Breaking Bad: What you should know before watching the Netflix movie


Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), fugitive from justice, in The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019).


The Breaking Bad series concluded in 2013. And the movie The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie – which Netflix premieres on Friday, October 11, 2019 – tells the story of what happened immediately after the final episode of the show. And, although it is an autonomous film, with principle and outcome, it is worth reviewing how the series ended, to understand what happens in the plot and recognize its characters.

Vince Gilligan, creator of the series and director of The way, revealed on September 18 that 10 regular Breaking Bad characters They will appear in the movie. Of them we have seen two: Badger (Matt L. Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), both old friends of the protagonist of The wayJesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

The film of Breaking Bad Explore what happened when Jesse was released by Walter White (Bryan Cranston) from the drug laboratory where he was held prisoner by a neo-Nazi gang. "After his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must accept his past to forge some kind of future," summarizes the synopsis.

Recall then how the final season of Breaking Bad: Walter White (Cranston) is identified by his brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), as the drug dealer known as Heisenberg. The DEA captures Walter's former partner, Jesse Pinkman (Paul) and uses it as a hook to lure Walter into a head to capture him.

But in the place appears Jack (Michael Bowen) and his neo-Nazi gang, who kill Hank, take Walter seven of the eight barrels containing $ 80 million that he had hidden in the desert and kidnap Jesse, with the intention of use it as a slave making methamphetamine in a clandestine gang laboratory.

Walter, knowing that the police are in his footsteps, turns to Ed (Robert Forster), a friend of lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), to help him escape and disappear. In this way, Walter leaves Albuquerque and hides in a cabin in New Hampshire. Jesse tries to escape from his prison and is caught again by the gang; as punishment, they take him in a van to the house of his girlfriend, Andrea (Emily Rios), where he sees how a member of the neo-Nazi band, Todd (Jesse Plemons), kills her with a shot.

In the final episode, Walter returns to Albuquerque and organizes a meeting with the neo-Nazi gang; This ignores that Walter designed a device in the trunk of his car that, with a remote control, activates an M60 machine gun. In this way, Walter eliminates the entire band but, in the burst that the machine gun fires, he is mortally wounded. Before he dies, Walter releases Jesse, who takes the keys to Todd's Chevrolet El Camino car and gets lost at night driving at full speed, without knowing his fate.

So Jesse Pinkman we'll see in The way He is a tortured and traumatized character after his confinement as a slave in the drug laboratory of Jack and Todd's neo-Nazi gang.

In addition, the police are on their trail, because they probably found their DNA in the gang's laboratory. At final trailer From the movie, we see Jesse digging in the desert, which makes us presume that he knows the whereabouts of a hidden gang money that allows him to escape from Albuquerque and get a new identity.

Actor Aaron Paul has said that an important scene of Breaking Bad that fans should see before The way It is this that appears in the episode "One Minute" of the third season. It's a scene where Jesse, in a hospital bed after Agent Hank hit him, tells Walter that since he met him everything he had has vanished and that he had never felt more alone in his life since that Walter White crossed his life.

In short, Jesse was willing to hand Walter over to the DEA, so he was convinced that his mentor should pay. The way I could show a Jesse willing to leave his past behind and try to forge a future away from the crime and negative influence of Walter White.

The movie The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie premieres on October 11 on Netflix. And then it can be seen at the beginning of 2020 on the AMC channel, where the show was originally broadcast between 2008 and 2013.