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Midsommar: Everything you need to know about the most anticipated horror movie in 2019

Yes Midsommar is half as good as your promotional campaign on social networks, it will be a great success.

Behind this campaign is the producer A24, guilty of great independent successes as Ex Machina, The Room, Lady Bird and the Oscar winner Moonlight.

A24 began the campaign of intrigue with some images that gave off some bad news, and that referred to those horror tapes that tell us about secret societies and Scandinavian mythology of the 70s, as we can see below:

Then, on February 28, 2019, the production company published the official poster of the film:

On March 1, with a pretty GIF creepand, they warned us about the trailer:

And, playing with our feelings, they launched a teaser that defined the characteristics of the product: a couple that gets into trouble by looking for exotic destinations.

Synopsis and trailer

Before explaining the plot, it is important to know that "The Midsommar Festival" is a real celebration that takes place in Sweden during the summer solstice. It is commemorated in the countryside and consists of traditional songs and dances.

The synopsis of the film, which offers the site specialized in filmaffinity films, takes place in that context: "A woman who is dealing with the death of her parents decides to take a trip to Sweden with her boyfriend and some friends, specifically to a remote village with unique summer customs."

It is obvious that when we read the premise of the tape, the horror jewel of 1973 comes to mind, The Wicker Man, directed by Robin Hardy. In 2006 a remake was made, with Nicholas Cage in stellar plan, but the result was not memorable.

The Wicker Man tells the story of a sergeant who travels to a village in Scotland to clarify the disappearance of a girl. The official soon discovers that rites of a traditional festival hide terrible secrets and are related to his mission.

It is not unusual for Midsommar start from an idea or theme already worked. Hereditary, the interesting film with which Aster surprised the world, also starts with familiar topics, such as sects and demonic possessions. What made it different was the development of the story and above all, the turn in the final stretch of the film.

Thus, in its first trailer (we understand that it is not the definitive one), the idea of ​​the cult and the guests as possible prey of the local citizens are highlighted:

The cast

Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor star in Midsommar We saw her in the version of Lady Macbeth (2016) by William Oldroyd. Her performance was recognized by critics and she won Best Actress at the British Independent Film Awards. Reynor was praised for his role as the son of a drug-addicted mother (Toni Collete, protagonist of Hereditary) in the drama Glassland (2014).

This is the complete cast:

  • Florence Pugh – Dani
  • Jack Reynor – Christian
  • William Jackson Harper – Mark
  • Will Poulter – Josh
  • Vilhelm Blomgren
  • Ellora Torchia
  • Archie Madekwe

Release date

Midsommar will be released on August 9, 2019 worldwide.

The management team, production and writers

  • Director: Ari Aster (Hereditary)
  • Screenwriter: Ari Aster
  • Executive producer: Patrick Anderson
  • Producers: Scott E. Chester, Fredrik Heinig, Lars Knudsen, Pelle Nilsson, Jeffrey Penman, Ben Rimmer, Tintin Scheynius, Philip Westgren.

Why is this tape so expected?

To understand the hype that accompanies Midsommar we should review some opinions of the experts who saw Hereditary, the debut of Ari Aster:

"The film is emotional and intellectually terrifying (…) Collette is amazing throughout the film, making a very complete performance," wrote Richard Lawson, of Vanity Fair.

"Fear, fear and more fear, director and screenwriter Ari Aster offers us an impressive debut," said Ann Hornaday, of The Washington Post.

"What the viewers will discover is that the film, unlike the vast majority of horror films these days, has a substance that is at the height of its scares," said Owen Gleiberman, of Variety.

With this debut, Aster has generated a great expectation. His terror is not like that of James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidius), who uses sound to intimidate the viewer. While in Hereditary it was not cut to show a certain graphic horror, the strength of the novel director is the development of the characters and the work with an anguish that transcends the screen.

If you have not seen Hereditary, we leave you the trailer:

The section of culture of CNET in Spanish: Cinema, television, series and all the entertainment 'geek'.

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Will Doctolib still have everything to do with teleconsultation?

Will Doctolib still have everything to do with teleconsultation?

Are we at the dawn of a new era, that of telemedicine? Since September 15, 2018, remote medical consultations, with generalists or specialists, can be reimbursed by the Secu, at the same rates as face-to-face consultations. A solution, perhaps to medical deserts. But also the opportunity for some companies to create a new business.

According to the rules enacted by the health insurance, the teleconsultations refunded will have to take place via a "secure" video link (from a computer with webcam, but also from a smartphone or a tablet), and to respect the patient's care path, only with his / her attending physician. According to Secu, software like Skype and FaceTime would be "secure enough for video exchange with the patient". We would like to believe such an assertion …. Note that for the moment, all pathologies can in theory be the object of a remote consultation – it does not matter if the doctor, not being able to make palpations, confuses a appendicitis with gastroenteritis, and dispatches his patient ad patres.

Doctolib wants to be everywhere, and "it makes sense"

Beyond these issues (however vital) quickly shipped by the health insurance, the reimbursement of remote consultations are therefore the perfect opportunity for a whole bunch of economic actors to create a new market. For the moment, teleconsultations in France represent only 2% of the 300 million consultations performed each year. But soon, they should probably grow considerably. And for good reason: Doctolib, which already dominates the sector of making medical appointments online, just took advantage of the windfall to embark on teleconsultation – launch scheduled in January 2019.

As explained by Julien Méraud, Director of Strategy for Doctolib, the online appointment booking platform now has 60,000 healthcare professionals and 20 million visits each month. "The reimbursement of the teleconsultation is effective since September 15, under conditions that are the same as a physical consultation; and since our activity is to connect health professionals and patients, it seemed logical to us to offer a teleconsultation tool. Just like today, if you can make an appointment online with a doctor, it is mainly thanks to Doctolib, tomorrow if you want to make a teleconsultation (with a health professional we already know) , it is logical that it is thanks to us ". Relentless logic.

Concretely, from January 2019, Doctolib will propose a videoconferencing tool, which will allow, through its platform, the practitioners and their patients (who will have to know each other and have seen each other at least once in the last 12 months) to realize a remote consultation. "The doctor will be in his office, as usual, he will welcome patients, and he will also have a patient or several in his day, for which he will have teleconsultations. He will be sent a message to tell him that the patient has just connected, then he can click on a link to access a secure videoconferencing area ", explains Julien Méraud.

An already hegemonic Doctolib

The e-health platform, which pursues the goal (ambitious or utopian) of "transforming the health system", and working on its new system with the help of 500 doctors, prides itself on being innovative: "today Nowhere, even outside France, we do teleconsultations programmed this way. Field experience will tell us whether it is feasible or not, especially for all clinical situations or not. If we realize that there are frequent use cases for which teleconsultation is not relevant, we will evolve our tools. But currently, with just a few thousand remote consultations done each year, we are just at the beginning. " Wait and see …

In any case, the case could prove particularly juicy: the teleconsultation market would indeed be estimated at 2.2 billion euros in 2020, according to Le Parisien. And Doctolib even imagines itself as "Europe's leading platform for e-health in Europe", since its telemedicine service should eventually be extended to Germany, where the company is also installed.

Just as he dominates the field of taking medical appointments online (especially since he bought his main competitor, MonDocteur, in July 2018), Doctolib finds himself, in the field of telemedicine, almost alone. In any case in France, since a similar system already exists in Great Britain, since 2013: Push Doctor. This online medical consultation service has 7000 doctors, and offers video consultations "secure" … but not for free, since it costs 30 pounds (about 33 euros). The fact that Push Doctor was sanctioned in 2017 by the "Care Quality Commission" for its "lack of safety, efficiency and supervision" ("at risk" medicines being easily prescribed to patients without verifications) : the English platform could be a serious obstacle to Doctolib's European expansion. Not to mention all the other similar platforms that already exist in Germany (Medlanes, TeleClinic), Belgium (ViViDoctor), or Sweden (KRY) – the latter ambition to expand in France and England.

"See a doctor on video"

In France, on the other hand, the situation is different. The only real competitor, MonDocteur having been sucked, it is most likely Qare. Created in April 2017, this platform gathers 120 doctors, "available 6 days a week in one click". For a year and a half, Qare offers remote consultations, video. The service, which is compensated by offering its services to doctors via a subscription of 75 euros per month, and for the time being charged to patients a subscription of 29 euros per month, has a little train ahead of Doctolib … But he does not have the same strike force. Because Qare remains a small startup, and Doctolib (despite the fact that the company is not yet profitable) a behemoth in the making.

If Qare hopes, very optimistic, to become "market leader", or at least represent 15 to 20% of the market by 2020, its platform does indeed host online only 4000 patients per month, for 120 doctors – very little 60,000 healthcare professionals and 20 million monthly visits to Doctolib …

There are more "small" competitors, like MedecinDirect, Directodoc, Medaviz, Hellocare and Medicitus. Everyone already offers teleconsultation, in addition to consultation systems by email or telephone. But again, these French startups have very few patients and practitioners, compared to Doctolib, to represent a weighty alternative.

It therefore seems inevitable to see Doctolib soon exercise a kind of virtual monopoly on teleconsultations. We are used to seeing web giants exercising their hegemony in their sector. But this time, it's about health. And inevitably, this worries many doctors.

Private data: "Facebook said the same thing"

In addition to the concerns of some practitioners about a potential "dehumanization of caregiver-care relationships", it is the security of (very sensitive) patient data that is problematic. On the Internet, Doctolib is currently facing violent criticism, particularly from the Federation of French Doctors (FMF), and its president, Jean-Paul Hamon. He explains to me that he is "extremely worried" about the health data that should be generated by Doctolib and company. And it does not matter if Julien Méraud vigorously guarantees that the platform "has no access to users' data, which are stored on two hosts approved by the CNIL and the ASIP Santé (the French digital health agency)", and that "any commercialization of this kind of information being punishable by law, we will obviously never do so".

Doctolib explains plans to earn money according to its current business model – monthly subscriptions offered to health professionals (109 euros per month currently, for the use of its agenda). "But we can never have real certainty about the protection of personal data. Will they be secure enough? And even if Doctolib claims to respect the law, Facebook said the same thing before the Cambridge Analytica case, "says Jean-Paul Hamon. And to add, sullenly: "when you see the hegemonic policy of Doctolib, which buys all platforms right and left, you see that there is a willingness to expand, to fully control the market, and in the face of this policy, I do not find it healthy to have a dominant operator, which has the monopoly of addresses … "The competitors of Doctolib do not find more grace in his eyes:" we also see the aggressive commercial policy of others platforms, for example from Qare, who is harassing the health insurance funds since the telemedicine endorsement was signed. All these platforms, which will take power, may disrupt the health care system and weaken local medicine. "

According to Julien Méraud, Doctolib is the only platform to offer in France a teleconsultation "integrated care path", and pursues a societal goal noble, far from what fears Jean-Paul Hamon: that of "facilitating access to care French and Europeans ", by reducing waiting times for specialists, facilitating contacts with doctors, and providing them with" tools to work more efficiently and intelligently ". With the idea that telemedicine could paradoxically "make the health system more human, because thanks to that, your generalization will never be interrupted by the phone that rings".

The government, which publicly supports Doctolib (probably because it sees its own interest), estimates in its budget estimates that there will be 500,000 teleconsultations in 2019, then 1 million in 2010. If the e-health platform managed to become the leader of this market (2.2 billion euros in 2020, so), difficult not to imagine the economic gain to come. It remains to be hoped that Doctolib will not ever be transformed into Facebook, and will therefore respect its promises regarding the protection of data and its obviously selfless work of general interest.

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Hard On Demand Brand New Conversion Beast!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion will arrive at Netflix in June

The wait is over. Mythical fans
anime Neon Genesis Evangelion at last
You can watch the series without having to search for copies of limited scattered DVDs
for the world (and pay an arm and a leg for them). The anime will arrive on the 21st
June to Netflix.

Article preview thumbnail
Decorate a train station in Japan to pay tribute to Doraemon, the legendary anime

Doraemon, a robotic cat of the future, is one of Japan's most beloved anime characters. …

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Apart from being one of the most anime
influential in the story, the fact that Netflix has achieved the
rights to Neon Genesis Evangelion is
impressive in itself. It has been almost impossible to get a copy of the series
outside of Japan since its premiere in the late 90s. One of the only
ways of seeing the series outside the country was to get a copy of the DVDs of the
series, of which there is only a limited amount.

Genesis Evangelion
was issued from 1995 to 1996 in
Japan. Director Hideaki Anno's series tells the story of the world after a
cataclysm. It focuses on Shinji Ikari, a teenager recruited by his father to
enter the Nerv organization and pilot a mecha, a giant robot that must connect with its own nervous system. Shinji works with Nerv to
defend the world from the "angels", extraterrestrials who want to cause another
catastrophic event.

Netflix will get all 26 episodes of the
series together with the two films: Evangelion:
Death True²
Y The End of Evangelion. It is a dark series, but without doubt one of the great works in the world of anime.


Mobile package 10 euros: RED by SFR or B & You, which to choose currently?

Mobile package 10 euros: RED by SFR or B & You, which to choose currently?

Return of the classico between the two cheats of the promotion on mobile, SFR RED and B & You. On the heart of the non-binding package market, mobile offers at 10 euros the two operators pursue their strategy of burnt ground blow Internet envelope expanded or service graceful. And as usual, you can rely on CNET France to decrypt the small lines, list the advantages / disadvantages and suggest the offer to choose.

On the right corner of the octagon, we find Bouygues Telecom and its B & You package at € 9.99 including 40GB and on the left corner, SFR and RED Unlimited offer 40 GB to € 10 with the consultation of digital books offered. Which will win the fight of the best fixed price without commitment to 10 euros of the moment? Fight!

Duration and end date of promos

Before starting the match, remember that all these two promotions are sold as valid "for life" understand that unlike Sosh, it is unlimited and will end only upon termination of the contract. Also note the end date of the promotions of our challengers: Monday, March 25 at RED and Wednesday, April 3, B & You side.

B & You 40 Go in detail>

RED by SFR 40 GB in detail>

4G envelope and roaming

40 GB Internet to use in the hexagon Bouygues side and 40 GB at RED by SFR, draw on this point. Outside the French borders, the sound of the bell is different, if the two operators has a 4 GB envelope, at SFR it will be more than 40 GB while at B & You, these 4 GB will be deducted from the initial envelope of 40 Go.

Advantage RED by SFR

Unlimited voices / sms

RED by SFR and Bouygues offer the same voice-rated services with unlimited classics to fixed and mobile in Metropolitan France and DOM (excluding Mayotte) and from Europe / DOM to Metropolitan France / Europe / DOM. SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France and from Europe and DOM listed SFR, while B & You SMS are unlimited in France, to the DOM and from Europe and the DOM.


The flows, the network

According to the latest report by Arcep, SFR has a coverage of 98% of the population in 4G tied with Bouygues, in surface coverage, RED takes a negligible advantage (81% vs. 80). On the flows, the results are more contrasted and Bouygues presents a slight advance concerning average flows, in large, medium or small agglo.

B & You Advantage

RED is in front

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping his phone number, you will have to get your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.

By counting the points, the RED by SFR offer remains the most attractive by being more balanced with 40 GB of data in France subway and additional 4 GB roaming in 4G with a small extra, Youboox to access "thousands books "digital online or offline. Since the difference in speed is not significant, RED wins this match.

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Update! – Jumpstart Liberty

Product Name: Update! – Jumpstart Liberty

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These MARQ smart watches from Garmin have an initial price of US $ 1,500



I do not usually spend $ 1,500 on a watch, but there are many who do. Garmin's new line of specialized watches seems designed for luxury stores, rather than your store specializing in clothing and accessories for running. This new line called MARQ seems quite interesting. It is also quite expensive.

Garmin's line of smart watches with GPS had reached US $ 900 with the luxury Fenix ​​running watch, but the MARQ series costs between US $ 1,500 and US $ 2,500, putting itself above even watches like the Wear OS Montblanc Summit 2 (which costs just US $ 995) and putting up with the US $ 1,600 of the smart watch Tag Heuer Connected.

The MARQ series, according to Garmin, wants to offer specific functions in each of its models. It is an interesting strategy. The five clocks of this line each have a particular purpose. They look carefully designed with functions similar to those you would find in luxury watches.

We tell you what each one of these models has according to Garmin's press information.

r-marq-aviator-hr-1001-16 "height =" 0 "width =" 570 "data-original =" 2e2849cd-841e-4135-8dff-cf4818cd173b / r-marq-aviator-hr-1001-16.jpg

The Garmin Aviator.


The MARQ Aviator has aviation maps in addition to "Nexrad Weather Radar, airport information and integration with Garmin's cabin".

The MARQ Driver, with a titanium and silicone bracelet, comes loaded with maps of 250 famous racing tracks.

The MARQ Captain, it's a nautical watch. It has a race chronometer in the setting, shows the speed of the wind, tide and temperature. In addition to including the conditions in the port.

The MARQ Expedition It is connected to a separately sold Garmin satellite, the InReach Mini, in addition to the "altimeter, barometer and compass".

The MARQ Athlete it's the closest thing to other Garmin sports watches. "height =" 109 "width =" 194

Watch this:

Galaxy Watch Active: A cheaper and lighter version …


Garmin promises 12 days of battery life in smart watch mode, 28 hours when using GPS and 48 hours in an UltraTrac GPS mode for more battery saving. All watches are made of titanium with ceramic settings and sapphire crystal. All include screens always on, GPS, music playback, heart rate and pulse oximetry.

Did it take five? Could it have been only one that did everything? How do you choose luxury supercaro watch to buy? I have no idea because I have not yet put any of them.

The clocks will be available in the second quarter of the year.