Can the 'Cadet Fermin' get the visa to get to the Oscar?

Fermin wants to be at the Oscar. Well, better said, the actor that gives life to him: Jorge Antonio Guerrero.

According to the page of shows of the millenium half, after being rejected three times, the actor would be very close to attend the awards gala that makes the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences.

Millenium says a source close to the US Embassy confirmed that Guerrero will receive permission to attend the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on February 24, where the ceremony will take place.

However, Adrián Torres, a public relations officer from Guerrero, told Milenio that they are still waiting: "The procedure was done again and we are waiting to see what happens, we could have the call today or tomorrow, we are at tic-tac".

Despite the 10 Oscar nominations of the film and have recommendations from Netflix and the director himself, Alfonso Cuarón, the procedures of Guerrero had not been approved.

"I was invited since last year, at the end of last year, to some screenings as well as to the Golden Globes and, of course, to the Oscars, but unfortunately when I processed the visa they did not want to give it to me," Guerrero said. to the television program Firsthand.

Guerrero plays the cadet Fermin, Cleo's boyfriend (Yalitza Aparicio), in the Cuarón film and in the following video you can listen to the complete interview:

Guerrero even told that he took to the US consulate letters written by Alfonso Cuarón himself, and one of Netflix's producers, but that they did not work. In fact, he said in the interview with the Mexican channel that they did not even check them: "If you do not want to read it, it's very difficult." The last time I tried, I tried to give it to the consul but she grabbed the paper and literally returned my passport to me. The slit was an unmemorable picture. "

In an interview for Quien magazine, the actor who is also known for playing the cadet Tello in Luis Miguel's miniseriesHe said he had been denied the visa three times: "I expressly took a letter that they did not want to read, on my second try, they said that I was going to work, and I answered no, I was going as a guest. little memorable, it seemed that there was even an anger on the part of the young lady who interviewed me. "

Guerrero said he does not think there is any hint of racism in the rejection: "What I want to interpret is that it is a matter of procedure, it is a procedure that I want to do and that I have been denied by the interviewers who have touched me. think that, because if we could find a way for a consular officer or someone in the embassy to read those letters of invitation, you could understand the artistic figure that I have and the cultural exchange that is taking place between two nations. "

Finally, the artist had said to Who who hoped to attend the Oscar awards ceremony, which will be held on February 24, in Los Angeles, although he said that his greatest wish is to see his co-star succeed that night: "I wish, I hope, and what I say with all my heart, Yalitza takes the Oscar. Imagine, I'm thinking more about that. And eventually, if you can process (the visa) well then. "

If those who know more than Rome, we invite you to read this review without spoilers in this link.

Editor's note This article was updated on February 11, with the declaration of the actor's public relations agent.

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