Setting priorities – this makes homework a breeze

Katrin is a diligent student and does her homework always dutifully. Nevertheless, her mother learns from the teacher that it happens again and again that Katrin has done only part of the domestic preparation. Only one thing helps here: setting priorities! Here are some tips you can use to help your child master the right tasks at the right time.

Get an overview

Often many different homework for the different subjects to do. Choose a character to classify your homework by urgency – an asterisk, smiley or dot. Open your homework book, consider how important it is to get things done quickly, then distribute your marks.

For example, Just give the essay you can write on the weekend a smiley, the vocabulary you need to have ready the next day but four smileys. So you keep track of your tasks and can do everything in good time, even if you have a lot of work to do.

Set priorities

There is also another way: Get sticky notes in different colors – one for each subject. Write the tasks to be done as bullet points on a piece of paper with the appropriate color and stick it to the wall in front of your desk. Order them according to urgency.

Remember, you may be a little tired in the late afternoon. Therefore, stick the tasks that are more difficult or require more concentration forward. Also make sure that you take turns arranging them for foreign languages, science subjects such as biology and mathematics.

Now, if you do the homework in that order, you will have a greater learning experience and you will have enough time for everything.

Reward yourself

If you work with the sticky notes, you can reward yourself quickly and easily for the homework done: Whenever you are done with something, you take the appropriate note from the wall, crumple it and throw it in the trash. So not only do you have the feeling that you are moving fast, you also see it! With the homework booklet solution, you complete the completed tasks and thus have a sense of achievement.

Conclusion: The time pressure on homework increases the older a child gets. Help him do whatever it takes in the right time: Encourage your child to use a sign system to visually mark the urgency of their homework and set up a reward system with sticky notes. How to do your homework – in the right order and at the right time!

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Make music instruments for carnival with children

What is a hearty children carnival party without own music? I show you in this article how to make music instruments yourself. With the foolish music of rattles and bells the children drive away the dull winter. If you like, tinker the instruments together with the children at the carnival party.

Simple canned rattle

As material for a can rattle you need a metal can or plastic bottle, corn kernels, rice, peas or lentils, tracing paper as well as glue or placard colors.


The rattle is a loud musical instrument and very easy to tinker. The simplest form of the rattle is a filled hollow body. Very well suited for this are small metal cans, for example empty candy cans or even plastic bottles, such as empty shampoo bottles. The containers may be washed out and allowed to dry.

Add corn, rice, peas or lentils until the can rattle properly when shaken. Close the tin or bottle and paint colorfully. Alternatively, the children tear transparent paper into small pieces and stick the container.

Rainmaker – Simple variant


  • Kitchen crepe paper tube
  • Corn on the cob, rice, peas or lentils
  • paper
  • Scissors, pencil
  • adhesive
  • duct tape
  • colorful pieces of paper or ink


Place the empty kitchen paper roll on a piece of paper and draw a circle around the opening. Cut out the circle with an edge of about two centimeters of paper allowance. That does not have to be exact. Cut this addition up to the circular line at a distance of one centimeter. Place the roll on the paper circle and fold up the overlapping paper and glue it in place. If necessary fix with adhesive tape.

Cut the second closure for the other end. Fill the cardboard roll with corn, rice, peas or lentils until the roll rattles properly. Close the other end of the roll as described. Paint the rainmaker colorful or stick with colored paper.

Rainmaker – elaborate variant


  • stable transport role for posters or photos
  • Corn on the cob, rice, peas or lentils
  • Nails, shorter than the diameter of the roll
  • hammer
  • colorful pieces of paper or ink


Roll nails into the roll from the outside, with the nails spiraling like a spiral from one end of the roll to the other. Make sure that the pointed nails do not look out on the other side.

Add corn kernels, rice, peas or lentils to the roll. The nails trickle slower and rattle more mysterious than the simple variant. Close the roll with the lid and paint or glue it colorfully.

Making musical instruments for carnival – bells



  • 1 round wooden rod
  • about 10 bells
  • colorful ribbons like ribbon
  • 1 nail or thumbtack
  • hammer
  • adhesive
  • scissors


Cut about five ribbons about 20 centimeters from the ribbon. Attach a bell at each end of each band. Place the middle of the bands over one end of the round rod and secure with the nail or a thumbtack.

Schell bracelet


  • 1 leather strap
  • about 5 to 6 bells
  • possibly pearls
  • thin nylon wire


Knot the bells at regular intervals to the leather strap. Tie into a bracelet. It has to be so big that the child can strap on the bracelet. If you like, you can also wear the clamp band around your foot.
You can also thread beads on a nylon wire and attach this as additional jewelry on the clamp bracelet.

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Poor grades in the testimony: To take away the fear of your child

Throughout Germany, certificates are awarded twice a year. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that children are so ashamed of their bad grades that they do not dare to go home to their parents. However, this bad situation can easily be avoided. Read here what you can do to make your child afraid of the testimony.

Show your child unconditional appreciation

There are many reasons for a child to hide bad grades: fear of disappointing parents, falling in their esteem or losing their love. Time and again make it clear to your child that the esteem and love you give him is not based on his achievements.

Show him that especially in situations that gnaw at his self-esteem. This can also happen in extra-curricular contexts, such as after a lost football game or a bad time in swimming competition. This ensures that your child is sure of your full support, even in the case of a lack of performance.

Talk to your child about grades and school

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the show, it is essential that you know about the scores of your child in advance. Talk to your child regularly about pending performance records and ask in retrospect, which grade has received it.

It also helps if you talk about the school in general. So you will also learn about unannounced performance surveys, such as a query or an impasse task. Remember to inquire about the outcome of such surveys at regular intervals.

Stay in close contact with the teachers

From the beginning of the school year, look for the interview with the teachers of your child. Let us inform you about the number and types of certificates and how often. This will allow you to assess whether your child may be keeping you low grades. This gives you the opportunity to seek early on the conversation with your child and you do not run the risk that your child does not dare to go home with the certificate.

Offer help to your child

A common reason for shame on bad grades is the feeling of helplessness and inadequacy. Develop learning strategies with your child that avoids further bad grades. To ensure together that the year-end product is better and the self-confidence of your child increases.

Conclusion: Take action early and do not leave your child alone with his fear of the testimony. Give him the feeling of unconditional appreciation and talk to him regularly about his grades. Stay in close contact with the teachers – so you avoid nasty surprises.

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Family today – Baby happiness grows naturally

The tiny baby has already gotten everything in the cradle, which will characterize this person throughout his life – talents, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies. And it is a piece of yourself. There is nothing more beautiful. It's an adorable experience to see your child grow up. Where there is a fear of responsibility at first, the meaning of life quickly grows out of it.

Fearing responsibility becomes the meaning of life

As great as their fears were at first, then everything is completely different: the children are soon just those who give the young mother support and strength, meaning in life, task, full life. Every day, the affection for the small, already very individual pronounced person grows a bit more and there is never boredom.

The longer she goes this way, the more she senses the importance of these unique, indescribable little people that no one could ever replace. With nothing in the world. If something happens to them, it suffers the thing, whether it's a bruise, tooth history, strangely close to having no physical impact.

Nature ensures protection of offspring

Nature has created a kind of useful symbiosis between the childishly cute character and nature that you simply have to love and the weakness of a helpless child who, like herself, generates compassion, caring and maternal love around the clock.

And the power for this top performance is provided by nature for free: it flows through the young mother with every look in the fresh faces of their children. Nothing can cheer them on, as those child-eyes full of primal trust, which can not hide a single lie or disappointment, shine with hope and joy and betray everything like an open book.

Basic trust

Every word of her takes the children at face value. She alone is the central institution "Mama", where they measure everything. What happens that day, what they get to eat, how they are put to bed and petted, how they play together. All the hopes of the day are connected with her.

And even though she initially shied away from this immense responsibility, her everyday life is getting better and better, and the worry lines are disappearing. Every look at her children generates deep, unique happiness, which she often compensates for all her hardships. And every day this happiness grows a little bit more. In this simple and wonderful way, she feels enough strength for each coming day to judge everything that awaits her.

But beware! Children are not dolls that you can put away at will!

Children are connected to parents for the rest of their lives. That makes the dimension of the task clear, but also the gigantic joy that can only be experienced in this way. Children stand in a completely different line – not where the house, apartment, new clothes are. They do not belong in the category of other calculations, where you still want to afford this and that.

Children should not be valued with things or weigh one against the other. A baby is a wonderful gift whose value is priceless. It can weld two people together to form parents, even when their relationship is broken – parents remain forever.

Say "yes" to the baby – there is no better gift

The tiny baby has already gotten everything in the cradle, which will characterize this person throughout his life – talents, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies. And it is a piece of yourself. There is nothing more beautiful.

It's an adorable experience to see your child grow up. What there is to discover there – in the course of the development of the child from baby to adult – is a masterpiece of nature: exciting and always new. Who refuses these highly interesting discoveries between child and parents, gives away the highest happiness of life.

Conclusion for the undecided or a plea for the child

Say "yes" to the baby and do it as soon as possible, no matter what disorder this step in your life should mean in the first moment. He is right! Because it means sense for your life and future for society.

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Pippi Longstocking: The invention of a heroine

Pippi Longstocking was invented by Astrid Lindgren in the winter of 1941 for her sick seven-year-old daughter Karin. The daughter was then in bed with pneumonia and longed for a change.

But Pippi Longstocking was brought to paper only three years after her invention by Astrid Lindgren. This was originally not planned, but the author had sprained one foot and could not leave the bed, just like her daughter did. So she picked up pen and paper and wrote down the story of Pippi Longstocking. She then gave the manuscript to her daughter Karin for her tenth birthday.

However, the manuscript of Pippi Longstocking, which Astrid Lindgren sent to the Swedish publisher Bonnier, was initially rejected. In 1944 she won with another book "Britt-Mari makes her heart" the publisher Rabén & Sjörgen the second prize of a tender, then revised the Pippi Longstocking text and won in 1945 with the red-haired protagonist even the first prize. On September 13, 1945 Pippi Longstocking – and later many other works by Astrid Lindgren – was published by the publisher.

Actually Astrid Lindgren wrote only three novels to Pippi Longstocking. These were: Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Longstocking on board and Pippi in Taka-Tuka Country. The clever division of the novels, in the first novel, two adventures were already included and in the second novel, the nine chapters were so independent that they could appear as their own stories. This facilitated the filming and gave many the impression that they were many different novels about Pippi Longstocking.

On the 100th birthday of Astrid Lindgren, the first manuscript of Pippi Longstocking's "Ur-Pippi" was published. Astrid Lindgren, not only known to all children, has made a name for herself in the world of literature with her memorable stories about Pippi Longstocking and the children of Bullerbü.

Pippi Longstocking was filmed by the director Olle Hellbom in the years 1968 to 1970. To this day, most people, when they hear Pippi Longstocking, remember the popular theme song "Hey, Pippi Longstocking!".

The stories of Pippi Longstocking were broadcast on German television in a total of 21 episodes. The Swedish film adaptation of Pippi, however, has only 13 episodes.

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Avoid long-term conversations with the mobile phone during pregnancy

When telephoning with mobile phones generates radiation. However, it is not clearly proven, if during pregnancy a danger emanates from the mobile phone. These tips help pregnant women to significantly reduce their radiation exposure.

Each time a call is made from a cell phone, a connection is established between the device and the transmission tower. The mobile phones emit some kind of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. This is a high-frequency radiation that triggers heat. The mobile radio radiation is pulsed, that is, the intensity of the radiation is constantly changing. This will increase the level when the device is connecting or trying to keep a bad connection. If the cell phone is in one place and is not moved, the radiation is low.

Studies on the health hazard of cell phones

Basically, we are exposed to natural radiation everywhere, for example, the earth has an electromagnetic field. For the still young technology of mobile phones, there are no reliable long-term studies that clearly prove a threat to humans by mobile phone radiation. However, the researchers discovered that the radiation has a certain effect on the brain and the cells.

However, it is not known if this leads to damage to health. Experts from the World Health Organization WHO evaluated all scientific studies and came to the conclusion that the risk of cancer from massive cell phone radiation can not be excluded.

Radiation exposure during pregnancy

According to the current state of knowledge, the use of a mobile phone does not cause increased malformations in the unborn baby. However, there is an extensive study by American and Danish scientists that draws a link between cell phone use during pregnancy and behavioral disorder (ADHD) in children. A Canadian study in pregnant rats shows that radiations, similar to cell phones, cause structural changes in the brains of the fetuses.

Use mobile phone in pregnancy

For pregnant women, a cell phone is important to call for help in an emergency. If you do not talk to your mobile phone, you do not have to worry about damage to your health. During pregnancy it is not recommended to make long phone calls with your mobile phone. Because every time you use the phone, you expose yourself to high-frequency electromagnetic fields. But there are very simple tricks to reduce the radiation of the mobile phone.

These tips reduce the radiation exposure of the phone

  • Restrict conversations on the mobile phone: Make a phone call as rarely as possible. Long conversations are best carried out over the fixed network. Particularly low-radiation are the good old phones with cord. But even the cordless phones now emit less radiation. Make sure the base station is not near your sleeping or seating area.
  • Use devices with low SAR value: The SAR value of the cell phone indicates how much the head is exposed to radiation. The lower the so-called specific absorption rate of the device, the less energy the biological tissue absorbs due to the radiation exposure. If your ear is exposed to electromagnetic energy when talking on the phone, it heats up. Low-radiation are mobile phones bearing the "Blue Angel" environmental label. The SAR values ​​of most mobile phone models are provided by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.
  • Pay attention to high transmission power: The transmission power of a mobile phone also influences the amount of radiation. For devices with weak transmission characteristics, the base station of the mobile network reacts. It switches to a higher transmission power level and causes an increased radiation exposure. Therefore choose a mobile phone with a low SAR value and a high transmission power.
  • Wear a headset when making a call: When you make a phone call, the electromagnetic fields between the device and the antenna build up. If you hold the device directly to your ear, the head is exposed to strong fields. Through a headset or a hands-free device, the distance between the head and antenna increases and extremely reduces the radiation exposure. Make sure your phone is at least one meter from your body.
  • Avoid bad receptionDo not make phone calls in places with a bad reception, for example in the car or in the underground car park. Also in this case, the base station changes the transmission power level, so that the connection is not interrupted. But this leads to a high radiation exposure.
  • Wait for connection: Do not hold your phone to your ear until the connection is established. When establishing a conversation, the greatest radiation is created.
  • Do not wear the activated mobile phone on the body: Read carefully the instruction manual of your mobile phone. You will often find that the SAR values ​​are exceeded if the device is held too close to the body. During pregnancy, avoid wearing the phone close to the body, such as the trouser pocket. And do not put the switched on cell phone right next to your baby bump. When writing a text message, make sure that you do not hold the phone at belly height.
  • Turn off the phone: An activated mobile phone logs in at intervals at the base station. If the device is not on the phone and it is not moved, less radiation also occurs. Nevertheless, banish the cellphone from your bedroom and do not keep it next to your bed. Also, get in the habit of turning off the phone when you do not need it.
  • Do not use radiation blockers: There are now accessories for mobile phones that block the rays. However, products such as radiation protection stickers or anti-magnetic field plates cause the opposite, because they reduce the transmission power of the device. And so the change takes place in a higher transmission stage, which in turn leads to a high radiation exposure.

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Consequences for the baby: Beware of alcohol during pregnancy

Alcohol in pregnancy is not good for your baby. Even if you usually live by the motto "once is not even", in this case you should change your attitude to life, unless everyone should be able to tell your baby's face that you have consumed alcohol during pregnancy.

Alcohol in pregnancy and the consequences for the child

If you consume alcohol during pregnancy, you should not underestimate the dangers this lifestyle brings to your child. Do not assume that you have to drink regularly to put your child at risk, because even the one-time use of alcohol during pregnancy causes your child to take it into his body via the umbilical cord.

Recognize that alcohol in pregnancy is poison for your unborn child. Regular consumption can cause your child's organs to fail to develop fully, possibly even with a disability. According to scientists, fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) can even be recognized on the face of the newborn baby. You do not have to be an alcoholic for this effect, small amounts of alcohol in pregnancy may already be enough.

Fetal alcohol syndrome – how does the face differ from a normal face?

Babies whose mothers have consumed alcohol during pregnancy have much smaller eyes and a narrower upper lip than children whose mothers have completely abstained from alcohol during pregnancy. In addition, affected babies have their noses further away from their mouths and their eyes are much lower down than their ears, rather than at the same height.

Other features include very thin hair, shorter and crooked fingers and a low birth weight. Alcohol in pregnancy also makes children look small and petite as they grow up. Disorders of the CNS are also nothing unusual in connection with alcohol in pregnancy. Also, if you consume alcohol during pregnancy, you should not be surprised if your child's future intelligence quotient will match that of a learning disability.

What to do if you have already consumed alcohol during pregnancy?

For mothers who have already drunk alcohol in pregnancy, there is no positive news, because the fetal alcohol syndrome is not curable. The only thing you can do is treat your child as soon as possible. Although you can not undo the damage, nonetheless, in the long term, at least an improvement in the health of your child can be brought about.

Give up alcohol in pregnancy, but how?

Often it is not easy to resist the alcohol when people offer you a glass. It is best to make it clear to your friends and acquaintances immediately at the beginning of your pregnancy that you are expecting a child and that you will have to abstain from alcohol for the next 9 months. Encourage your partner to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy to make it easier for you. Finally, he also fathered the child.

Also refrain from certain soft drinks

Just because there is soft-drink beer and non-alcoholic sparkling wine in the supermarket does not mean that these drinks are good for your baby. Even if a label labeled "no alcohol" is stuck to the drink, it may still contain small amounts of alcohol. Manufacturers are only obliged to provide this information from a quantity of 0.5 percent.

In order to be able to completely abstain from alcohol during pregnancy, you should only take those drinks that have the label 0.0 percent alcohol. You do not need to abstain from alcoholic chocolates during pregnancy because the amount of alcohol in it is so low that it prevents any side effects for you or your child.

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Make mood with colors – that's how it works

In winter, when the world is cold, gray and bleak, families can take the chance to at least make their home colorful. Use the weekend to make moods with colors.

In winter it is not uncommon for children and adults to be in a bad mood. Often the weather is bad and there is a lack of meaningful pastimes. You can use the free time wisely and improve your mood with colors. Fresh colors can be the solution to many problems, as they have a positive effect on the psyche.

What effect different colors?

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, different colors are suitable. For example, if your child distracts easily and therefore always takes a long time to do their homework, you should bring some yellow color to your room. This color stimulates the brain and can perform miracles. If your child is hyperactive, use lime green shades to calm down instead of sticking posters to the wall of his room. Basically, one differentiates between warm, cool and neutral shades. The former include the colors orange and red and remind of the terms fire and sun. They have the purpose of making walls look closer and allowing you to feel more warmth in the room. Make sure that you do not overdo it with these colors. Although warm tones have a positive effect on your child's energy, too much of the good leads to greater aggressiveness.

Find the right color

Use the power of cool colors, including blue, green and purple. The former provides relaxation and tranquility and is therefore an excellent choice for your bedroom. The room temperature appears to be about four degrees lower. A positive side effect is that the room appears the same size as if it had been painted in yellow.

The last group – the neutral colors – includes gray, cream, beige and white. They are characterized by the fact that they do not make rooms feel warmer or colder. If you paint your walls in white, you will feel an indescribable purity in this room and achieve a visual enlargement of the affected room.

Listen to your gut feeling

If you want to repaint your room, you should not think too much about the color choices. Give priority to your intuition in this regard. Which color you finally use depends on the direction of the compass and the light in the room. When the sun shines in your room during the day, weak sounds produce a stronger effect.

Avoid too much of a good thing

Generally it is recommended to paint only one of the walls of a room. Let the rest know. This will give you a much better effect on the viewer. If you also paint a few spots of your furniture in the same color, your room appears even more admirable. Alternatively, you can work with fabrics, put a small rug in bright colors in the room or decorate the room with colorful pillows.

Psychological significance of colors

According to experts, the various colors have completely different effects on your psyche. The most important are briefly presented here.

Red for more energy

Red is the color of love, lust and passion. Too much of the good, however, causes aggressiveness, danger and an increased sense of pain.

Blue for relaxation and tranquility

Anyone who chooses the color blue can expect more peace of mind in everyday life in the future. Insomnia is brought to an end and the dreaming is experienced as even more beautiful.

Green for healing stress

If you are under stress during the day at work or in everyday life, the color green can help you to reduce it successfully. It promises harmony, hope and more health.

Yellow for better communication and concentration

For people who are often distracted by external stimuli, this color is perfect. Yellow symbolizes sun, happiness and warmth. In addition, it causes more concentration and a better argument based on thoughts.

Orange for more zest for life

Anyone who is often dissatisfied with his life and keeps brooding over, is well advised to orange shades. It is the color of optimism and zest for life. If you paint your walls in this tone, you will soon be more creative.

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Bad testimony – what to do?

Twice a year there are certificates and with increasing grade level this document becomes more important. Therefore, it is normal for students on the one hand and parents on the other hand to wait for this result with ever higher tension. But what should you do if your own expectations are not met?

Does a certificate document the performance of the student?

Certificates are important documents, as they reflect the current performance of the students. However, it is important to me to make some restrictions on this statement. They show the subjective level of performance without regard to the causes that produced it.

That is, censorship does not say anything about how it came about. Did the student have a good preparation? Is he / she physically able to perform? Could she / he participate in all exams? etc.

What can students and parents do for the testimony?

Therefore, both students and parents should influence credentials before they are awarded. This means: prepare all lessons, tests, exams and so on thoroughly and complete them with the necessary seriousness.

For students, this means being in the spotlight every day and solving all tasks with commitment. Parents demand that they inform and control themselves daily. Anyone who does this will not be surprised by the testimony. Rather, if necessary, help and thus positive change can be organized in advance.

Negative surprises on the testimony

If there are still "negative" surprises on the testimony, students should not panic. They may get support from classmates who accompany them home and help explain the testimony. Also important is the own review, how it came to this result. If any resulting suggestions for improvement are found, recite them to parents.

Parents are required to respond as reasonably as possible. It is especially important to comfort the child and discuss with him what to do next. Allegations, strife or even punishment never help, but always bring a defensive attitude in the child out. This "defiance" usually leads to even worse benefits.

However, it is just as wrong to just go over a bad testimony and not talk about it. This would be a confirmation of the child's previous attitude towards learning and thus brings no improvement.

If the parents themselves have no way of positively influencing the performance of their children, there are many opportunities for tutoring. Just ask at school or search the internet.

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Holidays – what to do? Tips for the whole family

For schoolchildren holidays are very special. But how can one live up to this claim? Do holidays always have to be holidays in the distance? Should something unexpected happen every day? In this article, I give you some suggestions.

Holidays are always something special for students, if only because they do not have to go to school. That's why the first day can also be a day to rest ("hang out"). But on the whole it is good when parents and children use the holidays to do something together. If possible, you should focus on the wishes or interests of the children.

Family trips

Holidays do not always have to be equated with holidays in the distance. Often the surprises wait just around the corner. A visit to the cinema, the zoo, the visit of a circus, but also a visit to a museum can bring a lot of variety and lasting experiences.

Equally exciting are hikes and explorations. Is there perhaps a game reserve, an old factory or a demonstration workshop in your area? They should take advantage of such opportunities and incorporate them into the holiday design. Even a market day or a folk festival are always popular attractions.

It is also nice at home

But not every day is a really nice day. But a lot can be done at home too. For example, there are tinkering and shapes. Does your child have a preference for painting? Does it like to work with natural materials? Can it sew or knit? Do you want to make dolls yourself? Make a calendar alone? Take your child to a craft and craft shop and look for answers to these and other questions.

board games

Even games are a fun pastime. I am thinking especially of those who have already played our parents. Card games, chess, lady, "man, do not fret," dice, etc. Playing together with and against each other is fun and binding.

Making music with the family

Even playing music with the whole family brings joy and relaxation. If you do not play an instrument yourself or you can not sing, you just hear a special music or attend a concert.

Maybe you, together with your child, set up a small holiday plan in order to make sensible use every day, to have some variety and to always create new ideas.

Have fun and good luck!

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