How to Trade Earnings Volatility for Deere Stock

Deere & Company (DE) broke a losing streak of six consecutive quarters in which it missed earnings per share (EPS) estimates. On Nov. 27, the company beat Wall Street estimates, but weak guidance had the stock gapping lower at the open that day.

Shares of the heavy equipment manufacturer closed Nov. 26 at $176.65 and opened Nov. 27 at $168.50, a gap lower by 4.6%. Deere stock traded as low as $162.04 on Dec. 1, staying above…

How Are You Taxed After Selling a Mutual Fund in an IRA?

Transactions that are made within an individual retirement account (IRA) are not taxable. Stocks, funds and other securities can be purchased and sold within an IRA account without triggering any consequences. Potential tax consequences are only triggered when money is withdrawn from an IRA account altogether.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales and purchases—of stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs or any other securities—that are made within…

Can You Rollover a 403(b) Plan to an IRA If You’re No Longer Employed?

Nickolas Strain, CFP®, AIF®
Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors, LLC, Long Beach, CA

It’s true that you can rollover the funds from your 403(b) plan into an IRA, but there are a few other options that you should think about as well.

You can rollover the funds into another retirement plan, cash out your 403(b) plan or keep the funds in the 403(b) plan. The decision will depend on your work situation, your investment experience, the…

SEP Plan vs. Keogh Plan: What’s the Difference?

How are Bitcoin Futures Priced?

Bitcoin futures contracts were launched in December of last year, and have already gained traction in the market. Many market participants, who cannot hold spot positions in bitcoin cryptocurrency due to compliance regulations, can now trade bitcoin futures contracts. Futures contracts also offer risk mitigation and hedging possibilities. Amid increasing participation in bitcoin futures trading, here’s a look at how bitcoin…

Best Buy Pops on Earnings but Fails to Hold Risky Level

Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY) beat analysts’ earnings estimates before the open on Nov. 26, and the stock set its 2019 intraday high of $83.62 on the same day. The stock closed that day below its quarterly risky level at $81.74 – this indicated risk to its semiannual pivot at $78.08, which was tested on Dec. 1.

The retailer of consumer durables announced today that it would begin a themed sales campaign on Monday, Dec. 9, called…

Personal Income And Outlays Definition

The 2019 Most Popular Terms by City

Along with Investopedia’s top terms of 2019, we compiled the most popular financial topics in major cities across the U.S. While many of the winners were influenced by economic theory, presidential debates, court cases and pop culture, many of our readers in the nation’s biggest cities were researching topics a little closer to home.

To determine the most popular terms by city, our data science team identified influxes of…

Mid-Cap Fund Definition

Energy Sector Stocks Surge Ahead