Amazon works in a video game streaming service: report

In a few years you may no longer have to buy a console and you can play from your mobile or tablet.


Amazon is currently the place where you shop online and in the future it could also be where you will play your favorite titles.

In accordance with The Information, the retail giant is developing a video game platform that can be played via streaming, a idea that Microsoft, Google and Nvidia, to mention a few signatures, are also officially investigating.

Amazon is in talks with videogame distributors to make them available on the platform, but the service would not launch until 2020 or later, the report said. Amazon did not comment on The Information.

The downside of a service of this nature is not the processing; but the portfolios of companies that develop video games. The traditional video game industry still depends on the bulk sales of its titles, which sell for around US $ 50 each. A service like the one proposed by Amazon or Microsoft would be based on a subscription – like the Netflix system – and is what distributors fear. An executive quoted by The Information He said that his participation in the Amazon project will depend on the strategy and financial terms, and would be willing to collaborate only if his video games were sold by unit, not within a single subscription.

A video game service by streaming It would allow players to access their favorite programs from any device such as a phone, tablet or computer, without the need for a console, such as an Xbox or PlayStation.

However, and unlike Netflix or Spotify, do streaming of a video game is much more complicated. In the case of video games by streaming servers that do all the computation processing are needed so that the processing on the user's device is not so heavy.