The Crown: Review of the season 3 of the Netflix series with Olivia Colman

The crown

Olivia Colman


I am a Republican (in the sense that I don't like monarchies as forms of government). It is a direct consequence of being born in a country with a royal family to endure. So when I started watching this Netflix series about Queen Elizabeth II it was very skeptical. But soon I became an absolute subject of The crown.

Two long years have passed since the second season of this historical soap opera premiered. Since then some things have changed. Instead of opting for aging technology or prosthetic makeup, the protagonists of The crown They have been changed to older actors. Olivia Colman from Fleabag Y Oscar winner for The Favorite replaces Claire Foy as the older version of Queen Elizabeth II. Tobias Menzies (Outlander) is left with the role of Matt Smith playing her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. And Helena Bonham Carter releases her inner diva to play Princess Margaret.

Season 3 of The crown It will be available on Netflix on November 17 and will not disappoint fans of the series. It is satisfactory, it is perfectly narrated and interpreted. But in these new episodes they could have used Bonham Carter a little more.

It's 1964 and Queen Elizabeth, with her inseparable bag, is looking at two portraits of her profile. In the young version it looks like Foy, who played the character in the first two seasons of the series. In the older version, Colman is represented. "Age is rarely kind to anyone," the queen reflects as she contemplates both pieces.

Age is not the only thing that has her worried. Harold Wilson is going to be the new prime minister of the United Kingdom and there are rumors about him. It is said that he could be a KGB agent and a communist.

The queen's husband has problems of his own. Is bored. Try to help the supplier of the queen's paintings by giving her opinion on the pieces to be selected for an exhibition on the royal collection. But the duke lacks culture. He has no idea who Carracci or Gentileschi are. Not only that, he doesn't even realize that Gentileschi is in fact a woman. Then there is Margaret. His last maid left for "nervous exhaustion." The queen's sister lies in bed smoking with a mouthpiece, wondering where her husband, the photographer, has gone. Next to it is a cushion that says: "It's not easy being a princess."

The crown

Helena Bonham Carter.


That is precisely one of the issues that this season wants to expose: how exhausting it can be to be part of the royal family, although sometimes they are expected to do absolutely nothing. "Having no paper or anything to do destroys my soul," Margaret pleads with her sister this season, asking her to share part of the crown's obligations. She is not the only one to complain about work.

"Mommy, I have a voice," tries to explain Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor) to his mother. She simply makes it clear that nobody wants to hear that voice. Neither the country nor the family. Being the crown heir has consequences and a huge price on a personal level.

One of my biggest complaints about this season is the way Bonham Carter is wasted. I am aware that this is The crown and not Princess Margaret or Margaretology (the title of one of my favorite episodes of the season). But there are whole episodes in which we do not see the actress or in which all she does is appear divinely dressed for tea or dinner with the family and little else. Margaret's husband describes her as: "A natural number one whose tragedy has been born number two." Seeing The crown I couldn't stop thinking about what this series (and the story) would be like if Margaret had been queen instead of Elizabeth.

But Colman fans are going to be happy. If Queen Anne of The Favorite the actress was worth an Oscar, this Queen Elizabeth could be what she gets an Emmy. He has interpreted two queens in a relatively short period making them look, sound and react in completely different ways. For this queen, Colman chooses to do less, look severe and show hardly any emotion. As his character says this season: "The crown does not give the show."

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Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies.


As in previous seasons, The crown It satisfies all my soap opera needs and leaves me with the feeling that I have learned a little history. Each of the 10 episodes that season 3 has contains a moment in the history of the United Kingdom, such as the discovery of a spy at the top of British institutions, the investiture of the Prince of Wales, the death of 116 children and 28 adults because of the accident in Aberfan, the production of a controversial documentary about the royal family, the trip that the queen made to Kentucky to learn a little more about horse breeding or the American tour of Princess Margaret during which she danced with President Lyndon B. Johnson.

I know you shouldn't take me The crown Like a documentary I doubt that his majesty and Prime Minister Wilson had conversations as therapeutic as those represented in this series. But this fiction is a good starting point to research a little or just read an article or two from Wikipedia.

The crown It is also a drama that challenges British society, especially as the series approaches recent events in history. This season shows us the inclusion of the United Kingdom in the European Economic Community. "We are together in this European initiative, a great adventure awaits us," says the queen. He ends his speech with a premonitory "L'union fait la force", which is difficult to digest in 2019 and with Brexit threatening.

The series, which will have a fourth season with Gillian Anderson playing Margaret Thatcher, highlights many of the things that have happened during Elizabeth's reign. But let it be the spectator who reaches his own conclusions about the type of monarch he is. Therefore, you can be both a fan of royalty and a Republican and be equally subjugated by The crown.

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B & You, RED SFR or NRJ Mobile: which package to choose this week?

B & You, RED SFR or NRJ Mobile: which package to choose this week?

Some new features this week on the side of operators and packages without commitment. If B & You continues to display its package with 50 GB of data for 11.99 euros, RED counter-attack by now offering 60 GB for 12 euros instead of 15 euros against 50 GB last week and 100 GB of storage on the cloud. SFR. The third challenger, NRJ Mobile, puts forward an offer at 6.99 euros with 50 GB, but … there is a little subtlety. Contrary to the offer of SFR and Bouygues Telecom, the promotion of NRJ Mobile is only valid for 6 months. After this period, the price of his package goes to 15.99 euros

Duration and end date of promos

Discount packages for RED and B & You do not include any term conditions. This means that these two mobile plans will cost you 12 and 11.99 euros respectively until the termination of the contract. On the other hand, the promo of NRJ Mobile is not eternal. You will have to pay 6.99 euros per month for 6 months then 15.99 euros after.

Also note the end date of our challengers promotions: November 18 for RED by SFR and B & You, November 24 for NRJ Mobile.

Advantage RED and B & You

Unlimited voice / SMS / MMS

The benefits on the call side are the same at RED by SFR, B & You and NRJ Mobile with unlimited classics for fixed and mobile in France and DOM (excluding Mayotte) and from Europe / DOM to mainland France / Europe / DOM. SMS and MMS are, in turn, unlimited in mainland France (only) and from Europe / DOM listed SFR, while at NRJ Mobile and B & You, SMS / MMS are unlimited in France, to the DOM as well as from Europe / DOM.

Advantage NRJ Mobile and B & You

Data in France

NRJ Mobile and B & You include in their package without commitment in promo 50 GB of data for metropolitan France. A very comfortable envelope but less interesting than that granted by RED since there are 60 GB of mobile internet in its subscription.

Advantage RED

Data from Europe and the DOM

With 5 GB of data for Europe and overseas territories, NRJ Mobile's offer is the least attractive of the three. At B & You, you will have to deal with 6 GB of mobile internet outside metropolitan France always from these areas. It is RED by SFR which displays the best proposal. The operator of Altice includes in its non-binding package an envelope of 8 GB to use in Europe and the DOM. Note that this is additional gigas while the two other challengers, the gigas granted for Europe and the DOM are taken from the base envelope for metropolitan France.

Advantage RED

Flow rates

According to the latest 4G Monitor barometer that displays the quality of service level of major mobile operators based on user connection tests, Orange retains its crown with 45.8 Mbs in reception and 11.7 in transmission , followed (by far) by Bouygues, SFR while Free remains off the hook of the three incumbents. In November, SFR (31.2 Mbs download and 9.4 upload) hangs up the cars and picks up at Bouygues which points respectively to 34.6 Mbs and 9.7 Mbs. It does not play much between the two. As a reminder, NRJ Mobile allows you to choose your operator based on your coverage but natively, it is the network of SFR is proposed.

B & You Advantage

RED is in front

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping his phone number, you will have to get your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.

The 60 GB RED offer at 12 euros is without a doubt the most balanced option of the three. This lifetime promotion allows you to benefit from a considerable amount of money for metropolitan France, additional gigas for Europe and the French overseas departments as well as 100 GB of SFR cloud storage. Difficult this week to advise the NRJ Mobile offer to 6.99 euros unless you are ready to change the package after six months.

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You can buy virtual food for the robotic dog from Sony

Sony wants its users to have the most realistic experience possible with your robotic dog, Aibo. Therefore, this month the company has decided to give its customers the same privilege that all owners have with real dogs. Now, the owners of the Aibo can give their robots virtual food.

Of course users will have to pay for this privilege and add the cost of food to the $ 2,900 that already they paid by sor robot dog. According to Sony, meals for Aibo, which include dog food and sweets, can be purchased with “coins” from the platform. Coins are awarded for actions such as using the Aibo application or during special events. If you run out of coins, you can wait for Sony to grant you more or buy them.

Sony yet has not disclosed the price of the coins. However, the company ensures that the coins you buy never expire. In comparison, the currencies you earn for shares in the application expire after 180 days.

The company launched this version of Aibo in 2017. Aibo uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to recognize faces, smiles and compliments. The robot comes with custom compact actuators, which allows it to move like a real dog. Aibo can move the tail, ears and legs. In addition, your mouth is synchronized with the sounds.

Apart from presenting the new foods, Sony also announced a new bowl (the experience of an owner would not be complete without a food container, of course). The containers are not yet for sale on the Aibo website, but Sony says they will "arrive soon."

According to Sony, after placing the bowl, the Aibo will walk to it and start eating. Users who take pictures of the dog eating from the Aibo application will see the container full of food or sweets.

Fortunately, the behavior of your Aibo does not depend on whether you feed it or not. That would be to spend money as if the robot It was a real dog. Hopefully the company will not change this in the future and make the dog act tired or distracted by lack of food.

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Apart from revealing meals for Aibo in its November update, Sony also announced a new feature that allows owners to train their Aibos to make their needs in specific places. The new feature uses maps of the house to prevent the dog from defecating virtually throughout the house.


RED by SFR: the best mobile plan and Internet box of the week

RED by SFR: the best mobile plan and Internet box of the week

RED SFR goes into Black Friday mode before the hour, the operator without commitment and finds its aggressiveness on its mobile and fixed Internet plans. The 12 € package earns interest with a 60GB envelope while the box Internet, the option Débit Plus is again offered as the option calls unlimited mobile. This is again the right time to go according to us. Here are our package recommendations at RED by SFR for this week.

12 € = 60 GB + 8 for the foreigner

Last week the operator offered 50 GB for 12 euros, this week he offers 60, still for 12 euros and this until November 18th. A very attractive offer, this subscription is always without commitment and without condition of duration. Unlimited calls / SMS / MMS (maximum 3 hours per call and limited to 200 different recipients per month) to fixed and mobile in Metropolitan France and DOM (excluding Mayotte) as well as unlimited calls / SMS from the European Union and DOM are naturally included. To drive the nail, the operator access to its cloud to store 100 GB of data is a gift this week.

Note that the package is flexible, so you can expand your base package to 100 GB (for 8 € more) or enjoy more data abroad (15 GB for € 5 more). The subscriber can manage his package at any time from the application RED & Me, changes are applied or canceled instantly, without additional cost and always without commitment.

In the details and on what we think about it gives:

  • Formula 12 euros: 60 GB in mainland France + 8 GB extra usable from Europe and DOM.
    What we think about it:
    The real deal this week with a huge envelope in France and abroad and a rate that remains very content.
  • Formula 20 euros: 100 GB in mainland France + 10 GB extra usable from Europe and DOM.
    What we think about it: a formula for 20 euros to consider only for the very, very, very large consumer of
    data and a sufficiently comfortable envelope for the foreigner. On our side, we zap …

It follows that the least expensive of these formulas, namely the 60 GB at 12 euros is the most balanced and therefore the most interesting in our opinion.

Fibré as ever

The return of the offer was
expected. After having capped for almost 1 month on flows
usual, RED / SFR is again aggressive on the fixed Internet
in triple play, the ADSL offer is still at € 15 and the Fiber offer always offered at € 22. Except that this week, the Fiber box takes advantage of the option Free Flow Plus.
Usually offered at 5 euros, this option offers debits
re-evaluated (up to 1 Gb / s in reception instead of 200 Mb / s and 400 Mb / s in
emission against 50 Mb / s usually). The unlimited calls option to
mobile is also offered (usually charged 5 euros). With these two options,
the price is normally 32 euros, here the offer is discounted to 22 euros
 per month until Tuesday 18 November. This is really the right time to test the fixed offer of
the operator according to us.

The equipment proposed by SFR holds the
road with
 recent box that integrates Wi-Fi 5GHz MIMO into AC standard for very
solid Wi-Fi speeds (1300 Mbps theoretical) and the HDTV set-top box
4K compatible is accompanied
 an omnidirectional remote control with integrated QWERTY keyboard.
To enjoy the TV option "by Numericable" and its 35 TV channels,
Replay, VoD and the ability to stream TV on the tablet or
 the smartphone via the SFR TV app, it will add 2 euros per month
without engagement). If you want to enjoy a TV package of 100
chains, it will cost 4 euros per month.

If you want to switch to fiber, this very well placed offer is always very attractive.

Solid promotions this week

On the mobile, we can only advise you to opt for the formula 60 GB for 12 euros. It will cover the needs of all users with a considerable data envelope in France and abroad. Surely the best deal package of the week. Its flexible and flexible formula will meet any occasional needs, for long holidays abroad for example. The other proposed mobile formulas seem to us less well placed. On the landline, the Fiber offer at 22 € becomes clearly attractive since the Débit Plus option is again offered, just like the unlimited calls to mobile.

Recall that the packages of
RED are without commitment, so you can change operator when
you feel good and naturally keep your phone number for
take advantage of these offers.

The Social Security Cap

The amount of workers’ earnings that is subject to Social Security taxes is capped each year (called maximum taxable earnings). The federal government increased the Social Security cap significantly for 2019. For example, in 2018, the maximum earnings subject to Social Security taxes was $128,400. In 2019, the cap increased to $132,900, and in 2020 it will increase again to $137,700. These increases are meant to keep benefits…

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How to process the TN work visa for the United States?


The TN visa is only available to Mexican and Canadian citizens.

U.S. Department of State

In order to work in the United States it is necessary to have a Green Card (also known as Green card) or, with a work permit or visa. Among the most popular visas for foreigners is the H1B visa, which is for professionals with specialized jobs; the O-1 for people with extraordinary abilities and the TN visa, exclusively for Canadian and Mexican citizens.

The TN visa is part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the United States, Canada and Mexico, so Mexican and Canadian citizens can apply for a temporary entry to the United States to work. However, in order to apply for this type of visa it is necessary to meet several requirements.

For a person to be eligible, they must:

  • Be a citizen of Canada or Mexico
  • Have a profession that is under one of the eligible categories
  • Have an American employer make the request for the applicant
  • Have the necessary qualifications. An intern's letter or diploma is not considered valid, so it is necessary to have a professional degree.

Who qualifies to receive a TN visa?

Before starting the application, you must have a job offer from a US employer and that the position to be filled is within the more than 60 categories accepted by NAFTA, also known by the acronym NAFTA in English.

Some of the professions accepted are: architecture, accounting, economics, engineering, graphic and industrial design, nutrition, social work, among others. Here you can see the complete list of accepted professions to apply for the TN visa with its description.

Where is the request made?

Unlike Canadian citizens, who can seek admission to the U.S. By submitting the required documentation directly with an officer of the Customs and Border Protection Service (CBP), Mexican citizens must apply within the US embassy or consulate in Mexico.

However, before arriving at the embassy interview process it is necessary to complete the DS-160 form.

Steps for the TN Visa application

Completing the DS-160 form is the first step to request a TN visa and to do so you will need the following documents: passport, travel itinerary (if you already have it established), the dates of your last five trips to the United States and your Curriculum vitae.

The form must be answered in English and you will be asked to enter your personal information, including the name of your parents; the information about the employer and the position that was offered to you; and you will also have to answer a security questionnaire. Be sure to review the questionnaire before submitting it, as an error could delay your application process.

On form DS-160 you must choose which US embassy or consulate in Mexico you will attend to provide your biometric data and schedule the interview with the consular officer. You must also select the DHL office where you will collect your visa, if approved.

Tip: waiting times vary greatly depending on the city you choose. For example, the waiting time for Mexico City can be up to 3 months while the waiting time in border cities like Ciudad Juarez or Tijuana is much shorter. Here you can get an idea of ​​the waiting times and you should look at the waiting time of the category All Other Nonimmigrant Visas.

Once you have sent it, print the confirmation and proceed to make your appointment at the US embassy or consulate in Mexico. You must take the confirmation of the DS-160 form to the Request Assistance Center (CAS) and to your consular appointment. The cost of both procedures is US $ 160, which is approximately 3,120 Mexican pesos at the current time.

The date of the appointment

Before having the interview with the consul, you must go to the CAS to provide your fingerprints and have your visa photo taken. For that appointment you must take your valid passport with you, the confirmation of the DS-160 form with the bar code, the instructions of your two appointments and a written request letter signed by the employer.

The recommendation is that you arrive 15 minutes in advance and take only the necessary documents with you. Note: don't carry your cell phone because there are no compartments to store it and they won't let you in with it.

For the day of the interview with the consul you should take with you:

  • Valid passport
  • The confirmation of the DS-160 form with barcode that you previously took with you to the CAS
  • The employer's letter
  • The documentation that verifies that you fulfill the studies and experience for the position. For example: professional certificate, university degree, certified qualifications. Bring the original documents.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Payment receipts for the visa application.

What should the employer's letter include?

The employer in the United States must provide the applicant with a letter of employment. The letter indicating the title of the position offered and a detailed description of the position, must also indicate the type of profession that applies within the NAFTA list, the location of the job, the proposed salary, the justification of employment and the educational and credential skills that demonstrate why the applicant is eligible to fill the position.

What is the validity of the TN visa?

The TN visa indicates that it has one year duration. However, the duration of your stay is not determined by your visa but by the I-94 form.

Upon entering the United States, a CBP officer will review your documents and he will determine the length of your stay, which can be three months or up to three years. The date will be marked on a stamp and on a white card that will be attached to your passport.

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NordVPN: Save 20% more with this simple trick

NordVPN: Save 20% more with this simple trick

If VPNs were still reserved for a few special cases a few years ago, the new uses today, and the risks that come with it, make a VPN subscription a consumer product. Precursor, NordVPN has taken advantage of the situation and has established itself as a leader. A simple trick will save you money on your subscription.

What's the point, a VPN?

For those who do not yet know about VPNs, here's a reminder. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, that is, virtual private network. If that does not mean anything to you, and to simplify the explanation, it is a system to modify your IP address with a simple software while securing your communications.

The operation is transparent to the user, but once the VPN is switched on, thanks to a software very easy to use, you browse the web with an IP address assigned by the VPN service that is different from yours and located in the country of your choice and changeable at any time. On the other hand communications that go through the server (computer) of the VPN service are encrypted and can not be intercepted. And even if it were, they would not be decipherable.

Here is the type of operations that a VPN will allow:

  • Hide your IP address when using a site or service
  • Secure your transactions even if a hacker intercepts your data
  • Watch a streaming service (Netflix, Replay, Direct TV etc.) from another country
  • Surf safely, even on a public Wifi network (hotel, train station, café etc)
  • Download peer-to-peer
  • Access video games for download not available in France
  • Bypass restrictions or censorship of an institution or in another country
  • etc.

The tip NordVPN at -20%

We regularly talk about VPNs on our site and NordVPN is always high on our list. It is possible to subscribe for various durations: only for a month, for a year, two or three years. Of course, it is generally more economical to take long-term subscriptions:

  • 1 year subscription: -41%
  • Subscription 2 years: -58%
  • Subscription 3 years: -70%

But during the checkout, the price displayed does not always correspond to what is announced. Involved, VAT applicable in France and Europe. Since NordVPN offers its service worldwide, the trick is to select a different region of France, which will have no impact on the use or language of the application for you.

For example, a 3-year subscription is charged at 137,19 € by selecting "France" but only at 114,33 € by selecting "Guadeloupe". Obviously, the trick is also valid on the subscription of one month, one year and so on.

See all NordVPN Offers and enjoy the tip

NordVPN Reduction "width =" 700 "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" 390 "align =" bottom

At the moment NordVPN is offering 3 additional months on its 3 year subscription, maybe the right time to enjoy it?

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