Everything spaghetti? – Recipe for spaghetti donuts

Do you love donuts and you love spaghetti? Then you should definitely boil this delicacy! The spaghetti donuts are made from savory ingredients such as pasta, eggs and cheese – just as the Italians make their typical pasta omelette. You can, of course, refine your donuts with sauce of your choice.

Recipe for spaghetti donuts

For about 6-8 donuts you need the following ingredients:

  • 250 g (dry weight) spaghetti
  • 100 g of finished or homemade bolognese sauce, carbonara or garlic sauce
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 g of grated Parmesan

How to do it:

The preparation is very simple. First, the spaghetti are cooked. Here are tips on how to properly cook your pasta.

The cooked spaghetti is then either wrapped in sauce Bolognese, carbonara or creamy garlic sauce, mixed with grated Parmesan and whipped eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper and then fried in a greased donut mold for about 20-25 minutes at 200 ° C.

Delicious and unusual is the result!

Article on "Pasta Dishes & Tasty Italian Cuisine":

For questions I am at your disposal as organic chef, experienced nutrition coach and culinary travel expert!

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This is how you regulate the television consumption of your child

Many children are fascinated by the television from an early age. Even stressed parents like to put their kids in front of the TV to pass the time. But your child's constant television consumption should be better avoided as it has a negative effect on the offspring. Therefore, introduce fixed TV rules.

You should avoid that

Although many parents believe that a television ban is a good punishment, this is not recommended. Because punishments have a high emotional status in the child. Thus, the television is only emotionalized by the ban. So better avoid that your child enters into such an emotional bond and therefore do not use the television as a reward.

In addition, you should absolutely forbid your child from snacking in front of the TV. Because this only promotes a tendency to overweight. Just like grown-ups, when they are snacking in front of the television, children simply do not realize how much sweets you have already consumed. Generally should not be eaten at the television.

If your child reacts anxiously while watching television, you should not act in a hurry. Then your child thinks only that it has seen something forbidden and the curiosity is awakened. This can cause your child to watch TV secretly.

Responsible handling of your child's television consumption

There are also positive rules for dealing with the TV. So this should be possible in a closet, where you can close the doors. As a result, the television takes no central role and can disappear on request even once. Younger children should only watch TV with an adult so that the adult can explain the content and show that it is not reality.

So it's important that you teach your child how to use the TV responsibly. As a result, a dependency can not arise at all.

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How to create text modules on your iPhone or iPad

Typing is not easy on the small keyboard of the iPhone. Little is known that you can create text modules here. Read here how it works.

Text modules are the absolute standard in any word processor, such as Microsoft Word. Recurring phrases, such as the letter address "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen," can be entered with a freely definable abbreviation, such as "sgduh" lightning fast.

Word recognizes the previously defined abbreviation and replaces it with the advertised phrase that has been deposited. Especially on the iPhone and the iPad, such text modules are helpful because the keyboard is much less comfortable to use than a PC.

How to create a text module on your iPhone or iPad

  1. To create a new text module, tap "Settings" on the home screen.
  2. Then decide by fingertip for the entry "General". Then select "Keyboard".
  3. Now tap on word replacement and then choose the "+" sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Then use the on-screen keyboard behind "Text" to enter the text passage, such as "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen," which you want to save as a text module.
  5. Then enter the short form behind "Shortcuts", which should replace your iPhone / iPad in the future by the text module. So for example "sgduh".
  6. Finally, tap on "Save" to save the new text module.
  7. Now, if you follow the example above, write ".sgduh" in an email, your iPhone / iPad will automatically add the complete salutation "Ladies and Gentlemen".

My tip: Start shortcuts for text modules with a special character

I recommend that you start all shortcuts to text blocks with a special character. In the example above I used a point. Thus, the helpful shortcuts can be easily distinguished from "normal" words.

In addition, you will recognize at a glance that you want to query an abbreviation for a text module. If you start all your boilerplate shortcuts with a special character, such as the dot, confusion in this way is effectively ruled out.

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5G: The last wave of exaggerations before it becomes a reality

5G has been promoted to exhaustion and again will be the main theme in Las Vegas, when the electronics fair CES 2019 starts.

However, as in the previous editions of the great technology exhibition, this time it will only be a topic of conversation.

This is because only a few consumers will have experienced a real 5G network when the show begins: AT & T is the only committed US operator to launch its next generation service this year. Most phone companies will not launch during the first quarter of 2019, but it is unlikely that it will be as early as before CES, which officially starts on January 6.


Watch this:

A look at the Galaxy S10 and the mobile news …


Although the 5G is quiet from the perspective of your ad, you have to wait a lot behind the scenes gossip at the expo to the extent that companies discreetly display some of their first related products and while key companies such as Verizon and the chip giants as Qualcomm and Intel unfold their loaves for next year.

"Behind the scenes – that's where most of the 5G discussions will take place," said Mark Hung, an analyst at Gartner.

The technology that surprised us at CES 2018: Where are they now?

After years of promises and demonstrations, the CES along with all the coming year mark a breaking point for the 5G to go from what is said to reality. The technology promises massive speed increases – it thinks about downloading a season of game of Thrones to your phone in just a few minutes-, as well as the possibility of connecting more devices in the United States and promoting new areas of development as augmented reality in streaming.

"It's no surprise that 5G continues to dominate the conversation at CES," said Niklas Heuveldop, president of Ericsson North America.

The mobile phone industry has been working on the less attractive aspects of 5G: exchanging equipment, adding new radios and testing how the new high frequency radio waves pick up the antennas. During the next months, operators will begin to intersperse their networks.

But until then, one can expect the companies to get more juice out of the 5G issue.

Who makes the news 5G

The biggest potential information generator for the 5G at the expo will be Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, who could give details about the company's own launch. Verizon has been unclear about its plans to say only that its service will debut early next year and launching provocations on the possibilities of devices such as the telephone 5G of Samsung and the Moto Z3 Mod with attachment for 5G.

Vestberg, of course, will be awarded the lead in 5G thanks to the launch of Verizon's broadband home service in October. But the company used a patented version of high-speed wireless technology and some in the industry question the 5G label. Verizon has said it will expand its broadband deployment at home during 2019 once it changes to the industry standard.


Verizon boss Hans Vestberg may have a lot to share about his company's plans for 5G.


No Verizon spokesperson was available to discuss the company's plans for CES.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm, will be talking about the 5G to the four winds, even though their ads are more related to the automotive industry. The company just spent the beginning of the month talking about its new processor and the prospecting of 5G phones – in part to dismiss rivals Intel and Apple.

"We are fortunate to play a central role in accelerating the marketing of 5G with our partners and I can not be more excited than it is in the 5G store by 2019," Pete Lancia, vice president of marketing at Qualcomm, said in an interview. "The CES will serve as a great start to the 5G this year."

The lack of news is attributable, in part, to the itinerary and the fact that CES is very early in the year.

"The problem with these big expos is that the technology cycles are not producing something shocking every year and going out with ads just to be part of the news cycle is not easy," said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Gartner.

Applications, not phones

Although you may not see many 5G smartphones on the exhibition floor, we expect to see application ads taking advantage of the higher speeds. Hung said more announcements of virtual reality and augmented reality services are expected at the fair.

"Whether they advertise or have demonstrations of new products, show prototypes or highlight 5G experiences, I would expect 5G to be relevant at CES this year," said Lancia of Qualcomm.

qualcomm-5g "data-original =" https://cdn4.cnet.com/img/SzITHhEvaZkpiQ6Pr021jXuy3qc=/2018/12/05/9e575e83-28b6-4119-9107-a2d79031a5b1/qualcomm-5g.jpg

Durga Malladi, vice president of 4G and 5G at Qualcomm, talks about speed at a company event earlier this month. The noise of the 5G will continue to flow during CES.

Shara Tibken / CNET

Qualcomm's rival, Intel, will probably also talk about autonomous driving technology, given that Amnon Shashua, chief executive of its driving software unit, based on Mobileye vision, will be a main presenter. Intel has its own press conference, where 5G will play a key role.

At the moment, a company spokesperson was not available to discuss the topics of his conference.

The automakers themselves could talk about the integration of the 5G, even though there is still a long way to go. Although some companies have ventured into the integration of LTE in their vehicles, experts say they can take advantage of the 5G to obtain better entertainment options in the car, remote maintenance and, ultimately, communication between cars for autonomous driving. .

"The automakers will talk about 5G," said Hung. "Their design cycles are longer, so they'll talk about that now."

Volkswagen has a keynote speaker at the expo, but the automaker said its presence would be rather inconspicuous.

Ford, which has been among the manufacturers that have most aggressively adopted this technology, was not available to comment on their plans during CES.

Preparing for the MWC

The rest of the mobile phone industry could wait until the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to give its big announcements about 5G. The commercial fair, focused on wireless technology, which takes place in Barcelona, ​​will take place at the end of February.

"The synchronization of some segments, such as telephones and connected PCs, seems to be better aligned with the CMM," Milanesi said.

We saw a timid breakthrough this month at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, where Samsung promised to make a 5G smartphone for Verizon and AT & T, and OnePlus said it would launch its first 5G phone with the British operator EE.

However, experts warn that despite the noise, this year there will be few nuts, just a few 5G cell phones.

"The 5G device market is actually years behind in terms of actual widespread adoption," said Ian Campbell, CEO of OnScale, which offers computer-aided engineering software for device development. "For 5G mobile devices, such as smartphones, the challenge facing engineers is the miniaturization and performance optimization of the front end of radio frequency."

In other words, it is complicated. And with 5G networks being launched, we will have to wait for a bumpy ride as engineers solve the asperities that arise.

Either way, many expect news about 5G to rain during the MWC.

Many in the industry have waited years for 5G to arrive, so: What are a couple more months?

Shara Tibken, from CNET, contributed to this article.

Google will grow in New York

Google will grow in New York

Google crunches another piece of the Big Apple. The search giant has announced a $ 1 billion expansion plan for a new campus in New York City. Baptized Google Hudson Square, it will extend over more than 157,000 m² in the neighborhood of West Village.

The announcement follows the March purchase of Manhattan's Chelsea Market (north of the new site) for $ 2.4 billion. Not long ago, it was Amazon that formalized its plans for a new head office split between two sites, one in Washington, the other in New York in the Queens Borough of Long Island City.

Google moved to New York 20 years ago

20 years ago, New York hosted Google's first office outside of California. The company already employs more than 7,000 people and plans to double that figure over the next ten years.

Last week, Apple announced plans to invest $ 1 billion in a new campus in Austin, Texas.

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Ignatia for horses at separation pain due to relocation

Unfortunately, it often happens that long-standing friendships among horses have to be torn apart. This is a serious emotional shock for some horses, but it can be treated with homeopathy. Ignatia helps to balance the psyche of a horse.

Separation pain in horses – Ignatia can help!

Even horses suffer when they are torn from their usual environment, be it as a weanling foal or because the owner has to move or move with the horse into another stable. It is not always right for the horse and it has to hold its own in a new herd. By the way, the animals then miss their mother or mate. That sometimes hurts a lot in the mind! Maybe you realize that the horse is not so alive and retreats more or it suddenly shows more fears that you did not know before.

In order to relieve the emotional pain, Ignatia can help the horse with the separation and the new situation better to cope. The remedy can be administered in this case even before the upcoming move.

Ignatia as a constitutional remedy in the horse

Most of them are mares that fit into the drug picture of Ignatia. The somewhat hysterical minds go very well with Ignatia. They behave contradictory where possible. If the horse for a self hardly comprehensible to stimuli from the environment completely exaggerated and repeatedly shows various physical signs of a disease that almost always occur suddenly, and these may also be due to a shock or grief, it helps Ignatia determined ,

If one tries to judge the hysterical horse, the behavior will only get worse because it can not endure violence and punishment at all. Often Ignatia horses show diarrhea or other gastric and intestinal disorders that are due to their sensitivity. On the other hand, skin irritations often occur as well. Worsening behavior is also common around the full moon.

How is Ignatia best dosed for a horse?

Ignatia can be given to a horse in the C30. 1 x a day 5 Globulis hidden in a piece of apple for 1-2 weeks can balance the psyche as much as possible.

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So you can effectively conduct reviews

The annual closing interview is established in many companies and provides a great way for employees to see where they are in the company. However, it is not just a chance to look back on the year in a self-reflective way, but also the opportunity to have a little bit of criticism. However, the criticism of the leaders within the company is a delicate matter that can be taken wrong. Therefore, you should pay attention to different things, if you want to lead a review.

If you want to attach criticism during the annual financial statements, you should prepare well in advance for this. So it is very important to be able to formulate precisely which things disturb one and also mediate it in such a way that it understands the other person. In addition, you should always stay factual and quiet. Anyone who becomes emotional or loud in order to clarify his point in this way will usually meet with little response.

It is also important to keep in mind that many people are open to criticism and want to improve. Therefore, they are most likely to respond to opinions in a review, if they are presented factually and well-founded.

Furthermore, the positive sides must not be forgotten. When you combine your critical utterances with positive points and praise, you increase the chances of being heard. This shows that you pay attention to many different aspects of the work of the other person and not just to complain about it.

Ultimately, it is still important, if you want to effectively lead a review, that you do not attack the other person. Therefore, a review at the end of the year is such a good option, since both sides are in principle prepared for critical comments. It is also helpful if you give your counterparts enough time to think about the things they are talking about. This allows him to come up with solutions that can then be further developed together.

Hand out but can also plug in

An important part of a successful review is the fact that you yourself must also be able to accept criticism. Whoever only distributes and criticizes others, but rejects any opinion, will not succeed. One's own behavior towards criticism is an important factor. Therefore, it strongly discourages switching to defense mode and justifying itself when criticizing behavior or performance.

Nor is it advisable to take all the blame directly. Smarter it is here, just to stay factual and possibly ask.

A review only works if both sides are open. If you divest yourself, then the chances are considerably reduced that you will be heard. In addition, one should react as well as possible, as one wishes from his counterpart. Ideally, you ask for some time and then offer your own solutions.

Do not wait too long

Although the year-end review is the perfect opportunity to voice your opinion, it's not always helpful to wait until then. Especially if a behavior is very frustrating, it should rather be looked for ways to address the problem. It is important, however, that you remain as objective and polite as possible.

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Homework for parent and child: train patience

Did your child's teacher tell you during the consultation that your child has zero frustration tolerance and is interfering with school operations? It calls constantly in the class without announcing itself. If it works alone, the pen falls quite soon on the sheet. There is only one thing to do: Start an immediate program to learn the important skills of "perseverance" and "patience".

Demands unpleasant tasks

Start with the training in everyday family life: The nursery is getting cleaned up, even if the friend already waiting with the football or the girlfriend with the bike. But help is allowed: Arrange that your child clears a certain part of the room and you take another part to support it.

Many a child also needs help structuring: suggest collecting all the comics first, then all the clothes, etc. Release your child with honest praise that you are very happy that he or she has made it.

Dealing with duties

But your child does not just have to learn to take care of himself. Rather, there are also a lot of community tasks that have to be done in the coexistence of a family. Transfer duties to your child at the latest when they start school, which they have to carry out reliably. B. bring the trash can to the garbage bin, help with tableclothing and clearing, flush out the dishwasher. This not only promotes the ability to do unpleasant things with patience and perseverance and take responsibility, but also the self-confidence of belonging to the big ones.

Divide into small work packages

The situation is similar with the homework. Even if it's hard for you, insist that the homework be done completely before the PC is turned on.

But support your child again here, so that the homework does not grow into a power struggle: Consider together what is to be done before it starts to work. Write each work package on a sticky note. Eg "math" or "reading". Also, estimate how long each piece of work will take. This is how your child learns to plan and adapt to a longer period of time.

Learning self-reward as a motivation strategy

Think with your child about what it has earned as a "reward" after each section. This can be simple in that it crumples the sticky note and throws it into the wastebasket, or a bowl of chips or the dessert of lunch provided in the kitchen.

It is important that you help the child to reward himself. Self-reward is an important motivational strategy for successful people. Under no circumstances should it be the case that your child gets the impression that it does the homework for you. Rewards that you should not allow are activities that can not be ripped off, like a computer game.

Conclusion: Help your child develop endurance and patience in everyday life. But do not forget that you too are challenged: hold on instead of giving in or doing the work yourself.

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Ford designs a doghouse with noise cancellation against firecrackers and fireworks

Photo: Ford

No car appears in the last Ford announcement. Taking advantage of the approaching holidays, the engineers of the automotive company have designed a doghouse that eliminates the roar of fireworks through passive and active noise cancellation technology.

All of us who have had dogs know how anxious they can get at this time of year. According to the canine trainer Graeme Hall, half of the dogs show signs of fear of this kind of unexpected noise. The solution was already present in modern vehicles.

A Ford concept picks up the Active Noise Control system of their cars and moves it to a doghouse. The "quiet booth" combines active noise control with noise canceling panels to reduce the roar of fireworks and firecrackers to a level that does not disturb the ultrasensitive hearing of our quadruped friends.

To finish off, the house has been designed with an automatic door, anti-vibration lift blocks and soundproof ventilation. It probably only exists for the company's Christmas campaign, but if this concept were to hit the market, Ford would have my full attention.

Cinema: when women dominate the box office

Cinema: when women dominate the box office

Movies with women in the lead roles earn more money than movies with featured men. This is the conclusion of a study published Tuesday by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and Shift7 company that covered 350 box office films (105 worn by women and 245 by men) from 2014 to 2017. " female lead role "was defined as a woman first mentioned in the film's official press materials.

The films were divided into five budget levels: less than $ 10 million; $ 10 to $ 30 million; $ 30 million to $ 50 million; $ 50 million to $ 100 million; and over $ 100 million.

Wonder Woman tops female box office

The movie Wonder Woman (2017), starring Gal Gadot in the leading role, ranked at the top of the survey, with worldwide sales of $ 821 million. " The perception that it is not good for business to have female leading roles is not true Says Christy Haubegger, CAA Officer and Researcher. " It is a marketing asset. "

The data also revealed that films with female characters have passed the Bechdel test, which meets three criteria: there must be at least two women in the work, who speak together about a subject unrelated to a man. .

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