How to contact flirting with others

It's not easy to get to know other people, because if you like someone, you may be particularly nervous and the flirting fails. Anmachsprüche also rarely help. So how do you get into conversation with other people?

In the beginning it is important that you break the ice once and attract attention to the person you are interested in. After that sometimes a nice and entertaining conversation can come about by itself, if only the first step is done.

Ask for help for something

It is often assumed that straight men like to help a helpless and slightly overworked woman and look forward to being able to be the hero who ends a predicament. But the pleasure of doing a little favor for someone, with little effort involved and thereby proving to oneself that you can do something, can be found in both sexes.

Of course, it should only be a small matter and you should not be overly needy act. Ideally, for example, is the question of how you can make a specific entry at the ticket vending machine or where you can find a specific stop. Let's explain a way, because this is usually connected with more than one sentence and with any questions.

This results in a certain interaction and you can then diverge with a nice smile or invite your counterpart for the friendly support and helpfulness on a short drink, because your appointment still has some time.

Smile and telephone

Directly inspiring someone is sometimes perceived as too direct and downright obtrusive. Some people feel pressured by it, which of course reduces the success of your endeavor. On the other hand, it is less direct if you give the impression that you only look at someone by the side or smile and do not immediately turn your entire attention to this person.

You can make this situation very well by making a phone call with your mobile phone, placing yourself near the person you are interested in or sitting and smiling at the other person during the apparent phone call.

You have the advantage that you can always withdraw a bit from the interaction with your counterpart by listening to the conversation on the phone again more intense and look away, but then to re-establish eye contact. Your smile may have already opened a door, so that after the phone call, there is a conversation.

Make sure that if you only fake the phone call, turn off the sound of your phone, because it would be very embarrassing if this rings, although you are already pretending that you already have someone at the other end.

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Electronic Arts Reports Earnings Below a ‘Death Cross’

Video gaming company Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) reports earnings on Tuesday, May 7, with the stock below a “death cross” and below its annual pivot at $98.16 with a negative weekly chart. The stock closed Friday, May 3, at $92.50, up 17.2% year to date and in bull market territory at 25.2% above its Dec. 26 low of $73.91. This bull market move is a consolidation of a longer-term bear market, as the stock is 38.8% below its 2018…

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The biggest mistakes: Pull the plug during thunderstorms

Outside, it thunders and thunders. Do you always think of the old advice that you should pull out the plug in a thunderstorm in all electrical appliances? Read here if this tip is still up to date.

Lightning is and remains an elemental force

If we sit in the warm, while it rains and storms outside, then some of this spectacle can certainly make something comfortable. But when it flashes outside, it hides behind it the huge current of 20,000 amperes. That's why the warnings about thunderstorms are to be taken seriously. Flashes cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year, repeatedly destroying electrical appliances.

Does the lightning conductor provide protection?

The lightning rod was invented back in the 18th century, but even today, not every house is equipped with it. Lightning rods are neither legally nor technically prescribed, so you should first find out if your house owns one before you rely on it.

In addition, lightning rods have unintentionally received company on the roof, such as satellite dishes and solar panels that can attract lightning. And inside the house there is also a problem, because here long metal pipes run through the walls. When a lightning strikes a house, it can happen at enormous currents that so-called secondary currents can flow through the power lines, which may then be dangerous to your electrical appliances.

How to protect technical devices without pulling the plug

To protect against such secondary currents, there are overvoltage protection devices. These are divided into categories of 1 to 3 in strength. Devices of type 1 sit z. B. at the points of the building, where lines lead from outside to inside. These are still too weak to protect the electrical appliances themselves. Only Type 3 protects your devices. Such a protection is partly installed in electrical appliances themselves and in addition there are surge sockets.

The solution: power strip with surge protection

So it is true that electrical appliances must be disconnected from the mains during thunderstorms. But if you want to save yourself the annoying plug pulling, you can also simply use power strips with surge protection. These protect your devices and the manufacturers provide you with additional insurance coverage. If your devices and lines are not protected by overvoltage protection devices, only one thing remains in case of a thunderstorm: Pull the plug!

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Retweets can now include GIFs, photos or videos

Angela Lang / CNET

When words are not enough, GIFs can help … at least on Twitter.

The social network of microblogging announced on Monday May 6 that retweets can now include GIFs, photos or videos as well as text. Previously, retweets could only include text and there was no space to add a multimedia file.

This new feature is reaching Twitter users on iOS, Android and also on the Web version of the social network. The tool is part of an update that is coming gradually from this Monday. Some public accounts are already taking advantage of the tool, such as @GameOfThrones, @stephenasmith and @foofighters.

It is good news that Twitter allows you to add images, videos or GIFs in response to a retuit, either to show a similar thought, discrepancy or simply to show your opinion about a tweet you want to share; previously users could only add text to a retuit.

"Whether it's movies, TV series, a conversation with friends or breaking news, do not forget to share your interests through Twitter," the company said in the e-mailed advertisement.

Watch this:

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Good deal: the Sony Xperia XA1 at 149 € instead of 229

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Our latest tips

Natural remedy for warts –

You wonder why warts should be treated homeopathically, where you can cut them off so quickly? Apart from the fact that every cut into your own flesh is a permanent injury, you should not just remove warts, because the underlying disease is only fanned by it. What is meant by that, read here.

Warts, creams and cut warts

In homeopathy, it is assumed that all phenomena that the body produces are signs that want to tell us something. Warts are among the growths, as you can easily imagine. They are often unpleasant in their appearance and also in their nature.

Nevertheless, you should not remove them in the conventional way. Similarly, as if you had something important to say and you would put your mouth on it, so does the life force. She tries to say it again, by other means.

Warts should be treated homeopathically! How so?

Homeopathy is used in the treatment of warts, just like other diseases, almost from the inside. You treat the soil and try to retune it so that warts can not grow on it.

Of course it takes a long study, because not only a remedy like Thuja makes warts disappear. So go ahead and just drizzle warts with the mother tincture of Thuja, then you're basically doing nothing but conventional medicine: they're just suppressing the symptoms.

Why should warts heal from within?

Warts should heal from within because they do not have to come back again and again. That is what you can experience when you are suppressed. Basically, everything that is suppressed, no matter what level, comes back. Then you can not see it for a while, thinking that the therapy was successful and tough, there comes the next wart, in another place – or exactly where it was before.

If you are treated homeopathically, then you will re-tune the whole organism. They aspire to reduce their tendency to proliferate. With a wart you have caught a fairly harmless growth. But what if the growths become evil?

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How to improve your communication

Everyone has already had this experience. We want to discuss something important, but the conversation escalates. Sometimes completely surprising. Right now, when it comes to a lot, we want to have a proper dialogue. But we just do not succeed. Why are so many conversations failing? And what can you do?

Why communication fails so often

Over 90% of our behavior over the course of a day is not driven by rational considerations. It usually runs on "autopilot". The autopilot steers our behavior in a few hundredths of a second, based on emotional assessments, on established behaviors, on our self-image, or our social affiliation with a particular group (e.g., "acting like a cop").

To stay in control of a conversation and have a good dialogue, we need to know the traps.

Improve communication through self-esteem

Whenever there is a lot going on, when there is a lot at stake, we run the risk of getting out of hand. Because we or our conversation partner are afraid to lose a lot. Often the emotions boil up. One of the participants in the conversation feels attacked, unfairly treated or offended.

And of course, opinions often diverge. Everyone wants to be right. If a speaker is convinced that he knows the best solution, he will want to convince the other participants by all means. If all three conditions meet – it's about a lot, the emotions boil up, you have different opinions – the failure of the conversation is almost inevitable. Matchstick and jerrycans!

Fear plays a big role in the breakdown of communication. This can be the fear of losing something important: money, possessions, cherished habits. But also reputation, respect, status or self-esteem. Fear leads to the release of adrenaline. This provides the body with a signal to equip the arms, legs and muscles with additional blood if at risk.

The body switches to fight, flight or rigor (to kill oneself). In this condition, there is not enough blood left in the brain. Rational decisions and intelligent conversations are no longer possible. If you or one of the other callers shows signs of anxiety, stop the call.

There are no reasonable results to be expected. Eliminate the reason of fear. Restore the trust or the respect.

Improve communication through looseness

When it comes to a lot, the inclination to stiffen positions is great. You want a holiday on the beach, your partner wants to go to the mountains. Every millimeter that you or your correspondent should deviate from your position means loss. In such a situation, you are closer to struggle than to dialogue.

Procedure: First, find a common goal of your conversation. Where are you together (Common Ground)? In the example, you both want to spend a holiday together in order to recover from everyday life. Whether you better relax on the beach or hiking is not a matter of destination.

It's just different strategies to reach the common goal. If you can agree on that, all you need to do is to be creative and to find solutions that will do both. But congratulations! From now on you are already back in dialogue. So: Find a common goal. Never talk about positions, but about possible strategies.

Improve communication and avoid quarrels

Disagreements are the most common reason why conversations slip into contention. Everybody knows that he is right. You just have to convince the other one. But that's exactly where the mistake lies. Who wins in a disagreement, which generates a loser. Since no one likes to lose, the dialogue fails.

Maybe one of them gives in more easily, but only to have his rest. The "lawyer" may be right, but he worsens the relationship with the interlocutor. Often not even the opinion wins, which also corresponds to the end of the reality. But the one who can best express his opinion wins. But that is not a measure of the truth.

Constructivists say, "There is no truth. Everyone lives in their own world. "And Einstein once said," If another person, who also has a brain, disagrees with me, then I have to find out why. "The dialogue is:" Represent your opinion as if you knew you truth. But listen, as if you did not know anything. "

Improve communication through common goals

The goal of dialogue is for everyone to equally share their opinions in the common pot of information. Because the more information in the pot, and the more experts contribute your assessment, the better the solutions will be later. Effective communication and dialogue, that is to say, deal with each other in such a way that in the end the relationship with each other is better than before, with better results.

What will help you to get through difficult, emotional situations, back to self-control, rational dialogue and dialogue, you will learn in the next post.

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How to find your yoga style

It is popular and everyone has heard about it: Yoga is on everyone's lips. Someone who does not do yoga is now almost a minority. How do you find the right yoga direction, if you want to start with yoga or z. B. is new to the city? Here are some tips on how to find your yoga style.

Yoga can mean something completely different for everyone. There are
many different styles of yoga – sometimes with their teachings even contrary
to stand by each other.

How do you like the style of yoga that suits you?

1. Choose the right yoga style

Although Hatha Yoga is the basis for all modern yoga styles
(This is mainly about poses, stretching, breathing exercises and relaxation), but also Hatha Yoga exists in many different orientations, with different goals and target groups. Choose the right yoga style (s) for you. Ask yourself what you expect from yoga and what it should bring you.

Here is a brief insight:

  • Bikram Yoga: For people who want to sweat at 40 degrees through a set sequence of exercises.
  • Aerial Yoga: for people who want to combine yoga in the air with acrobatics. It's fun and awakens the inner child.
  • Restorative Yoga: for people who want more relaxation or z. B. are injured and want to practice a safe Yogaform
  • Pregnancy Yoga: Are you pregnant?
  • Ashtanga Yoga: for people who want to discipline their body. It is physically demanding and demanding.
  • Jivamukti Yoga: for people who are interested in vegetarianism, yoga philosophy and mantras in addition to a fluent yoga style.

In the studio or at home?

After finding a suitable yoga style, ask
Whether you prefer to train in the studio or a practice on your own
want to develop at home.

Do it yourself

If you are more independent, you may become one
develop your own practice for the home. Maybe you do not have time to
to follow the schedules of a yoga studio. It works
but only if you already have yoga experience and know what you are
get involved. Then you can practice the yoga style that you enjoy.

Buy books, CDs and DVDs. Take a look at the yoga sections of bookstores or the Internet. If you do not have yoga experience yet, it helps to start working with a personal yoga coach who comes to your home.

What you need to think about when choosing a yoga studio that suits you

When the right yoga shape is found and you are
have decided to do yoga in a studio, then comes the question: which studio suits you. The atmosphere in the yoga studio and inspiring yoga teachers are crucial to staying there. Exaggerated: Do you want yoga with "upscale class" or reach a stone floor in the factory building.

The right yoga teacher

Each teacher brings his life story and experiences. One was introduced to yoga as a child with hippie parents, traveled the world as a teenager, and completed yoga in India with various masters. Another yoga teacher may have worked as a bank clerk for the last few years, and besides his job, gives yoga classes just for fun. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Which variation suits you?

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Is Warren Buffett’s 90/10 Asset Allocation Sound?

When most people challenge deeply ingrained wisdom about finances, they’re greeted with eye rolls. When one of the world’s most successful financial gurus is the contrarian, people listen.

While Berkshire Hathaway guru Warren Buffett said that he wanted his wife’s inheritance to be invested 90% in stocks and 10% in bonds, he didn’t say that the 90/10 split makes sense for every investor.

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