Apple buys a startup focused on improving night photography: report



Apple could be working on improving the photographic equipment of its phones.

Angela Lang / CNET

Apple has acquired a startup focused on the development of artificial intelligence and its application to photography.

This is the Spectral Edge company that according to a Bloomberg report published on December 12, has been acquired by the apple company recently, as another investment to improve the quality of photographic equipment on their cell phones. At the moment the amount for which Apple has acquired the startup.

There is also no information on whether the Spectral Edge team will be incorporated into Apple or, on the contrary, only use their patents. The news has not been officially confirmed by Apple or Spectral Edge, although the website of the startup it's no longer available. Apple does not usually respond to requests for comments about rumors or reports.

In recent months Apple has set its sights on more emerging companies. For example, in June 2019 those of Cupertino acquired the autonomous driving startup, Apple hired dozens of startup engineers and among the assets acquired in the transaction estimated at about US $ 77 million, there are also several of the autonomous cars of the startup

Previous rumors also pointed out that Apple may have recently acquired the UK-based virtual reality and motion control company, IKinema, as part of the development of your expected augmented reality glasses.

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