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How important is the application photo for the application? Applicants often ask themselves this question, especially since many application counselors in the course of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) are in favor of applying without a picture. But is that really the right way? Read more in this article about whether you should really give up on a job application photo and what you have to consider for an appealing good photo.

An important question that crops up again and again during job application advice is the question of the photo. Do I have to provide an application with a photo or can I apply without a photo? Surely you can. And no human resources officer in the world would openly admit that he has put an application due to a missing photo only once to the page, the applications With To look at picture.

However, the reality is that an applicant with an application photo in his or her file can expect more response than the applicant who applies without a picture.

Recruiters usually want to have a name and an application as well. Googling the applicant on the Internet is meanwhile a matter of course and occupation in recruitment. In other words, if you do not attach a photo to your application that has an impact on how you look, you may run the risk that the recruitment officer will get a rather unfavorable picture in his internet research. Not a good idea when looking for the dream job. Therefore: To a good application includes an attractive application photo.

But what makes a good application photo?

A good photo offers the searching company a first, purely visual impression of the person who is applying. And as in other contexts applies here: You get for a first impression no second chance! So please stay away from vending machine photos, private photos or photos taken by a friendly amateur photographer. A good application photo is an investment that definitely pays off.

A good application photo shows the applicant at his best

On the one hand, this is a question of illumination and the photographic background. A photographer specializing in application photography knows this and will always photograph you in front of a bright background in optimal lighting. The clothing for a candid photo should be chosen the way it would be chosen for a job interview: appropriate business attire for the occasion, the job and the industry. Bright colors for shirt or blouse are advantageous, then the blazer or the jacket can also be quiet darker.

The hair should be well-made, this should respect both the ladies and the men. For the ladies, it may be a bit of make up, because you can look unvarnished on photos a little pale. But please no gala hairstyle and no "war paint". To avoid is too much jewelry and too large pieces of jewelry.

How should I look at the application photo?

It is not necessary to smile convulsively into the camera. Many smiles quickly turn into smiles. It is important to have a friendly and open expression, if possible, with a slight smile.

Poses that supposedly signal dynamics can exaggerate very quickly. It is just as little a good idea to lean into the picture as to jump dynamically from the page into the picture. You should also refrain from showing an active scene in the picture, eg. For example, how to gesticulate in a meeting. Among other things, a good photographer can be recognized by the fact that he does not come up with such ideas or discourages them.

An application photo is optimal if it presents the applicant sympathetic and friendly. Head and shoulder area should be well centered in the picture to see, the view is open and interested in the direction of the camera. Well prepared and with these hints in mind, the photo shoot will be a complete success!

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