A streamer from Fortnite donates $ 75,000 to another streamer to help him overcome a financial crisis

Fortnite Exotic Chaotic streamer received a donation of $ 75,000 from another streamer, his friend KingMascot.
Screenshot: Exotic Chaotic

"Wait a minute," said the streamer of Fortnite Exotic Chaotic by looking at how many numbers there were in a donation he received on Twitch earlier this week. "That can not be right." I was so amazed that he stopped playing to look at his PayPal account. There it was: $ 75,000.

Exotic Chaotic got up and went crazy with joy. "DIOS," he shouted as he turned in circles. "WHAT DEMONS HAS PASSED?"

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Apparently, the donation – that many claim is the largest amount of money donated on Twitch at a time – came from a Fortnite streamer who was friends with Exotic Chaotic: KingMascot. For a moment, however, Exotic Chaotic was convinced that someone was trying to get him to react with a false donation.

"At first I thought that my moderator 'IEsh' was playing a joke on me," he told Kotaku through direct message "Sometimes he tests with donations of $ 100 using Streamlabs just to activate the alert and scare me, so at first I thought, 'Oh, this sure is a joke.' Then I looked at my PayPal account and saw that they had retained $ 72,000. I examined everything for a while, trying to make sure it was real money. The donation was approved 24 hours after he made it. "

The streamer who made the donation, KingMascot, says he did it because he wanted to help his friend, who is going through a difficult financial crisis.

"I do not have a lot of income," said Exotic Chaotic. "My girlfriend has worked full time to support my work as a streamer for Fortnite, so I owe it to her and my four-year-old son to protect this money and increase it for their futures. "

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KingMascot, which does have considerable income since it was one of the first investors in Bitboin and now invests in shares, had the idea of ​​donating money last fall, but comments that it took a while to organize it.

"It's been a month since I knew I was going to do it, but it was not very easy to work with PayPal," KingMascot said. "I thought it was time because we were in the festive season. That way they can have a great start to the year. "

KingMascot commented that since he made the donation he has received thousands of messages. Most have been kind support messages, but some they have asked for money.

Exotic Chaotic said that his friendship with KingMascot began when they realized that they both loved collecting all the accessories in Fornite. However, he says he was "very surprised" by the donation.

"He mentioned that he did not like how my Internet problems caused me to lose many of my followers after winning competitions like Ninja Vegas," said Exotic Chaotic. "He said that affected the decision that changed my year."

Exotic Chaotic had recently won $ 30,000 in the competition Fortnite Fall Skirmish, but he could not save the money because his old car was "not safe to drive" and he desperately needed a new one. He said he can now manage this money wisely.

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Exotic Chaotic comments that he hopes to one day be able to do the same for someone else.

"It's great fun to make large donations and see how happy you are to the streamer," he said. "If I manage to grow my channel to a certain size, definitely [tendré gestos con otros] streamers to make you very happy. Yes, I decided to pay one of those who supports me a considerable amount to help me go so far and design many of my things and give me advice … But maybe this will only happen once, so I need to take this opportunity to ensure the future of my life. son and reimburse my girlfriend for believing in me. "