5 Parenting Errors That Parents Can Do Without It

"Childhood is Pillepalle": No one ever said that. On the subject of child rearing, there are loads of books and advice on the most different opinions. But one thing is clear: parenthood is not easy at all! Especially when it is so easy to influence the formation and development of the little ones with our way of life, without even realizing it.

Each of our actions can influence a child and act as a strong echo on his personality. Perfect parents do not exist, but there is much that parents can do wrong. Parents are all the more difficult when the children get older, and your life suddenly resembles an obstacle race. It is important to become a friend for your child and the rest will take their course.

To help you with the difficult, but worthwhile education process, we list here the five most common educational errors
Parents make it without notice:

1. The child pamper

There is a difference between satisfying needs and fulfilling every desire of the child, some parents are not aware of. If one accepts every bad behavior of the child and for him always allows exceptions to the rule, it can grow into a moody, selfish person. Such an education could later lead to problems with self – employment and contact with other people. Erziehungsfehler: Strictness

We have found that spoiled children have it difficult later in life. Parents must be strict, they should have authority. But how strictly do you have to be? Strictness refers to the restriction of the liberties and independent enterprise of the children.

Children also need freedom. Too many bans can act like a border between parent and child, and it can lead to problems later finding friends.

3. They are indifferent to your child

Perhaps you have the impression that your children are happy and fulfilled when you give them all the necessary material advantages and buy gifts to them. Parental affection, however, can not be measured with money and your absence could lead to a chronic emotions of emptiness.


Comparisons between siblings and preferential treatment have no advantages. They lead to jealousy between the children and to family conflicts. In addition, the child is not properly appreciated and can suffer from behavioral problems.

5. Arbitrary Decisions

If one parent is very generous and the other is too strict, the child will not understand how to act properly and will always make the simplest decision.

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My child is too fat: what am I doing?

Already the school beginners are getting thicker. What can parents do to make their miserable offspring become a fat youth?

You can not explain why your child is thicker than the others. But they want to do everything they can to make sure that it loses the superfluous pounds and does not become a victim of marginalization or later health problems.

First Finding Causes

The unconditioned prerequisite is the analysis of the eating behavior and the daily routine. Take two weeks to write down what your child is eating and how long it is physically moving every day. This is the only way to find out what needs to be changed.

Replace the calorie-containing foods

First, brush heavily sugary drinks. If it is difficult for your child to do without it, offer diluted fruit juices. If possible, however, it should rather drink water or unsweetened tea. So you can save a big amount of calories. Also check your records for the fat content of the food. For cheese, sausage and dairy products, it is best to use low-fat varieties.

Roast can be made with water or little oil in coated pans. If it is fries, prepare them in the oven. Limit the consumption of too many carbohydrates. Noodles should only be given once a week, potatoes and rice only in small quantities as a side dish. Make it a habit to discuss the future menu with the child once a week. Talk about healthy eating habits. Thus the child has the feeling beside the learning effect that it can co-decide and is not a diet plan presumed.

Small portions offer

The meals should be taken by all family members together. You also eat the same food from solidarity. Always offer sufficient fruit and vegetables. It is better for the child to fill his stomach than with another sausage bread.

At noon you simply make a smaller portion on the plate. Stop the child from eating slowly and chewing more often, so that the feeling of saturation will be more rapid and not require a supplement. TV and other electronic devices are taboo.

Child is not under pressure

Weight reduction is heavy work and requires high discipline. Avoid putting pressure on the child, avoiding all the sweets, and not bullying him in the public with constant clues to his physical condition. Imagine you are behind your offspring and motivate him with the successes so far, if the decline should be stalled or the hot star is too big.

There are no forbidden foods. One day a week should be allowed. However, do not hoard sweets, so the child might be tempted to secretly feed. Go shopping with the child and you can choose a single treat.

If you have problems in choosing the right food for your child or want to be quite sure you can be a professional Nutritional advice. Talk to your pediatrician, who can give you a recommendation.

Promoting sporting activities

A decisive cause of overweight is in this day and age missing movement. Many children are taken to school and hardly leave the house in the afternoon. Electronic media of all kinds exert such a fascination that children sit in a rigid attitude for hours. If you are a full-fledged parent, you can hardly exercise control over it.

Use the weekends to work with the child physically. Plan at least one company such as an excursion on the playground or for swimming, a bike ride, a hike, go to the geocaching or simply bring a basketball basket at home

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