Android Q would disappear touch button return: report

The next version of Android would give more functions to the interaction bar.

Omar Marques / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

Android Q, the next version of Android, will disappear the virtual button to return, one of the three most characteristic buttons of the entire interface and functionality of Android.

The site XDA Developers claims to have obtained evidence about the disappearance of this button in a previous version of Android Q to which it could have access. As it is a trial version, XDA leaves open the possibility that this disappearance is only momentary for functional purposes of the beta; although there is also the possibility that the disappearance is final.

XDA, a pretty reliable site, says that to go back, now users will have to slide to the left the lower bar that debuted on Android with Pie last year. This bar, or called "tablet" by XDA for its elongated and curved shape, is an alternative to the disappearance of the front buttons and also as a way to improve the interaction with the interface.

The site says that this function, a fairly intuitive, did not come with Android Pie to prevent users who made the leap from a previous version of Android to Android Pie, do not feel overwhelmed by the disappearance of the button to return that has been on Android since its inception and to which they may feel accustomed. With Android Q, Google would expect users to be more familiar with the lower interaction bar and add more features.

XDA says that Google is testing some other new features and features, such as a new animation to switch between recent applications. XDA obtained this information from an Android Q beta published in January.

Google has not released an Android Q beta for the public, but this would be expected to happen around the date of the I / O developer event 2019, which will take place from May 7 to 9. Google usually announces new projects and the most relevant features of its next mobile operating system in that event.

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Set up the personal health project –

Usually many good intentions are made at the turn of the year. More exercise, less smoking, less alcohol, less calories, more natural habits. The list of good intentions is often long when a new year starts. At the end of February there is usually not much left of the good intentions. Time for your personal health project!

Plan the personal health project

First of all, it is important to find out what you want to do in general. For example, "move me more" or "reduce weight" would be good keywords. The next step is to think about what you want to do. For example, if you wrote down that you want to move more, it's important to remember what kind of movement you're thinking.

Make a note of the exact nature of the physical operation. If you would like to jog again, write it down. If you want to play tennis again or finally start Squashen, write it down.

Plan the exact time

In everyday life and under stress, one tends to save just calculated the relaxation and recovery times. But these are then missing twice. Not only that the recovery times are canceled. In the time when they could otherwise relax a little and recharge their batteries, their energies are now also claimed.

If it is already so far that recovery times and relaxation phases are missing in the week, then again fixed times must be planned for it. For example, "jogging during lunch break" or "squashing after work" would be good points here. Sometimes it makes sense to plan the exact time so that the project can really be implemented.

What the personal health project can include

In addition to "more exercise" is often the point "healthy food" at the top of the list of good intentions. Implementing this can sometimes be quite difficult. Often we do not take the time in stressful everyday life to shop well and cook in peace. Quickly what is bought in between and hectic down in the train or at a snack bar down.

Harmful and unhealthy food and hectic food intake are more harmful than we think. The body has no time to digest the food in peace. The nutrients offered lead to bloat and belching. Along with stress and restlessness, gastric mucosal inflammation can occur.

Set up relaxation times

In addition to adequate exercise and healthy nutrition, each person needs times a day, where he can just let all seven be. The time of leisure, of letting oneself go, of being a child again, or of playing is quickly lost in a stressful everyday life with a job and domestic duties. But it is important, too, if we want to regain our energy balance.

Relaxation times can be times when we just listen to music, read a good book. listen to an interesting program on the radio, make a sauna or go swimming. No matter what, it's important to set up times a week and then do what you set out to do.

Find out the resistance to the personal health project

Good planning also means finding out what prevents you from putting your good intentions into action. Is there a lack of strength in the evening, or do you not like to do your chosen sport on your own? What are the dangers in your everyday life that keep you from living a healthier life? Here it is important to name the obstacles accurately and to think about counter-strategies.

Start the personal health project – take concrete steps

All planning and all good intentions are of no use, if no concrete steps follow afterwards. Write down these concrete steps as closely as possible and keep a record of whether you were able to carry them out. Often the beginning succeeds quite well with the knowledge of the known resistances. It is then important to think of small rewards, so that it is possible to keep the good intentions for a long period of time.


In order to start a personal health project, it is important to plan fixed times for your projects. The knowledge of their resistance and the concrete steps they can take to implement their projects are also important pillars of a successful personal health project.

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An update will prevent you from being added to WhatsApp groups without permission

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone who uses WhatsApp every day has happened to us at least once: one day we woke up, or turn on the phone after hours without a battery, and we are in a new group random with at least 150 unread messages. Soon WhatsApp will finally prevent you from happening again.

Article preview thumbnail
WhatsApp now allows to block chats with fingerprint or facial recognition

WhatsApp now has more options to maintain your privacy. The messaging application …

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According to WaBetaInfo, an insatiable source of leaks about the messaging app, WhatsApp will soon launch an update that will include an invitation system for groups that, in short, allows the user to choose if others can automatically add it to new groups or need to approve it before . If you choose that no one can add you, you will receive an invitation from the person who is inviting you to a group, which you can accept or reject. If you choose "contacts" among the options, your calendar contacts will be able to automatically add you to groups, but the rest will require that you approve their invitation.

The function can be configured from the new section of "groups" in the privacy section of the configuration menu of the app, once the update is available. This way no one can add you to a group without your authorization, not even the group administrator.

You will have three days to accept the invitation to the group. If you do not do it before that time, the invitation will expire and you will not be able to access the group until you receive a new one. [WaBetaInfo vía El País]

La Poste Mobile offers its 10 GB package for € 4.99 instead of € 12.99

La Poste Mobile thinks of consumers "moderate" data and shoote a mobile offer at a very aggressive price, a 10 GB mobile plan to less than 5 €. Usually marketed 12.99 euros per month, it passes exceptionally to 4.99 euros, a discount of 62%. To take advantage of this rate, you must enter the promo code PROMO10GO. Backed by the SFR network, the MVNO of La Poste will offer this price for 12 months, at the end of this period, the package will resume its usual price, free to change your operator at that time. Non-binding package requires, you can naturally change operator when you want while keeping your phone number to take advantage of this offer.

The postman always rings twice

Beside this Internet envelope sufficient for many users, 10 GB in 4G for the metropolis, this package also includes:

  • Unlimited calls / SMS / MMS (maximum 3 hours per call and limited to 129 different recipients per month) to landline and mobile in France and overseas territories and from the European Union and the DOM / COM.
  • 10 GB of data to use from the European Union and the DOM / COM.
  • The service "Music" which opens the access to the catalog of Universal Music in streaming.

Note in the subtleties that if you manage to exceed this envelope of 10 GB, the flow will not be limited but blocked, you will have to opt for charges charged 2 € 100 MB, 500 MB for 5 € or 2 GB for 7 € . In addition, the SIM card is charged € 10.

The good plan of the moment less than 5 €

The solid network of SFR, 10 GB of data for metropolitan France, a 10 GB Internet envelope for Europe, unlimited voice and SMS in France, the DOM and from Europe all against 4, 99 € per month, the offer of the Post is presented as the best plan of the moment on the segment of the offers to less than 5 €. It will take no delay to take advantage, the offer will be proposed until February 26.

Finally, remember that when ordering, it will be necessary to fill in the promo code PROMO10GO.

Enjoy this good plan

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Despite iOS 12.1.4, FaceTime has not fully recovered

FaceTime still has problems, even after the correction with iOS 12.1.4

Erica Argueta / CNET

The FaceTime bug was corrected with the arrival of iOS 12.1.4, but the video call service has not been fully restored.

Multiple users of the MacRumors site say that the group video call function is not yet available and others say that more steps have to be taken to activate group video calls compared to the steps required before knowledge of the bug.

Users say that to make a group video call, it is necessary that there is already a call between two people. Afterwards, the user can search for a contact to invite more people. Some users said that the new steps sometimes do not work.

Apple, through its Help account on Twitter, he recognized the new process. MacRumors says that more users on Twitter have complained that the FaceTime group service is still not working correctly.

Apple deactivated FaceTime after it was announced that the service had a bug that allowed users to listen to what the user receiving a call said without even answering the phone. The users making the calls could also see the activity of the camera on the receiver's cell phone.

To fix the bug, Apple released iOS 12.1.4 a few weeks ago, but it seems that the service has not been restored. Apple is already working on iOS 12.2, the next version of its mobile operating system and possibly in that update will completely fix the operation of FaceTime.

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Apple prepares its "Netflix of the info", but publishers fear to be cannibalized

Apple is preparing its

Nothing is better for Apple. The Cupertino company, which has struggled for years to innovate in the field of smartphones, announced in January its first decline in income and profits in 10 years on the occasion of its quarterly results, with a 15% drop in its iPhone sales. Faced with this slowdown in its main business, the company is trying to diversify, focusing on entertainment – via music streaming with Apple Music, mobile payment with Apple Pay, … and soon, a video streaming service, and a news platform.

This Netflix of the info, subscription, should allow subscribers to see each month, for ten dollars, an unlimited number of articles from around the world and various publications. It should be unveiled on March 25, at an event held on its Apple Park campus, and posted online in April 2019. It should be a "premium" version of the Apple News app, which is integrated by default on all iPhone.

Obviously, this kind of service is already dreaming all iPhone owners quick to use premium services. The media, for their part, could be tempted by this new aggregator news, especially in a period where Google threatens Europe to delete Google News, facing the future directive on copyright. But there is a catch, in size, in the form of a huge commission for Apple.

Indeed, the firm should keep for it 50% of revenue generated by the subscription to the media registered on its service. News publishers should share the remaining 50%, "depending on how much time users spend on their respective articles." In addition, Apple should keep for it a significant portion of advertising revenue. According to the Wall Street Journal, many "major publishers" (including the New York Times and Washington Post) would logically "reluctant" to provide their content, given the "financial conditions" proposed.

Media subscriptions "cannibalized"?

For newspapers that go through Apple News premium version, the profitability of such a service should be quite limited – since the more media there are, the more readers will be scattered in the content, and the lower the revenue generated. Is this a new threat for publishers? Some people fear (as they are suspicious of Google) that this app will "cannibalize" the media, making them more dependent on GAFA, and by fagging their own subscription systems – which would be more expensive than the Apple's "kiosk", offering hundreds of other titles.

For Apple, this would be a good way to earn money and strengthen its image, but for the media, the dilemma remains: win new potential readers, but take the risk of depending on the giant of Web. In addition to being in the panade if Apple would close its service one day, publishers probably would not have access to subscriber data, valuable for their marketing services.

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