Acer Predator Triton 500 Review: our review

From its Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics card to its Full HD 144 screen
    Hz with a response time of 3 milliseconds passing through its
    cooling fans at 6600 rpm, all on the Acer Predator
    Triton 500 is fast. It's also incredibly compact for a
    15.6-inch laptop. It weighs 2.1 kg and measures only 17.9 mm
    thick. It means that it allows you to play high games
    performance anytime and anywhere, assuming, however, that
    you are not too far from a power outlet. As we could
    wait, it's not cheap. Count 1.999 euros in basic price with
    a RTX 2060 Max-Q. It is necessary to count on 1.000 euros more for the
    configuration with a GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q and Intel Core processor


The Predator Triton 500 combines the traditional design of a computer
    gaming laptop with a more relaxed approach reminiscent of
    that of Razer. The flamboyant blue emblem and its name on the lid and
    under the screen inside accentuate the gaming style just as its
    vents and its angular edges.

Three-zone RGB keyboard illumination can be customized
    with the PredatorSense app, which also provides other tools
    to improve the gaming experience. ZQSD keys and keys
    arrows, as well as a dedicated PredatorSense key are concave and tinted
    in blue to be easier to spot.

The layout of the keyboard is good, the soft touch and the movement
    short keys perfect for typing. The touchpad works well but
    he lacks mouse buttons.

The 144 Hz 1.920 x 1.080 pixel display has a response time of 3 ms. He has not
    shown no blur or ghosting effect perceptible during the game.
    colorimetric performance is not necessarily sufficient for
    photo or video processing, but it's nice for games, just like
    brightness and contrast. There are HDMI 2.0 ports, Mini DisplayPort
    and ThunderBolt 3 for external displays and we can use three in
    same time with the Triton screen.

Three USB-A 3.0 ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet, headphone jack
    complete the whole thing. All connectors and power input are
    on the sides forward because the back third is occupied by all
    the vents. It is not very aesthetic once all the cables connected.
    In addition, there is no SD card reader.

Powerful but noisy cooling

Who says big power says great heat and a laptop too
    thin needs a lot of help for air circulation. Predator
    so is equipped with a fan on the central processor and two for the
    Graphic card. The PredatorSense application has commands from
    fans for those who want to be able to adjust the speed.

The system is rather quiet in normal use. But when he is at
    full charge with a game, the fans turn full-time and
    become noisy to the point of choking the game's audio. A Turbo button
    above the F1 and F2 keys allows you to instantly overclock the GPU,
    but also to set the fans to their maximum, which gives
    the impression of sitting in front of a desk fan.

And even with all this cooling, the machine gets too hot for
    stay on your knees. The upper part is however more
    temperate and we never really felt heat on the side
    left of the keyboard or the palm rest while playing. Let's add that despite this
    heating up, the system remains perfectly stable.


Maybe it's because we mainly tested computers
    entry-level gaming laptops, but the experience of new titles
    such as Metro Exodus and Shadow of the Tomb Raider with on the settings
    ultra Triton blown us away. It reveals all the wonderful
    textures, shadows and details of these games. Display performance
    fluids only add to the approval, so that there is only
    put on a good headphone to block the noise of the fans and
    immerse yourself in a game

Perhaps even more important than playing ultra is that
    the RTX 2080 also provides room for maneuvering for
    come. The same goes for the hex processor and the 32 GB of
    memory which also gives the Triton a lot of power for the
    video editing and design work while using Chrome with 20
    open tabs.

However, all this power does not help the life of the battery.
    Indeed, the Triton 500 took only 2h21 minutes to our endurance test. A
    part of the problem is that G-Sync does not work again with the
    Optimus technology from Nvidia, which means that Triton can not
    switch between its integrated graphics chip and GPU.

But in the PredatorSense app, we find an option to prevent
    the system to use only the graphics card. This requires a
    reboot, but once off, the system will switch between the two GPUs
    as required. It helped us extend the life of the
    battery for common tasks.


The new Nvidia RTX 20 processors are the biggest advance in
    the graphics since 2016 and we will find the RTX 2080 Max-Q in
    several gaming laptops this year. The Acer Predator Triton
    500 makes good use of this graphics card, complementing it with others
    solid components all nestled in a slender frame. Options like
    the RGB keyboard, the PredatorSense app and the Turbo button for a
    Instant overclocking make the Triton an excellent choice.