Burnout – just one of the consequences of workaholism

No addiction remains without consequences. Whoever demands too much of his body and soul will sooner or later have to live with the consequences. If workaholism becomes chronic, then one of the consequences is burnout. The overload is characterized by a variety of symptoms and requires professional help.

How many people in Germany suffer from workaholism?

Unfortunately, it can not be said exactly how many people
Labor addiction suffer. The number of unreported cases is high and burnout is not clinical
Diagnosis, which is exactly detected. The way to become a therapy
It is long and costs a lot to overcome. In Germany are
According to estimates, about 300,000 people are affected by workaholism and the threat of burnout.

End station burnout

Burnout is one of the few diseases whose cause is almost
is to be sought exclusively in the world of work. After an initial
Enthusiasm and sacrifice for the job is the result that you feel burned out at some point under excessive stress.

A burnout means that workaholism has reached its peak. The batteries are empty and body and soul are on strike. Even the smallest efforts become a burden during a burnout. One feels empty and drained and is more and more afflicted by fear of failure.

Workaholism knows no boundaries

This is exactly the problem. Those who suffer from workaholism are increasingly neglecting their limits and permanently exceeding them in the case of a chronic addiction. This process can initially be exhilarating and fulfilling
be felt and drag on for years. If the addiction is noticed or accepted too late, then it comes to physical complaints.

Initially you may feel a gastric pressure or a headache. Those who do not react here must expect that the craze for work ends in burnout. The consequences are social isolation and feelings of guilt, deep depression and fears of being unable to cope with life.

A creeping development can be dangerous

Since the work addiction creeps into our everyday life and
Not as an addiction, but as a satisfying and satisfying state, it can take years before workaholism becomes a threat.

The most common consequence of a permanent physical and mental overload in the workplace is called burnout. The body and the soul strike and set a clear alarm signal, which not infrequently can be interpreted as a harbinger of heart attack and stroke.

Read more about workaholism in my editorial:

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Three steps to more praise in your life

We agree: In Germany, too little is praised. Much too little. Attention and acceptance are basic human needs. Even small children scream for attention when they feel too little noticed. They loudly demand recognition when they have accomplished a new task or learned something new.

If you ask today, the employees of any company is the most requested wish to the executives: Praise more. And frankly and honestly. Because only a really serious common praise reaches the employee too. We notice immediately when we try to fool ourselves – body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and content do not match in the matter.

It is completely useless to use praise as a means for the purpose of motivation. It may work for a short time. But the realization that the praise was purely goal-directed and that the human being was not really meant, is followed by mistrust and thus the exact opposite of the desired goal. A culture of praise in families and businesses can only arise voluntarily. A "regulation from above" – ​​for example, by means of boss-given models – does exactly the opposite. But even the greatest feels small when he experiences the attention of others inadequately.

The question is: How does the praise really work?

It is really easy. Start with Step 1: Praise yourself, If others give you too little appreciation and appreciation, you can do it yourself. By attentively observing and appreciating your good performances. These can be very simple things: The textbook, which you have read faster than planned. A particularly appetizing dinner. The critical phone call, which you have passed with flying colors.

How do you do that best?

Be sure to buy a nice booklet or a noble notebook and give it the name "Success Diary". Every evening at the end of the day, sit down for five minutes and consider: what worked well today? What can I be proud of today? Where have I overcome myself today or tried something new? Write three points in your notebook every day that went well that day because you did something well. You will see that there is always something – because it's also about being more patient with yourself and not always expecting top performance.

As a human, you count for more than just your peak performance. It's the little things that make a worthwhile person – so confess that even little things are worthy of self-praise. Self-praise stinks namely only when we rub it in the face of others under the nose and trumpet it out loud. The selfless praise in the air, however, smells wonderful and gradually provides a great motivational push. Reward yourself by appreciating your good performance in value.

Step 2: Make yourself independent of the praise of others

We like to measure ourselves by the standards that apply to others – or that are applied to us by others. We are allowed to develop and use our own standards. Anyone who struggles to learn a foreign language can only lose by comparing themselves to a linguistic genius. Anyone who measures himself as a creative chaot on the disciplined order fanatic is already lost. Set your own standards.

You know that: A chic new housing estate is gradually being occupied by young families. First, the houses are completed completely outside and inside. Then the gardens come on. Now follows a series of inauguration celebrations, to which the new neighbors are of course invited, because they were on the arduous path until then often help, Kummerkasten or tool exchange. Everything seems wonderful.

But there are first cracks when the task "house + garden" gets into the background. Other things rise up into consciousness again. You measure yourself by what others "have". That's what you want to "own" yourself in order to be one of the winners in this new environment. It creates envy.

Their goal: "being" – that is, having one's own personality – makes them appreciated. Because it is noticeable that the skillfully crafted neighbor or the creative decorator continue to receive encouragement – regardless of whether they drive thick cars or a Aufsitzrasenmäher. So score with your own personal skills and use them cleverly – then comes the next motivational boost all by itself.

And so in these new housing estates usually starts after five to ten years, a cheerful partner exchange. Because many are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their current state and no longer feel valued. Common goals have disappeared or disappeared from view.

Step 3: Do good and talk about it!

It is currently being debated time and again why so few women in management positions are in German companies. This also has to do with the fact that women are harder to clearly mention their own achievements when it comes to recognition. Women are more in need of harmony in the background and do not want to hurt others by putting themselves in the foreground. Men, on the other hand, are wonderful (women can learn a lot from that !!!) in assuring themselves of the general appreciation of their work. What is sometimes referred to as "bragging" and perceived is the cry for attention. "I want to be praised!" Is behind it and a man can shout out loud if need be.

The fact is that someone who points others to their own good achievements, is simply perceived more in their abilities. Without bragging right away. So if you have been handling the complaints in your company for years – then talk about it. Make boss and colleagues aware of what you do for the company: Relaxing disgruntled customers, writing tricky letters, looking for solutions in the company, optimizing processes to prevent mistakes in the future, and much more – all of this you do on a daily basis.

Make it clear to others who would often do this job for no money in the world. Because if it is easy for you, it is often anything but easy for others – and thus a valuable contribution to the company's success.

Create awareness of your value to the company and its colleagues. This is no pride – but simply the demand of your rightful perception. So that the supervisor thinks about you at the next promotion round. So that you can talk about new goals at the next salary talks – because the money comes voluntarily from the boss, because he knows your value for the company. It would be too much to ask that a boss would keep an eye on every performance of all employees constantly. So let him know about things he should know. And that definitely includes good services that you have provided.

If you have achieved good success in the field of self-praise in step 1, then you simply use your motivation boost at this point and go Step 4: Praise your boss and your colleagues, For the sensitive way of dealing with difficult customers or – if you are honest – for the great taste in terms of clothing. That he always puts himself and her colleagues in front of you, when things have gone wrong, or that he is spending a Christmas party in difficult economic times. Lead by example: Praise him and your colleagues whenever you notice something positive. By the steps 1 – 3 you are well trained in mindfulness. And one thing is for sure: praise, which you donate, returns to you. Guaranteed.

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Treating acute urticaria homeopathically – ibuzzworld.com

Acute urticaria can be caused by various substances or may be concomitant with another condition. Depending on where the urticaria occurs and what is the trigger for hives, different homeopathic remedies are eligible.

The main triggers for acute urticaria

Hives can be caused by medicines, insect bites, certain foods, jellyfish, stinging nettles or citrus fruits. Cold, heat, light and other mechanical stimuli can also trigger urticaria. Urticaria is very rarely caused by the stimulation of one's own sweat glands.

How does hives develop?

Contact with the allergenic substance releases histamine in the cells. Through the then permeable capillaries plasma exits. This leads to edema and thus to hives.

Treat Acute Urticaria Homeopathically – Apis Mellifica

Also, to prevent anaphylactic shock, Apis mellifica is often the first homeopathic remedy indicated for the treatment of acute urticaria. Although the urticaria was triggered by an insect bite, Apis mellifica is the drug of choice. The swelling is usually strong. The wheals are pale pink and the sufferers complain of stinging pain and a strong burning sensation. Cold and cooling by cold water does the sick well. They do not want to drink anything.

Treating Acute Urticaria Homeopathically – Other Remedies

A very common homeopathic remedy is Urtica urens. It is given when the picture of hives resembles the picture of a reaction to a stinging nettle. Although urticaria occurs after heavy effort and has been caused by one's own sweating, urtica urens is usually helpful. The appearance of urticaria after eating sea vegetables or vegetables indicates the homeopathic remedy Urtica urens.

Belladonna is indicated if the person suffering from severe dry mouth suffers and the wheals are very hot and deep red. The pain can be throbbing and sufferers either have a strong thirst or are thirstless. Accompanying may also be mild fever.

Rhus toxicodendron is indicated when the urticaria is triggered by exertion and heat improves hives. Affected are very restless and want to move constantly, which also improves the symptoms.

Arsenicum album is indicated when urticaria is triggered by eating fish or meat. The affected are also very restless and are very afraid that they will not get well again. Typical of Arsenicum album is the aggravation of the symptoms at night.


This is just a small selection of homeopathic remedies that may be indicated for the treatment of acute urticaria. If a hives remain longer, they can only be cured by the appropriate constitutional remedy. But even in this case Apis mellifica, Urtica Urens, Rhus toxicodendron or Arsenicum album may be indicated.

Note: Since the acute situation can lead to anaphylactic shock, it is necessary to consult a doctor or call the ambulance if the symptoms are very severe. The above remedies can then be given to relieve the symptoms until the ambulance arrives.

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Treat gallstones homeopathically – ibuzzworld.com

In order to treat homeopathic gallstones, it is important to know exactly and to hierarchize the accompanying symptoms. Read here which accompanying symptoms indicate which homeopathic remedy and how gallstones can be treated homeopathically.

Detecting gallstones – early signs

The formation of gallstones is often not noticed by those affected. Only when symptoms occur, the gallstones can be determined by a special examination. Before it comes to a biliary colic, often occurs an inflammation of the gallbladder, which is accompanied by severe pain.

The color of the stool changes when the bile is missing. The chair can become so bright that it looks almost white. A change of diarrhea and constipation can also be a sign of gallstones. Butter and fatty foods are often not tolerated long before stones have formed. Most sufferers suffer from severe flatulence. Also typical is the bilious temperament with an increased irritability and increased vulnerability.

Treat gallstones homeopathically – which remedies are suitable?

The homeopathic treatment of gallstones is usually in a homeopathic constitutional treatment. Often it is the homeopathic remedies that also have a strong liver reference, which are helpful in gallstones.

Calcium carbonicum, Lycopodium, Sepia and Sulfur are most commonly prescribed for gallstones. Depending on the side effects and other complaints, one of the remedies can often be helpful. Other homeopathic remedies that may be indicated are Nux vomica, Colocynthis and chelidonium,


In order to successfully treat homeopathic gallstones, it is usually necessary to perform a homeopathic constitutional treatment. In practice, the four large polychrests Calcium carbonicum, Lycopodium, Sulfur and Sepia have proven successful.

But there are other, less typical homeopathic remedies for the treatment in question. It is often homeopathic remedies that have a strong effect on the liver, which are also beneficial for gallstones. The displayed homeopathic remedy can keep the gallstones symptom-free for a long period of time or even completely disappear.

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Understand blood values ​​- made easy

To understand what the doctor wants to tell you, as a patient, you should understand the blood levels. At the annual routine check and complaints, the doctor will first arrange a blood test. At the meeting, however, as a patient, one often has difficulty understanding the explanations given by the physician. Abbreviations are unknown and whether a value is normal or conspicuous does not open up to the layman immediately.

Your doctor did a blood test? Then it is important that you also understand the blood levels when talking to you. We help you with the decryption.

Erythrocytes (Ery)

The erythrocytes – also called red blood cells – transport the oxygen to the individual cells.

The erythrocyte value is increased, inter alia, when there is an oxygen deficiency, such as in a heart or lung disease. The value is lowered z. B. in anemia (anemia). The most significant here is iron deficiency anemia. The value is also reduced in blood loss due to injury or unnoticed internal bleeding z. B. by a stomach ulcer.


The leukocytes – also called white blood cells – are part of our immune system.

If they are elevated, it speaks of inflammation in the body, an allergy or leukemia (the values ​​are extremely high here). If the values ​​are too low, this indicates a virus infection, eg. B. a flu.


The so-called platelets are responsible for the blood clotting. If injured, the platelets are responsible for stopping the bleeding.

If the function of the platelets is impaired or if there are too few platelets, it will take longer than usual for an injury to stop the bleeding.

If the platelet value is reduced, the z. B. indicate leukemia or chronic liver disease. The value is increased, among others, in acute infections, chronic inflammations or tumors.

The inflammatory values

In addition to the small blood count, in case of suspected inflammation usually also the BSG and the CRP are determined.

Blood cell lowering rate (ESR)

In determining this value, the distance that the blood corpuscles sink in a glass tube in a given time is measured. With different illnesses the blood corpuscles sink faster or slower. The value can give indications of an inflammatory event.

An elevated level of BSG may indicate, among other things, a bacterial infection or autoimmune diseases.

C-reactive protein (CRP)

The blood cell sinking rate has lost importance. The doctor usually also allows the CRP to be determined, as it reacts much faster and more clearly to inflammations.

The C-reactive protein is a protein that is mainly formed in inflammation to remove dead cells or cell debris and toxic substances from the tissue.

The CRP value is among others increased in bacterial infections, acute inflammation of the pancreas, in rheumatic diseases but also in acute myocardial infarction.


The values ​​of the small blood picture give a first assessment of her symptoms. For a precise diagnosis often further investigations are necessary. As an informed patient, in the future you can follow up on your blood values ​​and ask for specific information.

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Avoid mistakes when applying

Increase your application chances by avoiding typical mistakes. The tips in this post seem to be taken for granted. Nevertheless, personnel managers are repeatedly confronted with applications that go back to the sender for formal reasons. The candidate thereby lost his chance to show his true qualification.

Of course, what is expected of an application depends heavily on the position to be awarded. If the post is a craft activity, the priorities are different from e.g. in a business oriented position.

Likewise, it makes a difference whether the vacant position is clerical or managerial. However, the following examples show minimum requirements that apply equally to all applications. By avoiding obvious mistakes, you can significantly increase your chances in the application process.

Choose the right channel

In the job advertisement, you should read exactly which way of contacting the company prefers. Apply in writing unless an online application is specifically requested. If the company wishes to apply online, do not send paper, as this will cause extra work for the recipients and demonstrate that you have not read the job posting properly.

Do not save at the wrong end

Maybe a small envelope is cheaper than a big one, also in terms of postage. To save here, however, would be fatal. Always send documents in DIN A4 format and with sufficient postage. By the way, you can deduct your expenses for the application for tax purposes.

View documents critically

Even small impurities, broken sheets or bad prints are taboo in the application. You only use application folders a second time, if they really still look like new. Do not think such a thing would not stand out. Just as one spelling mistake stands out between 100 correctly spelled words, so also such formalities are immediately apparent. Especially if an inferior application arrives at the same time as another, error-free application.

Names and addresses must be correct

Everyone likes to hear and read their own name. Therefore, you should always address an application to a specific contact person. Its name, of course, you write correctly and use it in the address field and in the salutation of the application letter. Even company names must be 100% correct, as well as the company address. A letter may also arrive, if one does not take it so exactly, but the recipient will close from lack of interest in this area on lack of interest.

Small cause – big impact; so you could rewrite these incomprehensible frequently occurring application errors. But if you have done everything right here, your chances of proving your qualifications in the further application process will increase.

You will find further application tips in another article in this portal.

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This is how your children learn to play writing

You want to support your child while learning to write? But there is a simple means that is fun: Play Post. In this article you will learn how this works, what you need and what you should be aware of.

Playing post is fun

Did you play post as a child? Maybe you even set up a mobile post office with a "child post"? Even children today love to write and receive small messages. Enjoy the fun of the game and learn to write and read with your children.

To play mail you need:

  • two pencils
  • paper
  • one or two cardboard boxes

The cardboard box becomes a mailbox. You can stick it on or paint it together. Even a postal slot is doing well in it. However, do not glue the lid so the receiver can get his mail out. You place the post box centrally in the apartment.

If you enjoy crafting, make two mailboxes: one in front of the nursery, the other in front of the kitchen. Of course, the names of the recipients must not be missing.

This is how you learn to read and write with your child

  • Write alternating short messages – every day, several a day or every few days. Quite casual, for pleasure and pleasure.
  • To lift the joy, pack something sweet in the mail every few days.
  • Ask questions that the child can answer: "What do you want to eat tomorrow?" Or "Would you like to go to the movies with me?"
  • Write in block letters. Elementary school students can not decipher individual handwriting.
  • Fold the paper together twice and write the name of the sender and recipient on it.
  • Throw the mail in the homemade mailbox.

Note the only rule

The child should discover how much fun it is to learn to read and write independently. Therefore, hold back criticism and do not laugh at it.

It is undoubtedly important to learn rules on spelling and grammar. However, if you put the focus on the mistakes in each letter, it inhibits the child at the first writing steps. It is a great achievement for a child to formulate the first free lines. The exercise will also improve the style.

Spelling comes in the second step

The spelling also comes in postal games to the train. Collect your child's messages and create a list of words that are not spelled correctly. You practice these words later with your child. Without responding to the fact that it has written these wrong in the news.

Secret messages for experienced children

Children who have outgrown the first writing age like to write secret messages. From the third grade, the child has enough prior knowledge and patience to implement a secret code. For this you can make with the child a "turntable on template", which you can find in my other articles.

You will find more tips for writing and reading in my articles:

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Treat warts in the dog homeopathically

Warts are not a visual problem for the dog, but they can quickly lead to bleeding in unfavorable places. This happens when the dog tears it off by scratching it. Homeopathic remedies eliminate most harmless warts.

How do warts look like in dogs?

Warts are degeneration of the skin and they can occur in the dog in the most impossible places. They especially like to infest older dogs, where they then appear on the eyelids or in the auditory canal. In both places they are very inappropriate because they can press on the eyelid on the eye constantly irritate the conjunctiva and additionally provide conjunctivitis.

In the ear canal they are not only unpleasant and can hurt, but they also affect the hearing quality of the dog. Warts also occur on body openings, where they can also be very disturbing. There they bleed, itch and wet quickly.

If the dog likes the procedure you can treat the wart with an icer, which you can get in the pharmacy. But this only applies to warts, which do not sit on eyes, ears or body openings.
Externally, a treatment can be made as well as internally.

Since a willingness to warts always the entire structure of the organism is disturbed, one should try to support the constitution of the dog with immune-boosting preparations. You should also pay attention to the diet of the dog.

Homeopathy for dogs with warts

Warts that occur on the penis or on the dog's teats can be treated with thuja, which is one of the basic remedies for warts. Acidum nitricum is used in warts, which arise at body openings to mucosal transitions. For example, on the penis and on the eyelids.

Warts that respond well to this remedy wet very easily and usually itch very much, as well as they tend to bleed easily. Warts that respond to Thuja, however, are stalked or look like a cauliflower and are rather dark, but sometimes bleed quickly.

Causticum is used for warts on the teats or in the ear canals, where the warts look like a ridge. The warts are then rather horny, but smooth, and sometimes put a secretion that is very greasy. Here it has proven itself to give Calcium carbonicum on a trial basis.

For warts, which are very horny and very hard, you give the dog Antimonium Crudum, otherwise he tends to keratinization of the nails. The homeopathic remedies are usually used in low potencies. D1 – D12 is then administered two to more times a day, depending on potency, until the wart is gone.

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Annoying blinking is mostly due to stress

There is hardly anyone who has not had to do it with a wink. Out of nowhere, a small muscle starts to move on the eyelid and can not be controlled with the will alone. For hours, days, sometimes even weeks, this phenomenon persists. But do not worry: eyes twitching is neither dangerous, nor does it usually develop into a tic.

Most common cause: stress

In most cases, the twitching has no physical causes. It often occurs during periods of high stress before exams, before exciting family events, or when there is a generally elevated level of stress. Then even small muscles can become tense. The result is annoying eyes. As annoying as it is, you should not worry.

A lasting tick rarely develops from this. This is also confirmed by the neurologist Curt Beil from the Professional Association of German Neurologists. In a permanent tick usually both eyes are affected, while the stress-related eye twitch limited to one.

Balance is the first way to recovery

  • If it twitches, then seek rest. Think about what you are currently stressing and how you can get more relaxed at this point. Take the time to just listen to music, take a walk or do nothing.
  • If the eyes wince again and again, relaxation techniques are permanently helpful. The easiest way is progressive muscle relaxation. You can easily acquire these yourself and do them everywhere. It also acts directly on the muscle tone.
  • If your eyes twitch for a long time or very frequently, your mineral or water balance may be out of whack. Especially magnesium is in the foreground. For many sufferers helps therefore the temporary intake of a magnesium supplement.
  • If your eyes do not want to disappear, you should have your thyroid checked by the doctor. A slight hyperfunction sometimes brings muscle twitching with it.

The twitching is almost always harmless. However, if you are concerned about it, then you should definitely consult a doctor. It will usually calm you down and that too already helps to reduce your stress.

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The biggest mistakes: Cold water makes you slim

"Drink cold water, you'll burn calories!" This assumption is common, but how many calories does your body really consume when it warms the water? Read here why love handles do not just disappear through ice-cold water.

The rumor is widespread: you drink a large glass of ice-cold water before eating and then you lose weight. Because the body has to expend energy to heat the water to body temperature and burn calories. But something crucial is often left out: To heat one liter of ice water, the body consumes only about 30 kilocalories, just the value of a small piece of sugar.

Does water ever fill your stomach before eating?

Even the argument that you can fill your stomach with water before eating and then after a few bites is already full, is only partially true. The feeling of hunger can be deceived by the water only in the short term and is therefore a good alternative for cravings between meals. But the water should not be freezing here either, because large amounts of very cold drinks can irritate the stomach lining.

In conclusion, it can be said that water is an essential food that has an effect on weight loss, but only if it replaces high-calorie drinks. The temperature does not matter.

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