Castles in Italy: museum vocabulary for a castle visit

Castles in Italy: museum vocabulary for a castle visit2 min read

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All or at least most of the castles around the world have certain components in common that have a specific name in each language. That's how we see it straight away il ponte levatoio (the lifting bridge), the viene issato ed abbassato sopra il fossato con l'acqua (hoisted above the moat and lowered). Beyond the ditch le mura (the walls). Appear at the top of the wall i merletti (the pinnacles) from which gli arcieri (the archers) theirs frecce (Arrows) against i nemici (the enemy) scoccavano (Shot down).

In the italian castle

Finally you are in the castle. They have il ponte levatoio (s.o.) happens and are through la grossa e pesante griglia (the large and heavy grid) driven through, which is to protect the castle entrance on. So you are now nel cortile (in the courtyard) of the castle. What makes you see your imagination? On the one hand, some practice cavalieri (Knight) alla giostra (in the tournament). On the other hand, soldiers practice because the nemici (s.o.) can always "sign up" and you have to be constantly ready!

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In the middle some workers assemble un palco (a stage): come tonight una compagnia di attori vaganti (a society of wandering actors) that una rappresentazione (a demonstration) the re (King) and the regina (Queen) will be honored. Carri (Carts) and Carrettieri (Carters) go back and forth with the most varied, necessary for the castle life goods.

Below, thin cucine (in the kitchen), makes a crowd cuochi (Cooks) cuoche (Cooks) and servitori To create (servant); some manage a big one maiale (Pig), that on the spiedo (Spit) is fried. Give others vino (Wine) of larger ones botti (Barrels) into smaller ones; more are in the salone da pranzo (Dining room) with tablecloths: posate d'oro (Gold cutlery), big boccali di cristallo (Crystal jugs), piatti (Plates) made of the finest porcelain.

His Highness and his wife are in their respective appartamenti (Apartments, apartments) and prepare to eat. In particular, the queen you can choose from several lady di compagnia (Company ladies) and cameriere personali Surrounded by (private maids) who help her with dressing and combing.

Life in the castle

In another area of ​​the castle are the stalle (Stables), where stallieri (Grooms) of the king's horses. In any real castle may then le segrete (the dungeons, the cells) are not missing, where all the king non graditi (Unwanted) managed and unfortunately were often forgotten. Equally important i passaggi segreti (the secret passages): gallery (Galleries) cunicoli (Stollen), cantine (Cellar), which in case of a assedio (Siege) or one invasione (Invasion) could be very useful.

Good: your visit is coming to an end. They go back through the yard and over the lifting bridge. Una sentinella (a guard) greets you and the whole guardia (Guard) prepares for the sorveglianza notturna (Night monitoring).

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