10 nutrition tips for your health

Nutrition concerns us all. Anyone who observes these 10 diet tips will no longer have problems with his figure. If you want to lose weight, you should read these tips very well and also heed them.

Nutrition tips for losing weight

If you want to get your figure or maybe even plan on getting rid of a few pounds, you should pay attention to our diet tips. These tips also help you maintain health and prevent disease.

To eat healthy and balanced, follow the following nutrition tips:

  1. The basis of a healthy diet are fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Eat as much as possible throughout the day and always remember that the plate is colorful, because then you have the variety and the necessary different nutrients and vital substances on the plate.
  2. Drink as much and above all good drinks.
    What are good drinks? These are mainly still water and herbal teas.Drink every hour a full glass of water (300ml) or a cup of tea. These ensure that slag can be removed from the cells, the body is thus detoxified.
    Still water is the first choice. Only this has the property to bind these toxins to bring it to our excretory organs. Another reason for still water is that carbonated drinks give the body exactly what it no longer wants: CO2. This gas is a waste product and is exhaled through the lungs. The body wants to get rid of it and we should not make it unnecessarily difficult for him to do more from the outside.
  3. Eat a handful of nuts every day.
    But beware: only natural without salt and not roasted. The fat it contains is good for our veins and it has a positive effect on our brain performance. But enjoyed only in moderation.
  4. Meat should be limited to 1-2 times a week,
    This includes sausage and ham. Fish and eggs should therefore be preferred, especially as an evening meal. The protein contained in it helps the body to build muscle and is also easier to digest than carbohydrates. This is especially important for a diet.
  5. Eat probiotic yogurt, even if dairy products are controversial.
    Many people have lactose intolerance. But what should not be missing in the diet is a probiotic yogurt. The bacteria contained therein eat up the milk sugar and therefore this yoghurt is well tolerated by everyone.
  6. Avoid "hidden" sugar and white flour.
    These increase blood sugar levels and cause hunger pangs in addition to hormone fluctuations. This often leads to obesity and to the fatally hated fat women around her waist and stomach.
  7. Eat little carbohydrates in the form of pasta.
    Especially wheat flour should be replaced by spelled or at least whole wheat flour.
  8. Banish margarine from your fridge.
    It's one of the worst fats our industry makes. Use only good fats for your dishes, such as butter, olive, walnut, linseed and rapeseed oil.
  9. Optimize your food with good nutritional supplements.
    Close the daily supply gaps (unless you eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily). You will quickly notice the benefits. I am happy to provide information about good nutritional supplements.
  10. Not in between snacking, that starts too fast.
    If you can not or do not want sweets, then you should treat yourself to the dessert after the main meal (best noon).

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