An iPhone saves its owner from a bow and arrow attack

Apple likes to boast that its watch can save lives by monitoring the hearts of its users, but a man in Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia, literally owes his life to an iPhone. The phone stopped an arrow while the man tried to take a picture of his assailant.

According to New South Wales police, the victim saw a man at the door of his house armed with a bow and arrow while getting out of the car on the morning of March 13, 2019. That is not something that You see it every day, not even in Australia, so the victim pulled out his phone to take a photo of the archer when the armed man raised his bow and fired it.

Instead of hitting the victim, the arrow pierced the phone, leaving a sharp point protruding five centimeters through the device's screen and completely eliminating its screen saver, the man's last line of defense. According to the police, the only injury to the victim was a small laceration on the chin caused by the arrow's impulse, which caused the phone to fly towards his face.

Authorities say the alleged 39-year-old attacker has been arrested and charged with "arming himself with the intent to commit a chargeable offense, an assault that resulted in actual physical damage and malicious damage." According to the local press, he has been granted conditional bail and will appear in court next week.

As for the smartphone: damage caused by arrows is usually not covered by the warranty.

[NSW Police Force via Ubergizmo]