Behavior therapy in cats: support homeopathic remedies

Behavior therapy in cats: Many cats show a disturbed behavior, whereby most cats react only to their environment or to the coexistence with a cat, which they do not particularly like. However, some cats really suffer from a disturbed psyche. This can be treated with homeopathy.

When does the cat need behavioral therapy?

A cat that shows constantly disturbed behavior or at least disturbing behavior for a long time needs help. She should be given the opportunity to solve her problems through a behavioral therapy so that she can, for example, reintegrate into the cat group or become housebroken again.


Cats show uncleanliness when they have problems with their environment or other cats. A direct protest pee is not really, but the cat is exposed to any stress that they can not compensate and reacts to it. Cleanliness problems are usually endured for a very long time by the cat owners, although that would not be necessary at all.

Behavioral therapy can almost always be remedied within a short time. Man and cat are thus much happier, because not only man suffers from the uncleanliness, but also the cat. As she can not escape the stress she is subjected to in any way, the animal feels very uncomfortable. Often the animals then behave overly anxious or aggressive.

In addition, constant stress can make animals as ill as us humans. Stress triggers adrenaline in the body, which in the long run could not only cause emotional problems.


Aggression among cats is also an underrated behavioral problem. The often-held opinion that the animals make this up among themselves is not conducive to the inferior animal. Eventually comes the day when an animal can only live on a cabinet or on a scratching post and the superior animal has everything else around it.

The losing cat will react with depression in the long run. She does not play anymore, she refuses to eat and she gets dirty. Solve these problems through a behavioral counseling, it is possible.

Homeopathy in behavioral counseling

Depression, uncleanliness, fear and aggression can also be treated by homeopathic remedies. Previously, however, the environment of the animal should always be optimized.

  • Lachesis in jealousy
  • belladonna for biting animals
  • Nux Vomica for mostly male animals, which correspond to the drug picture of the little warrior
  • Silica for anxious and petite cats
  • Pulsatilla helps cats that are very supportive and loving
  • Platinum suits the divas among the cats

In order to find a suitable remedy for the cat it is necessary to describe the behavior as well as possible so that the animal homeopath can find the constitutional remedy. These include symptoms that have nothing to do with the actual problem.

It must z. For example, the following questions may be clarified: Is the cat in warm or cold places? What is the feeding behavior and the drinking behavior? What diseases did she already have?

All these questions are needed to select a constitutional remedy. With this remedy the state of mind of most cats will relax again within a short time. Anxiety and aggression diminish or cease altogether, and uncleanliness is usually also affected if the therapy suggestions have been implemented previously. The coexistence of most cats will be more relaxed if the remedy fits the animal.

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