So you start confidently at important dates / negotiations

So you start confidently at important dates / negotiations

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Important appointments, as is the case with negotiations and job applications, often cause people a queasy feeling, stage fright or even fear. This complicates the sovereign appearance required to achieve the goal. Fortunately, there are several tips and actions that help make a confident appearance a reality. These tips include an orderly daily routine on the day, good planning of your own concerns, and absolute awareness of the situation.

To form a basis: How to succeed through an orderly day
To achieve self-confidence

Outward order brings order to the world of thought. Just imagine a daily routine where you wake up late, do not have time for breakfast, are unfocused at work and deliver bad services, and on top of that have to make the important appointment. In this process is only too obvious why the appointment will be difficult. This can be justified on the most diverse levels:

  • Biological view / medical view: stress
    causes the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which as
    Neurotransmitters initiate processes that inhibit thought processes.
  • Psychological view: A
    Stringing together many negative experiences in one day leads to increasing numbers
    Pessimism, based on various models – eg. Law of
    Attraction – reflected in an actual occurrence of negative results.
  • Hygienic view: Apparently affects
    a stressful day due to sweaty hands and armpits hygienically after
    outside, which makes itself felt directly at the appointment.

Ideally, plan your day as relaxed as possible. This does not mean that you should avoid your duties. In all probability, this is not even possible. But loosen up the daily habits, where it goes: For example, talk to your partner, if this time picks up the children from school. Also, avoid foods that pollute the digestive tract, which is the case with fatty foods. Also, do everything this day on a more generous schedule: get up earlier, catch a train earlier, and be there sooner. Ideally, if the choice is yours, you choose a location that is familiar to you. In habitual environment, your subconscious plays an important role, which gives you a sense of security that you will not be able to assign – but it will nevertheless be there.

Prepare concerns: The planning of the meeting is the alpha and omega

If they
optimally prepare for the concern, thereby replace the defect
Routine and automatically put a considerable security on the appearance of the

Surely you have heard of these people who, despite an excellent first impression still could not convince? The reason for this is that ultimately the technical aspects decide. In particular, with bank advisers, HR managers, high-ranking officials and many other groups of people holding leadership positions, you will be confronted with decisions that go along with reason orientate. Emphasizing emotional aspects, the subject remains. How do you convince at this point?

Since one of the most likely scenarios is a loan request – be it for your own home, for a business startup, for the dream car or for other reasons – follow tips that are geared to this situation:

  • Just think about credit requirements and
    Submit financing plan!
  • Ideally collateral as reserves (money,
    Real estate, etc.) in order to inspire confidence in the bank consultant!
  • Every statement – even a private info – has
    Weight! Just say things that have positive conclusions about yours
    Solvency and reliability.
  • Prepare in advance: already go the conversation
    before taking place and in society through. Do you have for counter arguments
    good consas ready!
  • Do you have all the required and even over the
    Receiving documents and supporting documents! They show thereby
    Organizational talent and transparency.

The same advice can also apply to situations such as job interviews, investor meetings, lectures or similar with slight modifications.
By the way, those who are concerned with finances with an all-round serious presence can also first test and play through loan requests and the like online at companies like Smava GmbH. Not infrequently, in this way, even loans without personal discussions on very good terms possible.

Absolute mindfulness in the situation: "reading" the other person

The NLP is in
Negotiation and business areas probably in greater demand than any other
psychological model. Despite the criticisms, the benefits are immense.

When you read a human being, it means that you derive important information from its behavior, however small gestures and facial expressions. Also, the tonality of the language and reactions to certain events play an important role in studying the other person. Interestingly, it turns out that some behavioral patterns are innate; to be exact, even very many. This means, for example, that the vast majority of people in anger get the characteristic frown lines between the eyebrows.

There are now several models that allow a considerably detailed analysis of people. Although this usually requires a certain amount of practice, this unfolds its full effect. One of these models is Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP for short. In recent years, the business NLP has become increasingly important. Numerous aspects are incorporated here, which enable a precise analysis of the interlocutors and coordinated actions. Due to its efficiency, the NLP is even accused of being a manipulation method. But whatever it is, you can use it for your goals if you deal with it!

The experience will judge it

Over time – the more often the perception of important dates occurs – the own performances improve. This is due to the essential point that with experience comes a routine and serenity that does not exist in the beginning because it can not exist. But with the mentioned tips, the deficits of lack of experience can be compensated:

  • Good preparation replaces the routine
  • The calm design of the day gives
  • An overall well organized performance
    Gives the knowledge that a sovereign appearance is possible

After all, it's always the case: the more adequately you organize things, the more confident you will be! The decision as to which way to go and how the meeting will end thus always depends on you personally.

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What does a certificate of employment look like if the probationary period has not been passed?

What does a certificate of employment look like if the probationary period has not been passed?

Reading time: 3 minutes

Already in the first few weeks of work you notice that your new employee is practically unable to carry out the simplest tasks correctly and without errors:

  • For a letter by keywords, it takes almost half a working day
  • Spelling and grammar are poor,
  • Documents are not assigned to the corresponding transactions,
  • with customers is not communicated courteous and polite.

Probation assessment

Since there is no general protection against dismissal in the first six months, the first half year is considered a probationary period. If you want to dismiss an employee during the probationary period, it must be clear why the employee is not suitable for the task (s) intended for him / her. There may also be other than work-related reasons for a possible separation:

  • no integration into the department
  • no or little acceptance among customers, colleagues, supervisors
  • professional competence is not sufficient

In a probationary interview, you should tell the employee why you can not continue the employment beyond the probationary period. Do not be cowardly and tell a weak employee that his or her services are poor and that you consider separation for both sides to be the only sensible way.

Make a call log and hand over a copy to the employee. So he can not say later that he did not know anything.

Judgment on short employment

Inevitably comes the question of a certificate of employment. The employee can choose between a simple or a qualified job certificate.

With a simple job certificate, there are hardly any problems. It describes the nature and duration of the employment relationship and provides information on the tasks assigned and activities carried out. Make sure that you do not perform a performance and behavioral assessment.

Employment Certificate Sample for a simple certificate of employment:

Ms. Susi Müßiggang, b. on 27.08.1989 was in our company from 15.10.2008 to 31.12.2008 as a secretary of the Advertising Manager.
She had to perform the following tasks:

  • Organization of the secretariat and filing
  • Preparation and processing of the chief post
  • Correspondence according to key words, dictation and templates
  • Appointment coordination, planning and monitoring
  • Organization of business travel and travel expense accounting
  • phone service
  • Reception of visitors and customers

Musterstadt, 31.12.2008
Signature 1 Signature 2
Advertising Manager HR Manager

A qualified work certificate includes a performance and behavioral assessment

Here you must think carefully about what assessment of performance and behavior you formulate. On the one hand, you must truthfully inform, on the other hand, you must give a benevolent assessment. That is not easy.

Did you actively supervise the training of the new employee and compare the requirements with the actual work performance on a monthly basis, giving the employee the chance to compensate for his deficits? And did you also record these discussions in writing? Then you have a good foundation to issue a suitable qualified certificate of employment. If the employee has no longer brought about unsatisfactory results or behavior, you can not avoid making even a satisfactory, sufficient or inadequate assessment.

Certificate of employment Sample of a qualified certificate (satisfactory to sufficient)

The first part up to the task description see simple certificate, then continue:

Ms. Müßiggang has an acceptable expertise that she can implement. She grasped the essentials and has a pronounced sense of order. She coped well with the usual word processing and communication techniques for a secretariat. She worked largely independently and on time. She showed readiness to learn from mistakes and to change her behavior. She did not avoid conflicts.

It was equally resilient and able to cope with the demands. Ms. Müßiggang fulfilled all the tasks assigned to her to our satisfaction. She was always punctual and reliable. Her leadership was impeccable. Their behavior towards our customers was not objectionable either. The employment ended on 31.12.2008. We wish her all the best for the future.

Musterstadt, 31.12.2008
Signature 1 Signature 2
Advertising Manager HR Manager

Recommendation for employment certificate after failed probationary period

Always try to judge fair and just. You can also issue qualified employment certificates for short-term employment that ends before the end of the probationary period. Performance, competence and behavior can only be judged subjectively, because every human being sets different standards of assessment for comparable situations, which contain subjective criteria.

It is possible to judge objectively and fairly. And in case of a disagreement, you have a good basis for the interview protocols to justify your assessment as truthful.

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Personal Christmas greetings in French

Personal Christmas greetings in French

Reading time: 2 minutes

Personal greetings in French: Simple and short

First, a simple and short wording, which is particularly suitable for last-minute news, whether by SMS, e-mail or on a postcard:

Je te souhaite un joyeux Noël! I wish you a merry christmas!

Nous te souhaitons un joyeux Noël! We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Je vous souhaite un joyeux Noël! I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Nous vous souhaitons un joyeux Noël! We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Personal greetings in French: More phrases

Joyeux Noël à tous.Merry Christmas to everyone.
Joyeux Noël à vous tous.Merry Christmas to you / you all.
Je te souhaite d'heureuses fêtes de Noël.I wish you a happy Christmas.
Je vous souhaite de passer d heureuses fêtes de noël dans la paix, chaleur et l'amour.I wish you a Merry Christmas full of peace, warmth and love.
Nous vous souhaitons de saintes fêtes de Noël.We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Personal greetings in French: To friends, couples and families

Joyeux Noël à vous deux / trois / quatre!Merry Christmas you two / three / four!
Nous vous souhaitons un joyeux Noël pour vous et votre famille!We wish you / you and your family a Merry Christmas!
Je viens vous souhaiter un tres joyeux Noël à vous et votre famille!I wish you / you and your family a very merry Christmas!
Je vous souhaite (à vous tous) and joyeux Noël avec plein de cadeaux et beaucoup d'amour!I wish you (all) a Merry Christmas with many gifts and a lot of love!
Passez de bonnes fêtes avec vos enfants!Spend wonderful holidays with your children!
J'espère que le Père Noël va vous gåter! / va venir vous gâter! / va bien vous gâter!I hope you will be pampered by Santa Claus!
Nous espérons que le Père Noël sera généreux avec toi / vous!We hope that Santa Claus is generous to you!

Personal greetings in French: It works without Christmas

Maybe you do not want to focus on the Christian feast with your personal Christmas greetings in French. Or you are simply looking for another formulation. Then you can use the French expression "les fêtes de fin d'année". Literally, this means "the holidays at the end of the year" and includes both Christmas and New Year's Eve. Comparable expressions in English are for example "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greeetings".

Je te souhaite …I wish you…
Nous vous souhaitons …We wish you / you …
de (très) bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.(very) happy holidays at the end of the year.
de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année.happy holidays at the end of the year.
d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'année.excellent holidays at the end of the year.

Personal Christmas greetings in French – Shorter variants

  • Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année!
  • Joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année!
  • Meilleurs voeux de fin d'année!

Reply to personal greetings in French

You have received personal greetings in French and would like to respond? The easiest way is, if you attach to one of the short expressions "à toi aussi" or "à vous aussi" (you / you too):

  • Joyeux Noël à toi aussi! Have a Merry Christmas!
  • Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année à vous aussi! You / you also happy holidays at the end of the year!

Or you can choose a slightly longer wording for your personal Christmas greetings in French:

  • Je te souhaite également un joyeux Noël. I wish you a merry christmas, too.
  • Nous vous souhaitons également de très bonnes fêtes de fin d'année! We wish you / you very happy holidays at the end of the year!

I hope you have found the perfect Christmas greeting here. In the article French Christmas greetings and New Year's wishes you will find more ideas and sample formulations for business and personal greetings in French.

Joyeux Noël à vous tous, with chères lectrices et chers lecteurs!

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Trauerkleidung-Knigge: So you are dressed appropriately

Trauerkleidung-Knigge: So you are dressed appropriately

Reading time: 2 minutes

If you have received information about the place and time of the funeral, you are generally allowed to attend the funeral. Only go there if you have a relationship with the deceased or a bereaved person. Otherwise your appearance may lead to confusion. When choosing the mourning clothes you should pay attention to the specifications from the Knigge.

For both men and women, the following applies equally to the mourning apparel knight

Women and men should wear muted colors; It does not necessarily have to be black, but you should definitely prefer dark colors. Men should wear a white shirt with a black tie, stockings and shoes should also be black.

For women, they should not show too much leg; If you want to wear a skirt, wear a pair of black tights. Flashy cleavage and miniskirts are absolutely undesirable and can be considered offensive by the mourners. Also, avoid striking jewelry and makeup. Overall, dress rather inconspicuously, as this is more appropriate for the occasion.

A headgear, if a veil is integrated, is only allowed to women. Men should show their respect by leaving their heads uncovered.

children's clothing

Of course, you can dress your children just as you do; thus you also make it clear that this is a sad matter and sensitize them for later. But if a child does not want to wear dark clothes, they do not force them to do it. Every survivor understands that children do not fully understand the circumstances of a funeral.

If you can not attend a memorial service because your child is ill, everyone understands it. Find someone who can take care of the child, or let your condolence come in writing. For the Condolence Letter, you should handwrite it in ink. Use thick white paper without black edges. The mourning paper with a black border is reserved for the bereaved.

Also a Knigge rule: Punctuality shows respect

If you appear at a funeral so punctually that you can register in peace in the book of condolence and do not seem agitated. Turn off your phone early, as ringing the phone is disrespectful. Remember that your behavior can show more sympathy than a thousand words.

Read on the subject of mourning dresses also the articles:

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To report the separate message with reason 57

To report the separate message with reason 57

Reading time: 1 minute

You need to know that through the separate message

The Separate Notice was introduced in 2008. Since then, the separate report has been used to lay the foundations for the calculation of pensions for employees who are about to retire, as well as for the compensation of divorces.

The pension calculation includes the fees of the last 12 months. As shortly before retirement usually no DEUEV notification occurs, the separate message with reason 57 was introduced.

You must create the Separate Notice with Reason 57 if required by the employee or the Pension Fund. The separate notification is to be reimbursed at the earliest with the salary statement, which contains the fourth calendar month before retirement. In other words: the report must not be reimbursed before the fourth last settlement before retirement.

The reporting period of the Separate Notice covers the current calendar year until (at the earliest) the last calendar day of the fourth-to-last month before retirement.

Example: Separate message:

A worker starts his retirement pension on 1.9. and demands the separate notification from his employer on 15.4.

Earliest time for the separate notification: 1.6.

Reporting period: 1.1.-31.5.

Since the retirement pension for 1.9. begins, ends the day before the employment relationship. This is then reported with a deregistration (delivery reason 30). The registration period of the deregistration follows the previous registration period directly, ie reporting period 1.6. until 31.8.

Contributory fee of the Separate Notice

In the separate notification you must reimburse the fees of the reporting period. Thus this message does not differ from the other social security messages.

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Is the duty to record working hours in your company?

Is the duty to record working hours in your company?

Reading time: 2 minutes

The times when every employee had to prove his exact working hours with a time clock seemed over. However, with a recent ruling by the ECJ on working time registration, a return to this regime is likely. With this ruling, the legislator wants to ensure that as few violations of the European Union's Working Time Directive occur. What constitutes a meaningful intent is associated with great effort and undesirable additional costs for individual companies.

Duty to protect workers makes sense

Overtime is not uncommon in many industries and EU nations. Here employees have little opportunity to comply with the statutory rest periods or maximum working hours per week as required by law. This is where the EU starts with its new intent and the judgment of the ECJ. The Court ruled that a Spanish trade union body was the plaintiff who saw many of its members threatening to violate the prescribed working hours.

As meaningful as the regulation is, the impending duty to record working hours presents many companies with an unexpected challenge. This applies, for example, to start-ups and small businesses, which would need to invest in expensive systems for working time recording for a few people. Even for various creative professions it is hardly possible to record a strict working time. Although working hours are already being systematically recorded in many sectors in Germany, this should take on a new dimension with the implementation of the ruling at national level.

Smart time tracking with the right software

If there is a comprehensive work time recording in all industries, no employer has to hang the classic time clock. Today, there are modern and secure digital solutions that ensure fast time recording for your employees. In addition to classic timekeeping, such software offers additional functions for optimizing everyday working life, for example through intelligent workforce planning. For individual companies, this means combining the potential legal obligation with practical advantages for designing their own working environment.

When investing in appropriate software, the correct implementation of the tasks required by labor law is important. A software that has a timer function for each employee alone is not enough. Instead, the publisher of the software must ensure that the times entered can not be manipulated in hindsight by the employer in his favor. Nevertheless, the digital recording of working hours does not have to be expensive, especially if your company decides on a standalone solution without any other functions related to your work processes.

Detailed questions from the legislature still to clarify

From working hours in the probationary period to special appointments such as business trips or trade fair visits, there are still some details to clarify. For members of the European Union, however, the judgment of the European Court of Justice is relevant and needs to be implemented promptly. How this will look in Germany is still to be decided on a national level.

For many companies, the judgment of the European Court of Justice does not change much, as there is already systematic time recording here. Individual workers should, after the sentence, gain additional courage to act against too much work per week or month and to insist on their right to adequate periods of rest in the spirit of the legislator. In some companies, the introduction of timekeeping does not solve the basic problem: even when working hours are exceeded, there is simply no need for additional staff to balance time.

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Funny Easter Quiz with puzzle questions for children

Funny Easter Quiz with puzzle questions for children2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Test the knowledge of your child with the Easter quiz

1. Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

A: Because winter is finally over.
B: Because cars are allowed to use summer tires again.
C: Because Jesus rose from death.

2. Easter can only take place in two months of the year. Which months are these?

A: February and March
B: March and April
C: April and May

3. What is the 40-day Lent before Easter?

A: Ramadan
B: Passion time
C: Spring

4. When does Lent begin?

A: Ash Wednesday
B: Palm Sunday
C: spring beginning

5. What do you call the Thursday before Easter?

A: Passion Thursday
B: Maundy Thursday
C: Holy Thursday

6. What is the name of the Easter bunny?

A: Master lamp
B: Master Isegrimm
C: Master Langohr

7. In Australia the Easterbilby brings Easter eggs.

A: The Easterbilby is a rabbit's nose bagger.
B: The Easterbilby is a platypus.
C: The Easterbilby is the kangaroo and it carries the eggs in its bag.

8. There is a practical reason why Easter eggs are colored.

A: Colorful Easter eggs are easier to spot in grasslands.
B: Colorful colored boiled eggs are easier to distinguish from unpainted uncooked eggs.
C: The color keeps the eggs longer.

9. Both the Easter bunny and the Easter eggs are symbolic of …

A: Spring
B: Health
C: fertility

Boredom at Easter does not have to be. Read our traditional and entertaining Easter games for kids.

10. The Dutch Admiral Jakob Roggeveen discovered Easter Island in 1722 on Easter Sunday. What is this island famous for?

A: For a complicated maze.
B: For his huge stone sculptures.
C: For the mass distribution of rabbits.

11. What is celebrated 50 days after Easter?

A: Pentecost
B: Christmas
C: Ascension

12. Russian emperors in particular left precious Easter eggs made of gold and precious stones
finished. What's your name?

A: faience eggs
B: Tiffany eggs
C: Fabergé eggs

13. Where does the Pope Easter Sunday in Rome hold the Easter Mass?

A: In St. Peter's Basilica
B: On St. Peter's Square
C: In the Pantheon

14. In the Middle Ages the egg was not only a food but also …

A: means of payment
B: juggling ball
C: paperweight

15. Before the Easter bunny could prevail, brought what other animals
Easter eggs?

A: Cuckoo, cock, stork
B: squirrel, marten, mouse
C: pig, cat, eagle


1C, 2B, 3B, 4A, 5B, 6A, 7A, 8B, 9C, 10B, 11A, 12C, 13B, 14A, 15A

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Sleep problems in children

Sleep problems in children: You can do that2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, your little one had very little space in the womb, which gave him a tight border. Her movements gently rocked her to sleep, and her heartbeat and possibly voice murmur and other "outside" sounds were heard. If you "emulate" this postpartum situation, your child will fall asleep much more easily.

Help with falling asleep in children: children like limitation and movement

The baby bed is huge compared to the uterus, and thus the baby lacks protective boundary. In the first months of life, you can give your child a little "uterine feeling" with relatively simple aids, thereby making it much easier for him to calm down and fall asleep. This is particularly important for babies with regulatory disorders (such as writing babies, premature babies, children with three-month colic).

A spring cradle helps children with sleep problems. This is a coil spring for mounting on the ceiling or in a door frame. There is a large net, in which a baby basket can be hung. When the baby awakes or becomes restless, the feather starts to move and gently rocks up and down – it usually falls asleep quickly as a result of the movement. The spring vibrates about 60 to 70 times per minute – in the same rhythm in which the heart of the mother beats.

The advantage of a spring cradle over a wooden cradle: By its own movement, the baby moves the spring itself into motion. So parents do not always have to get up. And the baby learns to fall asleep always in the same place – "Umbettungen", z. B. from the parents bed in the cot, where the little ones often wake up, are unnecessary.

However, as soon as children are able to turn or sit on their own they can not move to the cot for safety reasons.

Sleep problems with children in the first few months of life can also be remedied if you limit them. Wrap your baby tightly in a blanket (also called a pucken). In this limiting protective cover, your child feels better and calms down.

Another remedy is a soothing soundscape. The simplest version, which often works well in the first three months of life, is an old, ticking alarm clock.

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Why is folic acid so important in pregnancy?

Why is folic acid so important in pregnancy?2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What is folic acid?

The water-soluble B-vitamin folic acid is not made by the human body. The heat- and light-sensitive vitamin was discovered only in 1941. The human organism needs folic acid for blood formation and metabolism, for example to form new cells or red blood cells. Folic acid deficiency is indicated by tiredness, weakness and an irritable mood.

Folic acid is important in pregnancy

Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy leads to so-called neural tube defects in the fetus. These include malformations such as the open back or the lip-palate column. The attachment of the neural tube takes place already during the third and fourth week of pregnancy and therefore you should pay particular attention to the intake of folic acid in the first trimester of pregnancy. Experts also advise that they eat healthily before starting a pregnancy.

Folic acid need during pregnancy

According to the German Society for Nutrition (DEG), adults should take 400 micrograms daily of folic acid. Pregnant women are advised to take 600 micrograms of folic acid.

These foods contain folic acid

Remember that too much water, light and heat destroy the vitamin. Eat these foods as raw as possible or cook them briefly in a little water.

  • wheat germ
  • soybeans
  • tomatoes
  • Cabbage, especially green leafy vegetables
  • Wholemeal flour
  • legumes
  • citrus fruits
  • eggs
  • meat
  • fish
  • milk

Cover folic acid requirement with tablets

In general, women are advised to take 600 micrograms of folic acid four weeks before pregnancy and in the first third. This is hardly possible with food alone. If and to what extent you cover your folic acid need with a drug, you should discuss with your doctor. If you eat healthy foods rich in folic acid, your baby will not be at risk.

The following women are at increased risk of folic acid deficiency. Please discuss with your doctor, in which amount you cover the folic acid need with additional medicines.

  • Women who have already had children with a neural tube defect
  • Young pregnant women whose own growth spurts consume the folic acid balance
  • Women with multiple pregnancies
  • Women with rapidly consecutive pregnancies

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Tips and recipes for delicious sandwiches

Tips and recipes for delicious sandwiches4 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Why should children eat a sandwich?

The nutrition report of the German Nutrition Society. V. shows that 94 percent of school children eat too little fruit and vegetables. A healthy diet is important for the concentration of the children because their bodies can not store the energy sufficiently.

Decisive for the performance is the blood sugar level. Everybody knows that: After a longer lunch break, the performance curve drops rapidly. If a child does not have breakfast and does not eat break food, they can not concentrate in school.

Tips for children who do not like eating lunch

  • If your child does not eat the lovingly smashed sandwiches, no ranting or arguing will help. Also, the reference to health falls on deaf ears. Try to find alternatives to classic break bread.
  • Do not constantly complain about the food of your children, but accept little quirks: Some children always like to eat the same thing, others, in turn, need variety.
  • Buy together with the child a bread box that he likes very much.
  • If your child likes sweets, fruits and carrots are a healthy alternative.
  • Children eat with their eyes! Everything that has quirks or looks funny, is guaranteed not eaten.
  • Give your bread and vegetables a special shape. In the meantime, there are all kinds of cookie cutters. From a sandwich to a foot or a hand and the cucumber to a sleek car.
  • Another great idea: Use a little box to make a heart or the first letter from the top slice of the sandwich. This gives the simple bread a very special touch.
  • Make compromises. If your child eats your lunch break, it may decide on the snack the next day.
  • Give the break bread a cool name. From now on, the kids will have a snack or an energy treat or a power snack.

Recipes for a delicious sandwich


Cover a wholemeal healthy bread with sausage or cheese. There are so many toppings, it never gets boring. Also try to put tomato or cucumber slices on the topping. The bread tastes much juicier.

Please above without

Many children eat their bread or rolls without toppings. That's no problem with the snack too. Roll up the sausage or cheese and wrap the extra food in cling film.

Something to crunch

Children often do not like break sandwiches because they taste choppy. A great alternative is crispbread, which is now available in many types and Geschmachsrichtungen. Your child can eat it with or without topping according to their mood.

fruit and vegetables

Your child just does not like to eat? Then offer him fruits and vegetables. Almost every child likes to eat apples and bananas or carrots and kohlrabi. Cut the vegetables into handy slices and put them in a snack box. Even apples can cut you small, in a Tupperdose they will not brown.

Yogurt and quark

Children can also take yoghurt or cottage cheese as a healthy snack. Just put the cup, a spoon and a paper towel in a plastic box. When buying products, make sure that kids yoghurts contain too much sugar. A good alternative: Buy natural yoghurt or cottage cheese and mix your child's favorite fruits in the morning. Delicious!

Cool skewers

Creativity is required for difficult eaters. Offer breakfast in the form of skewers, for example you can combine cheese cubes with grapes.

A bread stick is also smart: punch four round shapes out of the bread with a small glass, you can also cut out small squares. Spread the bread with cream cheese and place two loaves on top of each other. Take a skewer and spit up bread, cheese cubes, tomatoes and bread. The cheese can also be wrapped in ham, and instead of tomatoes, all other varieties are suitable for vegetables such as radishes or peppers.


Normally a sandwich is white bread, but not as healthy as wholemeal bread. But if your child does not eat anything else, try filling the bread with healthy contents: Take two slices of square bread and top with salad and a sliced ​​boiled egg. Salt and pepper a bit. Above that are very fine carrot rasps. Place the other slices of bread over and cut diagonally into triangular sandwiches.

Funny shapes

Take a finished spelled puff pastry. From this you stand out with original little figurines. You can also use letter shapes to cut out the name of your child. Bake and a cool snack is ready.

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