Carrying aids: Which variants are there?

The huge selection of carrying aids offers you all sorts of slings, slings, suspenders and hip seats. You can find out which one is the right baby carrier for you on the basis of this series of articles and by trying different products or with the help of a support consultant. The following variants are available:

Carrying aids Variant 1: slings

Especially for premature babies and babies under four months slings as Hoppediz or Storchenwiege are particularly suitable. They can be perfectly adapted to the baby, provide optimal posture and provide a secure fit. There are many different ways of binding, but they require a lot of practice. Depending on the size of the wearer and the desired binding technique then the length of the sling is to be determined.

Important quality features include the weave "Kreuzköper", double-stitched edges, sloping cloth ends and a center mark. Very comfortable and soft are elastic slings like ByKay or MobyWrap. They are very good for the summer and more practical because they can be tied. However, there are limitations in the weight of the child.

Baby Carriers Variant 2: Slings and Pouches

When Sling, z. B. stork cradle, the panels are pulled through two rings. As a result, he is quickly created and fixed. They are particularly suitable as a hip carrier and are an ideal complement to other baby carriers.

Since the weight distribution is only one-sided, they are more suitable for shorter distances. The rings should not push and the fabric must be pulled through the rings well. The pouch, z. B. the Premaxx Baby Bag, is a carrying strap. Here, the size must be right.

Carrying aid variant 3: Mei Tais

The traditional Mei Tai, such as Eg the Freehand Mei Tai or the LaChicha Mei Tai, comes from Asia and is a fabric rectangle with long ribbons on every corner. They can be used as abdominal, hip and back straps and can be used for a long time. They come in many different designs, and those who have the skills to sew can easily make themselves a Mei Tai. Pleasant are slightly padded straps and a padding on the head area of ​​the child.

Carrying aids Variant 4: The baby carrier

Today's modern baby comfort wearers were originally created from the Mei Tais. For many parents, they offer a practical alternative to baby slings because they are easier and faster to put on. Most baby carriers are particularly suitable from the 4th month.

Wear such as the ERGObaby, Cybex 2.Go or the Manduca baby carrier have padded straps and waist straps and are closed with plastic buckles. Comfort carriers, such as the Bondolino or the Marsupi, can also be used in the first few months.

It is important that the baby is sitting in the healthy squat-spread position and well supported back and head. Controversial comfort wear, for example, the BabyBjörn or the Chicco Go, as they offer no squat-spreading position. They are more suitable for very short distances. BabyBjörn has now responded to the criticism and brought a Comfort Carrier with widened bridge on the market.

Carrying aids Variant 5: Hip carry

In addition, there are pure hip pads that offer the child a lot of freedom. If you often put your child on the hip at home, the Easy Rider is certainly a helpful alternative. However, the child still has to be held here with one hand.

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You need to know about gestational diabetes

After all, one to five percent of all pregnant women are affected by gestational diabetes. This is one of the most common diseases in pregnancy, which poses real risks for both the mother and the unborn child.

In whom does gestational diabetes occur?

If you are over 30 years of age with diabetes, and you may be overweight, then there is a high risk that you may be affected by gestational diabetes. If you have already had several miscarriages, you are also considered at risk. A wrong diet that is too high in calories during pregnancy can cause you to become infected with this disease.

Because in pregnancy, certain hormones are released, which increase the blood sugar level. The pancreas gets so problems and there is a gestational diabetes, which may even aggravate in the absence of exercise.

Impact and risks

Unfortunately, as gestational diabetes often proceeds without symptoms, it often goes unrecognized. However, if you are thirsty frequently, this can be a first sign. If your amniotic fluid volume fluctuates greatly, the doctor may also recognize the gestational diabetes. If you are affected, your baby will react with increased insulin production. This leads to an increased urine output and the amount of amniotic fluid increases. This can lead to weight gain, which may indicate gestational diabetes.

The unborn child is most affected by this disease. Fat gets lodged in the child's body. This leads to abnormal growth and even developmental disorders can occur. A premature birth can not be ruled out.

Gestational diabetes can be treated well

Since gestational diabetes is easy to treat with a change in diet, it is important that it is detected early and the fetus is not harmed. If you suspect gestational diabetes, you should always consult your doctor. A glucose tolerance test can detect the disease. Watch out for the slightest suspicion of a more balanced diet.

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Funny games in the snow

When it's snowing outside, it does not keep the children's birthday guests indoors. You do not need much preparation for these fun games in the snow. Just make sure that all children wear warm clothes. And in between there is a hot cocoa or children's punch to warm up.

Snowball target throw

Paint a target or figure in the snow. The children throw snowballs at the target.

Alternative: Blow up a balloon and hang it in a tree. First choose a long distance to the target, which steadily decreases until a child hits the balloon.

Betting slip

Divide the children into groups. Each group receives a plastic garbage bag. One child sits down on the sack, the others pull. Which group will make the selected route the fastest?

snow angels

A classic: The kids fall backwards in pristine snow. With the outstretched arms from top to bottom press the snow like angel wings. Which angel is the most beautiful?

obstacle course

  • Men's rubber boots
  • carriage
  • rope

The children overcome an obstacle course. All children run individually, time is stopped. After the start the child slips into big rubber boots. The stations: slalom course, target throwing, sitting on the sledge pulling on a rope for a certain distance, crawling under sledges, jumping over snowdrifts.

Snow dodgeball

Divide the children into two groups. Mark three playing fields in the snow. The two groups face each other and in the middle field are one or two balloons. The children try to blow the balloon with snowballs into the field of their opponents.

Snowball Season

Divide the children into two groups. Set a route with start and finish. The children are distributed along the route. After the start whistle, the starting players form a snowball. The children have to transport them to the finish by throwing. If the snowball falls apart or on the ground, the children start from the beginning.

Sled fight

Two children face each other on the sledge. By puffing yourself with the pillows, they try to shove each other off the sled. Whoever falls first has lost.

Hide in the snow

Hide white objects in the snow on a certain area. Who finds most things.

Snowglobe betting rolls

All children start with a fist-sized snowglobe at the same time. You have a minute. Which child has the biggest ball?

Snowbound attack

Divide the children into two groups. Each group has five minutes to build a snow castle in the form of a wall or a snow hill. The castles face each other. Behind the snow castle the children distribute burning tealights. Behind it stands the team of the respective Schneeburg. The children try each other to throw out the tealights with snowballs. This game is very funny and atmospheric in the dark.

Classic for the snow

Never go out of style these games:

  • Snowball fight,
  • Snowman,
  • Building snow monsters or snow animals,
  • sledding,
  • Build an igloo.

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What to do, so that your child does not become a relationship killer

Children are a real stress test for many partnerships. The little ones are only too happy to play their parents against each other. So that the child does not become a relationship killer, you must consciously work on your partnership.

You should know that about the possible relationship killer child

A child only becomes a relationship killer if you do not take the luck of your relationship into your own hands. At the same time, the burden that children exert on the relationship of the parents changes depending on the age of the offspring. Especially the initial phase, in which you and your partner will hardly sleep, is difficult.

Because your offspring is completely dependent on you and you hardly have a free minute. Even in puberty, your children can really put their relationship to the test of their stubborn teenage behavior. Hotspots can be the lack of time for each other, the scarce money or the diminishing sexual contact between the two partners.

So your relationship does not fall victim to the relationship killer

So parents should approach realistic expectations of having children and know beforehand that their relationship will change. You must consciously make time for each other and book a babysitter to enjoy undisturbed togetherness.

Silently discuss the parenting rules so that your children can not play you against each other. Avoid a one-sided role division. Openly address problems with your partner and work continuously on your relationship.

If you act with understanding, children are a blessing and not a relationship killer. If the partners take time for each other and for talking, the mutual alienation can be avoided. Try to have as much fun as possible in everyday life, because that keeps the relationship fresh. As a parenting team, you can grow even closer as a partner.

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Promote language: How to help your child find words

Anja is a diligent student. After school, she repeats what she has learned in class. Nevertheless, she keeps z. B. technical terms from the subject teaching not in memory. Instead of the term she speaks of the "thing" or describes it. Even in everyday life they often do not remember certain words. Speech therapists say that the "retrieval of words" is not always possible. How can you promote your child's language?

Playfully find words

Support your child with creative games so that they can gradually express themselves better. There are many opportunities to do so: while you go for a walk, in your car on your way to Grandma, or even as a small competition to go to bed.


Give your child a keyword, for example: B. Holidays or other times Christmas or post. Let it find as many words as you can about this bullet point. You or your child can even write down the words in a circle around the keyword. Encourage your child to make a little story out of it.

Who finds the fastest words?

Collect words that belong to a specific category with your child, such as For example: trees: spruce, fir, etc., or occupations: firefighter, baker, etc. In this exercise, your child must quickly find different words. The given category helps him.

Find opposites

Name an adjective. Your child should find the opposite as soon as possible. Eg small – big, old – young etc.


Record together with your child the technical terms that have to be learned for the school, each on a small map. Now find together a keyword that can be used to explain this technical term. Then you can play the game "TABU" with each other or even with a friend: you use the keyword to describe the term – your child has to guess the word. Of course, after some time is exchanged: Your child explains the technical terms and you are looking for the word.


Convert the game "City-Country-River": Instead of the usual categories in the columns you will be asked for topics from the classroom, eg: As water or occupations. Afterwards, players have to make a note of terms with a chosen first letter as quickly as possible for each category. So her child repeats the learned concepts from the lessons playfully.

Conclusion: The more variety you bring to your playful language learning, the more fun it will be for your child and the easier it is for him to find the right words.

On the topic "promoting language" you can read the following articles:

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Tinker with children a feeding station for birds

If you want to help the birds get through the winter, you should feed them in snow and ice. You can just hang a few dumplings or titmice rings on a tree. But you can also be creative and build a unique feed station for birds with your kids. Here are some suggestions.

Not all birds fly over the winter into the warming south. But when it gets colder and snowing outside, it's getting harder and harder for people back home to find food. A feeding station for birds is therefore a helpful contribution to ensuring the survival of winged friends. At the same time, it is also an interesting observatory, where especially children can learn about the types of birds in our home gardens. Occasionally one encounters even a particularly rare species. In addition, children can also develop a sense of responsibility for the animals in need of help.

Food star for hanging food parcels

You need the following material:

6 branches of 1-2 cm in diameter and 40-50 cm in length

  • roped
  • Schleifenband
  • Birdseed (Meisenringe, Meisenknödel)

First make two triangles from the branches so that the ends are about 3 centimeters thick. At the point where the sticks touch each other, each loop around the branches several times with a 40-centimeter-long cord and knot it tightly. The triangles are now superimposed offset, so that a star is formed. At the six points of contact, also knot with parcel cord. Cut off all string ends. Now hang three Meisenringe or Meisenknödel on the star with ribbon or string. At the end knot a string and hang up the feeding station.

Bird ladder with space to rest

A bird ladder not only provides space for a varied feed supply for hungry birds, but also offers the spring animals a comfortable seat for feeding. You can not only equip a bird ladder with ready-made food parcels, but also individually decorate with nuts, apple corners, rose hips or other fruits according to your options.

You need the following material:

  • thin lumber / shears about 25 cm long with the pruning shears
  • thick tear-resistant cord
  • feed

Tie small bundles of twigs (three to five) tightly together with the string from the lumber. You should knot the ends several times. Then tie a bundle of twigs and a dumpling alternately to form a ladder. Instead of the "Meisenknödel", you can also thread nuts and fruits and combine them with the bundle of twigs. Be sure to use a stable connection when binding, so that the ladder can withstand larger birds such as a jay.

Select location carefully

When placing the feeding station, do not just make sure that you can observe the birds, but also ensure that the animals can eat undisturbed. So Meisenknödel and Co. should be unattainable especially for cats.

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This is how you react to a cold during pregnancy

The immune system is particularly stressed during pregnancy to protect the baby. Pregnant women are therefore more susceptible to a disease. A hundred percent protection against a cold is not possible, but small tips and a healthy diet and a lot of exercise in the fresh air to help prevent a disease or mitigate the disease.

Flu or cold? Both the flu and a cold, the typical symptoms such as runny nose and fever. In a comparatively harmless cold doctors speak of a flu infection. This viral infection affects the upper respiratory tract and is transmitted to other people through droplet infection. Since there are over 200 different viruses, it is unavoidable to inhale them through the air. A disease, however, only occurs when the immune system is weakened, for example, by the pregnancy.

The right flu or influenza usually occurs in winter in connection with a flu epidemic. In contrast to the cold, the flu is much more dramatic and can lead to death in people with a weak immune system. If you have a high fever of 40 degrees, chills and severe head, muscle and limb pain, seek out a doctor.

Read our tips on how to respond to a fever during pregnancy.

Strengthen the immune system and prevent a cold

During pregnancy, your immune system is working at full speed and above all protects the unborn baby. That is why it is especially important to strengthen the immune system. The following tips are not so prone to colds:

  • Enrich your diet daily with fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli and cabbage also contain a lot of vitamin C. In addition, use wholemeal products to provide the body with essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Restrict consumption of sugary products or beverages. Sweet-toothed cats best satisfy their appetite for sweets with fresh fruit.
  • Do not forget to drink enough throughout the day. The optimal amount of drinking is between 1.5 and 2 liters. Recommended are mineral water, herbal teas and fruit juice spritzers. Reduce the consumption of coffee and tea as the tannic acid content of the drinks reduces the mineral intake.
  • Get exercise in the fresh air regularly. For example, get into the habit of strolling through the park after lunch.
  • If you feel fit during pregnancy then you will continue to do sports. By getting the circulation going, you support your immune system.
  • Sauna sessions in winter strengthen your body's defenses and do not burden the child. However, do not dive in cold water and avoid situations that affect your circulation.
  • Changing showers cure and promote good health.
  • Stress is unhealthy for your immune system. In the future, try to be more mindful of the day. Enjoy your meals in peace and treat yourself in between breaks again and again. If you are stressed, a walk or a bath helps to calm your nerves.
  • Take herbal supplements that strengthen the defense, only after consultation with your doctor.

Extra tip: Since the viruses are passed on by droplet infection, frequent hand washing is an effective protection against colds and co. Do not shake hands of people who have been spotted or ill.

Inoculate against flu during pregnancy

The Standing Vaccination Commission of the Robert Koch Institute (STIKO) has been recommending seasonal influenza vaccination since 2010 for women who are pregnant during the flu season. Due to the changes during pregnancy, pregnant women are more susceptible to the pathogens. In addition, the disease can be more severe. Studies have failed to prove that the vaccines are detrimental to the baby's health. A vaccination is recommended from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor if he advises you to take a flu shot. It may be advisable if you are often in close contact with people for business or pleasure.

React to a cold during pregnancy

If you caught the cold, you do not need to worry. The baby gets nothing from it and is safe even in severe cough attacks in the amniotic fluid. If you feel bad or have a high fever, consult your doctor. He will prescribe medications in an emergency that will not harm your baby. These home remedies help with a cold:

  • As soon as the first symptoms appear, prescribe yourself to rest. Get sick in time.
  • A proven remedy for cold symptoms Coughing and runny nose is a head steam bath with dried hay flowers or chamomile. Put a handful of herbs in a bowl and add one liter of boiling water. Put a big towel over your head and inhale the steam carefully.
  • For throat pain, gargle with a mixture of warm water and one or two drops of tea tree oil.
  • For insomnia, hot milk helps with honey.
  • The nasal sprays relieve the annoying cold with sea salt without chemical additives. Moisturizing the mucous membranes prevents bacteria from easily settling. The same effect has nasal douches.
  • If you are cold, a hot foot bath will help.
  • Heating air dries out the mucous membranes. Set bowls with water or hang a damp dishcloth into the bedroom.
  • A freshly cooked chicken soup contains anti-inflammatory protein and is a true classic in the fight against the common cold.
  • If you do not have a fever, treat yourself to a short walk in the fresh air. But put on warm clothes.

Pregnant in winter? So you stay healthy in the cold season.

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So you get away from ranting with your child and telling

Many parents rant for their child out of worry and anxiety. Ranting, however, often has a negative effect on the child and may even hinder its development. It is therefore better if you offer child-friendly explanations.

When mishaps happen

When a mishap has happened, scolding is inappropriate. Because your child is already ashamed anyway. Be patient and show that you understand that your child needs to master difficult tasks first. Teach your child little by little, and tell him that every now and then – especially you – can make a mishap. Then show your child in a very simple way how to prevent the same misfortune next time.

So stop your ranting

If you feel tempted by your child to rant, it's best to take a moment. Take this time-out to keep a cool head. Do not react until your need to rant and you can confront your child with factual explanations.

Nevertheless, your child needs clear boundaries. These should be communicated to him with short and clear words. The clearer and more objective you are about it, the more you show your child that you can not be provoked. You have no chance with this misconduct. On the other hand, if your child has a good behavior, you should praise it. This does not give the impression that you are always grumbling.

Your child will react badly to constant scolding

When scolding kids turn to stubborn. It is better if you briefly make clear border crossings with clear words. For minor mishaps, however, you should show understanding. If you praise your child for every little bit of positive behavior, then your child will be happy to behave well.

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Right-hemispheric type of learning: how to help him with his homework

Your child is diligent, follows the learning tips of his teachers and still writes bad grades in the learning subjects? Maybe that's because it's learning "wrongly". It does not learn as it corresponds to its type of learning. We'll show you how to support your child if it's a right-hemispheric learning type.

How do I recognize the learning type of my child?

Basically, every person uses both hemispheres, but in most people, the abilities of a hemisphere are more represented and better trained. Because of this, people differ in which hemisphere of the brain they primarily process the subject matter. There are some pointers that you can observe with your child:

A child who prefers to use the right hemisphere has difficulties with abstract art, solves arithmetical problems intuitively, and paints his notebooks with all possible shapes. Because this half of the brain allows him to interpret the artistic-creative content of his environment.

This is how you support your child if it is a right-hemispheric learning type

  • Your child should focus more on learning, rhythm and visualization. Practice with him z. B. rhyming phrases for grammar or vocabulary learning, such as: he, she it,
    at "s" must sit
    – in questions too,
    it's "does", not "do".
  • It also helps your child to write the new vocabulary as often as possible in different situations. Thereby it captures the meaning and the spelling of words safely and long term.
  • For "concrete" vocabulary such. As the furniture of a nursery, it best describes the objects and writes the appropriate vocabulary with the image.
  • In addition to this type of learning the loci method fits: your child imagines a familiar place – the own room or the way to school. With each word to be learned, it connects a place in this place.
    (see also my article Getting a grip on learning with mnemonics).

Conclusion: Make sure your child does not bother with the wrong learning techniques. Use it to find the learning strategy that best suits your learning style. Make sure that it uses them purposefully and frequently. This guarantees the learning success.

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Four ideas for great party games on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is already in the starting blocks and you want to celebrate with friends or family this year? Then the corresponding party games may not be missing. These should be easy to understand and of course fun for everyone. Read four great ideas here.

Traditional party actions like the lead casting are fun, but in the long run a bit monotonous. Therefore, it is beneficial to know a few game ideas for the New Year's Eve party.

Candles bubbles game

A funny game idea is the so-called "candle blowing". In this game, the game pair is opposite, preferably at a table. Each player gets a tealight, a matchbox and 4 to 6 larger biscuits at will. When the candles are lit, the game can start.

The winner of the game is the one who has eaten his biscuits first and then whistles. However, it is only allowed to eat when the candle is burning. But you should try to prevent that by blowing out the candle as often as possible.


At this party game, the men sit in the chairs and take the women on their lap. The men and women get blindfolded. Then the men get a bowl of delicious content like pudding or red porridge. With this now the women are to be fed. The winner is the couple who first emptied the bowl and smoked it the least.

Find couples

Here wins the game pair, which has found first. The trick here is that you do not know who you are and therefore you do not know who to look for. There are always half as many word pairs needed as there are game participants.

Examples of word pairs are car and tire, Susi and tramp or noodle and gravy. Now each player gets a slip of paper stuck on his back, which says who or what you are. You can find your partner by asking the participants questions. These may only be answered with yes or no.

Mummy with cap

A lot of toilet paper is needed for this game. Each player pair gets two rolls of toilet paper as well as a cap or a hat. One of the game partners of each team stands stiff with the body and pressed arms. The other player must, when the game starts, wrap his partner first from bottom to top. Finally, the hat is put on the wrapped players.

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