The Nintendo NES Classic Mini back in store next year



                                                     The Nintendo NES Classic Mini back in store next year


This is good news for those who have not been able to get their hands on a NES Classic Mini, and they are probably numerous because of the success of the small machine, out of stock very quickly after exit.

Nearly 6 months after stopping the production of the console, Nintendo announces in a statement its return to the store next year, in the summer 2018. Attention however, the Japanese giant did not specify the countries in which the console will be available again. However, it seems logical that Europe is entitled to it, it would be a pity for Nintendo to deprive itself of such a market.

As a reminder, the NES Classic Mini, sold 69,99 euros at its release, embarks a total of 30 games including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy and Donkey Kong. For the complete list, just go to this address.




Google Chrome will allow to cut the sound of a website definitely



                                                     Google Chrome will allow to cut the sound of a website definitely


This is a very interesting novelty at a time when autoplay videos are more and more common (and disturbing) on ​​the Internet. François Beaufort, the former "leaker" became a Google employee, announced Friday, August 25th that the team in charge of the Chrome browser is currently testing an option to permanently block the sound of a website.

"The Chrome team is currently testing an option to cut / reactivate the sound of a website directly from the page information bubble. This will allow you to choose which site is allowed to send you an audio signal automatically "he writes on the Google+ social network. The information bubble in question is located just to the left of the address of the site visited. The option will be placed in the drop-down list that appears when you click on it -site-setting-770.jpg "baseline" hspace = "10" vspace = "5

Currently, the feature is only available on the developers version of browser, Chrome Canary, but it should be added to the standard version in an upcoming update. Note that the Google browser already allows to cut the sound of a site (by right clicking on the tab issuing the signal), the novelty is here in the permanent character of the blocking.




Super Mario Run lowers price and releases characters


'Super Mario Run' will arrive at half price.

                                                Super Mario Run

Well, because Nintendo wants to celebrate a great update that will launch next September 29 with a special price.

According to announced the company through its Twitter account, from September 29 until October 12 you can buy the video game at US $ 4.99 in the United States or 5.49 euros in Spain.

The company also announced on Twitter during the weekend that the update will include a new world, new modes and new characters with which you can play.

On the other hand a report of PhoneArena advances some of news that we will find when Nintendo releases the update. Among what we can expect is the launch of Daisy, a new princess with which you can play, although for this you must rescue her from a new castle. Super-mario-run " ]

Daisy will be the new character of 'Super Mario Run'.




The new world will be called World Star and the new mode would be called Remix 10, and it would put you of random form in different levels, so that you have a changing experience at any moment.

Something very interesting is that from this new update you can replace the music of Super Mario Run by your own selection. This will cause your character to show some headphones on his head.




Test Cabasse Stream Bar: our opinion


The Stream Bar is the first sound bar of the famous French manufacturer Cabasse. Positioned in the top of the range, this one is sold around 1000 euros. It comes with a wireless subwoofer and offers a total power of 80 watts. No Dolby Atmos inside, but the manufacturer still promises a 3D spatialization . What about in practice? That's what we're going to see.


The first thing you notice when you look at the Stream Bar is the elegance of its design. Cylindrical and covered with fabric to protect the metal grid underneath, this one is particularly well finished, to the point of making to forget the plastic parts (a quality plastic nevertheless) on the back of the product. Same for the case, very elegant too and whose manufacture is extremely clean and neat.

 <img src= "align =" baseline "hspace =" 10 "vspace =" 5 "width =" 770 "height In this regard, the connection is quite complete: there is an HDMI input, an HDMI TV ARC output, an optical input, a line input RCA jack, an Ethernet port RJ 45 and a USB port.This is enough, even if you will be limited to a single HDMI source, which is a shame at this price level.Forget also the playback of Blu Ray UHD in HDMI since the anti-copy standard HDCP 2.2 is not supported </p>
<h2> Wireless and multimedia </h2>
<p> Otherwise, you can also use a wireless connection, either Bluetooth (aptX) or Wi-Fi. , the connection is quite stable and the quality of the signal is good, but note that during our tests, the Stream Bar did not always appear when we scan the devices nearby (the first time we re only, ouf …). The NFC chip can also come to your rescue on this point. </p>
<p style= "align = "</p>
<p> <span> <i> (Google Play image) </i> </span> </p>
<p>" baseline "hspace =" 10 "vspace =" 5 "width =" 323 " ] </p>
<p> To connect the Stream Bar to Wi-Fi, you have to go through the Awox Stream Control application (iOS, Android, PC and Mac), which is far from the most efficient and reliable The installation procedure is simple but the application crashed several times before successfully configuring the Stream Bar during our tests, and we had some other bugs afterwards (for information (19459005) </p>
<p> However, it supports a number of streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal or Qobuz, with a variable level of integration (it does not support not Google Play Music or Apple Music on the other hand). It also has a multiroom section to control several speakers of the brand. The application is relatively simple to use in general but could be more reactive. </p>
<h2> Audio quality </h2>
<p> If the Stream Bar is able to send a lot of power with regard to its size, all without any distortion (or at least it is not audible ) and with a suitable definition (but not exceptional), we were however disappointed by the audio signature of the device, rather bland to our liking. Moreover, we noted that the basses, a little too present (although we can adjust the volume of the caisson), were also quite imprecise. It would also have appreciated sharper highs. </p>
<p style= "align =" baseline "hspace =================================== </p>
<p> Spatialization is very good in stereo, especially for movies. The voices of the characters are well distributed and the scene (19459005) </p>
<p> This is the first time that the Dolby Atmos has been released. This is because, at this price level, some of the competitors' sound bars are doing better, both in terms of spatialization and pure sound quality. One example is the LG SJ9, an excellent its sold at an equivalent rate and supporting the Dolby Atmos </p>
<p style= "align =" baseline "hspace =" Conclusion </h2>
<p> The Cabasse Stream Bar is not a bad sound bar, although its audio quality could have been better and its application more effective , but the problem is mainly its price. For nearly 1000 euros, we are entitled to expect more. And that's what some competitors offer. As long as it is so expensive, we would rather advise you the LG SJ9, which offers a better mastered sound and Dolby Atmos spatialization for the same price.</p>
<p>                                                                        <br />

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Pulmonary embolism: How to recognize the symptoms

In a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot from the leg or pelvic artery arrives in the lungs and clogs the vessels life-threatening. If a pulmonary embolism is not detected fast enough, the patients die. In early detection, the chances with the right treatment are good that the disease heals without consequences.

A pulmonary embolism is a frequent cause of death, but far less known from the symptoms than for example the signs of a stroke.

In a pulmonary embolism, a clot, which has formed in a blood vessel, dissolves and migrates into the lungs.

The symptoms of a pulmonary embolism are quite diffuse, ranging from heart stumbles to dyspnoea to chest pain, cough , Heart rash and unconsciousness. Frequently, a large embolus already precedes a large embolism, which is expressed, for example, by a swollen leg, which is no longer properly supplied with blood due to the clot, and thus swells, thumps, and discolours.

Also deaths, short-term dizziness (19459006)

At the first signs of an embolism, the emergency room of a hospital should be immediately sought, as immediate action is needed and the clot has to be dissolved.

The time window in a pulmonary embolism is only a few hours – the graft has once settled in the lungs and is not removed,

Risk factors for a thrombosis are, for example, long sitting, an operation, overweight, the pill in combination with smoking or a pregnancy. If pulmonary embolism is detected at an early stage, it can be treated well, but the mortality rate is still around 10%.

Patients must comply with absolute bed rest, take anticoagulant drugs, and in severe cases must use a catheter or an operation.

When the patient survives, the blood clots are usually broken down within one month by the body and there are no consequences for the consequences. Nevertheless, there are always patients (one third), who subsequently have thromboses and embolisms.

Frequently prescribing doctors to the patient compression stockings and before long air travel should be clarified with the house doctor, whether possibly preventive medication should be taken , Exercise, gymnastic exercises and the drinking of a lot of fluids can help to prevent thromboses or embolisms and should also be an integral part of everyday life without any disease.

Read more about pulmonary embolism in this article

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Treat acne vulgaris with vital mushrooms

Many adolescents and also adults are also nowadays affected by a troublesome skin problems and the acne vulgaris. There is inflammatory redness of the skin and then pimples, pustules and also blackheads appear on the face or the whole body.

This inflammatory skin disease has been found to be the most common in about 70 to 95 percent of adolescents during the puberty phase on. In most people affected, this disease occurs again at the latest in the third decade of life. Boys are more often affected than girls.

How and why does acne arise

The pathologically altered skin is first and foremost affected by the dermatitis Inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The fluid to be separated settles in the sebaceous gland, forming a stasis. It has problems to flow off and gradually becomes more and more inflamed. It comes to the keratinization of the hair follicles. The many horn cells clog the channel of the sebaceous gland. Acne vulgaris is often triggered by hormonal changes during puberty.

It is important to note that affected adolescents are suffering very much physically (physically) as well as mentally (psychologically) during puberty and also adults ,

Causes of Acne (incomplete listing):

  • Hormonal changes during puberty [(19459009)
  • Ingestion of the antibacterial pill and smoking strengthens the dermatosis

  • Use of unsuitable cosmetics and other skin care products (cosmetic acne)
  • Ingestion of muscle build-up preparations,
  • Inflammation of sebaceous secretion (most frequent cause)

  • Caused by the taking of tablets (eg thyroid gland preparations, lithium in depression, etc.)
  • ] Wrong eating habits (eg too fatty and too little vitamin & spurenelementereich)

Symptoms of acne vulgaris

These are quite different because it depends on the particular stage of this skin disease.

Inflammatory stage: Occurring inflammation with many blackheads, reddened nodules and typical pimples on the face and the whole body

Characterized by open and closed blackheads without signs of inflammation

After the inflamed stage on the diseased skin and here especially at the points of the nodules, scarring

A self – treatment with expressions of the blackheads, nodules or pimples is warned. Unfortunately, in the case of unsterile, unclean expressions, other pathogenic germs can accumulate in the skin and cause a serious dermatitis.

With a treatment of the vital fungi and their bioactive substances, this suffering can soon be a thing of the past The ABM contains the following biovital substances, which have a beneficial effect on skin and mucous membrane diseases.

Agaricus blazei Murrill (ABM)

(Vitamin B 2 ), niacin (vitamin B 3 ), pantothenic acid (vitamin B 5 ) and folic acid. In addition, it contains trace elements such as copper, iron, selenium, calcium and potassium, which heals the skin and the entire organism from inflammatory processes.

Next, the Reishi vital mushroom is often used in inflammatory processes of the skin and the organism included. It also contains the thiamine (Vitamin B 1 ), riboflavin (vitamin B 2 ), niacin (vitamin B 3 ), pantothenic acid (vitamin B 5 ) and folic acid. It also contains the ergosterin, a precursor to the important vitamin D3.

It also contains trace elements such as copper, iron, selenium, calcium and potassium. Furthermore it contains organic germanium, zinc and manganese, which is very good for the healing of the skin.

With its ingredients it acts antiphlogistically (inflammation-inhibiting), has a positive effect on the endocrine glands and on the whole

Polyporus umbellatus also called Eichase

It contains the bioval substances calcium, potassium, and the like , Iron and trace elements such as copper, manganese and zinc, as well as the ergosterine (precursor to the important and essential vitamin D 3 ), the important B vitamins biotin, niacin and also folic acid Vitamin A, the retinol), which is important for the construction of the skin cells.

With its properties, it drains the entire system of the organism from edema (tissue deposits with water) and improves the whole structure of the faeces.

(Vitamin B 1 ), riboflavin (vitamin B 2 ), niacin (vitamin B ) is a plant for the development of the hereditary plant, 3 ), pantothenic acid (vitamin B 5 ) and folic acid. It also contains the ergosterine, a precursor to the important vitamin D3. It also contains trace elements such as copper, iron, selenium, zinc and organic germanium. It is a low-sodium fungal that also contains calcium and potassium.

It supports the psychological component of a skin disease with its important ingredients, by strengthening the nerves and by using fear and mental distress. Furthermore, he helps with sleep disturbances of any kind, works with his biofactors for a well-functioning immune system and is very helpful in chronic skin diseases

Since vital mushrooms always have a detoxifying effect at the same time, these should be imbibed. This means you should take only 1 capsule of the above mentioned vital mushrooms with plenty of water in the first week. If no detoxification symptoms such as headache, limb or stomach pain occur after taking the medication, one capsule may be taken in the morning and in the evening from the second week onwards.

If symptoms do not occur, of each 2 capsules in the morning and in the evening over at least one ½ year are begun. soupstock / Adobe Stock

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Twitter Lite: a faster version of Twitter


Twitter launches an app that will help you spend less data. At the moment it is only available in the Philippines, but the company does not rule out taking it to more countries soon.


Twitter has launched an application called Twitter Lite, a new attempt to make the app more accessible to users in countries where data speed is a problem, as Techcrunch

In a statement obtained by the source, Twitter explained that Twitter Lite for Android tries to give users an opportunity to use the application. The idea of ​​the company is to test through this "experiment" how people use their app where mobile networks are slow and data plans are expensive. Currently the app is only available in the Philippines Google Play Store.

Once the company has passed the trial period, it will evaluate whether to launch Twitter Lite in other markets. In countries like Venezuela, for example, with one of the slowest Internet in the world, Twitter Lite would be of great use, especially if we take into consideration that citizens use the social network to jump the official misinformation of the current government and information blackout of the media.



One of the differences between Twitter and Twitter Lite is that the second one has a media free mode, for example, which allows images and videos not to be downloaded and it is easier to read the tweets.



The source explains that Twitter Lite is compatible with Android devices 5.0 or higher, and can be used only in 2G and 3G networks. The company already launched in April a version of the Web super-fast load, in which you can choose which multimedia content to upload. If you have a very slow connection you can log on to




The Pirate Bay uses your PC without your knowledge to undermine virtual money



                                                     The Pirate Bay uses your PC without your knowledge to undermine virtual money


Illegal download sites are not really among the most respectful of their users. It is enough to see their advertisements sometimes malicious and generally intrusive to realize it, and it can not be said that the site Pirate Bay raised the level this weekend.

All minors

Indeed, many users have complained about Reddit having seen the use of their processor drastically increase to more than 80% when visiting certain pages of the torrent tracker with their PC. If one analyzes the source code of the site, one notices that a small Javascript module appeared in the page of the search results as well as in the list of categories of contents of The Pirate Bay

“/> "align =" baseline "hspace =" 10 "vspace = 

<p style= Image credit: TorrentFreak

This is actually a miner of Monero, a virtual currency competing with the famous Bitcoins. "Miner" a virtual currency means that one uses the resources of a computer to verify encrypted transactions made with the currency in question. This requires considerable computational power, once the operation is completed, the minor receives virtual money as payment. The Pirate Bay is using the PC of its users to undermine virtual money without their knowledge and to pocket the reward.

Delete advertisement

Facing the rising shields of users, The Pirate Bay had to explain. According to the site, it was a test of only 24 hours. In fact, the latter is looking for a new means of remuneration to suppress advertising, he explains to TorrentFreak. The idea is not silly but still it is that the torrent tracker has set up its Monero minor without warning its users. However, mining a virtual currency is not without risk. The processor of the minor PC, greatly stressed, wears out faster and can overheat, or even toast in some cases.

A little later, The Pirate Bay indicated on its site that the minor of Monero, victim of a bug, was going to be "corrected" to use only 20 to 30 % of the processor of each user, enough to avoid many problems. In addition, it can be disabled by an advertising blocker or by manually disabling Javascript in the settings of its browser.

A welcome transparency that seems to have convinced some users, according to the recent comments under the message of The Pirate Bay, but still a little late.




Good plan: a charger and support of PS4 controllers to 12.99 euros

                                 Good plan: a charger and support of controllers PS4 to 12.99 euros



After a session of video games on a console Sony Playstation 4 it is of course that one will leave aside the controllers until the following time. And just as naturally, when it is time to play, they will not be charged any more.

Accessories manufacturers have a solution to propose to you to avoid this kind of inconvenience: a dock of refill for joysticks . This allows you to avoid dragging the joysticks on the one hand and reloading them for the next game.

 Dock controllers PS4 "width =" 600 "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" 485 "align =" bottom

This PS4 good design accessory offers a fast charge according to the manufacturer. An LED indicates the charging status and turns green when charging is completed.

Ugreen now offers CNETFrance readers an exclusive promotion. 7D6RDXSF allows you to benefit from an additional 35% for a final tariff of 12.99 euros . Click on the link below to enjoy this good plan until Saturday 16 September 2017 and enter the code when selecting your payment method.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Enjoy this good plan





In order not to miss any good plan


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The homeopathic remedy Dulcamara –

The long-lasting tradition as a medicinal plant can be demonstrated by the highly toxic bittersweet night shadow. The vine plant, whose name derives from the intensely bitter-sweet taste of the fruits, is used homeopathically, especially in colds, earaches and diarrhea.

The bittersweet, Solanum, is growing widely in many parts of Europe, North Africa and Asia dulcamara, mainly on moist soils in the lowlands up to heights of 1,500 meters. It can reach a height of 2 meters, but it is sometimes also 30 to 50 cm small. As a night shadow plant, it forms numerous toxic alkaloids.

Dulcamara as homeopathic medicine, obtained from all parts of the bittersweet, comes mainly in the low to medium potencies as D6 and D12 as well as C6 and C12 are used. But also the low potencies D2 and D4 have their areas of application, but should then only be used under the guidance of a homoeopath, just as the high powers like D30.

Illness Images and Influence Factors

The respiratory organs, the nerves and the digestive system as well as the bladder and the prostate are organs on which Dulcamara can exert its effects particularly intensively:

  • cold and wet-based diseases
  • colds
  • ]]] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [0009] The typical Dulcamara patients show clear physical symptoms, hold mentally but quite well. There may be irritability and impatience, but most of the time there are physical symptoms which point to Dulcamara. This includes a strong mucus formation of yellow or green mucus from the nose, during coughing or even in the stool.

    Areas of application

    In most cases the occurrence of Dulcamara disease is associated with wetness and coldness:

    : Affected by the effects of cold weather and the pre-menstrual phase, warmth improves the symptoms [stiffjointsandrheumatoidsymptomsduetowet-coldweatherordampclothingwarmthalleviatesthediscomfort
  • Hexenschuss : as a result of damp clothing or in wet-cold weather, heat improves
  • ].
  • : painful inflammation of the ears, often without cold, by wet cold, after stay in the rain without a hat or hood

  • Blasenentz [19459017]: after sitting on cold ground or carrying a wet swimsuit
  • : mostly in the autumn, beginning with the cold days

Dulcamara disorders often from wetness and cold. This is why moisture and temperature changes, as they often occur in late summer and autumn, have a negative effect on the recovery. It is much better to look for enough heat, a dry environment and easy movement.

Dosage and use

In an acute disease, it is best to use Dulcamara three times a day with a dosage of five globules in potencies D6 and D12. To achieve a particularly fast and effective effect, the globules should be dissolved in some warm water and then drunk in small swallows. If the disease is very pronounced, a dosage up to five times a day is appropriate. If the symptoms disappear, the dose is twice a day or the reduction is given to a once-daily dose at a higher potency such as D30.

Pregnancy, lactation and baby

Specifically in pregnancy, Dulcamara can be his Versatility. In the case of bladder infections caused by cold, it is the best choice besides Cantharis or Solidago. Renal irritation can also be counteracted with Dulcamara.

Babies and toddlers often react to strong temperature changes and wet cold with runny nose or ear infections.

Side effects and precautions

Dulcamara usually has no problems with side effects

Image evidence: skorpionik00 / stock.

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