Carrying aids: Which variants are there?

The huge selection of carrying aids offers you all sorts of slings, slings, suspenders and hip seats. You can find out which one is the right baby carrier for you on the basis of this series of articles and by trying different products or with the help of a support consultant. The following variants are available:

Carrying aids Variant 1: slings

Especially for premature babies and babies under four months slings as Hoppediz or Storchenwiege are particularly suitable. They can be perfectly adapted to the baby, provide optimal posture and provide a secure fit. There are many different ways of binding, but they require a lot of practice. Depending on the size of the wearer and the desired binding technique then the length of the sling is to be determined.

Important quality features include the weave "Kreuzköper", double-stitched edges, sloping cloth ends and a center mark. Very comfortable and soft are elastic slings like ByKay or MobyWrap. They are very good for the summer and more practical because they can be tied. However, there are limitations in the weight of the child.

Baby Carriers Variant 2: Slings and Pouches

When Sling, z. B. stork cradle, the panels are pulled through two rings. As a result, he is quickly created and fixed. They are particularly suitable as a hip carrier and are an ideal complement to other baby carriers.

Since the weight distribution is only one-sided, they are more suitable for shorter distances. The rings should not push and the fabric must be pulled through the rings well. The pouch, z. B. the Premaxx Baby Bag, is a carrying strap. Here, the size must be right.

Carrying aid variant 3: Mei Tais

The traditional Mei Tai, such as Eg the Freehand Mei Tai or the LaChicha Mei Tai, comes from Asia and is a fabric rectangle with long ribbons on every corner. They can be used as abdominal, hip and back straps and can be used for a long time. They come in many different designs, and those who have the skills to sew can easily make themselves a Mei Tai. Pleasant are slightly padded straps and a padding on the head area of ​​the child.

Carrying aids Variant 4: The baby carrier

Today's modern baby comfort wearers were originally created from the Mei Tais. For many parents, they offer a practical alternative to baby slings because they are easier and faster to put on. Most baby carriers are particularly suitable from the 4th month.

Wear such as the ERGObaby, Cybex 2.Go or the Manduca baby carrier have padded straps and waist straps and are closed with plastic buckles. Comfort carriers, such as the Bondolino or the Marsupi, can also be used in the first few months.

It is important that the baby is sitting in the healthy squat-spread position and well supported back and head. Controversial comfort wear, for example, the BabyBjörn or the Chicco Go, as they offer no squat-spreading position. They are more suitable for very short distances. BabyBjörn has now responded to the criticism and brought a Comfort Carrier with widened bridge on the market.

Carrying aids Variant 5: Hip carry

In addition, there are pure hip pads that offer the child a lot of freedom. If you often put your child on the hip at home, the Easy Rider is certainly a helpful alternative. However, the child still has to be held here with one hand.

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