Children love pets

Pets enrich family life. Children who grow up with animals learn to take responsibility. But at what age can children look after the animals and which animal is suitable for the offspring? Before you enter the pet store, you should always clarify some questions.

Why a pet

Most children love animals. Sooner or later the desire for a cuddly playmate develops automatically. Super, a pet promotes the development of the child, because it learns to observe rules and take responsibility. In this way children strengthen their self-confidence. In addition, they must actively deal with the little roommate and learn incidentally much about nature.

Allegedly, children who grow up with pets should do better at school. Such undifferentiated statements are not proven and to be treated with caution. A pet is not a panacea; on the contrary, many parents find that children often lose interest in the little creature.

The age question

Small animals are relatively easy to care for. Primary school children can take good care of them if the parents share responsibility. Younger children can take on individual tasks such as feeding. From 12 years, children are developed so far that they can take care of an animal alone. Large animals like a dog or a horse, however, need the support of the family.

In general, parents should be aware that the primary responsibility for the pet lies with them. Some animals still live when their little ones have long since left home.

Think about a pet in peace

When children wholeheartedly want a pet, the whole family should think about it in peace. Animals depend on people, they need a lot of time, attention and they also cost money. Often the work gets stuck with the parents. You should first clarify these important questions for yourself:

  • Are there allergies to animals in the family?
  • Which animals may you keep in your home? Small animals are usually allowed, but for a dog you need the consent of the landlord.
  • Before you buy an animal, all family members should express their wishes and concerns.
  • Do you have enough space to set up the cage? An animal should always be kept in an appropriate manner.
  • How much time do you want to invest and who will take over which tasks: feeding, cleaning the cage, going for a walk?
  • Who cares about the animal on vacation. Would the grandparents or friends take care of the animal?
  • How much money do you want to invest in the new roommate? Consider the cost: You must pay the animal, the cage or collar, the food and the vet.

Bird or dog as a pet?

If parents have little experience with animals, they usually opt for the purchase of a small animal such as hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits. The costs are low and the care manageable. However, these animals, especially the hamster, are nocturnal animals that like to snooze in peace during the day. Also, they are not cuddly animals that bind tightly to humans. Another disadvantage: some of these animals are usually not very old.

Dog and cat are better than pets. They build a relationship with humans. However, they need much more attention.
Some pets like turtles or parrots get very old and can even survive their owners.

A pet from the pet store or the shelter?

Before you decide on a pet, you should look at the pet dealer. Be advised in detail and read also literature about the desired animal. If you buy the animal from a breeder, ask about it carefully. If he wants to earn money quickly, the animals are usually overbred and not infrequently disturbed.

Also stop by the shelter. Most employees know the behavior of the animals closely and can recommend you an animal that fits well with your family.

Stress with the pet

Children can not yet foresee that the care of an animal overwhelms them. If the charm of the new is gone, the annoying cage cleaning is gladly forgotten. Explain to your child that it has taken responsibility for the animal and must now endure. Relieve your child and take care of it, if it deals extensively with the animal.

Maybe you can take care of a pet for some time. Then your child can try out to see if it's fun to care for an animal.

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Prince of Rap's cousin demands Fortnite for copying the Carlton Dance

"And this is the story, pay attention to how my life changed, it changed everything I never thought of, and I became the prince of all Bel-Air."

Do you remember this rap sung by Will Smith in The Prince of rap?

If the answer is affirmative, you traveled to the 90s and let out a smile it is because you also come to mind the great Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro), the rich cousin, who immortalized a dance that is still repeated today in many parties.

Such was his popularity that the video game Fortnite added that choreography to the dance collection of the victory of his characters. Ribeiro, however, did not like much and this week established a legal demand.

But before going into the details of the complaint, let's look at the similarity of the dance steps:

"It is widely acknowledged that Ribeiro's image and intellectual property have been misappropriated by Epic Games in the videogame most popular in the world, Fortnite, "said David Hecht, of Pierce Bainbridge, Beck Price & Hecht LLP, in a statement.

"Epic has made record profits from downloadable content in the game, including emotes (Fortnite Battle Royale dances that each of the characters can do) as Fresh (the deRibeiro). However, Epic has not compensated or even requested Mr. Ribeiro's permission for the use of his iconic image and intellectual property, "the statement continued.

Ribeiro seeks "his fair and reasonable share in the profits" that Epic obtained by using the dance, and requests that the company stop using the choreography, the law firm added.

According to their representatives, the actor is in the process of copyright of the dance.

Ribeiro's is the most recent of several legal battles facing Epic Games.

In early December, the rapper 2 Milly sued Epic Games for using its choreography in the mode battle royale of Fortnite. The artist also took legal action, for the same reason, against Take-Two Interactive, the company that developed the video game NBA 2k18.

And the instagramer Russell "Backpack Kid" Howard, creator of the popular The Floss, He started a legal process against Epic games and Take-Two Interactive for using the famous movement of the arms that he taught with Katy Perry in Saturday night Live. In the following video you can see:

Epic has not responded to CNET requests for comment on this lawsuit while Take-Two Interactive declined to discuss the matter.

If you want to know more about the demand that Cousin Carlton established, you can do it by clicking here.

With the collaboration of Abrar Al-Heeti.

Google accelerates the closure of Google+ after a new bug

Google accelerates the closure of Google+ after a new bug

Google has announced that it has identified and corrected a bug in Google+ that potentially affects 52.2 million users. This is the second bug discovered in the social network API after the one revealed in October that affected 500,000 users of the social network. At the time, Google had announced the final closure of the mainstream version of the social network in August. Yesterday, the Web giant decided to advance the deadline in April. In addition, Google+ APIs will be disabled within 90 days.

The new bug occurred as a result of a Google+ API update in November. It lasted six days before being discovered. It could potentially allow third-party applications connected to the social network to access members' personal data (name, sex, age, profession …). However, Google assures that there is " no proof That a third party has compromised its systems or misused the data. And adds that no password, no financial data or national identification number have been affected.

" We understand that our ability to create reliable products that protect your data is trusted by users Said David Thacker, Vice President of Product Management G Suite. He recalled that the Google+ version for business will remain live and will be accessible via G Suite.

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Treat gallbladder and gallstones with herbs

Herbal medicines are well suited both for the prevention and treatment of mild gallbladder problems. Learn here from the best means.

Our ancestors relied on bile to help them make the most of the irregular amounts of food.

Today bile is actually superfluous, but makes it all the more problematic. The power of nature can be used to make bile flow and fight gallstones.

Always in the flow: the tasks of bile

Bile is constantly being formed in the liver. The mixture of water, bile acids, electrolytes, lecithin and cholesterol is needed for optimal fat intake and should therefore be available all the time.

At least that's what mattered. Today bile is no longer an urgent task thanks to our modern nutritional options.

This has consequences: If a lot of bile is formed and only slightly released into the intestine, so thickens the fluid, which favors the formation of gallstones.

Thickening is favored by high levels of female hormones, such as those produced during pregnancy or through the birth control pill.

Promoting the flow of bile may be useful to prevent the formation of gallstones.

Choose the right phytopharmaceutical

Herbal ingredients have a long tradition of gall disease. Previously used mainly in the form of tea, the products are also available in practical capsule form.

The selection of the right herb is not so easy and depends heavily on the type of gall bladder problems.

For example, plants that stimulate bile and improve bile flow are not suitable if gallstones have misplaced the bile ducts and are already forming a backwater.

In this case, even herbal medicines can aggravate the disease. Two important examples of this are the dandelion and the milk thistle.

Popular medicinal plants for gall bladder problems

Very popular and contained in many tea blends and herbal remedies for biliary disorders are the two mentioned plant extracts from the dandelion root and the milk thistle fruits.

Both are only suitable as long as there is no danger of gallbladder closure due to gallstones.

They are just as well as peppermint good as a balancing agent for loss of appetite and weakness associated with gall bladder problems.

The peppermint leaves can also help with nausea, bloating, bloating, and mild cramps when all of these bile complaints come from.

Good for bile and liver: artichoke and turmeric

A proven and popular remedy for problems with liver and bile is the extract from the artichoke leaves.

It has a balancing effect on the formation of the bile fluids, keeps them in the flow and optimizes the ratio of the components to each other, which inhibits the formation of stones.

The artichoke leaves also relieve symptoms such as mild cramping and nausea. In addition, they improve fat absorption and compensate for a fat digestion disorder.

Curcuma can also have a similar effect. The active ingredients of the turmeric rootstock can be used both for prophylaxis and in the aftermath of a gall disease to bring bile and digestion back into balance.

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Familiarize yourself with France's culture

The French are considered to be a very proud people, as evidenced by the persistence of their mother tongue. If you do not have enough French language skills, you should apologize for that right at the beginning. More tips on the culture of France can be found here.

Never start a conversation in French if you can not do it all the time. It is considered extremely rude to start a conversation in French to then continue in another language. I apologize for missing language skills and avoid this rudeness.

The salutation can be your door opener

It belongs to French etiquette that you When greeting, always address your counterpart with a "Madame", "Monsieur" or "Mademoiselle", in conjunction with the name. In "Mademoiselle", some caution has recently been required. Just as in Germany the Miss is no longer used, there are efforts in France's culture to abolish the "Mademoiselle".

If possible, make sure in advance whether your unmarried partner wants to be addressed with "Madame". If your opponent has a title, you should call it. In the context of emancipation efforts, you should avoid helping a woman in the mantle.

Note the French room behavior

While there is a lot of distance in Germany, France is closer together. Even if you do not consciously focus on touching during a conversation, as in Central American countries for example, touches may be possible because you like to stand or sit closer together. You will learn more about the concept of space in the article on cultural dimensions.

Valuable tips on the culture of France

  • If possible, write your business card in German and French.
  • Loose chats before talking about business content are in good shape. The best way to find out in advance about current cultural topics.
  • Domestic political issues of France you should rather avoid.
  • Allow enough time for business lunches (at least two hours).
  • While punctuality is valued, you should be tolerant of tardiness – and this too is appreciated.

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How to respond to a cold during breastfeeding

Sore throat, fever and cough are typical signs of a cold. While breastfeeding, mothers worry about infecting their baby with breast milk. In fact, your child does not catch cold viruses over the milk. Be sure to follow our hygiene tips to protect your baby from infection.

Breastfeed with a cold

For a long time, there was a belief that if the baby was lactating while breastfeeding, the mother should not give her baby milk to drink. Experts from the Association of European lactation and lactation consultants recommend the opposite. Breastfeeding helps the baby right now. The body of the mother forms during the disease defenses. About the mother's milk, the baby receives these antibodies. As a result, the baby is largely protected from infection. If it still suffers, the strengthened immune system mitigates the disease.

Treat the cold while breastfeeding

Take care of yourself and your body as soon as you notice the first signs of the disease. When breastfeeding, you have the advantage that you can provide your child largely lying down. Remember to drink plenty of fluids, especially if you have a fever.

If you have a mild cold, help with proven home remedies like inhaling hot fumes or sucking a spoonful of honey for a sore throat. If the illness lasts longer days and increases, please consult your doctor. He can prescribe you medicines that you are allowed to take while you are breastfeeding.

Protect the baby from infection

Although your baby is strengthening his immune system through breastfeeding, it can get infected. A cold is transmitted by droplet infection. Therefore, pay attention to hygiene and wash your hands regularly. Turn your head to the side when you cough or sneeze. If you take your baby to bed, change more often the sheets or at least the pillowcase.

Baby friendly pharmacy

Mothers have an increased need for information, the doctor and midwife do not always cover. To close this gap, the Association Baby-friendly pharmacy e. V. In pharmacies with this prediction, specially trained specialist staff advises parents on all matters relating to the baby. The product range also covers all needs. Information brochures and courses offered by experts are particularly helpful.

List of addresses of baby-friendly pharmacies

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Mac: Create screenshots and paste them into a document

In many situations, it makes sense to take a screenshot. On the Mac, you can do it in a variety of ways. Thus, in addition to the complete screen and screen capture or individual windows record. How to do that and how to use screenshots with a hidden trick directly into your documents, I'll show you in this post.

Granted, Windows branches with the "Print" button in terms of screenshots, that it is also easy to take a screenshot. If you work on the Mac, the images of the screen can only be recorded with a somewhat cryptic keyboard shortcut. But the functionality on the Apple computer proves to be pleasingly versatile.

To take a screenshot on your Mac computer

Your Mac offers you a variety of methods to create an image of the current screen, screen section, or window. For every recording situation, the operating system provides you with a simple keyboard shortcut:

Capture Full Screen: If you want to take a picture of the entire Mac screen, press the shortcut "cmd" + "Shift" + "3".

Record screen areas: If the screenshot is to contain only a specific area of ​​the screen, use the key combination "cmd" + "Shift" + "4". Then mark the recording area with the mouse.

Record current window: If you only want to capture the current activated program window in a screenshot, then press the key combination "cmd" + "Shift" + "4" and then the spacebar. Then move your mouse over the window that should be taken. This is highlighted in blue. Press the mouse button to take the screenshot.

To insert a newly created screenshot directly into a document

In addition to the widespread methods described above for creating a screenshot, there is also a slightly hidden version with which you can take a screenshot and insert directly into a document.

  1. Open a document, for example, in the word processor Pages, in which you want to insert a screenshot.
  2. To create the screenshot, press the shortcut "cmd" + "Shift" + "3" (full screen) or "cmd" + "Shift" + "4" (cropping). Important: In addition, even if it requires some finger acrobatics, press the "ctrl" key. At the beep, you will hear that the screenshot has been taken.
  3. Place the insertion point at the point in the document where you want to insert the screenshot. Then press the key combination "cmd" + "v".

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Seeing this surfer beat the world record on a wave of more than 30 meters almost counts as a risk sport

What we see: professional surfer Tom Butler, a 29-year-old British man, who is considered to be the biggest wave a human being has ever surfed. It happened in the coasts of Nazaré, Portugal, and the marine "monster" was more than 30 meters high according to the first estimates.

The historic moment took place last Friday. Later, Butler had a meeting with several media where he explained how was the moment when 90% of the population would not live to tell it:

It was like running away from a furious bull. Without a doubt it is the biggest wave that has been surfed in the world this season and I think it could surpass the current world record with ease. When I came down, I thought: WTF, this is the fastest I've been. Time slowed down, in reality it is pure instinct. I was doing everything I could to keep my balance.

It's hard to say exactly how big it was, I'd say it was 20 times my height. You do not really see it behind you because you are so focused on what awaits you that you just look forward.

The truth is that Butler must now submit the photographic evidence to the World Surf League, who will officiate the claim before the awards ceremony in April. According to the professional photographers who were on Friday, there is no doubt that it is a new world record.

By the way, the current official record until the end of the investigation is 24.38 meters, established last year by the Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa, also in Nazaré. [Digg]

Good deal: the Bose QC35 II helmet at 279 € at Amazon and Boulanger

Good deal: the Bose QC35 II helmet at 279 € at Amazon and Boulanger

It's a bit of a stretch before the end of the year holidays. For the occasion, Amazon and Boulanger offers the Bose QC35 II helmet at 279 euros instead of 329 euros – a nice discount of 15%. The Bose QC35 II has earned the top of our ranking of the best headphones. It offers excellent audio quality, very good comfort and a very high noise active noise reduction. The announced autonomy is of 20 hours in Bluetooth (with a very stable connection, by the way) and one finds the native access to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for a vocal management of the notifications, of your source of streaming even to request voice assistants or control the compatible product ecosystem.

If you're interested in one of the best active noise reduction headphones, visit Amazon or Baker.

Enjoy this good plan

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Our latest tips

Cook gluten-free with gluten intolerance

Despite the gluten intolerance, you do not have to do without the crunchy breadcrumbs on the schnitzel or fish. You can also cook them gluten-free and prepare them with chopped almonds, grated coconut or cornflakes. If you prefer to work with traditional ingredients, you can also rely on gluten-free white bread made from cornmeal.

Sauces gluten-free

By stewing chopped carrots, onions or finely grated apples, sauces of all kinds become creamy and need not be further bound. But you will also find gluten-free potato starch in supermarket shelves.

Labels for gluten-free ingredients

The provision that since November 25, 2005 ingredients that cause frequent allergies or intolerances in Europe, makes your daily shopping easier. A quick look at the list of ingredients on the back of the product is enough and you can easily cook gluten-free.

Attention: Hidden sticky proteins

Gluten forms so-called gluten with water. For example, in fat-reduced products such as pizza, noodles, croquettes, snacks, soups, cakes, pies, biscuits, cereal bars but also in ketchup and mustard varieties as well as in some spice blends the gluten is hidden. Many types of beer – especially malt beer – are not compatible. But you can toast with wine and sparkling wine without guilty conscience.

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