A garden – also possible for allergy sufferers?


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Reading Time: 1 minute "A beautiful garden remains a wishful dream for me," complain many allergic persons.There is no garden that is really allergy-free, but with some tricks you can live out your garden dreams as an allergic person.What to look out for, read in this article.

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A garden – also possible for allergy sufferers?1 min read

Reading Time: 1 minute

However, some precautions are necessary for gardening as an allergic person:
Work best with gloves and put on a cap or a hat.

Keep in mind that pollen will quickly adhere to rough tissue such as wool. Your garden outfit should therefore consist of microfibres – here, the modern sportswear offers.

Also important is the right time for allergy-free gardening. Wet weather is best, as well as the early morning, on warm, windless days you can also hand over at noon.

It depends on the right plant choice

Your garden should be created as non-allergenic as possible. Choose the plants properly. You should refrain from so-called windblower. These are plants that are not pollinated by bees, but spread your pollen with the wind and rob you as an allergic to the air. They usually have many small, unremarkable flowers.

Leave such plants in the garden center and access plants with large, filled flowers. Also suitable are plants with closed flowers, in which the stamens are hidden. Get advice in the garden market, which plants release few pollen – so you can enjoy a thriving garden as an allergic person.

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