KFC now sells fireplace logs smelling like fried chicken

Photo: KFC

Do you want to give your living room a personal touch this winter? Kentucky Fried Chicken offers an unusual alternative if you're one of the lucky ones who have a fireplace at home. These are trunks with the smell of fried chicken. No, it's not a joke. You can buy them in the United States from this page.

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Why flood your living room with a pungent smell of fritanga? Look, I do not know. If it serves as some kind of incentive, from FFC they say that the trunks are made with 100% recycled materials and that they burn for about three hours. Each trunk is flavored with the same secret recipe of 11 different herbs and spices that characterizes the chicken pieces served in the popular chain.

Photo: KFC

Giving your sofa the whiff with which you impregnate your clothes when you enter a KFC will cost you $ 18.99. The trunks have no expiration date so you can save a few without danger to lose their aroma. The company recommends, yes, keep them away from your pets.[via[vía Johnatan Maze on Twitter]

Good deal: the PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB at 299 €, Slim at 199

Good deal: the PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB at 299 €, Slim at 199

The doped version of the PS4 is offered at a very interesting price at the FNAC. This December 10 and for an unknown duration (hurry), the merchant offers the PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB at only 299 € against 399.99 € usually.

As a reminder, this console broadly resumes the design of the old model and differs from its predecessor by technical features revised upward. The GPU now develops 4.2 Tflops backed by 8 GB of GGDDR5. What to allow it to run games in 4K (by upscaling) and it also supports the HDR for better contrast and more vivid colors.

A promotion is also underway on the PS4 Slim, proposed this time at 199 euros instead of 299, in line with what was found during Black Friday.

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Homeopathy and weather: complaints due to weather changes

Headaches as a result of a change in the weather or even rheumatic complaints that occur again and again after a change of weather can be well treated with homeopathic remedies.

Treat complaints after changing the weather homeopathically

Many people suffer from headaches or rheumatic complaints when the weather turns. It can be irrelevant whether the weather changes from cold to warm or from warm to cold. Often the change from wet weather to dry weather or vice versa is a cause of headache. Which homeopathic remedies help when?

Complaints after changing the weather from cold to warm

If it gets too hot outside and the temperature changes too abruptly, many people will respond with discomfort. An important homeopathic remedy that has this intolerance in its remedy is Pulsatilla. But also Bryonia, Kalium-sulfuricum, Sulfur and Tuberculinum react with the worsening of their discomfort when suddenly it gets warm outside.

Complaints after change of weather from warm to cold

Arsenicum album, nux-vomica, Silica terra and Veratrum album have in their middle picture, a significant deterioration in the symptoms when it is colder again after a period of warm weather. The homeopathic remedy Mercurius solubilis contains in its middle picture a worsening of the symptoms when the weather changes from warm to cold.

Complaints after changing the weather from dry to damp

Here are primarily the homeopathic remedies to mention, which have an exacerbation of the symptoms of moist air in their middle picture. These are especially Dulcamara (the bittersweet nightshade), Rhus-toxicodendron (the poison ivy) and Mercurius solubilis (mercury). Also known for exacerbating the symptoms of a change from dry weather to humid weather are sodium sulfuricum, sepia and lachesis.

Complaints after weather change wet too dry

As the first homeopathic remedy that gets discomfort from too dry air, here Causticum should be mentioned. The typical hoarseness, the sore throat, which improves as soon as the air becomes slightly damp again, respond well to Causticum. Complaints often only occur when the weather changes from relatively humid air to dry air.


Many homeopathic remedies have in their middle picture a worsening of the symptoms due to weather changes. Depending on whether the aggravation of the discomfort caused by the change from cold to warm or from warm to cold or dry to wet or from wet to dry weather, very different homeopathic remedies are indicated. A special position is taken by the homeopathic remedy Mercurius (mercury). Just like the thermometer that works with mercury, people who are constitutionally Mercurius react very sensitively to any change in the weather.

Picture credits: Sonja Birkelbach / stock.adobe.com

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The construction of a business letter according to DIN 5008

DIN 5008 specifies the rules for word processing and design, including the creation of a business letter. Read more here!

In every business, business letters are an important part of office communication. They should be standardized and written according to specific specifications so that they can function sensibly, act as a figurehead of the company and can be processed electronically. Here the Din 5008 helps.

The margins as well as the distances and the placements of the individual fields are determined by the Din 5008, as well as the spelling of various elements such as the address field or the date.

Within the scope of DIN 5008, there are two different ways to build a business letter. Whether type A or type B is selected depends on the height of the company logo, which decides whether the content shifts downwards or not.

A business letter exists basically and independently whether type A or B from these areas:

  • Two fold marks serve as a guide to bend the letter
  • A punch mark is provided on a business letter to hold a hole punch, with which the letter can then be punched exactly in the middle.
  • The company logo is placed in the letterhead. Large logos can take up the whole width of the page, with small logos one has the choice whether they are placed left, right or center.
  • The address field not only shows the address of the recipient. Also details of the sender, an additional zone and an endorsement zone are provided here and can make statements about the nature of the correspondence, such as registered mail, dialog mail o. Ä.
  • In the information block further correspondence relevant information can be written. File number, clerk, e-mail address, date or phone number are information that belongs in this block. Alternatively, instead of the information block, a communication line or a reference line can also be used.
  • All necessary formal fields and blocks are followed by the actual cover letter. It is usually divided into subject line, salutation and the text. The
  • The text is completed by the signature.
  • The text field is followed by the page numbers, which can also be omitted in one-page letters.
  • The page numbers are followed by any company information that may need to be provided. Many of them are mandatory, for example the reference to the managing directors or the indication of a VAT number. The area can also be omitted if the company is not affected by the mandatory information.
    For specifying the respective text fields, certain distances are provided in DIN 5008

Type A (for small company logos)

Name of the line Distance in mm to the upper edge of the sheet Beginning of the line
Return statement 27.0 8th
Additional and endorsement zone 33.9 9
address line 46.6 12
information block 33.9 9
Keywords Reference line 80.4 20
Text reference number line 84.7 21
Subject 97.4 24

Type B (for large company logos)

Name of the line Distance in mm to the upper edge of the sheet Beginning of the line
Return statement 45.0 12
Additional and endorsement zone 50.8 13
address line 63.5 16
information block 50.8 13
Keywords Reference line 97.4 24
Text reference number line 101.6 25
Subject 114.3 28

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Cyber ​​Bullying: Cyber ​​Bullying at School

Cyber-bullying at school is increasing. Because class struggles are not only fought out in the playground, the new media offer students a new venue, the Internet. With mobile phones, victims are filmed and the videos are put on the Internet by the perpetrators. In addition, schoolmates on social networks are excluded or humiliated by other classmates from groups. The humiliation of the victims thus takes place in private life, so that they are permanently bullied.

Cyber-bullying at school: Pupils and teachers as victims

Cyber-bullying is not just a topic in private life, it is also discussed in school. Not only students are victims of cyberbullying attacks, but teachers are more targeted by perpetrators. Portals like "Spickmich" offer students the opportunity to rate the teacher. Unfortunately, these assessments often turn out to be negative for the teacher.

Here is not judged but judged by sympathy. As early as 2007, 8% of teachers were already affected by cyber-bullying according to a study by the GEW (Union for Education and Science). However, the study has also shown that the majority of bullying occurs among peers. Age-independent are the feelings of the victims when they are exposed to the constant attacks of their tormentors. Anger, insecurity and fear characterize everyday life.

Cyber ​​bullying among students

Cyberbullying is a very recent phenomenon, there are few scientific studies that can describe the full extent. But undisputed is the shift of life of children and adolescents into the net. Nearly three quarters of children and adolescents use instant messengers and visit social networks several times a week.

Already 72% of all 12-19 year olds use online communities. The JIM studies from the years 2008 and 2009 of the Media Education Research Association Southwest delivered these results. According to these studies, a quarter of the respondents confirmed that children and adolescents between the ages of 12-19 years have been affected by cyberbullying among their circle of acquaintances.

But how does cyber-bullying work?

If you want to understand cyber-bullying, you should take a look behind the scenes. What benefit does this type of bullying have for the perpetrators?

  • Cyberbullying serves as an outlet in almost all cases to unload pent-up aggression.
  • Very often, cyberbullying is used to gain a reputation, eg. To be "cool".
  • Very often cyber bullying is done in groups, this strengthens the group feeling and supports followers.
  • Cyberbullying is a demonstration of power, strength is shown to establish the hierarchy.
  • Many perpetrators are afraid of becoming victims of cyberbullying and bully other classmates for that reason.

What are triggers or occasions for cyberbullying?

There are many occasions or triggers for cyberbullying, but most of the attacks are related to the "real" world or a long history of lack of sympathy. Cyberbullying is an expression of disturbed communication and lack of empathy.

  • Bullying is often part of everyday life and often tolerated by the group and without consequences. Unfortunately, many look away and victims do not dare to face their tormentors. So harassment can last for years.
  • Even conflicts in the class community find their way to the Internet. For example, the "class-lover" is not only insulted at school, but mocked via social networks or sms from classmates.
  • Friendships often break apart in a teenage age and formerly best friends only feel hatred and revenge for each other. It is these very causes that can lead to cyber-bullying, because the people know a lot of secrets from each other.
  • Repeaters or new students can change the class communities and tweak the order again.

Prevention is also the key in these cases. Observing, listening and acting are the most important preconditions for counteracting bullying or cyberbullying. The pupils should be informed about possible consequences of their trade. As a result, teachers and parents should start joint project days to address this complex issue. Very often children or adolescents are not aware of the consequences and damages their actions can cause.

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The 5 nastiest internet traps – ibuzzworld.com

Through PC and smartphone, the Internet is available almost around the clock. While surfing you browse for information, go shopping virtually, do your banking or ask your e-mails. However lurk here also a lot of criminals, who have it on confidential information or your money apart. In this article we introduce you to the 5 worst tricks of Cybergangster.

For most people, the Internet is a daily means of information or communication. Of course, this also attracts criminals who speculate on the ignorance of users and want to make money with illegal offers.

This will expose you to Internet traps coming via email

Gateway for traps on the Internet is the e-mail account. Therefore, pay special attention to the e-mails in which you click on links or open file attachments. The first indicator that a mail is suspect is spelling. If such errors are found in a message from an Internet service provider or a bank, you should delete the mail directly. In general, you should not follow links to pages that require a password, but enter the address and access data manually in the browser.

These are the 5 worst internet traps

1. phishing mails

One of the most common cases surfing the net is phishing emails. The seemingly come from reputable services, such as PayPal, Amazon, Ebay or banks. Mostly you will be informed in the mail that there is a problem with your account. At the end you should then follow a link and enter your access data. The link does not lead to the provider, but on the side of cyber criminals, which intercept your access data.

Protection: Never follow links provided in a mail to enter trusted data. Enter the Internet address manually in the browser. In case of first problems the provider will inform you after the registration.

2. Rip-off pages

There are a lot of sites on the Internet that are designed to just hyped you. The principle is simple. You will be lured with common search terms, such as recipes, games, navigation offers or homework aids. On the page you will be led to a registration. That the fee is, is only in the fine print of the terms and conditions, which one usually does not read.

Protection: Even if it is annoying. Read carefully which possible obligations are associated with a registration. Since the principle is now known, the providers are forced to present possible costs more clearly.

3. Scams with business directories

If you have an e-mail account, you will probably also be asked regularly to sign up for a business or phone book. Often, their contact information is already in the form to build trust. Only in the fine print is then that the entry is associated with costs.

Protection: Delete corresponding mails immediately. Only suppliers that you know and know the prices should answer.

4. Profit promise

Often you will be made fantastic earnings by email. They should be made through casinos or the stock market. Even of profit guarantees is the speech. The background is usually that you should be elicited credit card details and your address.

Protection: The smarter the offer sounds, the more cautious you should be. If it were possible to earn thousands of dollars a month somewhere without risk, shippers would not bother to inform others.

5. Dangerous file attachments

Most dangerous file attachment transport is usually an email that indicates that an invoice is open or your account has been overdrawn. Also bills from telecommunications providers are often used as a gateway. The file attachment is usually disguised as a compressed ZIP file. In fact, it is an executable file that installs a virus or Trojan on your machine.

Protection: Do not open e-mail attachments if you do not know the sender and trust him.

Picture credits: anyaberkut / stock.adobe.com

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The Galaxy S10 could cost up to US $ 1,750: report

This is how some models of the Galaxy S10 would look, according to concepts and leaks

@ venyageskin1

If he iPhone XS Max It seems expensive with a price of US $ 1,099, better not even look at the Smausng Galaxy S10 more equipped when it reaches the market in 2019.

According to Gizmodo, Samsung will sell different Galaxy S10 with different prices and specifications, but prices will range from about US $ 850 for the 5.8-inch model, to US $ 1,750 for the S10 Plus model with 1TB of storage.

Gizmodo says that the prices will vary, but US $ 850 and US $ 1,750 will be the minimum and maximum prices for the Galaxy S10. According to reports there will be three variants of the cell phone and each one in different storage configurations.

Gizmodo could also know that Samsung will present the cell phone on February 20, a week before the MWC mobile device congress officially starts. According to the site, the phone will go on sale a few days after the announcement, on March 8.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is expected to be that expensive not only for its storage, but also for its technology. This model will be the only one of the three that will have an ultrasonic sensor, which will go on the screen for fingerprint recognition and which is supposed to be safer and more efficient than other on-screen fingerprint readers.

Gizmodo also confirms another feature in the S10: wireless charging to other devices. As Huawei already does with the Mate 20 Pro, the back of the S10 can emit energy to other devices compatible with wireless charging, turning the cell phone into an external battery.

Samsung has not confirmed anything about the price and announcement date of the S10.

Watch this:

A look at the Galaxy S10 and the mobile news …


Free doubles the Freebox Revolution and Freebox Mini 4K's debits with the 4.0.0 update

Free doubles the Freebox Revolution and Freebox Mini 4K's debits with the 4.0.0 update

A week after the presentation of the Freebox Delta, the French operator announces another novelty this time about the former subscribers Freebox Revolution and Freebox Mini 4K. This is the 4.0.0 update of the Freebox Server firmware to double the upstream and downstream rates. It therefore increases to 1 Gb / s and 400 Mb / s for fiber subscribers. A little boost in performance that can offer users HD + TV streams. The deployment of the update is done gradually. To take advantage of this, you need to restart your Freebox Server by either going through the interface or manually disconnecting it.

Fiber gains ground

We also take the opportunity to take stock of the deployment of fiber in France. ARCEP published its "high and very high speed observatory for Q3 2018and there is now 8.4 million very high speed internet access in France, which corresponds to 1.9 million additional accesses over the last twelve months, as at September 30, 2018, there were 12.54 million fiber optic eligible housing (FttH).

Orange still dominates the sector with 56% of PDM (but down 7.4 points). In second position Free with 19.4% of PDM (up 2.7 points), then SFR with 13.8% of PDM and Bouygues with 10.8% of PDM.

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Eating and swallowing: what do you have to pay attention to?

After a stroke or a serious traumatic brain injury, different areas of the human organism are affected. The ability to swallow to eat and drink can also be part of it. Read what you should look out for if you want to help your family relearn food and drink.

In order to swallow, it requires the coordination of different processes. The food in the mouth has to be sensed. It must be crushed or chewed and placed in the right place in the mouth so that it can be carried further down the throat. The swallow must be initiated. There are a few things you should keep in mind to make training easier.

1. Pay attention to the right consistency of food and drink

Depending on the severity of the swallowing and perception disorders and food must be very finely passed or drinks thickened.

2. The right temperature facilitates the perception

Refrigerator-cold or very warm meals promote the swallowing reflex. These are clearly felt in the mouth and can be processed accordingly well. Lukewarm food is perceived worse. They hardly stand out from the existing temperature in the mouth. The concentration on it is more difficult.

3. Strong spice stimulates the senses

Meals should be spicy. Do not use a little salt, but you can taste spices and herbs that are very tasty. The herbs must be well chopped up so that they do not stick as "bits" on the palate. Fade foods are poorly recognized and can be poorly associated with the corresponding food. Also, very mild foods stimulate neither taste nor swallowing reflex. Make sure you have a change of taste and a different view, even with passed food. This stimulates the appetite and makes you want to eat.

4. Ensure enough moisture

Moist foods are easier to swallow than dry ones. It requires less own saliva, so that these can be processed well in the mouth to a good "slipping" porridge.

5. Offer rather sour than sweet food

Sour meals promote the production of saliva, which becomes thinner. Swallowing is easier. In contrast, sweet or milk-containing foods slime. The saliva becomes slimy and viscous. This hinders the swallowing act.

6. Avoid the following foods:

  • Foods that also contain solid ingredients such as chocolate with nuts, juice with pulp, quark with fruit, grain bread, etc.
  • Foods that are difficult to form in your mouth into a small dumpling like rice, raw vegetables, mushrooms or raw ham
  • Crumbly foods such as crispbread, pretzel sticks, biscuits, breaded meat etc.
  • fibrous foods such as asparagus or rhubarb

Reinventing the food is hard work. You should not underestimate this as a relative. It requires high concentration. This means that you need to spend a lot of time with meals. Choose a time of day when your relative is awake, fit and rested. Start in small steps. It's a start when your relative eats only 2 small spoons at the beginning. Explore a sufficient amount of food and try again next time.

Picture credits: Matthias Stolt / stock.adobe.com

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Your English CV – how it works!

When you search the web for English CVs, Google displays millions of search results. Countless websites provide tips and templates for a perfect resume. Sounds tempting, right?

If you want to be taken seriously as an applicant, you should rather not use such templates. They can be inspired, but should never simply copy-and-paste. If you really want a job, you have to write your own CV.

There is one exception: some companies require applicants to send you a "Standard European CV" or "Europass CV". This is a standardized form, drawn up on the initiative of the European Commission, to facilitate job applications for jobseekers in Europe. You can fill out this form online or print and finish it by hand. However, you should really only use this template if the employer specifically asks you to do so.

Here you will find the Europass CV.

Less is more – how to write a meaningful CV

Before you begin writing your CV, you should be clear about what it is for. A resume gives you the opportunity to highlight your achievements, to show how important they are to your desired position, and to convince you why it is you and not someone else who should get the job.

Between the lines, a well-written resume will say the following about you:

  • I am proud of my job.
  • I know how to present myself.
  • I understood what the company is looking for.
  • I fulfill the requirements of the company.
  • I am better than the competition and I can prove it.

If you have recently completed your training, you may find it difficult to find enough information for your resume. On the other hand, if you are already experienced, it may be difficult for you to decide what is important and what can be left out.

Remember to focus closely on the position you are applying for. Unlike a job application form, a resume allows you to present any information that suits you, while leaving out important information.

Checklist for your English CV

  • Write your CV in reverse chronological order.
  • The keywords are immediately recognizable.
  • The most important points are marked with dashed lines.
  • I have been brief (under 2 pages).
  • The paper is of high quality.
  • The CV was written especially for this job.
  • The CV is not dated.
  • The CV is NOT signed.
  • There is NO photo attached.
  • Gender and date of birth are not specified (USA).
  • All contact details are included.
  • I did not do any grammar / spelling / typing mistakes.
  • The CV has been proofread.

Credit: barneyboogles / stock.adobe.com

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