Carnival or Carnival: Tips for hats and crowns, wigs and masks

You have chosen a costume and still need the matching headgear? Should it be a wig, a hat or a crown? Maybe you are looking for a fairy tale costume or a matching mask? It is best to browse a bit and get suggestions and tips here!

Read in this article something about different masks and what belongs to a fairytale costume. Craft and decorate a princess crown or find the right wig and the right hat. Make the wig by yourself or make funny hats and other headgear.

Masks, masks, masks

Masks have a long tradition in carnival or carnival. They are available in all possible variants and for the most different figures. Read about different masks in the article: A Mask for Carnival: Carnival Masks, Venetian Masks, Animal Masks.

What wigs do

A wig gives the person who wears it a new look at lightning speed. Only the hair color determines the effect and expression of the face. The hairstyle emphasizes face shape and personality. Normal clothing, supported by a wig, becomes party-ready in this way. Wigs also have a very specific task of completing fairytale costumes.

But other costumes get even more attractive with a wig. Dancer, Indian woman or Japanese are just a few examples. Schillerels transform a man or a woman into a radiant beauty.

How to find the right wig

Wigs are everywhere, where you can buy carnival clothes. For special requests, it is worthwhile to browse through various online shops. Also read "Wigs for Carnival – Wigs for Carnival".

How to make carnival wigs yourself

Fabric bathing caps are available for a few euros. They are ideal for crafting a wig of woolen threads. To do this, pull a wool thread that has a knot at the end, from the inside out with a thick darning needle through the hood. Depending on the desired length you cut off the thread. Then take the 2nd thread and the 3rd and the 4th, etc., until the wig is ready. If you pull through loops instead of thick threads, the hair will get even thicker. Take, for example, fire-red threads for a Pumuckl wig.


  • You will get loops when you bend the thread in the middle and knot the ends. Pull the top of the loop through the needle. If it is difficult to get the loop through, wrap a thin thread around the loop and pull the ends through the eye of the needle. Now pull the loop through the thread.
  • Cap caps or umbrella caps that have become obsolete are also suitable for carnival wigs. First the screen is removed. Then you can use Hanfwerg or Flachswerg, steel wool or streamers and a hot glue gun to make funny carnival wigs.
  • Nylon tights are also suitable for a cap on which woolen threads can be sewn; For example, for the red braids by Pippi Longstocking.

What belongs to a fairytale costume

Fairy tale costumes have the characteristic that they should represent a certain fairy tale or a figure from the fairy tale. So there are precise ideas in the selection of the individual garments and the associated accessories. Everyone knows that a princess wears a crown or a diadem, a prince a crown or a hat. Also read:

Carnival hats and other headgear: make or buy hats yourself

Like wigs and crowns, hats of the carnival figure also help to enhance their character and emphasize or enhance the carnival costume. With a hat you connect

  • a fine lady,
  • a groom with a cylinder,
  • a hunter or forester,
  • a Bayern with leather pants,
  • a clown,
  • Dwarves and Gnomes,
  • the Punch,
  • a cowboy,
  • a witch with a black hat or
  • a striped cap for a convict.

Guard members, hussars or occupations can also be recognized by special headgear.

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