11 Social Security Calculators Worth Your Time

Social Security is a government program serving about 64 million people, so you might use one word to describe it: complicated. Hats off to the Social Security Administration (SSA), though. It produces one of the best government websites, using plain English (and 17 other languages) to explain its rules. It also has plenty of calculators and worksheets to help.

We pulled together some of our favorites. Keep this list handy…


How to Avoid the Social Security Tax Trap

How much of your Social Security income is taxable? Depending on the amount of your Social Security benefits and other income—including tax-free interest on municipal bonds and certain other excludable amounts—your benefits are included with other taxable income at the rate of 85%, 50% or zero. It all depends on the steps you take to reduce your tax exposure.

What’s Included in Social Security Income

To know…


How Does Pork Barrel Spending Hurt the Economy?

Pork barrel politics affect the economy in several ways. Pork barrel spending occurs when the government earmarks funds to be spent in a specific region of the country, usually as a favor to an elected representative from that region. Such government spending often confers an economic benefit to the region involved, with the money typically going toward infrastructure and other projects that create jobs and improve quality of…


Markets Rise as Utility Stocks Drop


Spousal IRA Definition


Gilt-Edged Securities


What to Expect in the Markets Next Week

In the wake of last week’s flurry of market highs and on again, off again trade talks, the week ahead appears relatively tempered, at first glance. Corporate earnings season is winding down, and the economic calendar in the U.S. and abroad is full of typical mid-month reports on consumer spending and production. Despite economic headwinds around the world, asset returns have been very strong in 2019. With the year winding down,…


The Top 6 Shareholders of JPMorgan Chase (JPM)

JPMorgan Chase & Company (NYSE: JPM) is one of the world’s leading financial services companies, providing consumer and commercial banking and credit services as well as financial asset management, investment banking, and insurance products.

It had a market capitalization of nearly $366 billion as of mid-2019, making it one of the world’s largest companies.

JPM is listed on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. This means that…


Top 4 U.S Government Bonds ETFs (SHY, ITE)

U.S. government bond exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are similar bond mutual funds in that both vehicles track indexes composed of U.S. government obligations. These indexes may consist of nominal and U.S. Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS.) Nominal bonds pay a fixed interest rate, while TIPS pay interest rates equal to the inflation rate plus a fixed premium.


  • U.S. government bond exchange-traded…


The Ins-And-Outs of Bank Fees

To make a profit and pay operating expenses, banks typically charge for the services they provide. When a bank lends you money, it charges interest on the loan. When you open a deposit account, such as a checking or savings account, there are fees for that as well. Even fee-free checking and savings accounts have some fees.

It’s important to know all the fees your bank charges, as well as how to reduce or eliminate as many…