Avoid long-term conversations with the mobile phone during pregnancy

When telephoning with mobile phones generates radiation. However, it is not clearly proven, if during pregnancy a danger emanates from the mobile phone. These tips help pregnant women to significantly reduce their radiation exposure.

Each time a call is made from a cell phone, a connection is established between the device and the transmission tower. The mobile phones emit some kind of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. This is a high-frequency radiation that triggers heat. The mobile radio radiation is pulsed, that is, the intensity of the radiation is constantly changing. This will increase the level when the device is connecting or trying to keep a bad connection. If the cell phone is in one place and is not moved, the radiation is low.

Studies on the health hazard of cell phones

Basically, we are exposed to natural radiation everywhere, for example, the earth has an electromagnetic field. For the still young technology of mobile phones, there are no reliable long-term studies that clearly prove a threat to humans by mobile phone radiation. However, the researchers discovered that the radiation has a certain effect on the brain and the cells.

However, it is not known if this leads to damage to health. Experts from the World Health Organization WHO evaluated all scientific studies and came to the conclusion that the risk of cancer from massive cell phone radiation can not be excluded.

Radiation exposure during pregnancy

According to the current state of knowledge, the use of a mobile phone does not cause increased malformations in the unborn baby. However, there is an extensive study by American and Danish scientists that draws a link between cell phone use during pregnancy and behavioral disorder (ADHD) in children. A Canadian study in pregnant rats shows that radiations, similar to cell phones, cause structural changes in the brains of the fetuses.

Use mobile phone in pregnancy

For pregnant women, a cell phone is important to call for help in an emergency. If you do not talk to your mobile phone, you do not have to worry about damage to your health. During pregnancy it is not recommended to make long phone calls with your mobile phone. Because every time you use the phone, you expose yourself to high-frequency electromagnetic fields. But there are very simple tricks to reduce the radiation of the mobile phone.

These tips reduce the radiation exposure of the phone

  • Restrict conversations on the mobile phone: Make a phone call as rarely as possible. Long conversations are best carried out over the fixed network. Particularly low-radiation are the good old phones with cord. But even the cordless phones now emit less radiation. Make sure the base station is not near your sleeping or seating area.
  • Use devices with low SAR value: The SAR value of the cell phone indicates how much the head is exposed to radiation. The lower the so-called specific absorption rate of the device, the less energy the biological tissue absorbs due to the radiation exposure. If your ear is exposed to electromagnetic energy when talking on the phone, it heats up. Low-radiation are mobile phones bearing the "Blue Angel" environmental label. The SAR values ​​of most mobile phone models are provided by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.
  • Pay attention to high transmission power: The transmission power of a mobile phone also influences the amount of radiation. For devices with weak transmission characteristics, the base station of the mobile network reacts. It switches to a higher transmission power level and causes an increased radiation exposure. Therefore choose a mobile phone with a low SAR value and a high transmission power.
  • Wear a headset when making a call: When you make a phone call, the electromagnetic fields between the device and the antenna build up. If you hold the device directly to your ear, the head is exposed to strong fields. Through a headset or a hands-free device, the distance between the head and antenna increases and extremely reduces the radiation exposure. Make sure your phone is at least one meter from your body.
  • Avoid bad receptionDo not make phone calls in places with a bad reception, for example in the car or in the underground car park. Also in this case, the base station changes the transmission power level, so that the connection is not interrupted. But this leads to a high radiation exposure.
  • Wait for connection: Do not hold your phone to your ear until the connection is established. When establishing a conversation, the greatest radiation is created.
  • Do not wear the activated mobile phone on the body: Read carefully the instruction manual of your mobile phone. You will often find that the SAR values ​​are exceeded if the device is held too close to the body. During pregnancy, avoid wearing the phone close to the body, such as the trouser pocket. And do not put the switched on cell phone right next to your baby bump. When writing a text message, make sure that you do not hold the phone at belly height.
  • Turn off the phone: An activated mobile phone logs in at intervals at the base station. If the device is not on the phone and it is not moved, less radiation also occurs. Nevertheless, banish the cellphone from your bedroom and do not keep it next to your bed. Also, get in the habit of turning off the phone when you do not need it.
  • Do not use radiation blockers: There are now accessories for mobile phones that block the rays. However, products such as radiation protection stickers or anti-magnetic field plates cause the opposite, because they reduce the transmission power of the device. And so the change takes place in a higher transmission stage, which in turn leads to a high radiation exposure.

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