A Quiet Place 2: What it is, release date and everything you need to know

Do not make noise or you will die. That is the simple sentence of To Quiet Place, a movie that cost $ 17 million and raised more than $ 340 million worldwide.

With such figures, it was obvious that Paramount Pictures, the producer of the tape, would ask for a sequel. John Krasinski, writer and director of the film, said he was not very happy with the idea of ​​a continuation, but understood that it was inevitable.

In a podcast of The Ringer, Krasinski explained why he changed his mind: "I am realistic. I have always liked the idea of ​​seeing everything from the perspective of others, and I understand it completely. When you are a studio and you have a success like that , you want another one. (A sequel) was not our intention or study, but I understand why. "

Krasinski, known for playing Jim Halpert inThe Office, he told The Ringer that he agreed to give Paramount an idea for other directors to work with her, however, the sapling became a script: "I had this little idea and my producer, once again, was very smart and said : 'Will you write it so you can give it to these coming filmmakers?' and I said, 'yes.' And then, after about three weeks, he said, 'Why don't you just write this and then we get another director?' and, of course, with his speech Jedi He tricked me into signing the sequel. "


From here, we will give details of the first installment, if you have not seen it, it is better that you do not continue reading.

CNET in Spanish

What is the sequel about?

TO Quiet Place It tells the story of a family hiding from murderous creatures, with a highly developed sense of hearing. Staying silent is the best strategy to survive, but the presence of a newborn and a deaf daughter (who, therefore, is not fully aware of the noise), makes the task difficult.

Will the sequel follow the same formula or change the focus? "The idea is quite simple," Krasinski said to the Deadline portal in 2018. "I am writing it, I don't have it detailed yet, but the thought that emerged in me, which is what really excites me, is that most of the sequels it's about the return of a hero or a villain. You take this character that people loved, you bring it back and you have to create this whole new world around them. That's where they fail. "

"We have that same scenario. We have the world, but you can shoot whoever you want and everyone will feel connected. The reason I decided to come back, in the end, is that this world is too rich and it is very fun to explore. There are so many different things to see now. Everyone in this world is experiencing it, so I'm curious to see how it looks from another perspective, "said the director.

Blunt, who is a real-life wife of Krasinski, gave other clues to Entertainment Weekly (EW) in November last year: "Somehow, the idea of ​​seeing who these people were before all this happened It would be interesting, but I am not very sure because I think it is really the next chapter now and what will happen next. I think people feel very interested in this family… I think it’s such an open book right now, and certainly for John, who is looking at things with laser while we talk. "

Millicent Simmonds, who plays the eldest daughter of the Abbott, also spoke with EW and presented three views to retake the film: "One would be looking to the past, how did the aliens come up? The other involves a different family that deal with the same problems as the Abbott. The third idea would be the future: how is the world after, once the children are older? Or what about the aliens or how do we improve or solve that problem? "

"I think we will also have a few answers about the origin of where and how this happened," revealed one of the signings for the sequel, Brian Tyree Henry in statements to the Observer newspaper in June 2019. "I think people want to know that, but you're also going to see another perspective … More about the people who survived this in the next one," he added.

Tyree Henry explained that the survivors of the first installment will find out that they are not the only ones. This would be the pretext for the signing of the movie bomb signing: Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy would play an individual very interested in being part of the family that survived in the first installment.


For now, it is not known if he will repeat all or part of the cast of the original film, while Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) and Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) for the new delivery, although without officially defined roles.

This is the cast of To Quiet Place:

  • Emily Blunt (Evelyn Abbott). She is a doctor, wife of Lee Abbott and mother of Regan, Marcus and Beau.
  • John Krasinski (Lee Abbott) She is the husband of Dr. Abbott, father of Regan, Marcus and Beau.
  • Millicent Simmonds (Regan Abbott). She is the deaf daughter of Lee and Evelyn, and the older sister of Marcus and Beau.
  • Noah Jupe (Marcus Abbott). He is the son of Lee and Evelyn, and the brother of Regan and Beau.
  • Cade Woodward (Beau Abbott). He is the youngest son of Lee and Evelyn, the youngest of the Abott brothers.

Now, on October 20, during his 40th birthday, Krasinski used a trick to draw attention to a charity he supports. His tweet was addressed to actor Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy).

"Taking advantage of his birthday, he made a wish list and among them he wrote this:" Hey @prattprattprattpratt Do you remember that you were a fan of To Quiet Place? I will literally put you digitally in #Part II if you make a donation! #JKbday. "Says the message of the social network.

The message received an immediate response: "First … Happy Birthday! Second, I will donate @familyreach for your birthday. Everyone who reads this should analyze it and donate if possible. And finally … You don't have to put me in "A Quiet Place II"Except that… okay! Yes! Please do it!"

While filming is over, it would not be impossible for, thanks to the advances of special effects, to introduce a cameo from Pratt. In any case, we will have to watch the movie to confirm it.

Release date

Krasinski shared a photograph on September 25 with his wife – on tape and in real life – Emily Blunt, where we see how Abbott marriage crosses the famous bridge of the first film.

"Well … with this we finish (A quiet place) Part 2. See you in March 2020! "The director wrote in the message. In this way, he confirmed the advance of the release date.

The filming of the tape began in July 2019 and the movie theater debut was planned for May 15 next year. However, Deadline was the first to claim that Paramount had changed the date of arrival, by March 20, 2020.

Trailer and images

For now we only have one image that simply informs us of the start of filming:

As soon as we have news of an advance, teaser or trailer, we will update this article.

Watch this:

This is how the movie Toy Story 4 was animated


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Coppola attacks against Marvel movies: "they are despicable"

Martin Scorsese was only the first in criticizing Marvel movies and superhero movies. Now, the legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, has also given his opinion, calling the movie based on heroic comics characters "despicable."

Coppola is the director and the mastermind behind great works like The Godfather, The Godfather II, Apocalypse Now Y Dracula, among many others. He recently received the Prix Lumière award from the Lumière Film Festival in France, which four years ago also received Scorsese. After the ceremony, the filmmaker took the opportunity to comment on his colleague's statements about cinema being superheroes, as reported France24:

“When Martin Scorsese says that Marvel movies are not cinema, he is right, because we hope to get something from the cinema, some reflection, some knowledge or some inspiration. I don't think anyone gets anything from watching the same movie over and over again. ”

Francis Ford Coppola in 2016.
Photo: Michael Campanella (Getty Images)

In other words, Coppola ensures that each of the Marvel superhero movies are the same, and "leave nothing" to the audience, no reflection, social criticism or moral. Coppola goes further and even says that, in fact, Scorsese was not hard enough to talk about Marvel movies:

“Martin was kind in saying that they are not movies. He didn't say that movies are despicable, something I will say. ”

Coppola and Scorsese are two of the most recognized filmmakers in history. His works have received an avalanche of awards and countless awards worldwide, so no one questions his wisdom and knowledge. But nevertheless, as Robert Downey Jr. said well, it is very different to say that you don't like superhero or comic films, to ensure that they are not movies. The latter makes no sense, as the actor mentions. On the other hand, James Gunn, director and screenwriter of Guardians of the Galaxy Y The Suicide Squad, too a commented subtly on Instagram About the statements of Coppola and Scorsese:

“Some superhero movies are terrible, some are beautiful. As happened with the western and gangster movies (in the past), not everyone will be able to appreciate them, not even some geniuses. And that's fine. "

Yes, the Marvel and DC movies are cinema, only another type of cinema, different from those made by these two brilliant directors, one that for many is clearly based on entertainment and creating a connected franchise between dozens of different works, something that until now had not been done. In addition, there are also interesting stories in the comic film that can attract the most veteran directors, after all, even Scorsese considered make the Joker movie. (via France24 / Variety / The Hollywood Reporter)

Why is facial recognition of Pixel 4 so important for Android smartphones

Why is facial recognition of Pixel 4 so important for Android smartphones

With the

Pixel 4
, Google has managed to do what no other phone maker
    Android has failed so far: catch up

Face ID
, the function of unlocking by facial recognition of the iPhone
    launched two years ago. Now that there is a version
    as secure and powerful on Android, no doubt that consumers
    will wait for it from other brands of smartphones. She exists
    already for several years, but its lack of reliability confined it to
    an accessory role while at the same time Face ID was sufficiently
    powerful to secure transactions.

Some Huawei phones, including the

Mate 30 Pro
, use the same technology as Apple to unlock the phone,
    but they do not support mobile payments. This year, Samsung has
    finally abandoned his iris scan after three years without having
    really convinced. So that leaves Apple as the only true
    security benchmark by mobile face recognition

Bridging the gap with Face ID gives Google a huge advantage

Consumers are becoming more aware of the value of their lives
    private sector, it is potentially more practical to be able to offer a
    unlocking by face scan only by fingerprint or code
    PINE. Bridging the gap with Face ID also gives Google an edge over
    Samsung, LG, Huawei and all other competitors with a key
    opportunity to assemble the brand image of smartphones Pixel.

But more importantly, the

Pixel 4
could produce a ripple effect in the rest of the Android world.
    If Google lays the foundation for this secure version of recognition
    facial in Android, this offers the guarantee that all smartphones
    mid-range and premium will use this feature, since around
    90% of all mobiles use the OS in the little green robot.

With digitization of fingerprints, facial recognition
    is one of the few secure biometric methods of verifying
    identity. On a phone, it's a fast, convenient alternative
    especially hands free. This frees up space on the screen and avoids having
    groping on the back or side of the device to unlock with his
    digital print. Advocates of facial recognition say
    also that this technology is safer than fingerprint readers
    digital and more difficult to deceive with images and appendices
    synthetic, like dummy fingers.

The system works by sweeping the face to create an image that the
    phone then compares to your face when you try to
    unlock your device. The less secure versions create
    images with the camera, which are quite easy to deceive with
    pictures, masks or other lures.

Apple, and hence now Google, use an infrared sensor for
    project tens of thousands of dots on the face. This creates a
    3D depth map with a lot more data on the length, the
    shape, range and width of the facial characteristics specific to
    each person.

On the iPhone, you have to swipe the screen to complete
    unlocking after being identified by Face ID. Pixel 4 uses
    the Motion Sense feature, a radar system that detects motion and
    can see that we approach the hand to grab the phone. It activates
    then automatically facial recognition so that the
    Unlocking is done almost instantly.

Why did it take so long?

It is unclear why facial recognition was
    taken so late compared to Apple. Indeed, one year after the launch
    of the'

iPhone X
in 2017 that introduced Face ID, Qualcomm integrated the support of a
    projector of 50,000 points in its Snapdragon 845 chipset. But the
    Apple's competitors have obviously been slow to adopt this

And it's finally Google that shows the way. Having asked
    basics of performing and secure facial recognition on Android
    while associating it with Motion Sense technology is a big step in
    before. And with its resources and power, Google has the potential to
    push biometrics even further in the future.

Source: Cnet.com

Image: Google / Marc Zaffagni

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Google will solve the serious security problem of Pixel 4


The Pixel 4 will start selling in the US October 24th.

Juan Garzon / CNET

One of the novelties of the Pixel 4, its facial recognition system, turned out to be a headache for the company.

Last week BBC News reporter Chris Fox demonstrated with a video that Pixel 4 can be unlocked with eyes closed , but Google is already working on solving it. A spokesman for the company said in a statement sent on October 21 to CNET in Spanish that they are working on an option for users to have their eyes open to unlock the phone. "It will arrive with a software update in the coming months," the spokesman said without specifying when.

Google recommends that in the meantime, if any owner of a Pixel 4 is worried about someone picking up their phone and trying to unlock it by putting it in front of their face while sleeping, they can activate the unlock by pin, pattern or password.

Google insists that the facial unlocking of the Pixel 4 meets the security requirements of a strong biometric system and is resistant to attempts to unlock by other means such as the use of masks.

In addition to problems with facial recognition, last week Google also encountered another problem. A Reddit user discovered that a Google Photos bug grants unlimited free storage in original size to iPhone users, while the Pixels were left without this benefit after three generations enjoying it.

According to Android Police, Google responded to a request for comments saying they are aware of this error and are working to fix it.

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Salto: price, launch date, catalog and competition … what you need to know about the French Netflix

Salto: price, launch date, catalog and competition ... what you need to know about the French Netflix

Article updated on October 21, 2019 with the latest information on the financial investment planned by Salto shareholders in the platform. France Télévisions, M6 and TFI have revised upwards the amount they planned to inject into their streaming service. Good news that will undoubtedly allow him to consider more serenely his deployment in the Hexagon current 2020.

We mentioned it a little while ago by relaying information from Letter A: France Télévisions, M6 and TF1, the three audiovisual groups behind the project "Netflix à la française", have decided to put more money on the table. Farewell the 45 million originally announced, it is 135 million euros which should now be used to finance the launch of Salto. Also distributed among the three audiovisual groups, this increased investment should cover all costs of deployment of the service (creation of the company, advertising, acquisition of programs …).

Salto obviously plans to stock up on the catalog of channels of the three shareholders. However, it can not be content with it, at the risk of not really adding value. The thinking heads of the platform are probably already busy to buy content from third parties and part of the new amount allocated should be devoted to it. Good news that would allow Salto to see a little bigger.

Another parameter to take into account: the production of original programs, as already do, among others, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. If this is probably not a priority today, the question will inevitably arise one day or another. Without new content, difficult to be competitive in a SVOD market where competition is already very tough. In addition to this initial amount, Salto plans to invest another 250 million euros, generated by its future revenues. If the new actor of streaming achieves this, a significant portion of this sum should be dedicated to original creations.

While waiting to reach this point, the tripling of its endowment should allow it to be more credible in the race for market share. streaming by subscription. An area where the US giants are still difficult to dethrone.

Otherwise, to know everything about Salto, here is a summary of the answers to all the big questions that you ask yourself on the platform:

Salto, what is it?

An ambitious project that had a hard time getting out of the bud. Salto is an unprecedented collaboration between the three giants of French broadcasting: TF1, M6 and France Télévisions. Their idea? To offer French viewers a new platform of video on demand subscription, powered by their respective programs. Ambition? Become a credible alternative to Netflix and others, while curbing the massive growth of household giants.

Otherwise, Salto promises to be a service of streaming by subscription all that is classic, like Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or Apple TV +. The only real difference, on the French platform, you can watch the channels of the three groups live and access your favorite programs in replay. Today, the project is on the right track, even if its road has long been full of pitfalls.

Why was it so difficult to get started?

The idea of ​​an alliance to compete with the leaders of video on demand is not new. In 2013, M6 boss Nicolas de Tavernost said he was in favor of a partnership with TF1. Six years later, his wish should finally finally be granted. If the negotiations were particularly long before reaching, the rest of the process was also laborious. The Autorité de la concurrence is watching over the grain to avoid any drift and the talks have been particularly laborious. Rather logical given the combined weight of the three groups in the French audiovisual and the consequences that such a partnership could have for other suppliers, if it is not sufficiently framed. .

To get permission to start, they had to make several concessions. First and not least, Salto will not be able to pick as many exclusives as it wishes in the catalogs of its parent companies. The Autorité de la concurrence has capped the hourly volume of exclusive series to 40% of the catalog proposed to future subscribers. The monopoly of the platform on said content will also be limited in time. Two obstacles that could affect its attractiveness.

Take-off imminent?

The official launch date remains pretty blurry and the channels have not yet communicated on it. Salto is expected to arrive no later than the second half of 2020, even though the first half of that year was also mentioned. The deadline is getting closer and more details should probably arrive soon.

For what price?

There again, there is nothing publicly publicized. However, the monthly subscription should be between 2 and 8 euros, with several formulas. The difference between the packages could be played on criteria like the definition (standard, HD, ultra-HD) or the possibility or not to simultaneously connect to several on the same account. The premium offer could also include its share of new and exclusive and the difference could also be played on the content.

Who is in charge?

Having obtained the agreement of the competition authority, Salto logically set up its governance. It is Gilles Pélisson, CEO of TF1 who will chair its supervisory board, at least until 2021. Long anticipated, Delphine Ernotte, leader of France Televisions, has finally decided to let the hand. Thomas Folin has been appointed General Manager of the platform. The former head of digital distribution and innovation of the M6 ​​Group's antennas took office in mid-September. He will have the difficult task of making Salto succeed in a market where competition is very tough.

Gilles Pélisson, boss of TF1 and boss of Salto.

What about content?

This is the big question. And as for the other big question marks, the three groups were pretty sparing with information. According to the communiqué that formalized its upcoming launch, Salto "Will allow to find all the best television programs of the three groups (live and catch-up), but also to discover new programs". We are well advanced. However, if we do not know exactly what will appear in the catalog, we have a clearer idea of ​​what will not appear.

On the France Inter stage, Takis Candilis, the managing director of France Télévisions, confirmed that some of the group's flagship programs would not be available on Salto. On your mind, Cash Investigation, the magazine of investigation presented by Élise Lucet and one of the biggest audience successes of the public audio-visual one. "Today Cash Investigation is a brand of linear television, and we want it to be the best on linear TV ", he said in the show the Instant M August 26 last. Clearly, France TV does not plan to supply Salto with its best content, and certainly not directly after airing.

Takis Candilis at the microphone of Sonia Devillers on France Inter.

What to deduce from these statements? Salto should not offer a lot of "hot" content. To see high value-added emissions, it will be necessary to confine oneself to the services of replay free of the different channels. Initially, the platform should therefore be mostly supplied with the stocks of films and series that the three groups have in reserve. Eventually, perhaps it will produce its own original creations, like Netflix and the others. Still, we are not there yet, and the statements of Takis Candilis do not bode very good for Salto.

How to access it?

On computer, mobile, tablet and connected TV with an Internet connection. One can also reasonably expect an application on smartphone. The latest news, Salto will not be directly accessible via our internet box. It was Numerama who reported the information early last month. "Firstly, Salto will be accessible directly to consumers, without going through the box ", said Nicolas de Tavernost, the boss of M6.

A pretty amazing choice, there are box in the bulk of hexagonal households and the French platform could have benefited from this lever to settle there. But the channels have therefore preferred to be completely independent of Internet service providers. Audacious, especially that the competition it, does not hesitate to forge partnerships with these same operators.

What compete with Netflix?

That may not have escaped you, but the competition is booming on the SVOD market. Salto is far from the only service to make the leap in 2020. Apple TV +, Disney +, Peacock and HBO Max are also coming to tickle the leader Netflix. In addition to their iconic content (Friends, The Office, Star Wars, Marvel …), they will invest heavily and offer aggressive rates to conquer the maximum number of subscribers. Faced with the American arsenal, Salto seems quite helpless. The chains at the initiative of the project announced to invest at least 50 million euros in the platform. A sum that seems derisory next to the amounts put on the table by his rivals.

Ranking of VOD and SVOD platforms in France before the arrival of new suppliers on the market (source: CNC)

And what about Netflix? Last year, the industry ogre invested more than 8 billion euros for its original creations, and it already has more than 5 million subscribers in France … With its stock of series and dated films, Salto also appears to be lagging behind hits original and constantly renewed Netflix and company. Hard to put More beautiful life and Stranger Things at the same level … Certainly, the French service should be confined to France. It is therefore logical that he does not have the same gigantic means as the competition. Still, his stated ambition is to play in the same court. On paper, it seems in any case really complicated …

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