And a little slap on the butt harms – alternative ways of education

"A small pat has never harmed anyone" is the name of a phrase that we get to hear again and again in everyday life. However, Canadian scientists have proved otherwise by a recent study. Even a small pat can lead to anxiety and leave a lasting mark on the child. Which alternative educational options are available?

The little slap on the butt and its effects

Study leader Tracie Afifi (University of Manitoba) and her colleagues concluded in their study that even mild forms of physical violence leave a lasting mark on children and massively increase the risk of mental illness in adulthood. If you punish your child for his bad behavior with corporal punishment – and already a slap on the buttocks is one of them – not only hurt his child's soul but also endanger his subsequent mental health.

Tracie Afifi and her team are confident that physical punishment can lead to anxiety and shame among adolescents, that over time they can become more prevalent and cause depression and anxiety disorders in adulthood.

When is the slap on the butt used?

Mostly it is used to pat on the Po, when parents are overwhelmed and know no more help. A child is always trying to test its limits, and when parents become too colorful, they often use their physical superiority to unload their pent up emotions. Often sufferers have a bad conscience in hindsight, because they realize that their reaction was not appropriate.

Alternative ways of education

Bear in mind that fear is not a very good education consultant. Your child learns nothing by being afraid of being punished. In addition, according to a study from the US University of New Hampshire, you'll even be beaten to reduce your child's IQ. Nevertheless, punishments in everyday life are sometimes unavoidable, after all a child needs boundaries.

Sanctions are useful if they enable children to learn. Rather than relying on angry and arbitrary prohibitions, you better understand the logical consequences of your child's behavior. For example, if your child comes home from school today and dallies while completing his homework, then there's no time to play with his friends.

Create clear rules and no pointless penalties

The same applies to food: If you ask your child several times to eat it and it comes and does not come because it just has something important to play, then it must eat his food later cold or it will only get something for the next meal , Always make sure that you explain the consequences to your child. Do not say, "Because you were so slow with the homework, you have to stay home now." Better use this statement: "Too bad. Now it is so late that you have no time left for your friends. "

The result is that your child learns from his behavior. With such educational methods you no longer need the slap on the buttocks, your anger gets less over time and you lead a more harmonious family life.

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