Amazon will broadcast the Champions League … in Germany

Lionel Messi, Barcelona forward, during a Champions League showdown.

Brendan Moran / SPORTSFILE (UEFA Facebook page)

Amazon acquired the rights to broadcast the Champions League, a soccer league organized by UEFA and also known as the Champions League.

The firm of Jeff Bezos obtained the rights for the 2021-2022 season and will broadcast the games every Tuesday in 2021, according to Reuters citing the official announcement. The rights allow Amazon to broadcast the games between European teams but they are in Germany.

Obtaining rights for the Champions League, however, represents a great achievement to increase Amazon's presence in Europe. This league is known worldwide and respected for hosting the best teams in the region such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

"We are excited to bring the UEFA Champions League to our consumers in Germany," said Alex Green, principal director in the sports division in Europe for Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon has strengthened its offer of sporting events through the Prime subscription as a measure of demonstrating the value of this subscription that in addition to live sports includes fast shipments of products sold by Amazon, access to music and series and movies. Amazon broadcasts some games of the National Football League (NFL), in addition to having the rights of the German Bundesliga league since 2017.

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5 hidden benefits of Amazon Prime


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Crash your Tesla against a patrol car for caring for your dog

Photo: Connecticut Police Department (Facebook)

It seems incredible that we have to remember this in 2019, but 100% autonomous cars are not yet on the roads. What we have are partially autonomous cars that require constant attention from the driver. This concrete driver He discovered it by bad.

The accident took place last Saturday near Norwalk, in Connecticut. A police patrol was attending an emergency in the form of a car that had broken down in the left lane. While the agents checked the documentation of the damaged vehicle and called a crane, orn Tesla Model 3 whose license plate read MODEL3 (in case there was any doubt) crashed your vehicle against the patrol car, then hit the broken down vehicle first and kept moving oneI know how many meters until he could stop.

When the agents interrogated the driver, he admitted that he was traveling with the Autopilot put on and he had turned towards the back seat to take care of his dog. Fortunately, neither the dog, nor the agents nor the Tesla driver they were injured from the encounter. The Tesla driver, yes, has been officially denounced for reckless driving and reckless recklessness.

The DThe Connecticut Police Department has reminded the population from its Facebook profile that today there is no fully autonomous car for sale. The Tesla website explains the operation of Autopilot:

Before enabling the autopilot, the driver must first accept the keep your hands on the wheel at all times and take responsibility for maintain control of your vehicle . Cevery time the driver activates the autopilot be show a visual reminder of Keep your hands on the wheel. The autopilot is designed for use with a fully attentive driver who has hands on the wheel and is ready to take control at any time.

In the specific case of the Tesla, if the Autopilot function detects a complex problem (in this case two vehicles stopped in the middle of the left lane with the emergency lights on) what it does is notify the driver and go to manual control. In this case, this assumption probably did not even occur because the situation closely resembles an already documented problem of the Autopilot system with parked vehicles as can be seen in this video.

(Connecticut Police Department)

Black Friday: the best deals in routers, repeaters and Wi-Fi accessories

Black Friday: the best deals in routers, repeaters and Wi-Fi accessories

Update from 25/11 to 19h : many products did not resist the first day of the black friday week but new references appeared at the beginning of the week. The offers are sorted by categories and in order of increasing price.

Want to restore health to your connection during Black Friday 2019 during which promotions flourish online? To help you, here is our selection of great deals, discounts and promotions on network accessories.

Really enjoy the capabilities of your local network and internet

When it comes to network two distinct elements are concerned: the internet network provided by the service provider on the one hand, and the local network that communicates between the elements at home on the other hand. The two are closely related since once the internet has arrived to your box operator, it is the local network that takes over.

It is from here that network accessories, routers, repeaters, Nas and other network switch will take over. If you have an excellent connection but the rest is not optimized or low quality, you lose all the benefit of your connection. The exchanges between the elements will also be disturbed. That's enough to boost or complete all that.

The most connected offers from Black Friday to 25/11 at 19h

Important: The promotions relayed here have been chosen independently by the editorial staff of CNET France according to the importance of the reduction made and the quality of the product, the selection is updated regularly. Black Friday requires and because of the high influx on merchant sites, the links to the offers may not be fully loaded or not work the first time. We advise you to update (key F5 on your keyboard) several times the page of the e-merchant if necessary.


Wi-Fi network routers and repeaters

4G routers

CPL or Hybrid CPL / Wifi

USB Wifi Adapters

Network Switch


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Unauthorized Affiliate – error page

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Church creates birth with the Holy Family caged and separated


Each member of the Sagrada Familia was separated and caged.

What would happen if Jesus, Mary and Joseph sought refuge in the United States? The question was answered with a birth created by a Methodist church where Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus are shown as refugees detained in cages and separated.

Karen Clark Ristine, Reverend of the Claremont United Methodist Church (UMC), located in Los Angeles, California, explained on Facebook the reason for such a striking image: it represents "the world's best-known refugee family, the Holy Family."

In the publication, Ristine makes a call against immigrant abuse that has been made public. "We have heard your prayers, we have seen how these people seeking asylum have been received and treated, forcibly separated."

According to him New York Times, the birth was open to the public last Saturday, December 7 at night. "We esteem this dear family. And part of our vision is that they are standing there on behalf of everyone," Ristine told the newspaper on Monday. "For us, this is theological, this is not political."

Although the creators do not make a direct reference to Donald Trump, the New York Times refers to the more than 5,400 migrant children who are in government custody and separated from their parents, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a nonprofit organization that fights for the rights of people in the United States, according to a CNBC publication.

"Imagine María and José separated at the border and Jesus, barely two years old, separated from his mother and taken to a Border Patrol detention center, where more than 5,500 children have spent the past three years," the publication says of Ristine on Facebook.

The image went viral on social networks and these are some of the reactions:



Against individualism




A recreation

Apple AirPods Pro Review: Our Review

After the first two generations of True Wireless headphones, which are already quite good but perfectible, Apple, which already dominates this young market segment, is showing its muscles by launching even more upscale AirPods Pro, with a new IPX4 certified in-ear design and active noise reduction system. All they needed was, in short, to compete with our current reference: Sony WF-1000XM3, and undermine much of the competition, including Jabra Elite Active 65T at the top of our ranking of the best wireless headphones for the sport. So much for the theory, let's see what happens in practice.

Not quite true in-ear

As you can see from reading our test of previous AirPods, we are not fans of the format chosen by Apple for its first two generations of True Wireless headphones. First, because conventional AirPods do not, in our opinion, offer as good in-ear performance as the best competing in-ear models. Then, because it has an impact on the sound, necessarily less provided in bass.

AirPods Pro and their new intra-design
    auricular therefore generate a lot of changes. Delivered with small, medium and
    large size, the Pro will suit more ears. In our case, they were a little better in place than their predecessors, but not as good as their competitors from Sony or Jabra. There is an explanation for this: one speaks of intra-auricular while it would be better to speak, in reality, of "semi-intra-auricular". Indeed, the AirPods Pro do not enter the ear canal as much as most ear-phones. Apple has probably wanted to avoid the intrusive side of this format that still repels many people, while trying to retain its benefits.

We made them try on colleagues who are allergic to ear phones and they found them much more comfortable to wear. In general, they are much more comfortable than previous models. Successful bet seems. But the counter-cost of this choice, it is a holding in the ears less effective with certain morphologies. In our case, we used the larger bits. The seal was good, but running with the AirPods Pro, we sometimes dropped a headset.

However, the AirPods Pro are now certified IPX4, so sweat proof and finally compatible with the practice of sport, a use that we do not recommend with previous models because they could have aged prematurely because of sweat. No more worries with these new headphones, just be careful not to lose one.

A compact and practical housing

Nothing to say about the finish of the product, still as neat and upscale. The hinge of the case seems even a little stronger, the location of the headphones is again magnetized and the housing can be recharged by induction which is very convenient. And then it compensates for the lack of USB-C, the brand having preferred to keep its lightning port unfortunately.

The AirPods Pro and their case are much smaller than their competitors at Sony, it is a real asset because unlike them, Apple's headphones are quickly forgotten in a pants pocket. The AirPods and their case are literally half the size of the WF-1000XM3. Only small complaint we will make the case of AirPods Pro: it gets dirty a little fast for our taste and as it is white, it does not forgive.

Pressure sensors for controls

Apple has reviewed the controls on its headphones, but still has not added volume control. Pity. Anyway, the AirPods Pro now have pressure sensors in their rods, it is also shorter than the original model. Now you have to pinch the rod to activate the controls: press to start playback, pause or answer a phone call, two presses to move to the next song, three to go back, and a long press to move from active noise reduction mode to transparency mode, and vice versa.

The extended press can also be programmed to activate Siri manually. Otherwise, the H1 chip keeps the voice assistant on permanent alert so that it responds to a simple "say Siri". These new orders require a time of adaptation, especially for those who have standard AirPods.

We are only moderately convinced by this system, although Apple says it was passed to the sensors in the stem because by tapping the earphones with an insulating design like the AirPods Pro, we would have heard the shocks and it could have been prove irritating. What we reproach these commands is that in use, it sometimes happens to move the earpieces by pinching the rods (especially walking), then they must be replaced correctly to prevent them from falling. The Sony WF-1000XM3 use tapping and we do not find the noise especially irritating product. Another detail: the controls are the same on the left and right earphone, while the brand could have used a listener for the control of the music and the other for the control of the volume for example.

In short, we have not really fallen in love with these new orders, we prefer the old ones. In any case they work, if not more ergonomic. They could also have been more complete.

Wireless connection always foolproof

This time again, the AirPods Pro's Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, under the control of the H1 chip, proved to be perfectly efficient. We tested the AirPods Pro with a iPhone 11 and the latest version of iOS 13 as well as a OnePlus 7 Pro. We did not encounter any connection issues and the audio synchronization in the video applications was very good. We did not perceive any latency.

Of course, with Android phones, the automatic Bluetooth pairing feature is not available, as well as the Siri feature always listening. But the AirPods Pro are then used as conventional Bluetooth headphones and you can use the voice assistant on your phone. The pairing remains simple and the connection stability identical. You will, however, lose some advanced features such as checking that you are using the right tips or sharing audio streams between two pairs of AirPods.

A much better sound

The first thing we notice is that the sound of AirPods Pro is
    undoubtedly better than the AirPods. Their sound insulation
    supplemented by new speakers allows them to deliver more bass (maybe even too much) and a sound
    richer, while the highs remain clear without being aggressive. And then the effectiveness of active noise reduction also makes them
    much better in noisy environments, but we will come back to noise reduction later.

Let's be very clear, we love the sound of the AirPods Pro. They are
    nice to listen to and very good for totally wireless headphones. But they
    do not have the definition and level of sophistication that one could
    expect a pair of headphones at 279 euros. There are models
    competitors who cost about the same price, or less, and who are
    as good or better. This does not mean that these models
    competitors are higher overall because there are other factors to
    take into account. But from a purely audio point of view, there are
    better options.

We compared the AirPods Pro to their nearest competitors

Sony WF-1000XM3, which also have active noise reduction. The sound of Sony is better, more spacious, warmer and more subtle. The
    noise reduction does not have to blush either and
    the battery life is a bit higher (6 hours). Other models that sound a bit better include Sennheiser Momentum Wireless where the B & O BeoPlay E8.

An impressive noise reduction

We have received many questions about the quality of the AirPods Pro noise control system. The main: is it better than that of a headset like the Sony WH-1000XM3, the Bose Noise Canceling 700, the QuietComfort 35 II or the WF-1000XM3 ? In short, we were really impressed by the active noise reduction of the AirPod Pro. It even seemed stronger than that of Sony WF-1000XM3, although we can not attest it formally. By testing them in open offices, a café and our terrifying Parisian subways, we also did not detect real performance differences compared to active noise reduction headsets.

Bravo Apple, for a first in the world of active noise reduction, the result is really excellent. In addition, the brand has also "borrowed" the ambient mode of Sony, which it renamed "Transparency". This is to amplify the outside noise this time, to be fully aware of its environment when running in the street for example. It works perfectly well, and does not sound too "metallic" as is often the case, including at Sony.

In active noise reduction mode, Apple announces up to four hours
    and half listening, which we actually got with a volume to
    65-70%. Autonomy might be a bit higher, but it's not a
    big problem because the headphones load quickly in their case
    wireless. Five minutes of charge restore one hour of autonomy.

Excellent for hands-free calling

Standard AirPods are good enough to make calls. But the
    AirPods Pro have three microphones on each headset, one of which
    microphone dedicated to the voice. They embark a ventilation system not only
    supposed to relieve some of the pressure that can accumulate in
    the ear, but also help reduce wind noise, says Apple. More importantly, the insulating in-ear design allows for
    better to hear his interlocutor.

So, and we've experienced it, the AirPods Pro are for us what
    is best to make calls in the category of headphones
    wireless. The only thing that seems to be missing from the AirPods for hands-free calling is a feature that allows you to hear your voice in the headphones when you talk.

Competition Update

Apple fans who were looking for a better sound and a more secure fit than the
AirPods could get all this with the

Powerbeats Pro by Beats, a brand owned by the Cupertino giant. But the Powerbeats Pro have a defect
    : their cumbersome load case. Now,
    AirPods Pro arise as direct competitors. Those who really want to afford optimized headphones for their iPhone can go without fear to these AirPods Pro. Admittedly, 279 € is a lot, too much, we always have the impression of paying the Apple tax … But if you hesitate between AirPods 179 € or even 229 € with the induction box, then you should clearly put the few tens of euros missing to offer you these AirPods Pro because the improvements are far from anecdotal.

On the other hand, if you are not particularly attached to the brand, other less expensive and equally effective options are available to you. There is obviously the Sony WF-1000XM3 for those who want an active noise reduction system and a better sound. By cons, forget the practice of sport with this model. And then, the quality of phone calls is the Achilles heel of these headphones. It is correct, but not up to the AirPods Pro. There are also Sennheiser Momentum Wireless where the B & O BeoPlay E8 which we discussed above, as well as the Jabra Elite Active 65T For sportive people. All cheaper for higher audio qualities (or at least equal in the case of Jabra), none of these models embeds active noise reduction nevertheless.


With a new, efficient design, with improved hearing and control, a significantly improved sound, a consistently high-performance wireless connection, and a very high-level active noise reduction, the AirPods Pro are without a doubt the best headphones ever. designed by Apple. Two generations later, the brand delivers its most successful True Wireless headphones, able to compete with the best models on the market. Their main defect: their very high price while some cheaper models such as the Sony WF-1000XM3 offer better sound and overall performance as good or better. For almost € 150 less, you can even get equivalent audio quality with the Jabra Elite Active 65T, but these do not include an active noise reduction system. In short, if you really want these headphones, you will have to pay the Apple tax.