associated symptoms are very severe, one of the two homeopathic remedies is often indicated as a remedy. Read here which complaints indicate which of the two remedies and how you can differentiate well between the two.

Belladonna atopina and Aconitum nappelus – the similarities

First of all, both remedies have very much in common in their middle images. Both are indicated when an infection occurs very suddenly. The patient feels under some circumstances in the afternoon still healthy and has very strong complaints in the evening. Headache, high fever, body aches, fatigue, coughing, which gets worse in the evening and a flushed face are characteristic of both remedies.

The differential diagnosis between Belladonna and Aconite – different states

In addition to the many similarities in the middle picture of the two remedies, there are also characteristic differences. Diseased people who are in a belladonna state often feel very dizzy. Children in the belladonna state are hardly responsive when awake between the long sleep phases.

Affected persons in an Aconit state are not dazed. Often they suffer from a great restlessness and great fear. They can hardly sleep and do not feel well in bed, although getting up is also unthinkable.

The differential diagnosis of Belladonna and Aconite – different triggers

A belladonna state can be triggered by different things. A frequent trigger is overheating after overheating. People who like to do sports in the fresh air in winter are particularly at risk. Especially if they do not have the opportunity to change their clothes and stay in the sweaty things longer.

But even if you like swimming in the winter and the hairdryer in the indoor pool is broken or you did not have the time to dry your hair enough, you may get an infection that causes a belladonna condition. In contrast, the trigger for an aconitum state is to be sought in cold dry air. It is these clear, dry winter days, with an icy east wind that can trigger an aconitum state.


For the treatment of an acute infection one must differentiate frequently between Belladonna atropina and Aconitum napellus. In addition to the many similarities in the middle picture, there are characteristic differences in the acute case of illness and in the triggers.

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Alcohol brings the heart out of time

In small quantities, alcohol can protect the heart. But the more you drink, the greater the danger to the heart. Because alcohol can bring the heart out of rhythm.

Alcohol has a big impact on the body. This does not spare the heart. But while small amounts of red wine keep the blood fluid and even protect the heart, one should not exaggerate the alcohol consumption. Otherwise you risk cardiac arrhythmias to atrial fibrillation. And then there is even danger to life.

Japanese scientists have closely studied the effect of alcohol on the heart. A team around Dr. med. Hirohito Sone from Ibarika analyzed 14 cohort or case-control studies. These studies were conducted in Europe and North America and included data from more than 130,000 people, including around 7,500 with atrial fibrillation.

In the evaluation of the studies, the researchers tried to find out whether there was a link between alcohol consumption and atrial fibrillation. They found that the highest alcohol intake group (2 drinks a day for men, 1 drink a day for women) has a relatively 51% higher risk of atrial fibrillation.

Alcohol – Small cause big effect

The risk of atrial fibrillation increased relatively. If the amount of alcohol was increased by 10g, the risk increased by 8%.

Many unknowns for the heart

It is not yet clear why alcohol can cause a racing heartbeat. It may cause electrophysiological changes in the atrial tissue or lead to direct damage to the heart muscle. In addition, regular heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to hypertension and chronic heart failure. This in turn can also lead to cardiac arrhythmia.

Unfortunately, the authors did not specify which alcoholics led to cardiac arrhythmias. In this respect, one can not make any statement as to whether beer is more dangerous than wine and liquor worse than whiskey.

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Fight molds in the apartment

Molds in the home put a strain on the indoor air – and thus on the health. The spores can cause flu-like symptoms, allergies, asthma and pneumonia. How to combat mold infestation in the apartment.

Molds in the apartment: not so rare

In almost every fifth apartment there is moisture damage, and consequently mold. This was the result of a study by the University of Jena. The trend is rising, as more and more homes are equipped with extreme thermal insulation. Mold fungi thrive especially "well" by moisture and bad ventilation. As water vapor saturated air cools on a wall, water condenses and settles to the wall as moisture.

Prior to thermal insulation, leaking joints and windows made it possible for this moisture to be transported outside. These air changes are prevented in modern construction. Therefore, molds in the home are preferred in strongly sealed buildings, because here the moisture can no longer peel off. If it is not properly ventilated, moist, warm indoor air condenses on the coldest surfaces and angles of the apartment – an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Fight molds in the apartment

Mold infestation can be recognized by mildew, peeled wallpaper and mold stains. Also a musty, earthy smell, which the molds give, gives a hint. The fungal spores in indoor air are dangerous because they can seriously endanger their health. Allergies, asthma, pneumonia and flu-like symptoms can be caused by mold.

Molds in the apartment – prevention is best!

  • ventilate: You should be thorough and regular, following the motto: short – often – intense. Open the windows several times a day for three minutes, preferably opposite windows. Then in winter too much heating energy is lost. Avoid permanent ventilation through tilted windows – the walls cool down due to constant ventilation and mold fungus threatens again.
    Ventilate thoroughly even if you leave a room for a long time.
  • air circulation: means that pieces of furniture, especially those with a closed base, should be at least eight centimeters away from the wall. Even in the most remote corner of the apartment sufficient air circulation must be ensured.
  • Radiator: should not be surrounded by furniture, heavy curtains or improperly installed radiator panels.
  • Unheated, cold rooms: should only be used with plants that need little watering. Irrigation water is absorbed by the room air even in cold rooms.
    Keep the doors of unheated rooms closed.
  • Wipe surfaces: with alcohol, or paint with mold remover or "anti-mold color" is often not enough to exclude health problems. The sources of moisture and structural damage must be found and eliminated.
  • Steam: The results when showering or cooking should either be able to get outside immediately or spread wide open through open doors.
  • Laundry: to hang in the apartment to dry – you should avoid that. This will increase the humidity enormously.

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Treat circulatory disorders in cats homeopathically

With age, circulatory disorders can also occur in the cat, but also diseases or injuries can lead to it. Homeopathy has some remedies available to help cats with circulatory problems.

With increasing age of the cat can show among other things a defective circulation of organs or limbs. However, circulatory disorders in cats can also be caused by illness or injury. The blood vessel walls lose elasticity with increasing age, which can alter the flow pressure of the blood, and the flow characteristics of the blood also change.

These effects additionally provide for problems of the body, which can be shown by lack of oxygen in the brain and the organs, as well as the muscles. The effects can be recognized by the vitality of the cat. The cat will retire more and more, as she does not feel well and she can suddenly wake up from deep sleep at night because she is freezing or not getting enough air.

Cats that disturb the sleep of their owners may also suffer from circulatory problems. All bodily functions depend on a good circulation and also healing processes need a good circulation to heal a wound quickly.

Sleepy limbs or slower reactions are then also side effects of this disorder in the cat. For circulatory disorders, the heart should also be examined to rule out the possibility of heart disease.

Circulatory disorders are not only unpleasant for the cat, but they can also cause organ damage when z. B. the adrenal cortex is damaged.

Homeopathy for circulatory disorders in cats

A basic remedy of homeopathy for better blood circulation is Ginkgo biloba, The remedy has been used for many centuries in Chinese medicine for better blood circulation and works in low potencies quite well to promote blood circulation.

Carbo vegetabilis also helps in the circulation increase as well crateguswhich also supports cardiac output at the same time. Aesculus. Secale cronutum. Phosphorus. Aurum. Lachesis are also agents that are used in disorders of blood circulation. The remedies are used in low potencies D 6, in Gingko and Crategus also as mother tincture, and administered several times a day. For this, the agent is diluted with a little water and added directly into the mouth.

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Homeopathy in puberty: wanting to shine

Classical homeopathy is well-known among parents with young children. That she also has a lot to offer in puberty, you will learn in the following articles. Many adolescents are under enormous pressure to perform and develop physical symptoms such as headache, abdominal discomfort, anorexia and bulemia. In puberty, metals are often prescribed when it comes to topics such as "shine".

Homeopathy in puberty: shine and success

For example, chrome is a shiny metal, found on the bumpers of beautiful cars. It radiates and gives the appearance of perfection. The same is true of people who need chromium as a homeopathic remedy.

They do everything to keep the appearance beautiful. Their own focus is on the imperfect and so they feel worthless with time and develop little self-confidence. To overplay this, they behave coquettishly or vainly.

It is a helpful remedy for Sinusits ​​in these cases.

Homeopathy in puberty: perfection

A teenager who is at the top of the ladder, who feels a tremendous pressure to perform and has to control everything, could be a candidate for Niccolum. These perfectionists suppress their feelings and suffer from headaches and coughing. Often we find this form of expression among intellectual and educated people.

Homeopathy in puberty: revision

Adolescents tend to revise themselves even during puberty. One result may be that tics are being developed. Stuttering and sleep disturbances may also occur in the wake. When someone does their job but does not know their limits and overworks, Zincum can restore balance physically, mentally, and spiritually.


In puberty, there are often diseases due to increased pressure. Overwork, perfection, want to shine and succeed, counts so much for young people that the health is affected. Homeopathy helps to return to the appropriate.

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Ruta for cats for tendon and ligament diseases

This will be very painful for inflamed or accidentally overstretched or torn tendons or ligaments of the cat. Painkillers can take the pain as much as possible, but this can also be counterproductive because the cat may be moving too much. The homeopathic remedy Ruta can quickly provide a cure for tendon and ligament disorders.

Ruta graveolens, the rue, is especially effective in acute complaints of tendon and joint diseases in the cat. Ruta is a good fit for cats, who are quickly annoyed and irritable by their illness and simply want to have their rest. Cats suffering from chronic tendon and ligament disease seem almost depressed and apathetic, this condition is more likely towards evening. They result in their fate, however, as a result, anxiety may occur, which gradually set.

Every effort seems to only aggravate the condition of the cat when the tendons, ligaments, periosteum, or eyes become ill from over-exertion or accident. Another key symptom to Ruta is strong thirst for cold water or milk. Abdominal and stomach pain or constipation that can only be brought out with heavy pressure or frothy diarrhea can be treated with Ruta. If blood or mucus has been added to the diarrhea and an intestinal prolapse has occurred due to pressing too hard, or if the intestinal mucous membrane is severely overstimulated, Ruta should definitely be given.

A bladder condition in which the bladder is heavily filled and the cat is suffering from severe urination, but can only settle a small amount of urine in pain, calls for Ruta. Nevertheless, Ruta is usually used mostly for tendon and ligament disorders, as well as for diseases of the extremities. Whether sprained, painful and stiff joints, torn or torn tendons or a trauma to the periosteum, weakness of ligaments or tendons and tendonitis: anything can be treated with Ruta.

Even with paralysis you should try Ruta. Aggravation occurs through any exertion, even extreme restlessness, in cold, damp and on contact. The cats change places and just can not find the right location to relax. Only with pain in the back, the condition improves while lying down.

Further improvement can bring slight movement on slow walks or heat. In abdominal pain, milk can often be helpful.

Ruta can be combined with Rhus toxicodendron because the symptoms of exacerbation and improvement are very similar to those of these remedies. Ruta C30 is given once a day, 5 globules for 3-4 days. For this purpose, the medium, 2 – 3 granules, dissolved in 1 – 2ml of water and the cat either directly into the mouth given (about 10 drops) or administered via a little wet food or a little milk.

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