Cancellation or no response from the company

In addition to rejection to the desired position, it is particularly annoying for applicants if the company does not respond at all. How should the candidate behave best when there are no responses to applications?

Often applicants do not understand why you have received a rejection on your application, even if all professional and personal requirements have been in accordance with the requirements specified in the vacancy notice. It raises the question of whether it makes sense to actually check the company. Against the background of the AGG, hardly any human resources officer will comment openly on the reasons for avoiding possible legal proceedings.

Applications: Possible reasons for cancellations

Often, the reasons for a cancellation are not based on you, your application documents or your qualifications. If a company receives several hundred or even more than a thousand applications for a job advertisement, it will become a game of chance if invited to a job interview or not.

Even if this is not always obvious: If you have unknowingly responded to a fake job offer, the cancellation is inevitable.

Bad style in cancellations

In many cases, applicants are annoyed by impersonal phrases or seemingly derogatory phrases such as "We can not consider your application further. For our relief, we will send you back your documents. "Or" We have decided otherwise. "

Your annoyance about this is certainly understandable, but on receipt of such a rejection, you can view the whole from a different perspective: If a company only with phrases or "negative" phrasing on your application, the question automatically arises, if the company not treated his employees and clients as impersonally or shatteringly.

Perhaps you would have noticed at the latest in the interview – if it had come to that – that you do not like the prevailing corporate culture.

No reaction from the company

Similarly, the above applies also in the event that a company does not respond to your application at all or after a short confirmation of receipt nothing more can be heard.

Some recruitment consultants advise your customers to inquire politely about the status of the application process at the latest four weeks after the application has been sent, as long as the company has not heard anything from them. However, the reactions are usually rather unsatisfactory in these cases:

  • You are informed that the pre-selection process is still ongoing, but you will never hear from the company again.
  • After the announcement that the decision-making process has not yet been completed, you will receive the cancellation no later than three days later.

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