Back exercises for the office: Stretch the trunk

Back exercises for the office: Stretch the trunk1 min read

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Long cramped sitting is a major cause of back pain. Therefore, it is important to relax the stressed muscles regularly. Even small exercises can help to relax the muscles and so the back pain does not even arise.

If you work a lot sitting, you should treat yourself with a back pause now and then. Stretching the trunk loosens the muscles in the shoulder girdle and torso.

  1. Sit upright on your desk chair, with your right hand on your left thigh.
  2. Extend your left arm vertically upwards and take a deep breath.
  3. Breathe out slowly and slide your left arm over your head to the right. Stay in the middle of the chair and do not lift the buttocks sideways.
  4. Hold this position for about 8 seconds and switch sides.
  5. Repeat this exercise three times.

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Aggressiveness in dementia patients

Aggressiveness in dementia patients2 min read

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Aggressiveness in dementia: the causes

Aggression does not occur without reason, even if the cause is not obvious at first glance. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to expose the reasons for aggressive behavior. That's why it is important for you to keep a close watch on whether violence is closely related to a particular situation or repeats itself in specific actions. Try to reduce these triggering factors as much as possible until there is a clear change in the person's behavior.

Do violent attacks usually accumulate in the morning? Try to put the morning care or breakfast procedure back in time, maybe the person feels overwhelmed in the morning and does not know what to do next.

If aggressive behavior appears to be indiscriminate, you should check with the attending physician to determine if it is a disease-related condition. Did a drug change affect behavior or is violence a "normal" side effect? Talk to the doctor if the person becomes aggressive for no apparent reason.

Especially for nursing staff: Get a picture of the resident's biography and ask family members about their likes and dislikes. As a caregiver and / or relative, you need to be particularly empathetic and wonder how you would like to be treated.

Example situations that can cause aggressiveness

1. hectic meal delivery and / or disregard of eating habits
2. Fixation to bed or chair
3. Disregard the privacy of washing and showering
4. Perform actions against the will of the person concerned
5. Unknown pain, for example during oral care
6. Compulsion for physiotherapy or wash training
7. Allegations and measures
8. Lack of respect and / or complete ignorance of the wishes of the person concerned
9. Loud and / or too fast speaking or screaming as well as addressing from behind or the side
10. Overstimulation by radio / TV / reading aloud
11. Changes in the usual daily routine
12. Constantly new people and / or changing nursing staff

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Spigelia prevents worm and flea infestations in dogs

Spigelia prevents worm and flea infestations in dogs1 min read

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Treat symptoms of worm infestation and flea infestation in the dog

Although deworming with homeopathic remedies is often not so useful, the symptoms that occur can be treated well in dogs with spigelia. The homeopathic remedy can also be used preventively in cases of heavy flea infestation. A quote from Buchner says that you should give the dog three times 20 drops of tincture in roundworm infestation.

Dogs needing spigelia show anxious behavior and simply can not rest. They can also be very touch sensitive and freeze even though it is not cold. Fearful behavior can also be related to heart disease in the dog and should be clarified if possible by a vet visit.

Spigelia is particularly suitable for dogs suffering from anemia, who are weak and may also have rheumatic relapses. Weakness can also occur here through a heart disease, which can sometimes be associated with pain.

If fever occurs and the dog has problems with the joints or pain in the muscles, these can be caused by rheumatism, which is also favorably influenced by spigelia.

An aggravation of the symptoms shows up in the dog by noises, cool air or movement. An improvement occurs by rest and lying down. Only with heart illnesses rest and lying does not improve the symptoms.

Application of spigelia

Spigelia is given in the D6 3 times a day. To do this, dissolve 5 globulis in some still water and give the dog the water directly into the mouth. In acute diseases, the drug may also be given every 15-20 minutes until the symptoms have improved. The duration of the input can be 3-4 weeks and should be reconsidered if the symptoms do not improve or the dog does not feel much better.

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The athlete's heart

A heart for athletes: the athlete's heart1 min read

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In medical jargon, this process is called hypertrophy. But if you're doing endurance sports regularly, it does not necessarily mean training the athlete's heart. The decisive factor is whether you train in a strong performance-oriented manner and whether you bring along certain genetic systems. If that is the case, it is possible that some competitive athletes have almost twice the size of a non-athlete's heart.

The athlete's heart is able to pump more blood into the bloodstream with each stroke. So there is no danger, on the contrary: it is much more powerful. An athlete's heart also beats less frequently (about 30 to 40 times per minute) while at rest, while it can better supply the body with oxygen under stress.

In ultrasound, an athlete's heart can be easily recognized. If it is a healthy hypertrophy, especially the left ventricle is enlarged. It is responsible for pumping the oxygen-enriched blood into the circulation.

The athlete's heart – a danger?

If both chambers of the heart are not evenly enlarged, there is a risk that the heart valves will not be able to close properly. This may be the case in particular when taking doping agents. If bodybuilders take growth hormones, their heart also increases. However, the heart muscle also grows inwards, so that ultimately the heart chamber becomes smaller. As a result, the risk of sudden cardiac death is particularly high among bodybuilders who use growth hormone.

All in all, it can be stated that an enlarged heart does not usually pose a danger. However, competitive athletes should not stop training overnight, but rather slow down the training schedule to get the heart used to the new circumstances.

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The power of homeopathy for headache

The power of homeopathy for headache3 min read

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The most famous and popular form, which is becoming more and more prevalent, is the ingestion of the white little globules. Homeopathy, because of its tolerability, can be used not only in adults, but also in children and infants. Alternative treatment options such as homeopathy are also increasingly used in the animal world.

The reason for the growing popularity is the effectiveness that can be achieved in combination with conventional medicine. The self-healing powers of the body are specifically stimulated.

Potentiation – important for the effectiveness

There are now over 2000 different animal, vegetable and mineral substances that can be used to stimulate the body's self-healing powers. The mother tincture, which gives each homeopathic remedy, is diluted and thus potentiated differently. The different potencies have different effects on the body, which is why an intake of homeopathic remedies individually put together and aligned with the existing symptoms.

The combination of a letter and a number, which are always behind the Latin name, provide clues about the dilution. For example, "D6" stands for a six-fold dilution in the amount of 1 to 10. The D stands for decimal potency, while the letter C stands for a dilution to the extent of 1 to 100.

The right intake

Experts recommend taking homeopathic remedies with a porcelain or plastic spoon. An optimal dosage can be determined with the help of a doctor attuned to applied conventional medicine. If an intake is to be made at your own request, then the Internet can be of great help. The small beads are placed under the tongue or in the cheek pouch so that the mucous membranes optimally absorb the homeopathic remedies. Beverages with a high caffeine content and chamomile and peppermint tea should be avoided while taking homeopathic remedies.

Some of the recommended globulis

Headache is one of the most common diseases, and conventional medicine is not always able to provide relief. Homeopathy for headaches stimulates the body to eliminate the problems or the trigger itself and acts in a gentle way.

Arnica D12

This homeopathic remedy is suitable for headaches caused by a blow or a fall. Also a concussion can be assisted in combination with Natrum sulphuricum D12 in the cure.

Rhus toxicodendron D30

Ideal for headaches caused by a cold, flu or hypothermia.

Lachesis D12 and Hypericum D6

These two homeopathic remedies can relieve headaches caused by a sunstroke. An intake of the two funds takes place alternately.

Aconite D12

Aconitum D12 can be used if increased blood pressure has been detected and headache is more common.

Gelsemium D30

Headaches that radiate over the neck to the temple can be relieved with this homeopathic remedy. In case of additional drowsiness and lightheadedness, a change to Belladonna D30 is recommended.

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A garden – also possible for allergy sufferers?

Diseases Practical Tips

Reading Time: 1 minute "A beautiful garden remains a wishful dream for me," complain many allergic persons.There is no garden that is really allergy-free, but with some tricks you can live out your garden dreams as an allergic person.What to look out for, read in this article.

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A garden – also possible for allergy sufferers?1 min read

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However, some precautions are necessary for gardening as an allergic person:
Work best with gloves and put on a cap or a hat.

Keep in mind that pollen will quickly adhere to rough tissue such as wool. Your garden outfit should therefore consist of microfibres – here, the modern sportswear offers.

Also important is the right time for allergy-free gardening. Wet weather is best, as well as the early morning, on warm, windless days you can also hand over at noon.

It depends on the right plant choice

Your garden should be created as non-allergenic as possible. Choose the plants properly. You should refrain from so-called windblower. These are plants that are not pollinated by bees, but spread your pollen with the wind and rob you as an allergic to the air. They usually have many small, unremarkable flowers.

Leave such plants in the garden center and access plants with large, filled flowers. Also suitable are plants with closed flowers, in which the stamens are hidden. Get advice in the garden market, which plants release few pollen – so you can enjoy a thriving garden as an allergic person.

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Homeopathy for headaches: the trigger

Homeopathy Practical Tips

Reading Time: 1 minute Treating headaches homeopathically is not so easy, because headaches are not the same as headaches. In the homeopathic treatment, the location of the pain, the type of pain, the trigger for the pain, the modalities (better through and worse through) and the side effects associated with the headache play a role.

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Homeopathy and headache: the trigger2 min read

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To treat headaches homeopathically: The trigger

In addition to mechanical stimuli such as temperature, draft, hair cutting, soaking, and sunshine, emotions such as anger or sadness come into question. Of course, headaches also occur as a result of a head injury and as a result of a flu infection along with fever and body aches. Alcohol and lack of sleep, stress at work and smoking are also commonly described by patients as triggers. Last but not least, omitting a meal can cause headaches in some people. The following homeopathic remedies are indicated for the different triggers:

  • a headache – Result of too strong consumption of alcohol – Nux vomica
  • a headache – Result of Smoke – Gelsemium, Ignatia, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla
  • a headache – Result of lack of sleep – Nux vomica, Cocculus, Coffea
  • a headache – Result of fatty food – Pulsatilla, Ipecacuanha, Natrum muriaticum
  • a headache – Result of Skipping a meal – Phophor, Sulfur, Lycopodium
  • a headache by cold air – Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Causticum, Rhus-toxicodendron
  • a headache in consequence of draft – Nux vomica, Silicea, Hepar sulfuris
  • a headache by Coldness of the feet – Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Silicea
  • a headache to Moisture of the head – Dulcamara, Belladonna, Calcarea, Rhus-toxicodendron
  • a headache to Cut hair – Belladonna, Glonoinum, Sepia
  • a headache by Sun – Belladonna, Bryonia, Glonoinum, Lachesis, Natrum muriaticum
  • a headache by physical and mental effort – Calcium carbonicum, Calcium phosphoricum, Natrum muriaticum
  • a headache by sorrow – Ignatia, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria
  • a headache by suppressed anger – Bryonia, Chamomilla, Nux vomica, Staphysagria
  • a headache in consequence of head injury – Arnica montana, Cicuta virosa, Hypericum
  • a headache With violent fever – Belladonna

Read in the other articles in this series which homeopathic remedies are indicated if the headache is associated with certain concomitant symptoms, if you choose the homeopathic remedy according to the modalities or because of the nature of the pain.

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Detect appendicitis in time

Detect appendicitis in time1 min read

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Typical symptoms of appendicitis include:

1. stomach ache, which begin in the region of the stomach or navel and then migrate within a few hours in the right side of the lower abdomen.

2. Fever: The temperature often rises to about 39 ° C. In the elderly, it may lead to appendicitis without fever.

3. Pain during movements: The abdominal pain increases when walking, especially when the right leg is raised.

4. stomach complaints: Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite usually go hand in hand with inflammation.

5. intestinal complaints: Very often the patient suffers from constipation, less often from diarrhea.

If you notice these five symptoms, there is an urgent need for acute appendicitis. See a doctor immediately, because if appendicitis is discovered after 36 hours, the risk to the patient has increased significantly:

The risk of the inflamed appendix bursting is then more than 65%. This can cause perilous peritonitis. Rapid diagnosis and treatment is crucial in appendicitis.

Arnica in Classical Homeopathy

The psychic picture of Arnica in Classical Homeopathy2 min read

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Arnica is a known injury

People who have suffered a shock (for example in a traffic accident) often feel that they are missing anything. They send the hurrying doctor and other helpers away because they feel they do not want to be naked. This principle also works in the field of the soul. If a person who needs constitutional arnica is mentally injured, he will try not to show it. The defense of one's own vulnerability can even go so far that he himself does not realize that something has hurt him.

People who need arnica are very strong

The suppression of their own vulnerability means that these people are very strong and very resilient. Often they are. And they suspect nothing or only a little of their sensitive side. Their vulnerability is then paradoxically demonstrated by the fact that they often injure themselves or are more often involved in accidents than other people.

The constitutional treatment with arnica

If a person with this psychic structure now gets the homeopathic remedy arnica in a high potency, this will lead to him being able to better perceive and integrate his vulnerable and sensitive side. Your own strength is allowed and perceived. But then this is no longer at the expense of one's own sensitivity. People who need the homeopathic remedy arnica as a constitutional remedy are often very athletic and want to reach their exercise limit in the physical area.

Not infrequently you also meet competitive athletes who need arnica. However, favoring one's own strength also leads in other areas to the fact that they impose extraordinary burdens and have an increased stamina. If a man needs arnica in balance, he can withstand great stress well, but also knows when he needs a break and is accessible to the finer vibrations of life.

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In hypertension, the brain shrinks faster

In hypertension, the brain shrinks faster1 min read

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Memory weakness due to hypertension:

The normal aging processes in the brain are accelerated by high blood pressure. This emerges from a long-term study of a German-American research team, in which employees of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin were involved.

The researchers had examined 72 adults between the ages of 20 and 77 years at intervals of five years by magnetic resonance imaging. The result: The brain begins to shrink in men and women as early as mid-40, regardless of its original size. If hypertension is involved, this process will be speeded up – and surprisingly, regardless of whether the hypertension is being treated or not.

Particularly affected by the high pressure shrinkage effect were the brain regions responsible for memory, e.g. the hippocampus explains Ulman Lindenberger, one of the Berlin co-authors of the study, which appeared in the journal "Cerebal Cortex". The longer the patients already suffer from high blood pressure, the stronger was the brain reduction.

Practical tip "Hypertension"

Hardly any folk suffering can be treated as well with natural measures as hypertension. In addition to reducing overweight, abstaining from nicotine and alcohol as well as a varied diet, you can also enjoy relaxation procedures, e.g. Qi Gong, great to help prevent stress-related high blood pressure.

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