Beware of sports in winter

Endurance sports like running or cycling are known to strengthen the heart. But endurance sports are not always healthy. Those who already have heart problems should be careful and avoid efforts in the cold.

Sport in winter is not good for people with heart problems

There are few reasons, even in minus temperatures in the single-digit range, in the fresh air to do any sports. Even if the thermometer falls below freezing point in winter, endurance sports help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Only people who already have problems with the heart, should move the training in frost prefer to indoors. Because frost can cause problems for the heart.

Heat expands and cold contracts. This also applies to the blood vessels. In cold weather, they contract and complicate the blood flow. In addition, the blood pressure rises. If you are already suffering from hypertension or are at risk for vascular congestion (eg, smoker, obesity, sports muffle), exerting pressure at sub-zero levels may increase these problems. Incidentally, this does not only apply to sports, but to all strenuous activities in winter, such as snow shoveling.

Sports in winter: warning signs of a heart attack

In this respect, it is no wonder that the number of occlusive diseases such as a heart attack or a stroke increases at minus temperatures. If you feel a stabbing pain in the chest during the winter shoveling or during sports in the fresh air or if you suddenly get breathless, this could be a sign of an arterial occlusion. In this case you should immediately limit the activity and consult a doctor.

Another problem could be the legs. There is an increased risk of thrombosis. Especially for people who have had a heart attack or a stroke before, the risk is increased. Then it is important to keep your legs warm, in particular, to minimize the risk of closure.

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