10 golden rules for more effectiveness in meetings

What do you think about "meetings"? Inefficient? Time? Unproductive? This is the case with many, some now find the term literally a stimulus word. What to do? Call the whole "meeting"? Of course that does not help either. The organization needs to be optimized.

Use our checklist of ten golden rules to dramatically improve the effectiveness of meetings through simple actions. If you are not responsible for organizing or conducting meetings, simply forward the checklist to the responsible persons, or just hang them on the bulletin board!

  • Check: Is the meeting really necessary, or is it possible without it?
  • Invite only those persons whose presence is absolutely necessary. Also check with the invitee if their presence is needed throughout the entire meeting.
  • Send all participants the purpose of the meeting on time – in writing by fax or e-mail.
  • Provide participants with the necessary information and documents in good time so that a uniform level of knowledge is available.
  • Prepare yourself thoroughly.
  • Start on time.
  • Stop on time.
  • Summarize smaller topics thematically and in order of priority so that the topic plan remains clear.
  • Avoid open-end meetings by setting a specific duration based on the scope of the topic.
  • Do not hesitate to cancel a meeting when it is no longer necessary or when new aspects and information have been added that would make a meeting in the planned form ineffective without preparation.

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