How to effectively disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on iOS 11


Right: It seems that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off, right? No: They are only disconnected. The radios are still active, which raises battery problems and security.

                                                    Screenshot by Rick Broida / CNET

There is something different about iOS 11 – and it's debatable whether it's something good or bad.

Since the Control Center made its debut, 7, it has included a few convenient buttons to enable and disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Only by touching the toggle the function is disabled.

On iOS 11, those same switches are there, but they work differently: instead of turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios, they simply disconnect from devices and the networks.

Apple is not likely to issue a solution for this unless there are enough complaints from users, but it is not a bug ; is something done by design, according to this Apple customer support document.



What is the purpose behind this new "function"? As explained in that document, "On iOS 11 and later, when the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth buttons are activated in the Control Center, the device will immediately disconnect from the available Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessories. Bluetooth will remain available. "

Why? That's for you to keep using "important" features and devices like AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Pencil and Apple Watch.

Here's where it gets really weird: If you disable Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi through of the Control Center, both will be automatically reactivated after 5 am or if you restart your device. And Wi-Fi is reactivated if you walk or drive to a new location.

Now, Bluetooth is deactivated for real.

                                                    Rick Broida / CNET

I suspect that most people turn off radios for security reasons (iPhone are susceptible to the recent attack of malware BlueBorne) and / or to prolong the life of the battery. Unfortunately, the Control Center no longer allows you to disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

To do this, you will have to venture to the Configuration, just as in the days before the Control Center.


For Wi-Fi: Settings> Wi-Fi> Off

For Bluetooth: Settings> Bluetooth> Off




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The first six months the baby feeds on only liquid food.

The first six months the baby feeds on only liquid food. From about the seventh month of life, you can introduce the baby food. In order for the changeover to work, some things have to be taken into account, which are explained in the following article:

Many babies reject solid food.

The introduction of the baby food is recommended after the sixth month of life. In addition, there are some developmental signs that indicate that your baby is ready for the food changeover:

  • It chews up and sucks the hands
  • The baby's interest in food is growing. This shows it by watching the parents eating and the eyes with each spoon of food Is hungry.
  • Introduce Beikost

    You should start with a low-allergenic vegetable slurry. The finished vats are usually marked with an "A". The suitable vegetable varieties include early carrots, potatoes and kohlrabi. It is useful to stay with a vegetable for the first few weeks, as the baby has to get used to an unfamiliar taste. If it reacts with flatulence or abdominal pain, the variety should be changed.

    At first, the baby possibly spurs his face, maybe spits out the mash immediately and asks impatiently for your chest. It is important that you have patience and always offer the baby the food again. More than a maximum of five spoons will not be taken at the beginning anyway.

    The first porridge should be fed with the spoon, since you will accustom your baby early on and on the other hand it will be used by the mother the spoon feeding the digestion of the mash already started in the baby's mouth. The pulp is pelletized, with an important enzyme, the amylase, being present in the saliva. This initiates the first digestion step. If this is not the case because of the bottle feeding, because your baby swallows the mash immediately, this can lead to flatulence and stomach pain.

    Your baby can not sit in the high chair at the age of six months. Therefore, you should feed your baby on a lap in a sitting position or in the baby rocker.

    There are babies who do not have problems with the first solid food and change almost completely within a few weeks, while other infants completely refuse the food and persistently spit everything out again.

    Drinking is very important

    When you introduce the food, the mother's milk is no longer sufficient for the supply of liquid. Drinks should be offered to the baby, such as boiled tap water. Even if it does not initially begin to drink large amounts, it is still very important, because otherwise it can lead to constipation.

    Image credits: Anke Thomass / AdobeStock

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Russell Breakout Lifts Small Caps Into Leadership

The Russell 2000 index has lifted to a bull market and all-time high this week, signaling the next stage of a powerful small-cap rotation that could continue into year end and beyond. At the same time, this emerging leadership may force funds and institutions to exit overheated tech stocks to free up speculative capital, dropping the Nasdaq 100​ into a long period of relative underperformance.

Look no further than the

Equifax Tries to Save Face With Free Credit Freeze

After suffering a massive cyber breach that put private data on 143 million Americans—about 44% of the U.S. population—at risk of exposure, credit reporting agency Equifax is trying to salvage its ravaged reputation by offering customers a free credit freezing service for life.

On Wednesday, Equifax’s interim CEO, Paulino Barros, who took over earlier this week from Richard Smith, wrote an op-ed piece for The Wall…

11 ways to extend battery life in iOS 11


                                                    Jason Cipriani / CNET

The new iOS is here, but surely your cell phone is consuming more battery than normal.

Upgrading to a new version of iOS brings many consequences. If the battery of your cell phone does not last as before, we tell you 11 ways so that it does not end so fast.

1. Check the battery consumption of each app

The iPhone includes a list that allows you to see which applications consume the most battery. You should open the Settings menu and choose the Battery option to see which application has consumed the most battery in the last 24 hours and seven days.

Select the clock icon on the right side to see how long it has been running the app in the background or on the main screen. With this information you can limit the use of that app that consumes too much battery.

                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

2. Decrease the brightness of the screen

The screen light is one of the things that most consume battery. However, you can adjust the brightness from the Control Center.



You can also select the Auto Brightness option, which is adjusted according to light. I recommend using this option if you use your iPhone more than everything at night or indoors and not on the street.

If you are in well-lit places, the automatic function keeps the brightness of your screen at the maximum level, which consumes more battery. The Auto Brightness option changed location in iOS 11 and is now in the Accessibility menu. You must enter Settings, choose the General option, select Accessibility and touch Screen adaptations. Ios-auto-brightness "height =" 0 "width =" 370 "

                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

3. Reduces the brightness of the flashlight

Like the display, the flashlight can consume enough battery. In iOS 11 there are four types of light you can use. If you use the flashlight very often, use the function with less light. This option can save you battery and still work as a flashlight. Open the Control Center and press for a few seconds the flashlight option to choose the option you prefer. iOS saves your preferences for the next time you use the flashlight.

                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

4. Use the Save battery option

This option is not new but it is very useful. In addition, it allows you to reduce or stop the option of updating mail, background applications and automatic downloads. It also reduces visuals and blocks your phone every 30 seconds. When the battery reaches 20 percent, iOS suggests you turn on the Battery Saver mode, but you can also turn it on from Settings and Battery. If you prefer you can ask Siri to turn it on or you can add the option to the new Control Center. Ios-low-power-mode "height =" 0 "width =" 370

                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

5. Emails

Urgent messages may come to you via text messages, so you may not need to constantly update your phone's mail. Check your email settings so you're sure this option is off. You can configure these options by changing your preferences and selecting Manual. This means that the Mail app will not look for new mail, but you will have to open it and search for it manually.

 ios-mail-fetch "height =" 0 "width = "19459035] <meta itemprop=
                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

6. Disable Siri

Although it is not known how much battery the "Hey Siri" function consumes, we recommend turning it off, since the Battery Saver mode deactivates the function. To do so, go to Settings, select Siri and disable "Hey Siri."

 ios-hey-siri-setting "height =" 0 "width =" 370
                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

7. Limit automatic downloads and background applications

There are some applications that update the content even if you are not using them. Although it is a useful function, it can consume too much battery. Disable it from Settings, General, and select Background Update.

Automatic updates also consume battery. You can disable this option and update applications manually from the App Store. To disable this option, you must go to Settings, iTunes & App Store and disable the automatic updates option.

                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

8. Turn off visual effects

Visual effects that are turned off in Battery Saver mode are animations that give the effect of depth when you flip your iPhone or open and close apps. First you must go to Settings, then select General, Accessibility and choose the option Reduce movement. From this menu you can adjust contrast and transparency.

                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

9. Change locking preferences

To save battery power, we recommend reducing the time the screen is turned on when you do not use your phone. The auto-lock feature locks your iPhone while you do not use it. You can adjust the duration from Settings and Display and Brightness.

                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

10. Change Location options

Applications that use your location consume more battery power than other apps. iOS 11 lets you control when and how you want apps to access your location. You will not only have the option of Never and Always. Now you can use the On use option. Change these options from Settings, Privacy and Location.

 <img src=
                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

11. Limits notifications

Notifications are not only tedious, they also consume battery because they turn on the iPhone screen even if you are not using it. To change them you can go to Settings, Notifications and choose which applications can send you notifications. You can also disable the applications on the lock screen.



                                                    Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET




macOS High Sierra will be available on September 25

Apple has taken advantage of its keynote to announce many products but nothing on MacOS High Sierra. However, the firm's website has been updated to announce the launch of the new update on September 25th. Many new features are expected, starting with the APFS file system which will now be used by default, it is more suitable for flash storage. This new architecture increases performance, for example to duplicate a file, it is also more secure thanks to an integrated encryption system and an anti-crash protection.

The H.265 standard will also be available. It improves video compression and makes it easy to play ultra-HD files. Other innovations include the integration of the Metal 2 graphics API, applications will also be entitled to some new features. Mail will use for example 35% less storage, Photo gets new features, Siri becomes more efficient and compatible with Apple Music.

Regarding compatibility, all machines that run on Sierra will be eligible for macOS High Sierra. Compatibility is still set at the end of 2009 for iMac and MacBook. The MacBook Air, Pro and Mac mini and Mac Pro from early 2010 and later will enjoy the upgrade.

Reversing the hierarchy – How to argue your boss

A difficult boss can be spoiled for a day's work. Many employees have to be told by their boss and are often treated unfairly. Good arguments are needed here, because whoever argues well has better chances of convincing the boss.

When arguing against the boss should be tactically clever, otherwise such an action can very quickly go in the opposite direction.

Exclude misunderstandings

In principle, it should always always be clarified whether the prescriptions and arguments of the boss were also correctly understood. Not infrequently, a dispute arises because of simple misunderstandings. This should be excluded before a heated argument arises. If important information is lacking, no employee should be allowed to. Do not let yourself be swept away, but remain stubborn. You should not let go until you get all the important information

Refer to earlier procedures

To achieve this, you should refer to common or previous ones procedures. This way, your superior feels better understood and is usually more accessible to your wishes and concerns. It will often happen to you in the workplace that they do not agree with the proposals or procedures of your supervisor. If you do not, it is not uncommon for the respect for you to fall.

Prepare yourself


It is also important that you discuss your arguments before the clarifying discussion, with which you can argue well. You should clearly know what you want or do not want. Obviously, you should also have the advantages of your suggested solutions without neglecting the supervisor's definition as too negative. Try to be as self-assured as possible, and present your proposals accordingly.

Do not discuss endless

If a particular decision is very surprising for you, try not to argue in senseless arguments. This often leads to even more misunderstandings. Please refer here to point one and clarify everything that is still unclear to you at the moment. This way, you can also calmly consider counter-arguments that make sense and then present them to your supervisor in a self-confident and calm manner.

The crucial point is that you are fully aware of your position and know what you want , This is the only way to convince other people well of themselves or your wishes.

Milanmarkovic78 / Adobe Stock

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Do Sallie Mae loans go directly to your school?


Sallie Mae is the biggest provider of financial aid and student loans in the United States. The company operates as a private firm and offers many loan options for college students. Depending on the option, Sallie Mae loans either go directly to the school or directly to the student.

Private Loans

Sallie Mae only gives private loans to students who have good credit. If a student doesn’t have the necessary…

Windows 10: fixes for performance problems in video games



                                                     Windows 10: patches for performance problems in video games


On the Nvidia Geforce forum players share their experience following the installation of the updated Creators Update released in March 2017. They report a problem with performance, Microsoft acknowledges the problem and says that it has identified their origins.

This is the site MSPowerUser that spotted the discussion on the forum of gamers. Players talk about FPS (frames per second) concerns, that is to say the fluidity of the image in video games like Overwatch, Battlefield or Rocket League. Microsoft finally acknowledged the problem by responding in the Hub app with comments and stating that it analyzed user reports and found several sources causing lag in games.

A fix is ​​already available for one of these causes and was released in a preview version of Windows 10, the one stamped build 16273 (and the following ones). However, this is a version that is only available to testers who are members of the Windows Insider voluntary testing program. For the rest he asks the users a little patience. In some cases the situation seems to improve by disabling the DVR games parameter.

The Insider program is open to all but requires to install versions of Windows under development and therefore considered unstable. Fortunately, it will not wait too long because this first patch and any subsequent patches will be released to the general public in the next major update Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that Microsoft announced for October 17.