Shaky Markets, Rate Uncertainty

When Retirement Is Getting You Down

Retirement and depression aren’t inextricably linked. But for some, the reality of life after work doesn’t live up to its promise. Many older workers look forward to finally being able to focus on the things that give them the greatest pleasure. Yet, according to a study by the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs, the likelihood that someone will suffer from clinical depression actually goes up by about 40% after…

The Highest and Lowest in the World

Unemployment in the U.S. was at 3.6% as of April 2019. It was the lowest rate in the last ten years and shows the nation is recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. By way of comparison, historical research from shows the average U.S. annual unemployment rate from 1948 through September of 2017 was 5.8%.

Lowest Unemployment Rates

Below are unemployment rates taken from various government…

A New Crypto Derivative Bets on Bitcoin Topping $100,000

Zealous crypto traders will soon be able to bet on Bitcoin soaring to $100,000, surpassing recent bets that the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization will reach $50,000, as reported by Bloomberg. 

Crypto World Revived

This mega-bullish call comes even as the widely followed digital currency has swung dramatically this year, suffering a sharp decline in recent days. At a price around $10,600 per coin…

10 Stocks with Upside Momentum for 2Q Earnings

As the reporting season for 2Q 2019 progresses, Morgan Stanley’s analysts have identified 20 stocks for which they have “high conviction going into the earnings season…that one or more imminent events will drive the share price materially over the next 15-60 days,” per their July 18 report, Conviction Into Earnings.

“For each of these stocks, our analyst has a view that diverges from the Street’s, and expects a near-term…

Schlumberger Beats Earnings but Fails to Energize

Schlumberger N.V. (SLB) is the world’s largest oilfield services company and operates in 85 countries. The oil giant beat earnings expectations before the opening bell on Friday, July 19. The stock opened higher but then slipped lower, establishing a trading range around its 50-day simple moving average at $38.11.

The company is a proxy for the market for crude oil around the world. Analysts expect a balanced market for oil…

Financial Careers With Excellent Salaries

Jobs in the finance industry can be extremely lucrative. That means that they are in high demand, with entry qualifications as lofty as the salaries. For most of them, an undergraduate degree is the minimum requirement and many professionals have post-graduate degrees. These include MBAs first and foremost, but other master’s degrees and PhDs are not uncommon. Usually, advanced skills in statistics and mathematics are prized.

How to Withdraw Money From Your 401(k) Early

A 401(k) plan is an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan. Contributions are made tax free, and money is allowed to grow in the account tax free. The money is taxed when it is withdrawn, however, and withdrawing before the age of 59.5 will incur a tax penalty.

The method and process of withdrawing money from your 401(k) plan will depend on your employer and the type of withdrawal you choose. Withdrawing money early from…

What Is the Difference Between LIBID and LIBOR?

What Is a Good Debt Ratio?

The debt ratio for a given company reveals whether or not it has loans and, if so, how its credit financing compares to its assets. It is calculated by dividing total liabilities by total assets, with higher debt ratios indicating higher degrees of debt financing. Debt ratios can be used to describe the financial health of individuals, businesses, or governments. investors and lenders calculate the debt ratio for a company from…