Black Friday: routers, repeaters and Wifi accessories at the best price

Black Friday: routers, repeaters and Wifi accessories at the best price

Update from 22/11 to 18:15 : the network offer was not very provided at the beginning but was expanded with low-cost devices such as USB Wifi adapters and a lot of repeaters. Somehow the winning couple to boost your reception a little pushy.

Want to restore health to your connection during Black Friday 2019 during which promotions flourish online? To help you, here is our selection of great deals, discounts and promotions on network accessories.

Really enjoy the capabilities of your local network and internet

When it comes to network two distinct elements are concerned: the internet network provided by the service provider on the one hand, and the local network that communicates between the elements at home on the other hand. The two are closely related since once the internet has arrived to your box operator, it is the local network that takes over.

It is from here that network accessories, routers, repeaters, Nas and other network switch will take over. If you have an excellent connection but the rest is not optimized or low quality, you lose all the benefit of your connection. The exchanges between the elements will also be disturbed. That's enough to boost or complete all that.

The most connected offers from Black Friday to 22/11 at 18:15

Important: The promotions relayed here have been chosen independently by the editorial staff of CNET France according to the importance of the reduction made and the quality of the product, the selection is updated regularly. Black Friday requires and because of the high influx on merchant sites, the links to the offers may not be fully loaded or not work the first time. We advise you to update (key F5 on your keyboard) several times the page of the e-merchant if necessary.


Wi-Fi network routers and repeaters

4G routers

CPL or Hybrid CPL / Wifi

USB Wifi Adapters

Network Switch


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