Set up the personal health project –

Usually many good intentions are made at the turn of the year. More exercise, less smoking, less alcohol, less calories, more natural habits. The list of good intentions is often long when a new year starts. At the end of February there is usually not much left of the good intentions. Time for your personal health project!

Plan the personal health project

First of all, it is important to find out what you want to do in general. For example, "move me more" or "reduce weight" would be good keywords. The next step is to think about what you want to do. For example, if you wrote down that you want to move more, it's important to remember what kind of movement you're thinking.

Make a note of the exact nature of the physical operation. If you would like to jog again, write it down. If you want to play tennis again or finally start Squashen, write it down.

Plan the exact time

In everyday life and under stress, one tends to save just calculated the relaxation and recovery times. But these are then missing twice. Not only that the recovery times are canceled. In the time when they could otherwise relax a little and recharge their batteries, their energies are now also claimed.

If it is already so far that recovery times and relaxation phases are missing in the week, then again fixed times must be planned for it. For example, "jogging during lunch break" or "squashing after work" would be good points here. Sometimes it makes sense to plan the exact time so that the project can really be implemented.

What the personal health project can include

In addition to "more exercise" is often the point "healthy food" at the top of the list of good intentions. Implementing this can sometimes be quite difficult. Often we do not take the time in stressful everyday life to shop well and cook in peace. Quickly what is bought in between and hectic down in the train or at a snack bar down.

Harmful and unhealthy food and hectic food intake are more harmful than we think. The body has no time to digest the food in peace. The nutrients offered lead to bloat and belching. Along with stress and restlessness, gastric mucosal inflammation can occur.

Set up relaxation times

In addition to adequate exercise and healthy nutrition, each person needs times a day, where he can just let all seven be. The time of leisure, of letting oneself go, of being a child again, or of playing is quickly lost in a stressful everyday life with a job and domestic duties. But it is important, too, if we want to regain our energy balance.

Relaxation times can be times when we just listen to music, read a good book. listen to an interesting program on the radio, make a sauna or go swimming. No matter what, it's important to set up times a week and then do what you set out to do.

Find out the resistance to the personal health project

Good planning also means finding out what prevents you from putting your good intentions into action. Is there a lack of strength in the evening, or do you not like to do your chosen sport on your own? What are the dangers in your everyday life that keep you from living a healthier life? Here it is important to name the obstacles accurately and to think about counter-strategies.

Start the personal health project – take concrete steps

All planning and all good intentions are of no use, if no concrete steps follow afterwards. Write down these concrete steps as closely as possible and keep a record of whether you were able to carry them out. Often the beginning succeeds quite well with the knowledge of the known resistances. It is then important to think of small rewards, so that it is possible to keep the good intentions for a long period of time.


In order to start a personal health project, it is important to plan fixed times for your projects. The knowledge of their resistance and the concrete steps they can take to implement their projects are also important pillars of a successful personal health project.

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Physical work damages the back

Around 80 percent of all adults in Germany often suffer from back pain. There are still some misconceptions about how back pain develops and how best to treat it. One of those back mistakes is that doing physical work harms the back.

Physical work and sports do not hurt your back

A physical stress or physical work can hurt the back. But that sport and exercise are bad for the back, you can not say. Even though there are certainly movements and sports that are not necessarily back-friendly, it is still better than doing nothing.

Poison for the back are movements with one-sided movements. If you are just running, just cycling or just playing tennis, your spine will be permanently damaged. Sports such as tennis, golf or rowing, which put a great burden on the back, are particularly difficult in terms of sport.

Physical work: how back pain develops

But the main cause of back pain is above all lack of exercise and resulting tension and poor posture. These problems can be counteracted by sports and physical activity. Anyone who only sits at the desk and lies on the couch in the evening, permanently weakens the back muscles and gets problems faster than a physically active person.

Physical work: Sport strengthens the back

Those who do sports moderately or are physically active also strengthen their back muscles and are more likely to be protected from problems. It becomes problematic with high-performance athletes or people in a profession, who always claims the back in the same way through physical work. Since it is important to train the opponent of the loaded muscles, so that the core muscles remain in balance. Which exercises prevent the muscular imbalance can be explained by a physiotherapist, an orthopedist or a qualified fitness trainer.

Back killers remain sedentary activities and muscular imbalances. Research has shown that only about 5 percent of all back problems are due to exercise or physical work. This also includes the problems that arise in people who do not do sports all year round and then wear 20 boxes, a cupboard and a bed during a move. With such unfamiliar load you need then not be surprised about back problems.

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Hypochondria: What to do about the fear of being terminally ill?

The hypochondriac has read all the illnesses that he hears from the medical records of other people in magazines and that he does not even know himself. He always pays attention to his body and constantly listens to his own body. He perceives "signals" that move him to new thought constructions. The concern is always his body, which could be seriously ill.

At some point he goes to see a doctor and informs him of his symptoms. After collecting the findings, which are usually negative, he is calmed down. After some time, doubts arise and the doctor is changed because he may have been wrong. Getting a second opinion is always safer for him.

The second opinion is identical to the first opinion of the other doctor. The patient is calm and satisfied again. The constant concern for personal health continues to haunt the patient's mind. The physical sensations change, constantly appearing new symptoms that may have the family doctor "overlooked". Thus, a cough can be reinterpreted as a lung tumor has been overlooked, because a lung film (chest X-ray on two levels) is not so easy and always clearly to read.

Fear as a trigger for hypochondria

The basic tenor of this behavior is always fear. The fear, the death, the loss of life.

This fear is usually present in people who have not dealt sufficiently with death. These people are still unaware that death is part of life. These people displace death and live in the feeling that earth life lasts forever.

They are unaware that sooner or later everyone will die. These people are unaware that if they leave home early, they do not necessarily have to return home in the evening. If these patients hear of the death of someone they knew, they become really ill and often panic.

Help for people with hypochondria

  • Seek professional help from a psychologist or life coach.
  • Face the challenge of life, learn to accept that our life is finite.
  • Take a hospital stay of several days to get a thorough check-up and discuss with the attending physician the problem you are suffering from.
  • Exercise in relaxation techniques such as yoga, autogenic training or self-hypnosis.
  • Be aware that this process is a process and will not be done overnight; but exceptions confirm the rule. #

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Why little cholesterol protects against infections

Cholesterol not only affects our blood vessels. The immune system is also influenced by cholesterol levels. Thus, a low cholesterol level could protect against infections.

Anyone who frequently suffers from a viral infection should have their cholesterol levels measured. If this is too high, viruses will easily play. So you could possibly fight viruses in the future with cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Propagation thanks to cholesterol

This is the result of an international research group. They wanted to take a closer look at the influence of metabolism on the immune system. They found that the immune system in a virus infection produces certain proteins that lowers the cholesterol level. At first glance, that seems pretty pointless. But at least in mice, a lower cholesterol level has a positive effect on the infection. Because the viruses feel better in an organism with an elevated cholesterol level. With their study, the scientists were able to demonstrate for the first time a direct correlation between lipid metabolism and the immune system.

It is not yet clear how the metabolism will be affected during or after a viral infection. It appears that viruses and bacteria rely on cholesterol to help them multiply better. The more cholesterol, the faster the pathogen spreads.

Less cholesterol – fewer viruses

To come to this conclusion, the researchers infected cells from the bone marrow of mice with cytomegalovirus. Then they waited and watched. They found that after infection, the cells increasingly produced a messenger substance called interferon. Actually, this interferon, which stimulates the immune system, is produced by the white blood cells that are responsible for our immune system. At the same time, interferon ensures that the organism produces fewer enzymes of cholesterol metabolism. This also reduces the cholesterol level. Some control experiments with other viruses confirmed the result.

The researchers then tested whether it would be possible to achieve a similar effect with cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins. They found that the funds significantly slowed down the growth of the pathogens in the organism. Now the researchers hope that with the findings of appropriate drugs can be developed, which can lower the cholesterol level and at the same time protect against infection.

Peter Ghazal (University of Edinburgh) et al: PLoS Biology, doi: 10.1371 / journal.pbio.1000598.s011

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Does daily coffee enjoyment extend life?

"Hey! How does the coffee taste sweet? "Johann Sebastian Bach once swore in his coffee cantata, which suggests that the composer was a fan of the dark brew, which tastes rather bitter, however, without sugar. Coffee used to be a luxurious stimulant, today it is almost a staple food. He is appreciated not only for his taste, but above all because of the invigorating effect. At the same time, however, was warned against too much. People with insomnia, high blood pressure and heart disease should reduce consumption to a minimum or even refrain from it.


Caffeine, an alkaloid responsible for the action of brown beans, also occurs in tea, where it is falsely referred to as "tein", and in traces in chocolate. Caffeine promotes the formation of dopamine in the brain, a motivational and happiness hormone. Caffeine is the world's most widely used psychoactive substance, which, in contrast to other intoxicants, does not develop any significant addictive potential.

Effect of caffeine

That coffee has a diuretic and stimulating effect has long been known. In addition, the drink increases the mood, shortens the reaction time, increases the alertness, raises the blood pressure. Swiss researchers have published a study that coffee consumption increases blood pressure in the short term, but lowers it in the long run, but only in non-smokers. In recent years, there has been a growing understanding that coffee is not an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer, but actually has a positive impact on stroke, type 2 depression and diabetes.

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Caffeine against Alzheimer's

Caffeine is effective in the regions of the brain that are affected by Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Regular coffee drinkers were less affected by this disease. This finding gives hope for caffeine-based medicines that may one day serve to prevent and treat these conditions.

Coffee drinkers live longer

In the US, in a long-term study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the US Department of Health and Social Services, researchers studied the health of 400,000 people aged 50 to 71 for 14 years. The result published in 2012 caused quite a stir: men who drank six or more cups of coffee a day had a 10% lower risk of dying (women as low as 15%) than non-coffee drinkers over the 13-year observation period. Research from Harvard University in 2011 also found evidence that coffee protects against breast cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer.


The exact effects of coffee on health are still unknown. Therefore, no one should drink more caffeinated coffee for therapeutic reasons than he likes. Freshly ground and brewed through a paper filter, it remains a stimulant; a healthy on top of that.

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Burnout vs. Burnout. depression

The burnout syndrome has been on everyone's lips for some time now. Nearly every third suffers from it, without really knowing what burnout is. Many psychologists also treat burnout as depression. There is a big difference between the two diseases, even if the symptoms are very similar.

What is depression

Depression itself has different gradations. Thus, an acute depression is completely normal when a heavy stroke of fate shakes our lives. However, acute depression disappears after a few months and does not require treatment, as it is a normal process to maintain mental health. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one grieves for a while. If the mourning phase lasts no more than a year, there is no depression in the clinical sense.

Healing prospects and duration of burnout

As a rule of thumb, burnout takes at least two years to completely heal. In our society, however, hardly any employer will treat his employee to this time. The private environment also brings little understanding for the exhausted. For fear of loss of work or social environment, these people persevere until there is permanent physical or psychological damage.

early detection

First signs of burnout are:

  • sleep disorders
  • irritability
  • Constant pondering
  • Excessive PMS
  • Digestive problems without physical cause, such as diarrhea

Traditional Chinese medicine offers many possibilities, as it alone assumes that health is something to work on. In this way, humans can not get sick at all, because TCM does not usually get that far. Also, our health system, which is actually a disease system, it would be well to put more on prevention and root cause research.

If a burnout is not treated:

The following diseases are due to burnout:

  • stomach ulcers
  • heart failure
  • cancer
  • u.v.a. more, mainly so-called civilization diseases.

Burnouts should be treated pre-emptively before the stage of total fatigue is reached. Fortunately, awareness is growing slowly and burnout prevention is booming.

Difference between acute and chronic depression

However, if acute depression is not respected, does not do any mourning, or does not treat the distressing event for whatever reason, the acute depression becomes chronic depression. To overcome these, professional help is needed. Chronically depressed people are treated by various therapies, such as. B. the talk therapy, which is supported by drugs to stabilize the impaired hormone balance in the brain. It is also helpful to get people back to normal daily routine and to transfer smaller tasks to them.

Small tasks help with depression

In some health resorts, patients have to cover the beds themselves or cook themselves. These little tasks help them to slowly give content to their meaningless existence. Since many depressed people are not even able to get up in the morning, it also helps when they are given responsibility, eg. By giving them the care of an animal. An animal demands a certain regularity and can use it to pull a depressive person out of his lethargy.

What is a burnout?

It is completely different with people suffering from burnout. They have a purpose in their lives. Maybe it was exactly this sense that drove her into burnout. The symptoms that are congruent with depression are that even burnout patients will one day not be able to get up in the morning.

Similarities in the treatment of burnout and depression

The similarities in the treatment of burnout and depression are in the diet change and the general change in living conditions.

Different cause

However, the cause of burnout is not the futility of existence, but excessive exhaustion, which can no longer be overcome with sleep. Many burnout patients suffer from sleep disturbances, often pondering for hours at night on how they might be able to change the situation to make them feel better again, and often only fall asleep in the morning hours.

But this sleep brings no recovery, because when waking up, all problems are back, the subconscious has no chance to process all pending complications of burnout. Burnout people turn around in circles, trying to perform, failing to become powerless and becoming more and more frustrated every day. Eventually, the body finally leaves her completely in the lurch.

Commonality in the symptoms of depression and burnout

And then it looks like a chronic depression. The mistake many psychologists make is to treat patients in the same way as depression. Instead of giving the burnout sufferer the peace and quiet that he / she needs and gently working to show the patient how he / she can relax, they try to integrate the already exhausted with small tasks into their everyday lives.

However, these tasks often exceed the strength of the patient, which makes him / her even more frustrated. In this case, it would be much more helpful to teach the patient to delegate tasks, to say "no" and to create the boundaries that he / she needs so much so that he is not constantly challenged by his limits.

Power reserves during burnout

It can be thought of as the power of a patient like a rechargeable battery. In healthy condition, the battery is not completely empty, and if it does, a vacation is usually enough to fill it up again. In a burnout patient, however, the battery is completely empty and is charged by a vacation only up to a quarter.

There, the so-called memory effect is created, the battery is emptied the faster and can not even be fully charged, the patient blames himself for his diminished performance and says he has to hold out even longer Body finally collapses.

Help for burnout patients by Bach flower remedies

During burnout, Bach flower therapy has often proven itself. However, this should only be done in collaboration with a psychologist. On the other hand, heavy antidepressants are, in my experience, counterproductive because they give the patient a power that he / she does not possess.

Bach flower recipes

The following Bach flowers help against depressions:

  • Wild rose
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Mustard (also as first aid)

The following Bach flowers help against burnout:

If panic attacks occur, Rock Rose helps.

The basic mixture is the same for both and consists of the following 5 flowers:

  • Star of Bethlehem (Shock Blossom)
  • Elm (stress bloom)
  • Walnut (changes)
  • Gorse (pessimism, resignation)
  • Aspen (fears)

Adjustment of the mixture every 2-3 weeks

These flowers should be readjusted every 2-3 weeks and do not serve as a lifelong crutch. In addition, it is advisable to work with colors and fragrances.

!! In any case, an accompanying talk therapy is important. !!

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What you should know about burning on urination

Burning while urinating is not only unpleasant, but often even associated with moderate pain. This is probably one of the reasons why a relatively large number of people in Germany are seeing a doctor because of these complaints. In the following, we clarify the different causes of urination and how they differ between men and women. In addition, we give useful tips on how you should react if you have pain while urinating.

Burning while urinating in men

Burning while urinating is always included both sexes in front. Both causes however, there is the pain of urinating differences, A particularly common reason for men's discomfort is this Presence of inflammation of the prostate (prostate) – which one among medics as prostatitis designated. Incidentally, here you will find further information on such prostatitis. typical symptoms are then next to the Burning while urinating the circumstance that one in the Urethra a constant pressure Feels like having to go to the bathroom or downright Pain when urinating Has.

In addition, in (older) men a then often occurring enlarged prostate often leads to a burning urination, because in such cases the probability of Bladder inflammation (cystitis) increases.

Sexually transmitted diseases – arising as a result of unprotected intercourse – may equally be responsible for the development of burning sensation during urination. In men, syphilis is very common, as well as eligible but also intimate herpes, an infection with chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Burning while urinating in women

In general are women from burning while urinating more often affected as men. This has mainly anatomical reasons, because the urethra is a few inches for women shorter as this is the case with the Lords of Creation. Consequently, germs and other pathogens, such as coliform bacteria, fungi or viruses, enter the body more easily and affect, for example, the mucous membrane of the bladder. That's why come Inflammation of the bladder and urethra Above average female gender prevalence.

A further cause by the way, for women, urinating pain is one vaginal drynesswhich often results from a stimulating bladder. Other potential causes are a Inflammation of the vagina (colpitis), a lowering of the uterus or STDssuch as chlamydia, genital herpes or gonorrhea.

Treatment of pain when urinating

The treatment of a urination while urinating is of course always after the individual situation of the patients and not least after the exact cause of the suffering,

Basically, you should always get one better Consult a doctor if pain is very severe or become unbearable. Likewise, you should get an expert opinion if you have one increasing number of typical disease symptoms – such as blood in the urine, pain in the lower abdomen, chills, fever or in general externally visible abnormalities around the genital organs – discover it.

The doctor tries – for example one bacterial bladder infection – by administering a antibiotic to get a grip on it again to stop the urination. By the way, a bacterial is the same method Prostatitis in men treated. As a rule, the complaints then become a thing of the past within days.

There are many other things that you can do to stop the urination while urinating:

  • Protect yourself with condoms during intercoursebecause it prevents you from having sexually transmitted infections, which are often the cause of the unloved urination.
  • Despite the pain of urinating, drink several liters per daybecause this flours the pathogens out of the body.
  • In addition, care must be taken to keep the abdomen always warmbecause opposite behavior, especially in women, can lead to burning when urinating.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do yourself – no matter what the cause – to prevent the pain of urinating.

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Aphthae in the mouth – Treat the psyche as well!

Aphthae are an annoying problem that can become chronic. These are usually small ulcers on the mucous membrane, the gums, the oral cavity, the tonsils or the tongue. One in five has such ulcers. In this article, I'll show you the background of the suffering and what you can do to get rid of it.

Oral ulcers and the immune system

All caves in the body are related to the topic "room for retreat". As children we grow up in the sheltered "cave" of the parental home. Children who rarely go outside are also called "bears in the cave". These very domestic children believe they can not prove themselves in the world out there; they prefer to stay away and do their thing in their room.

Often they are highly sensitive children who have already been teased by others. As adults, they leave the home to go to work, but they still like to remain private, closed and withdrawn. The downside is that they no longer face the challenge of proving themselves, presenting themselves, asserting themselves. In our body, the immune system helps us to stand up to external attacks. In chronic aphthae, how could it be otherwise, the immunity weakened.

My advice: First on the subject of high sensitivity: If you only go outside to take bread, your view of the world is getting smaller. Try to achieve a balance of withdrawal and openness. You will see that you can do better outdoors than you feared.

Now on immune defense: your weakened immune power is a valuable clue to what you can do now. Here is a three-point program for you:

  1. You do not have a good relationship with your body. Regular fitness boosts your body awareness.
  2. Tell your partner to brush you while you are bathing. This is a fantastic way to feel yourself.
  3. Especially in winter, additional vitamin C is important.

Oral ulcers and the feeling of inferiority

The ulcers in our oral cavity often arise where the oral mucosa is injured. With such descriptions I always listen carefully: "being hurt". As we have already seen, aphthae develop on the ground of a lack of body awareness. If we do not trust ourselves, if we do not act convincingly, then we can wait for other people to exploit, injure, humiliate, humiliate us.

Bad treatment causes aggression. When we are weak, all we have to do is turn the aggression against ourselves, in short, ulcers, no matter where they appear in the body, are often a reliable indication of anger that we direct against ourselves.

My advice: Feeling of inferiority is not a destiny that we have to accept. We can become strong. Instead of cursing the aphthae and pouring in canisters of silver nitrate or tea tree oil, we would rather be grateful for the challenge.

My questions to you: Who can not stand up to you? Does this person really have no vulnerability? Who in your family is strong, but maybe it is not? How can you surprise this man to finally get a stab at him, as one says in the card game? Which person in your company would be your turn to be questioned by you? Listen to these questions and listen to yourself if you are ready to strip the role of the scraper. I heartily wish you a speedy recovery!

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How cool are energy drinks really?

Energy without end advertising promises energy drinks. Is this statement true? Are the miracle potions healthy or does the promised energy boost harm the health?

Cool Drink = cool guy suggest commercials in the media. Tired and abducted? Not fit for upcoming services? A handle to the can and the full power is back. These promises have hit the nerve of the teenagers. No other beverage has been able to achieve rates of increase of more than 50 percent in the last ten years, such as the colorful cans with the mop makers. But do they keep their promises?

What is inside?

The energy drinks mainly contain water, sugar and aromas. Caffeine serves as a stimulant. This increases heart activity and blood pressure and stimulates the nervous system. A quarter liter can of energy drink regularly contains 80 milligrams of caffeine, as much as in a cup of coffee. Much higher, up to 200 milligrams, is the caffeine content in energy shots, which are offered only in small doses. The taurine also used to increase the ability to concentrate and muscle performance, inositol supposedly improve memory and fat burning, while glucuronolactone to help the body in the degradation of environmental toxins and detoxify it. However, these effects claimed by manufacturers have so far not been confirmed by investigations.

Children and adolescents

Only the effect of caffeine has been shown to be much greater in adolescents and children due to their lower body mass than in adults. And this in particular, because these drinks are often consumed after heavy physical exertion, which has already brought heart and circulation to peak performance, such as excessive dancing in the disco.

What consequences can the consumption of energy drinks have?

Cardiac arrhythmias, seizures, kidney failure, and even isolated deaths were observed after peak physical activity and the consumption of energy drinks. Especially dangerous is a combination with alcohol. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment therefore advises children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and persons who are sensitive to caffeine to refrain from consuming such drinks.

Detroit-based Wayne State University studies have shown that after two doses of energy drink, blood pressure and heart rate rose so high that dangerous levels were reached for patients with heart disease or high blood pressure.


After sweaty activities such as sports or dancing in the disco, the fluid loss must be compensated. A good, also cheap drink is apple juice in the ratio ⅔ mineral water, ⅓ apple juice. The mineral water replaces the sweated out electrolytes and the sugar in the juice provides energy.

Physical exhaustion should not be artificially obscured. Even in a performance society, the body needs rest, even if it is uncool to go to bed before dawn.


Dangerous is a combination with alcohol. The drink covers fatigue and the level of alcohol is not properly assessed, although responsiveness and coordination of movement are clearly limited.

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How to effectively treat acute bronchitis with homeopathic remedies

Increasingly, natural bronchitis remedies are being used in nature today to help speed up bronchitis symptoms. Homeopathy and bronchitis are thus closely connected and conventional medicine is often only used to cure the disease if the gentle medicine has no effect.

What are the best homeopathic remedies for acute bronchitis?

Homeopathy and bronchitis: For more and more people, these two terms belong together. If bronchitis is caused by cold weather, Aconite, Bryonia and Nux vomica are best.

The Aconite is ideal if the trigger was an outdoor stay in a cold east wind and then sudden severe symptoms associated with high fever and a mostly dry cough without ejection occur. The affected can not find peace.

Bryonia is used to treat acute bronchitis after a cold air exposure or when it has been triggered by financial worries. This type of bronchitis starts slowly and develops over several days. The fever is only moderate, the cough extremely dry without expectoration. Those affected are very thirsty.

Nux Vomica is given for acute bronchitis caused by work overload or anger. It goes hand in hand with a dry, hard cough without sputum. Those affected shiver and are very irritated. Warm drinks and rest bring improvement.

In case of acute bronchitis, the cough may be both moist and dry, as well as loose or hard. If there is a productive cough with sputum, it can be both tough and loose and have a special taste. The coughing up of the mucus can be heavy and can be accompanied by vomiting and choking.

Bryonia, Nux Vomica and Arsenicum album in acute bronchitis

For acute bronchitis without sputum, Bryonia, Nux Vomica and Arsenicum album can be used.

Bryonia helps in dry, dry cough associated with dry mucous membranes and burning behind the breastbone. The affected people are very thirsty, every movement triggers a coughing sensation, the mood is repellent. The bronchitis is usually accompanied by severe headaches or stinging back pain.

Nux Vomica is used for a dry, irritating cough that occurs in the morning and when the temperature changes from cold to warm. Most bronchitis occurs as a result of lack of sleep and overwork. Those affected freeze, are sensitive to drafts and cold in general. Warmth and calm improve the symptoms.

Arsenicum album helps against coughing with shortness of breath and a feeling of tightness in the chest. Those affected feel a great unrest and are anxious. In the evening and at night the complaints get worse. You want to drink water in small sips. Cold and cold drinks make the symptoms worse. Coughs come especially after those affected lie down and they are very exhausted.

Acute bronchitis with a moist expectoration

In this case Antimony tartaricum, Ipecacuanha and Hepar sulfuris are the right one. When using Antimony tartaricum sufferers have to fight with tough mucus. High cough is difficult. The repeated onset of coughing may cause respiratory distress with fear of suffocation. Those affected feel weakness. The audible rattle of mucus in the bronchi is typical of the tartar antimony.

Ipecacuanha is used in acute bronchitis associated with mucous rales. In addition, there is vomiting and nausea and feelings of suffocation and choking in the case of coughing. When lying down, the coughing is worse, as well as with damp heat.

The Hepar sulfuris is announced for coughing, which is triggered by the slightest breeze. Even a part of the body that is not covered is enough to trigger a cough. This bronchitis is a result of overwork and anger. Those affected are very irritated, but they do not want to be alone.

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